Bosschenhoofd, Holland. Reported 3rd September.

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Updated Wednesday 20th November  2013


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Date Occurred:   September 3, 2013  (after 12:00 midnight)
Date Found:   September 3, 2013  (around 2:00 am)
Location:   Bosschenhoofd, Holland
Crop:   Maize
Measurements:   Largest circle = 10m diameter, 4 smallest = 4m diameter, each
Found By:   Robbert van den Broeke  (
Photos:    Robbert (#4), Laurel Konrad (#13, #14, #15), Roy Boschman (all others)
Diagram:   Roy Boschman
Report By:   Nancy Talbott, BLT Research  (

During the early evening (Dutch time) of September 2nd Robbert and I were talking on skype.  We had, as it turned out, each just gone through several days of feeling extraordinarily fatigued and because of this had not been on skype as we usually are. In fact,  we had both been considering whether we should see a doctor--the degree of fatigue was so unusual.  We also both had the sense that another circle would come soon and, like the August 18th one in Hoeven, it would also be in maize.  Then, shortly before we ended our conversation, Robbert said he was now feeling the "energies" so strongly around him that he was certain a new circle was coming that night and then added that he was certain it would be a "sort of Celtic Cross."  


He also said he was having the same intense "vision" (of a large, whitish, hovering "mothership sort of UFO") he'd had several times earlier this summer, just before other crop circles had appeared.  Having known Robbert for so long I knew to take him seriously--and I asked him to draw a picture immediately of the "sort of" Celtic Cross and the "mothership sort of UFO" he was seeing in his mind's eye.  [I wanted it as another piece of physical proof (in case a new formation did come during this night) of Robbert's ability to "see" new circles before they've actually occurred in the fields.]  Here's Robber's drawing, shown to me via skype:

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He and Roy drove directly to the field but could not see the formation from the road.  After looking over the field from various perimeter vantage-points but still unable to see the new circles Robbert decided to "concentrate himself" to feel the energies more clearly, and then "felt" the circles so intensely he and Roy were "pulled" to the right place in the field.  As they reached the formation Robbert said he felt something he could only explain as a kind of release, "like a key turning in a lock," and he became so dizzy he thought he might lose his balance for a minute--and the "tingling" sensation familiar to many circle visitors  (but usually only in their feet or lower legs) then came over his entire body.  


The photos Roy took a few hours later show these circles have the most unusual "lay" I've ever seen in a maize circle.  I've personally worked on or seen photos of around 30 maize circles in the last 20+ years (most in the U.S. and Canada), some also with unique lay patterns (BLT hopes to post a report on this later this year)....but most have clearly been spiraled into the centers, the lay beginning at the edge.  In the largest circle here it looks as if the lay actually began in the center--with a tuft lifted up first, and held up until the rest of the plants were flattened--then splayed down on top of the rest of the plants, leaving a unique "flower" center.



Unfortunately, from the photos we have I can't clearly demonstrate the presence of "expulsion cavities" (holes blown outward--usually in the upper plant stem nodes--a physical abnormality BLT has found many times in grain circles (see Item #4: and also circles in maize.  Because Roy's photos don't show entire individual plants close-up I asked the BLT fieldworker who has had the most extensive experience with maize formations-- Laurel Konrad, from British Columbia, Canada--for help.  Laurel went through all of the photos of this formation and is certain that there are expulsion cavities present, although in our photos they are hard to identify clearly.  Therefore, I've enclosed a few photos of the same type of expulsion cavity she has documented repeatedly in maize circles in Canada:

The energy in this formation was so strong that both men stayed in the circles for a lot longer than usual, which turns out to perhaps have been wise...because the farmer in this case is NOT happy with having a crop circle in his field and has refused all public access.  In fact the police appeared the next day when Yvonne and a friend arrived to get some good pole Robbert is not releasing the exact location, to avoid further distress to this farmer.

It's a shame that this singular formation is not open to the public because it really has not only very "positive" energy in it, it also has the prettiest "lay patterns" I've ever seen in a maize formation.



For multiple reports (in English) about Robbert and his long history of "seeing" crop circles as they are forming or are about to (either visually or in his "mind's eye"), see the "van den Broeke Case" page on the BLT Research Team's website:  For a detailed account of these same predictive abilities of Robbert's see the BLT report covering the amazing events related to the 2007 Dutch circles in the Bosschenhoofd ("Woodenhead") area:   For more photos of this new Dutch formation and many others over the past years, see the Crop Circle Archive section of Robbert's website:

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