Etchilhampton (2), Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July.

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The Male and Female Earth 

  July 28, 2012 is the day of 1 Ix.  The mother-father principle is displayed in the crop on the day of Earth Mother, which begins a new 13 day week. As the days work in pairs, this is Aj and Ix together. Of all the days, these two work very closely together. 

 Ix is the 4th day, the 4th Hexagram in the I-Ching, and the 4th Image from the major arcana of the tarot.

 Aj is the 3rd day, the 3rd Hexagram of the I-Ching, and the 3rd Image from the major arcana of the tarot. 

   Aj is similar to the plant which struggles to grow from the mud, through the water, and into the air.

 Ix is symbolized by the Jaguar spirit and many people around the world have been reporting that they have seen and felt jaguar spirits accompanying them.  

 Together, Aj and Ix is highly organizational energy. Henry Ford was born on Ix. He provided the blueprint for factory production and organizational energy related to industry. 


  The earth is highly organized. Aj and Ix are located in the air quadrant. This is adjacent to Capricorn.

 Capricorn is Cardinal earth. Ix is an Earth day in the Air quadrant. 

 To inspire is to “draw in” from the air. The numbers 22 and 33 are,.. among many other things, emphasizing choices of communication and duality. Of the 36 decans, the I-Ching counts 33 in order including Jackal, the other 3 warning decans are counted at the end. 

 Like time, and the human condition, the interior is spiritual and the exterior is physical. The 20 days are the Spiritual/ physical and the 36 decans are the Physical/spiritual. Jackal is the first decan of Leo, the Lion of fixed fire. That energy looks like this. The formation appears to combine imagery of the symbols of time according to the fixed basic patterns of energy permeating the earth at a given time. 


  The Aztec sunstone and the zodiac of Dendera were made by the same people. It is a design that is split into two calendars from a single blueprint. I am currently struggling with the graphics due to    my own lack of computer skills, if someone out there would be willing to give it a go, I'll give the key. Fit the four major arrows of the sunstone over the Dendera into the 4 V-shapes of the crossed arms of the Falcon headed arms, The two faces of the brothers meeting will cover the Falcon heads giving them a new wardrobe. All four major points must fit into the V-shapes. The correct position is the tongue of the center of the sunstone should point to the Falcon on top of the large indicator of the Dendera. The small circle just inside the main ring of the days will align exactly onto the ball the falcon is standing on.

If there is a graphics person who is interested, give me an e-mail. 

David Odell



In this stunning circle we see Moon aligning with Star Antares;
Moon passes close to Antares July 28th
Tradition of Antares

"Antares, the proper name of this star, derives from the Ancient Greek Άντάρης, meaning "anti-Ares" ("anti-Mars"), due to the similarity of its reddish hue to the appearance of the planet Mars. The comparison of Antares with Mars may have originated with early Mesopotamian astronomers. However, some scholars have speculated that the star may have been named after Antar, or Antarah ibn Shaddad, the Arab warrior-hero celebrated in the Golden Mu'allaqat. In ancient Mesopotamia, Antares may have been known by the following names: Urbat, Bilu-sha-ziri ("the Lord of the Seed"), Kak-shisa ("the Creator of Prosperity"), Dar Lugal ("The King"), Masu Sar ("the Hero and the King"), and Kakkab Bir ("the Vermilion Star"). In Persia, Antares was known as Satevis, one of the four "royal stars". In India, it with σ and τ Sco were one of nakshatra (Hindu lunar mansion), as Jyeshthā "Oldest", or the Seniormost or Chief, and Rohinī "Ruddy". The natives born with their moon in this nakshatra show a combination of power, independence and a sense of danger. In China, it was named 心宿二 (Mandarin: xīn xiù èr), because it was the second star of the asterism 心宿 ("Heart"). In Renaissance astrology, Antares is one of the Behenian fixed stars and has the symbol. The Wotjobaluk Koori people of Victoria, Australia, knew Antares as Djuit, son of Marpean-kurrk (Arcturus); the stars on each side represented his wives. The Kulin Kooris saw Antares (Balayang) as the brother of Bunjil (Altair). Alternative name of this star, meaning "the Heart of Scorpion": In ancient Egypt, Antares represented the scorpion goddess Serket (and was the symbol of Isis in the pyramidal ceremonials). Antares is listed in MUL.APIN as GABA GIR.TAB, meaning "the Breast of the Scorpion:Lishi, Nabu". Calbalakrab from the Arabic Qalb al-Άqrab.[24] This had been directly translated from the Ancient Greek Καρδιά Σκορπιού Kardia Skorpiū. Cor Scorpii translated above Greek name into Latin."

Reference: Wikipedia

Joseph Lake research

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Methodology Concept 

An aerial platform projects a pattern vertically downwards onto the wheat fields of Wiltshire.  

Microwave beams combined with fast rotating 'balls of light's and Tori of magnetic energy sculpt the masterpieces across large areas of arable land during the night-time hours. Tori are multiple Toruses of varying internal and external dimensions. The source template might be only desk-sized; and the whole pattern is applied to the ground in clockwise and or counter-clockwise weave patterns, one geometric element at a time. One could compare the process to that of rubbing an ink pad over an old-fashioned tin or plastic stencil in the stockroom of a shop.

Art Works JW Copyright 2012

Three new crop pictures at Windmill Hill, Oliver’s Castle or Etchilhampton follow similar styles, and seem to show a “countdown in days” 10-9-8 until some important event on August 4 or 5, 2012, predicted in June at Manton Drove 

We are now in the midst of a flurry of new crop pictures, so it is hard for an analyst to keep up. Here we will make some tentative attempts to understand the ongoing phenomenon, while accepting that it may not be possible to understand some of these pictures until after the full 2012 season ends.  

Three new crop pictures at Windmill Hill on July 25, Oliver’s Castle on July 26, or Etchilhampton on July 28 show similar styles: 

Windmill Hill seems to tell us about “eight days until a full Moon on August 2”, or “ten days from July 26 until some event on August 4”: 

It also showed a Mayan calendar date of meaning August 1, 2012. Two lunar crescents may signify “two days past a full Moon on August 4”. Its overall “trident” shape may signify a conjunction between our Moon and Neptune on August 4.  

Oliver’s Castle seems to show an unknown object “coming out of a wormhole”, along with two “lunar crescents”. A careful counting of its circles reveals “nine days from July 27 until August 4” 

Etchilhampton seems to show “eight days from July 28 until August 4”, or possibly “eight days from July 29 until August 5”.  The latter interpretation may be favoured, because we can see five growing circles (labelled in yellow) further to the right:  

For all three crop circles, the “day count” begins one day after the crop picture has appeared. 

Around the outside of Etchilhampton, we can again see two “lunar crescents”. These have been numbered according to certain dates in the Mayan Long Count calendar as meaning August 1, 2012, or meaning August 21, 2012..One might try to interpret these numbers as, but that means July 27 as a date already passed.  

Finally we may compare Etchilhampton and Oliver’s Castle in 2012 to a “wormhole” crop picture from Barbury Castle in 2011:  

The imagery in both cases seems to suggest something “coming out of a wormhole”.  

In summary, all of these new crop pictures seem to show a countdown in days 10-9-8 to some important event on August 4 or 5, 2012, which was first predicted by a “polar clock” shown in crops at Manton Drove on June 2, 2012.  

There have also been three astronomical suggestions of the same date in crops: (i) at Santena, Italy on June 17 (the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on August 4), (ii) at The Wrekin on July 23 (Saturn, Spica and Mars form a distinctive triangle on August 4), or (iii) at Windmill Hill on July 25 (the Moon and Neptune conjunct on August 4).

What will happen if anything? Perhaps we will see a major new crop picture, giving us some kind of message. Or perhaps we will see open communication between friendly extra-terrestrials and all the people of Earth, using images in the sky or even radio-TV channels. Everything in crops seems to suggest “communication”, while nothing seems to suggest “disaster”. 

Those crop artists are quite aware of the ongoing Olympic Games in London. A crop picture on July 23 at Longwood Warren showed a schematic image of London Olympic Stadium. Another at Hill Barn on July 26 showed “alien footprints on Earth”, along with “six Olympic rings” rather than the usual five. Was this intended to suggest that five existing continents on Earth (Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania) will soon be joined in friendship by a sixth outside party?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


Echilhampton(2): Love on Second Site 

Had I not been searching through images during my writing for Hill Barn, I would not have come by an image that is astoundingly similar to Etchilhampton (2), Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July. When I was looking through the book on Thursday, the image actually impressed me as similar to the Windmill Hill, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July, but then this formation showed up on Saturday! These two formations are connected in meaning.  

Both have similar elements: the circle with centers emphasized, the penetration by linear indicators. The Echilhampton (2) formation is so close in design to the image I found, that I feel the words on the image itself must give us a clue as to the meaning of the crop circle. Felix connubium means happy or fortunate sexual union (or union of opposites). It is described as “Sceptre avec anneau, couronne et diamant” (Encyclopédie 614). In the formation, the outer crown encloses a ring and the diamond is more like the pointed head of a spear made of one larger circle with centre circle and a row of small circles diminishing in size. The diamond, like the vesica pisces can represent the Goddess. “She is still known in the East as the Diamond Sow; her yonic shrine in paradise is the Diamond Seat; and diamond can easily be read as ‘Goddess of the World’.” (Walker 508)  

This sceptre with circular design represents the union of opposites
which is often symbolized by sexual images, i.e. yoni & lingam, sword & stone, etc.

The sceptre with orb as in the Windmill Hill formation is closer to the jade sceptre I found in the Cooper book. It is a Chinese tradition to present the family of the newly married person with a sceptre as an emblem of success and faith in the union. The “jade Ming sceptre is decorated with the disk of heaven and, on its shaft, the rocks of earth: power must unite both.” (Cooper 145)  

“The orb and scepter together symbolize completeness and the 
creative power of male and female.” (Bruce-Mitford 89) 

Once having noticed all this, I took another look at the first Echilhampton formation, Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 12th July, and the Hill Barn, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 26th July formation, and found that both contain predominantly feminine characteristics with no evident masculine aspect. In fact, in the single circle the masculine symbol is not there at all, and in the wilder-looking organic formation of Hill Barn there is no masculine or phallic symbol that jumps out visually. It is as if the lonely ovum/circle (Echilhampton) is waiting to be fertilized, as is the Diamond Sow Goddess (Hill Barn) in the barn on the hill! She was definitely alluded to once before in the crop circle formation at Coploe Hill, nr Ickleton, Cambridgeshire. Reported 17th July. 

Image by Stephen George 

Marici, Buddhist Diamond Sow, Goddess of the Dawn and therefore, beginnings, awakenings 

Both Windmill Hill and Echilhampton (2) are presentations of the wholeness, supremacy and beauty of the union of Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, spiritual and material, when they are honoured equally. This is when and how the NEW WORLD is created and, for us humans, the Newness depends on our own surrender and acceptance–our willingness to become the mediators between Heaven and Earth by developing and dedicating our consciousness to this process.  

The group of crop formations: Echilhampton , Windmill Hill, Hill Barn, and Echilhampton (2) tell us that this new consciousness is offered and available to all walks and likes of person: from the pure and simple (Echilhampton) to the rather casual-funky (Hill Barn), to the profoundly spiritual and the intellectually minded (Windmill Hill & Echilhampton 2). The key to understanding these messages is shown specifically in the photos of Stuart Dike and Paul Jacobs on the ground images page of Echilhampton. 

Approach with an openness of the heart. It is with this consciousness 
that we will experience transformation and understanding.

The circle makers use any and all references to help us move on to another level of awareness: humour, mathematics, ancient history, mythology, religion, social conventions, geometry, physics, astronomy, astrology, spiritual systems, our imaginations–essentially anything known to humanity throughout the ages in order to bring us into a new understanding of life through familiar and friendly means.  THANKS TO YOU CREATORS OF THE CIRCLES!!!!

This is a destiny that is being presented to us in the amazing fields of grain, our earthly sustenance, material and spiritual combined.  

Michelle Jennings 


Bruce-Mitford, Miranda. The illustrated Book of signs & Symbols. Reader’s Digest.       Montreal. 1996.

Cooper, J.C. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols. Thames        & Hudson. London. 1978.

Encyclopédie des symboles. Michel Cazenave, red. Le Livre de Poche. 1996.

Walker, Barbara. The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects. Castle        Books. Edison, NJ. 1988.

The Khanda, ਖੰਡਾ, is one of  three and most important symbols of Sikhism. Khanda is commonly called the Sikh coat of arms, or "Khalsa Crest".

The Khanda constitutes of three items in one, each with a symbolic meaning. A double-edged sword called a Khanda in the centre, a Chakkar which is circular and two single-edged swords( kirpans), are crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda and Chakkar. However, the name Khanda is derived from the central symbol, a special type of double-edged sword which confirms the Sikhs' belief in One God. The central double edged sword signifies truth, strength, freedom and justice. The circle or chakkar represents the eternal. This is a symbol of all-embracing divine manifestation including everything and wanting nothing, without beginning or end, neither first or last, timeless, and absolute. The two swords of Miri and Piri represent political and spiritual sovereignty.


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through Amuna Ra
... Etchilhampton shows the coming of the Star Nations, and more on the 4 August ...

We wish to say that we rejoice that so many of you are able to decipher our messages according to your gifts and talents, then many more perspectives on the layers of meaning are made available to all. The formations of Windmill Hill, Oliver's Castle, Stanton St Bernard, Jubillee Copse, Fox Hill and Allington all tell you of the coming of the star beings to the earth, as does the great formation of 28 July at Etchilhampton.  

The message of our circles within circles within circles is that we wish you all to be aware of the enfolding of the earth in the loving arms of your star brothers and sisters. The 33 and the 22 are the craft of the Star Nations who come ever closer to your dear planet. The double numbers greatly increase the frequencies available. We have opened a clear pathway, a portal, which you see connecting to the ring of the atmosphere around your earth and our largest mother ship is poised directly above along with very many of our smaller craft who are waiting in the wings to enter the atmosphere of the earth when it is possible to descend and land upon the earth and reveal ourselves to you human beings.  We wish you to share the words of Metatron this morning on the Crop Circle Connector website so all who love our formations may read of his announcement and assist in the holding the space with love in their hearts for the Star Councils of Light to make contact in the very near future.  Peroptime for the Star Councils of Light, 30 July 2012 

MESSAGE FROM METATRON – 30 July 2012 – through Amuna Ra 

You yourself have realised that our advent is imminent, that it will be at the Olympic Games and that there will not be terrorism as such, except that plotted by the governments and state control forces. There may well be maverick opportunists who utilise the at first chaotic reaction to our coming, the coming of the Star Nations en masse, to terrorise and steal for their own ends. But the Star Councils of Light will ensure that this will not continue, and that order will be restored with the least violence possible.   

The Dark Forces are preparing for this event, which is why it has been disseminated on the internet that a fake star landing will be staged, to throw people off the scent that what will happen is in fact real and taking place in the moment. The meditations sending the Love in your Hearts for all humankind with the intent for the best possible outcome are having an effect. Do continue, dear ones, to hold the world events in London in your daily meditations and to call on the assistance of the Star Councils of Light, for it helps greatly to ensure that the events predicted for the 4 August in the Manton Drove crop circle take place in as smooth a way as possible.  

We would encourage you to speak with as many people as possible about the coming of the craft of the Star Councils of Light, of the coming of the Star Beings openly to make contact with the peoples of earth and to stabilise the world situation. We will ensure that your ruling bodies are stabilised by the replacement of many of your world leaders with those who work for the light and are dedicated to the wholesome evolution of the earth. These people are already in place behind the scenes or waiting to step into the positions of power. They have necessarily been veiled before the time was come, both for their own safety, and so that the coming of the Star Nations may take place as planned.  

We ask you all who are partially aware of these imminent events to stand firm through the apparent chaos which may at first develop and to trust in our good intent and our ability to stabilise the situation in a relatively short time. We need your steadfastness, your love and trust, in order to reassure the people of the planet earth that there are those who understand what is happening and who welcome your star brothers and sisters. For it is true that all earth people are connected at some time in their past to the stars. We are all family, and there has been much interconnection between the star beings and your planet over the ages past. Now the earth has reached a critical stage in its evolution, and it is necessary to work together once more, the people of earth and the star beings who have always supported your development. 

For behind the gods of ancient times stood your star families: in all the great early civilisations of your world like Ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian cultures, India and China and the Mayans, and the Greek and Norse gods, and right through till now in the indigenous peoples of your world, who have retained a direct connection to the star people and the spirits of the living world around them. Many, many of you in the so-called civilised parts of your planet have also re-awakened to your star origins and are establishing your own direct connection once more through expanding your conscious mind to encompass these realities and to come into communication with us through channelling.  

We call on you all to speak out fearlessly of what you know in your inner beings, to ease the rapid waking up and acceptance of what will shortly take place upon your planet. People will become aware for the first time that UFOs are real space craft, that 'aliens' are your star family, that the star beings come to help the world and offer the priceless gifts of their advanced light technologies. These people will need the help of those who have had longer to come to an understanding of these matters. Your task, dear ones, is to reassure and to help people comprehend what is happening, to tell people that you have been in communication with these star beings for some time, and that their intent is wholly benign, for they wish only to help the peoples of the earth.   

AMUNA RA: Why did Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan use the words 'cataclysmic' and 'terrorism' about the Olympic Games in the Polar Clock crop circle message about 4 August? 

METATRON: Oh dear one, it was to rouse you to action. You needed to be stirred sufficiently to disseminate it widely along with the meditation calling on the Star Councils of Light to assist, which has helped prepare for our coming. There will be some maverick 'terrorism' as I mentioned above, but the major event (which we could not reveal at that early stage for it would have prejudiced the outcome), will be the coming en masse of the Star Nations to the earth. They will come in such numbers that your governments will immediately recognise that resistance by force would be useless. There will be great confusion and initial chaos which some will view as 'cataclysmic', but this will be calmed relatively quickly as the realisation spreads that this meeting with your star brothers and sisters is a most joyous occasion.  

I was in the Etchilhampton 2 Crop Circle on Saturday afternoon, and was struck by one particular circle where the lay goes in an anti-clockwise direction (I think it was the only one). It was the third circle up from the four which are outside the outer arc of 22, in line with what the star being above calls the pathway leading to the earth and its atmosphere. The centre is most unusual, see Patrice Marty's photos under Field Reports, the ones showing the knotted spokes over a centre raised about 5/6" and tightly bent over. It is an intricate basket-weave with a slightly chaotic feel to it, entirely different from the beautiful harmony of all the others. I channelled in this circle and Quetzal-Kukulcan came in, saying:

Oh dear one, here you feel the complex know of world events, swirling round in the opposite flow to the natural course. (Here I had a sense of the Olympics and that huge staged opening ceremony.) It is against the stream, raised up and interconnected with the spiritual reality, through its mimicking of human evolution. The mass drumming hypnotised you all into believing there was a truth being expressed, The sheer spectacle bewitched and enchanted the masses, dancing and rhythm was used to hypnotise the world's peoples into believing that what was shown was the reality. Beware of false gods and Mammon.Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan 28 July 2012 

The only other circle with a raised centre is right opposite the 7 pointing circles. It is a large circle with the surrounding lay going clockwise, and the centre has 4 raised knobs within a tightly bent basket. The feeling of the energy is strong and clear – but I haven't had the chance yet to ask about the meaning. Does anyone else have any ideas? 

Amuna Ra

I thought I would express a few thoughts on this formation.  I think it is a type of calendar.  I will attempt to explain my logic as follows.  Please see the attached diagram as it may help to understand what I am trying to get across.

There are 22 circles over 33 circles in this formation which I see as a fraction of 22/33. That reduces to 2/3. There is also a difference between the 22 and 33 of 11 (more on that ahead).  I think that this 2/3 is a portion of a year or 2/3 of 12 months which would equal the 8th month or August - which we just started.  I am "assuming" that we are talking about a 1 year cycle here.  There is a Sun symbol in the middle of the formation. 

Attached to the Sun symbol at the outside end are 4 circles - 4 weeks in a month.  On the inside end, at the Sun symbol, are 7 circles - which equal 7 days in a week.  So we have a  month with the 4 weeks times 7 days (Lunar).  Also if we add these numbers, 4+7, we get 11 again.  Like the difference between 22 and 33 circles equals 11.  11 seems an important number in this formation.  Also there is the line of the 4 circles, the Sun symbol and the 7 circles pointing to the 5 or 7 circles (depending on how one counts them) across from them in the formation.  These are the circles that are not covered or enclosed by the other circles.  They could mean 1 week since there are 7 of them or 5 days if ones counts only the circles outside the overlapping circles.  So it would be 5 to 7 days perhaps.

I think that the 11 that keeps coming up refers to the 11th day of the month of August (the 8th month of the year).  However, if Red Collie's idea is accurate in the August 4th date, then if one would add the 7 circles / days that would bring us to the week of August 4th through August 11. 

I am repeating what I have said about the August 4 - 5, date when it has come up in previous formations - it is during these dates that the Mars Rover "Curiosity" is scheduled to land on Mars. It is actually August 5 now, as NASA is able to more accurately arrive at the date since Curiosity is closer to its approach of Mars.

All that still does not explain the 11th of August or the week of August 4 through the 11.
Obviously there is some kind of event that is going to occur that is probably beyond the Mars Curiosity landing.  Perhaps there are some people that can give us information about this from an astronomical or astrological or mathematical viewpoint?

Also interesting in this formation are the multiples of 11.  If one adds the number of circles in the outside rings - 22 + 33 = 55.  If one subtracts 22 from 33 it equals 11.  If one adds the 22 + 33 circles and the 4 (weeks) circles and the 7 (days) circles that equals 66 circles total in the formation. 

Not sure if this relates, however, 11, 22, 33 are Master Numbers in numerology.  Also, I should add that 44 seems to be missing from this formation.  Not sure how all that may relate, however, the formation creators roll many concepts into one larger relating idea from what I have seen. 

There are numerous sites on numerology but this one has a simple chart:

So In my humble opinion, I would will venture to say that something big (since the formation creators have made this to get our attention) may happen on August 11 or the week of August 4 through August 11. 

B. Matlock

Rosa Rossa

I have new very simple … interpretation of Etchilhampton 2 crop circle … (picture in attachment) … this is just a collision in 3D …  Also number of circles … in each plain … is 33, 22 and 11 … can be either nr of dimension … or countdown … 3,2,1 … bum ….


Leszek Mazurek  Poland



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike