Windmill Hill, nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 14th October.

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Two crop pictures from Ipuacu, Brazil on October 13, 2012 or Windmill Hill, England on October 14, 2012 show “blueprints” for novel magnetic motors, possibly of the Wankel variety 

The rotary engine used in Mazda cars is of a gas-powered “Wankel” variety. For that kind of engine, an inner triangular rotor moves asymmetrically within an outer round stator:  

Would it be possible to make a similarly asymmetric motor powered by magnets? In the past, we have seen several examples of a “magnetic Wankel motor” in crops, especially from the years 2000 to 2002:  

Two little circles in the crop picture of July 1, 2002, one slightly larger than the other, typically signify the North or South poles of a magnetic field.  

At Windmill Hill in England on October 14, 2012, we saw an asymmetric rotor-stator drawn in crops, with a possible similarity to the magnetic Wankel motor:  


The two main differences of this design, from others shown previously, is that here the inner “offset” rotor is round rather than triangular. Also, the entire motor seems to represent a “dimer” of two linked rotor-stator assemblies. Two small electric coils near the centre (large white circles) may create magnetic fields, to which two small magnets in each rotor (small white circles on either side) may respond.  

Each two-magnet rotor may rotate within its own “offset” stator, on either side of the centre, while the entire motor may rotate about a central spoke which has been portrayed in a yin-yang fashion (small white circle and curved lines near the centre). It would be hard to provide more technical detail, simply by looking at aerial photographs.  

At Ipuacu in Brazil on October 13, 2012, another “magnetic motor” appeared close to electrical power lines (see  brazil2012a). There we can see an electric coil on one side, which transfers current to a magnetic rotor-stator on the other side: 

This seems similar to the “coil-rotor-stator” arrangement drawn in England on October 14 (previous slide above).

Thanks to a careful field inspection of the Ipuaca crop picture by researchers in Brazil, we know that each of those 30 small magnets, which make up its large outer stator, show alternating patterns of swirl as either clockwise or anticlockwise. Such swirls are presumably meant to indicate alternating N-S-N-S-N-S magnetic polarities, whether horizontal or vertical in direction.  

In summary, each new crop picture (from Brazil or England) shows a certain kind of magnetic motor. A small coil seems to provide electric current, or possibly an induced magnetic field, in each example. When that current and/or induced field interacts with an inner rotor containing two magnets (in England), or an outer stator containing 30 magnets (in Brazil), each rotor may begin to spin. I do not see how we can say any more at present, until a few open-minded inventors construct small prototypes of both devices, and test them at various magnetic polarities.  

The primary purpose of “crop circles” may be to show us new magnetic technologies, which will end the undesirable dependence of our society on oil or gas (by internal combustion engines). There may even be certain clues in the crop circles which will teach us how to fly in the fashion of UFOs (see fringe2012a). How much longer we will have to wait, before we begin to use such important information? Our best climate scientists now believe that Earth’s North Pole will melt completely by the summer months of 2015 or 2016 (see fringe2012c).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Calling Mankind ... Use the power and the shield of your spiritual Chakras to achieve New Age Enlightenment at the Moment of Alignment.

Art Works by JW

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The Moon is more interesting than the letter of the DEFRA about the extraterrestrial humans on my blog:
And this letter of the DEFRA is more interesting than the crop circle with two Moon crescents reported at Windmill Hill 14th October 2012.
Lille, France, 16th October 2012.
Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara

WINDMILL HILL, 14 October 2012

When I went into this wonderfully late formation yesterday in the cold and wet of the afternoon, it was such a joy to be in the energy of a crop circle again at this unseasonable time of year, and we had all got used to rain during the earlier part of this year! It is in the section of the field just below the path up to burial mounds at Windmill Hill that is a nature conservation area, in barley and many beautiful wild-flowers. With rain drops glistening on the flower seeds and heads of barley, the energy was fine and clear with very different feelings in each of the centres of the seven circles. And when I asked this morning for a message to share on Crop Circle Connector this is what came.


We do wish to send a message to all humanity at this momentous time through this formation. We are delighted that some crops are still standing this late in the year to conserve the flowers and natural life, and to allow us to send our messages directly to you through our latest circle.

The message of this formation is concerned with the impending ascension of the earth into the fourth dimension on the 12th of December 2012, your triple 12 date (12-12-12). This transitioning over the threshold from the third dimension to the fourth does not mean as some say to divert you that the third dimension will cease to exist, far from it. The third dimension belongs to the earth, the planet which supports your life. What this transition means is that the earth will now be operating - for she is of course a sentient being with consciousness, as you are, dear ones – also in the fourth dimension, the astral dimension, which many of you think of as the astral plane. The third and fourth dimensions will begin to consciously co-exist for the earth, and as potential for all life that lives upon her.

You human beings journey to the astral plane, every night when you pass into the state of sleep. It is the closest spiritual plane to your familiar 3D reality, it is the realm of dreams and all fluid possibilities. It is the realm first visited after death in order to work through the tangles remaining from your earthly sojourns. And it is the realm of the stars as the word astral indicates.

We mentioned once before in these messages in the summer that the earth was expanding her aura to encompass the fourth dimension and as she breathed out into this expanded consciousness, we Star Beings and our mother ships and smaller craft, who are present to assist these processes on the earth, have been enfolded by her within her aura. So we are now truly working alongside you, dear human beings, to help the right unfolding of the Light expansion of your planet and all life which dwells upon and within her.

If you look at the picture of the formation from the air, you see the small circle at the very centre, the heart – the concentrated heart-core of Gaia - and you see her expanded aura in the greater concentric circle implied by the largest thin lines encompassing the five inner circles. This is where her aura is at present, extending and radiating far further out than it did before August of this year of 2012. And within this shining aura of the earth is our activity, ours and yours – for the work of all well-intentioned human beings who seek to understand the messages in the corn and the evolution of the earth and the cosmos extends now as potential into this astral realm around the earth.

This is why your communication networks have expanded so exponentially in recent years, and it is why your non-electronic communication networks have also greatly accelerated. We refer here to your spiritual faculties for communicating with each other and with us non-physical star beings (spiritual beings) who operate in the etheric and astral realms in relation to your earth to assist in the processes of ascension which are taking place now.

We are not in accord with those who suggest that you will all be leaving the earth when you ascend, rather we say that it is an ascension in consciousness which is becoming rapidly available to humanity over the coming period. (And we say here that it is a period of many years, not only the remaining months before the Solstice of 2012.) For those of you who have prepared their physical vehicles to hold the light available to you now can rise on the planes and ascend in your consciousness right now, can you not, dear ones? And it is useful still to have a physical body which connects you with all the joys of the earth plane.

In our formation at Windmill Hill you can observe and feel how the heart-centre is connected in a curving flow to both the enlarged circles above and below it. You can regard the alignment of the seven circles as the energy centres of the earth, in fluid dynamic, with a focus at present on the third and fifth centres on either side of the heart. See the loving embrace from the heart around both the centres of the sun-power and of communication.

Great power is emanating from your Sun Star at present, and being received by the earth your mother. This will assist her in her birthing process, and the birth is now imminent, dear ones. Can you feel the flow of the sun-power down towards the root in the great embrace downwards? And can you feel the flow of loving communication upwards in the embrace of the crown, the cosmic opening? Right at this cosmic moment the earth's inner sight is protected as she focuses on the work of balancing, and it is not yet quite time for the birthing.

We would like to continue this message in a second discourse later which will deal with how this formation speaks to the individual human being.

Peroptimé for the Star Councils of Light, 16 October 2012, through Amuna Ra 


Regarding Windmill Hill, nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 14th October

Hello again dear readers and friends,

I think that no one really expected a new crop circle especially not in a so late time of the 'crop circle season' - in the middle of October.

However, CC-makers decided to sent this circle nevertheless. And if you have the impression that this circle 'only' shows some 'work of art' - then your impression is simply deceptive.

I do not want to boast here in any way and so I only want you to be open in mind and heart! When I looked at the images, there opened my higher understanding and I began to see the (at least some of) the connections....

Furthermore the CC-makers really took my telepathically sent words in serious consideration. Which words? In my last report regarding_Hackpen_Hill_2012-08-26 I wrote: "...Then CC-makers should present any further 'explanation' ... Will they ? Because the presented physics are (just a little) too high to understand..." 

And CC-makers really did! Instead of showing a 'too complex' cube even in 3-D presentation, they decided to show it a bit more 'simple' and therefore decided to show the general principle, shown in a 2-D drawing.  And now you can see the 'basic principle' of the 'device' - better described as a 'free energy device'.  And if you can't see it, don't worry, I'll show you as best as I can!!!

Before going on here's the unavoidable usual special note: FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted material is for the sole purpose of education and NO profit in any way is being obtained. (I don't like to constantly repeating this note and I please the copyright owners to simply give up their so called 'copyright') 

A free energy device you ask? Yes, because CC-makers use these devices since a long time. In a civilisation's technical progress it is logical that they no longer 'burn' the limited fossil fuels of a planet and instead look for a device which can produce energy by itself. Of course the crude oil industry is not amused and they do their best for to suppress such an advanced technology. But they also do know that in any time in future the oil springs will be dry and empty. So, why being passive and only waiting for that day?   

I need to present some drawings for better understanding; here we go:

First the cube with its complex 'forces'. They work in 'addition' for to create multi-dimensional movement or 'spinning' --> higher physics. I show some parts of the forces and compare with the 2-D drawing

On each side there are forces in ratio of 11:9 = creates rotation clockwise, black arrows show the direction of moving. The 'critical point in this view is the one which I have marked with yellow circle:

And 'critical' because if you compare with a 'magnetic motor' then the powers of the magnet come close to the so called 'sticky point' - that point at which a movement comes to an end because of the point of 'strongest attraction'. The 'wheel' or whatever your 'motor' looks like, it always stopped at this sticky point. The increasing (magnetic) power is at highest peak close to the 'critical point'. The 'peak' of power the CC-makers have even 'explained' in another crop circle and I have 'overlaid' it in my last report for to show you where it is located and how it looks like:

And it is the special point because all the arrows of the participating sides of the cube meet each other at the yellow circle. Here the 'power' is the highest - a 'magnetic motor' would stop it's movement exactly at this point - if you do not construct something which is able to overcome the sticky point. How to overcome this point? In my own construction-drawing I have added a 'physical deviation' which moves the magnets away from it's position so that the sticky point will been overcome. I did it by adding a 'change' in moving direction of 90 degree - from horizontal to vertical moving.  But CC-makers did it better; they used the power of attraction and before reaching the sticky point they 'switched' the way of movement in exactly the oppositional (!) direction.
Here the graphic with explanation:

I think that everything should be clear as shown in the image.Note: The black 'X' on the right side marks the point where the movement goes into the next 'part' (plain) of moving (next side of cube).

Sure there is some confusion left, but the cube shows a higher physics which I don't understand. I only showed you the 'basically mechanism' of that device.

However, CC-makers 'combined' the two appositionally movements into a 'row' of movement, which by the way the so called 'Vril-society' did exactly same when inventing the so called 'Haunebu-space ships' in WW II. Their ship even created 'Anti-Gravitation' by using of two   appositionally discs which were mounted one upon the other. But that's another topic.......

However, you should not expect that CC-makers just would 'beam' a ready-to-use machine right on the field, hahahaaa. 

Kind regards to you dear readers and to the CC-makers, connected with one wish: Can you, dear CC-makers, just create another crop circle with some 'deeper explanation'?

Short note: Dear honourable Amuna Ra as a self nominated representative of the Star Councils of Light - you are light years away from truth...... 

Gerd Estrup - 2012-10-17 email:

Hi-ironically the day the crop circle was reported I was in the USA admiring the tremendous wind mill turbine structures.  I was impressed with the green technology but unfortunately have also just recently heard of detrimental effects of the wind mills through currents and neodymium and infrasound.  Optimistically one would think it is being acknowledged and repaired to purposely better the environment.  The design in the field is also quite fascinating, they are always so artistic. 

It certainly looks like a powerful image to me! Enjoy the day:-



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Heinrich-der Glückliche shows us his artistic interpretation of the recent and powerful crop formation that was reported at Windmill Hill. Heinrich's text - 'In three hours, retouched in colour.'

The first thought that came to my mind when seeing this remarkable circle was duality, or specifically the end and finalization of duality. Why is this important at this time? It is necessary as the Earth ascends within the 12/12/2012 &12/21/2012 portals that we accept oneness. Oneness of being, but the higher minds present in the circle makers are going to act as a bridge during this time, they will be a bridge to oneness. Reference-  

Joseph Lake Research

Arturas Jazavita

There was an exact Trigonalaspekt between Saturn(0°37'Skorpion) and Neptune (0°37' Pisces) at the 11. to 12.Oct.2012. And that sign is also an astrological reflection of that influence. Neptune in Pisces means transformation of love. Saturn in scorpion means transformation of sexuality. The sign is the perfect reflection of that strong spiritual and material energies have been in competition at this special time.


Could it be that the circle has discovered two days later at the 14th and was there at the 12th?

Konstruktion und Bedeutung

Construction and meaning 

Die Rekonstruktion sehen Sie rechts im Bild.

The reconstruction you can see right in the picture 

Der kleine Mittelkreis wurde mit 10 Einheiten angenommen. Nennen wir ihn K10. Die beiden anliegenden Kreise haben doppelten Durchmesser, nennen wir sie K20. Die Kreishälfte umschließt K10 und K20 und ist somit 30 im Durchmesser. Er soll K30 heißen. An K10 schließt der große Kreis mit Durchmesser 60 an, K60. Innerhalb von K60 ist ein kleinerer Kreis mit Durchmesser 40. Er heißt K40. An K20 liegt der kleine Kreis K10 an, der einen Durchmesser von 10 Einheiten hat.


The small center circle was assumed to be 10 units. Let's call it K10. The two adjacent counties have twice the diameter, let's call it K20

The circle encloses half K10 and K20 and is thus 30 in diameter. He will be called K30. At K10 followed by the large circle with diameter 60, K60. Within K60 is a smaller diameter circle 40th He is called K40. K20 to K10 is on the small circle that has a diameter of 10 units. 

Ist es eine Maschine? 

Is it a machine?

Nun, K30 liegt so um K10 und K20, dass sie sich nicht drehen können! Es KANN also keine Maschine sein, die Zahnräder enthält!!!

Well, K30 to K10 and K20 is so that they can not rotate! It MAY come as no machine that contains gears! 

Da der Kreis K10 als Anschluss für die Kreise K20 dient, habe ich seinen Rand nach Innen gelegt und mit 1 an genommen. Alle weiteren Ringe haben die Breite 2. 

Since the circle is used to connect the K10 K20 districts, I took his border inward and set it to 1. All other rings have the width 2 

Hat man nun alle Ringe angelegt und verbindet sie miteinander, so stellt man fest, dass das ganze Ringsystem von außen durchflossen werden kann. Würde man die Ringe als Insel sehen, so wären sie vollständig von Wasser umflossen. 

So, having created all the rings and connects them to each other, it can be seen that the whole ring system can be traversed from the outside. If one were to see the rings as an island, they would be bathed by water. 

Ist es ein Chakrasystem? 

Is it a chakra system? 

Das erinnert in der Tat an das, was von den Chakras gesagt wird. Es ist ebenfalls ein System von Rädern, denn Charka(Sanskrit), heißt Rad! 

This reminds indeed of what is said by the chakras. There is also a system of wheels, because Charka (Sanskrit) means wheel! 

Die oberen und unteren Räder sind vollständig symmetrisch, also im Ausgleich, in Harmonie 

The upper and lower wheels are completely symmetrical, that is in balance, in harmony 

Das Mittlere Chakra K10 ist das Herz-Chakra. Es ist von einem noch größeren Ring umgeben, den ich K84 genannt habe. Er ist nicht ganz 100, was bedeuten soll, dass dieses System zwar im Gleichgewicht, aber noch nicht vollständig ist. 

The middle chakra K10 is the heart chakra. It is surrounded by an even larger ring, which I have called K84. He is not quite 100, which should mean that this system indeed in equilibrium, but is not yet complete. 

Ja, es ist ein Chakrasystem. Es weist von unten nach oben sieben Räder auf und es gibt sieben Haupt-Chakras. 

Yes, it is a chakra system! It points from bottom to top on seven wheels and there are seven main chakras. 

Warum grade jetzt und was ist die Botschaft? 

Why just now and what is the message? 

Nun, am 11. zum 12. Oktober 2012 standen Neptun und Saturn  in exaktem Trigonalaspekt. Es scheint, dass dieser Aspekt einen harmonisierenden und ausgleichenden Einfluss auf unser Chakrensystem hat. 

Well, on 11 the 12th October 2012 Neptune and Saturn were in exact Trigona-laspekt. It seems that this aspect has a harmonizing and balancing effect on our chakra system. 

Einen Hinweis auf das Jahr 2012 habe ich nicht gefunden. Ich persönlich glaube nicht an das Erlösungsjahr. Die Erlösungssehnsüchte der Menschen scheinen sich auf dieses Jahr fixiert zu haben. Das gab es in der Vergangenheit immer wieder.

A reference to the year 2012, I have not found. I personally do not believe in the redemption year. Salvation yearnings of the people seem to have been fixed for this year. There was in the past repeatedly. 

Außerdem haben wir in den letzten Jahren große Umwälzungen gesehen.

1. Die friedliche Revolution im Osten und der Zusammenbruch des kommunistischen Systems. 1989-1991

2. Die Einführung des Internet in den frühen 90ern

3. Die Revolution der arabischen Länder 2011, die noch anhält.

All das ist nicht 2012 geschehen, sondern vorher.

Und ich darf sagen, es wurde durch signifikante astrologischen Planetenstellungen begleitet. 

In addition, we have seen significant changes in recent years.
First The peaceful revolution in the East and the collapse of communism. 1989-1991
Second The introduction of the Internet in the early 90s
Third The revolution of the Arab countries in 2011, which still exists.
All this did not happen in 2012, but earlier.

And I must say, it was accompanied by significant astrological planetary positions

Willibald Limbrunner




WINDMILL HILL, nr AVEBURY, 25 October 2012

Channelled through Amuna Ra

Dearest ones, we wish to continue our discourse about our late formation in the field of flowers on the sacred lands of Avebury. We wish to relate how the ascension of the earth into the fourth dimension is affecting human beings.

Just as you human beings continue to exist in the third dimension when you are asleep and dreaming in the fourth dimension – your bodies are still lying in bed, are they not, while you are flying free in your dreams and experiencing the fluidity of the fourth dimension or astral plane? – so too will the physical body of your dear earth planet still exist in the third dimension while she is also freely experiencing the fluidity of the fourth dimension and the possibilities of extended consciousness that the astral plane brings. As the earth moves fully into this state of consciousness on the 12 December 2012, so too does all life upon the earth move with her into this sphere of greatly extended possibilities.

For individual human beings just how they will experience these new possibilities of consciousness will depend on how open they are, on how much they have developed their spiritual consciousness and prepared themselves to be able to receive the vastly increased potentiality of spiritual and star contact that becomes available to them. For those who are still relatively asleep, the shifts will seem unnerving and unsettling. They may experience disorientation in time and dislocation in space. The affairs of the world around them may well seem to change in ways hitherto impossible, and this may initially cause great fear and tension. At the same time, there will not appear to be any great problem with these transformations which will take place. Hence confusions between expectations and actual experience will be rife.

This is why those human beings who have prepared themselves for these shifts with greater consciousness, who will welcome the changes taking place, have a great task to spread warmth and understanding around them, to reassure with compassion those who experience initial fear. There is an especial role for those who can understand something of the tasks of we star beings in aiding the earth in this particular point in your development. We need you to familiarise yourselves as much as possible with our messages of support, with our descriptions of our work for and with the earth, so that you yourselves can welcome us with open hearts when we come to assist, and so that you can also begin to communicate with us directly.

This is much easier than most of you think, dear ones. Within your hearts you can communicate directly with the spirit, with loved ones who have passed from the earthly third dimension into the fourth after death, and very many of you have experienced this for yourself. The vehicle of this communication is Love. It is the Love in your Hearts which transmits your feeling and carries it to the loved one. You experience this kind of telepathy with loved ones still upon the earth also, of course. And as your Heart expands and is refined of confusing emotions, as it becomes a clear lake of peace in which your consciousness can rest, then do you achieve the needed stillness within and you will hear our whispers too, the whispers of the spirit and of the star beings.

We have asked our dear Amuna Ra to teach how to ease human beings into this connecting with us in the Star Connecting Courses as she has an easy ability to pass from her clear heart into the realms of the stars and spirit. This was gained through the processes of refining the inner centres that you call chakras, and we refer to as the stars within, until they are clear and mobile and operating as two-way portals of reception and transmission. These are the ascension processes and involve great changes to the DNA through the reconnecting of the codes within and the recalibration of the nerve-endings and synapses in the brain and other organs of the physical body. As you each go through these processes, for they are now coming about to some extent in the ordinary course of life as you live on a planet making these shifts, you will experience that the needs of your body change.

We would urge you, dear ones, to pay heed to what your body needs for its nourishment now. It will require food with life in it, freshly prepared and plenty of fresh water with no synthetic chemicals in it. It will require contact with the life forces of the earth your mother, every day, outside in the fresh air. And as you walk the earth, slow down, dear ones, and notice how the atmosphere, the very air you breathe, is changing now. The air is sweeter is it not? The shifts are very subtle, and call on you to open your senses and refine your perception. Smell and taste the air you breathe, beloved ones, and give thanks to the earth your mother that she carries you with her as she is rebirthed into the new dimension. You live in the most precious times, dear ones.

For those who are already awake to these processes the transformations will be rapid, and we would call on you to refine your own operating systems within that you may each be a worthy transmitter and receiver between the realms of the stars and the earth. Then will you be able to assist your fellow human beings in the times to come to make the transition into higher consciousness with much greater ease. Then will you be able to ease the fears of those less conscious, that they may open to the wonder at what is really taking place all around you.

We will continue these messages through Amuna Ra as the days advance towards the 12-12-12 when we have asked her to hold a gathering in the Avebury Stones, at the Stone of the Heart, when we will come to communicate with you.

It is I, Peroptimé, who speaks for the Star Councils of Light. Channelled through Amuna Ra, 25 October 2012


Wednesday 12 December 2012 at the Heart Stone in the quadrant behind the central car park in Avebury. We will gather at 11.30am for the ceremony starting with a gong meditation with Amuna Ra. A warm welcome to all to come and join us! And for those who so much wish to see the star beings appear, it should maybe be noted that they usually 'come to communicate' with us in a fourth dimensional manner – ie in an inner way – so far anyway!

ASCENSION LIGHT AND THE STAR BEINGS - 3-5.30pm in CALNE This workshop is in the afternoon of the 12 December 2012, & Calne is 7 miles from Avebury. Details on Amuna's website -  email to book your place       





Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike