Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti. Italy. Reported 30th June.

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Current interest in LENR by the Italian parliament or research scientists: would some readers of this website like to inform those interested politicians or scientists of the new Cavallo Grigio crop picture?

 “Italian Parliament introduced to E-Cat/LENR” (see  

“Italian professors and students create, patent and show LENR reactor” (see )  

“Italian Parliament: question by Scilipotti on LENR, E-cat” (see  

“Report of ground-breaking 2012 LENR Colloqium at CERN” (see  




Artwork by WJ 

Respect the power of spinning magnets but fragments are more than figments

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Red Rose

Periodicity Happens 

  This piece also experienced birth on June 30. The Garden


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  This image contains the 84 primordial elements correlated with matching time systems from different cultures. 

 June 30, 2013,.  is the day of 13 Batz., 13 day week of Kawoq, decan of Boar. 

Ascension of the Thread. Batz is related to Kawoq. 


David Odell


A crop picture at Cavallo Grigio in Italy on June 30, 2013 shows a novel nuclear fusion reaction, as sulphur S-32 + hydrogen H-1 + deuterium D-2 > potassium K-41, which could provide abundant clean electricity for everyone on Earth  

Today we rely almost entirely on oil or gas for our electricity generating systems, with the occasional use of water or wind. Nuclear fission is very dangerous, as evidenced by the radioactive disasters at Chernobyl or Fukushima, while nuclear fusion from hydrogen to helium is still a “pipe dream”, and lies far off in our future, if it is possible at all.  

A new crop picture at Cavallo Grigio in Italy on June 30, 2013 shows what could be the solution to our planetary energy problems, although the nuclear science illustrated there is not present in any current textbooks on Earth. It would still have to be tested, to determine whether it actually works? An unknown but helpful crop artist has suggested that we may try to fuse sulphur S-32 into potassium K-41, through the stepwise addition of hydrogen H-1, deuterium D-2, plus six other protons or neutrons:  

Most stars including our Sun generate their energy by fusing hydrogen into heavy elements. However the fusion of hydrogen H-1 has never been successful under the milder conditions attainable on Earth. All artificial fusion reactions on Earth require other hydrogen isotopes, whether deuterium H-2 or tritium H-3 (see Deuterium_in_thermonuclear_weapons). Thus it would not be a bad idea to test deuterium D-2 and hydrogen H-1 together, in nuclear fusion reactions with sulphur S-32, although no one has seriously tested such a novel reaction before (to the best of my knowledge).  

The crop picture at Cavallo Grigio was drawn cleverly near a series of electricity power poles, in order to emphasize that its nuclear fusion reaction may be used to generate electricity. Six or seven power poles on one side approach a large round object in pairs, to symbolize D-2 fusing with S-32. Two or three other electricity power poles in the other side approach that large round object in singles, to symbolize H-1 fusing with S-32:  

This crop picture also resembles nickel-hydrogen “cold fusion” as studied by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi (see rossi-e-cat-energy-density-higher or cold-fusion-reactor-independently-verified-has-10000-times-the-energy-density-of-gas). Yet that should not be taken to imply that the S-32 to K-41 reaction is “cold”:  

The overall style of this new crop picture resembles a symbol called “Kitab al-Aqalim” from medieval Islamic alchemy. That ancient symbol implies the conversion of one element into another, as we have seen here:  

It also resembles several examples of Islamic decorative art, which were shown as an exhibit at the Vatican in mid-June of 2013 (see or  

Several details of this new crop picture deserve further discussion. First, each proton or neutron as drawn symbolically in crops looks like a “small triangle”. That is in good accord with the three-quark theory of particle physics. Every “small triangle” which lies close to the centre has been drawn with one flat edge facing a large, circular “S-32 nucleus”. Does fusion occur by that particular geometry?  

Secondly, three of the four, large “outer triangles” as drawn in crops were subdivided by a clever lay into three equal parts, again as for three-quark theory.  

Lastly, two previous crop pictures at Poirino in June of 2010 or 2011 defined a series of words in ASCII code, namely “E = MC^2” for words 1 and 2, then “Ea Enki space” for words 3, 4 and 5. This new crop picture at Cavallo Grigio in June of 2013 defines word 6 as “H-D-S-K”, and has been accompanied by six “small triangles” in one of its outer regions, The new word 6 tells us how to generate clean energy through nuclear fusion, in accord with words 1 and 2 which said “E = MC^2”.  

An unusual Y-shape for those six small triangles is not yet understood. It may possibly relate to the “stars of Ea” which accompanied words 3, 4 or 5 at Poirino in 2011.  

Given a crop picture of such high complexity and intelligence, which hardly anyone on Earth can understand, it seems possible that further understanding may come from the joint effort of many interested people in the coming weeks. In other words, this brief article is not intended to be a “final word” on the subject, but only a “starting point” for further discussions.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. We would like to thank Roberto Giordano and Rodrigo Sousa for help.

Dear Dr. Horace Drew, you obviously are open now to see more? 

Not especially in focus of the crop circle but for the general meaning, to be OPEN just for communication with CC-makers instead 'waiting' for their next presentation. The actually depicted 'circle' shows something which can be interpreted in some ways.

CC-makers simply missed to transmit the basically meaning, whether they showed something like a 'Compass-Rose' or simply a view on their 'Radar-Screen' - and what's to find there. 

It's their message, even when complicate, it is not complete.

You saw it right as you expressed in your lines:

"An unusual Y-shape for those six small triangles is not yet understood. It may possibly relate to the “stars of Ea” which accompanied words 3, 4 or 5 at Poirino in 2011.  

Given a crop picture of such high complexity and intelligence, which hardly anyone on Earth can understand, it seems possible that further understanding may come from the joint effort of many interested people in the coming weeks. In other words, this brief article is not intended to be a “final word” on the subject, but only a “starting point” for further discussions.  

Yes, the Y-shape was not yet understood. I saw it different, but not worth to mention here. And yes, you have seen right: It is a starting point - I see it in the way of communication with CC-makers and humans. Obviously you have recognised this, too. So I would like to see us to work together - in sense of truth, as best as we can do. 

Sometimes CC-makers seem to be a bit 'off the track' especially by their last depicted image. But WE will clear that up in mutual efforts - so the outcome will be more specific.I see that we - all of the participating groups - are in agreement. And yes, we ARE. So let us doing it - in unison and in the clear realisation of truth and connection.


Compass or Radar-Screen

Binary Code (clockwise from North): 

N to E - 01000100 = D 

E to S - 01010011 = S  

S to W - 01001011 = K 

W to N - 01001000 = H 


Greetings to you and to Crop Circle Makers. 

2013-07-03 - Gerd Estrup -



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Vorläufige Untersuchung des Kornkreises vom 30. 6. 2013 bei Cavallo Grigio Robella AstiI, Ialien,

von Willibald Limbrunner

Preliminary investigation of the crop circle from June the 30th 2013 at Cavallo Grigio Robella AstiI, Ialien,

 from Willibald Limbrunner

Für die äußere Achteckfigur wurde eine 40er Teilung des Vollkreises verwendet.

For the outer octagon figure a division of 40 of the full circle was used

Der Innenwinkel der Sternfigur beträgt anstatt  45°, nun 54°. Die Summe aller Innenwinkel beträgt 8 x 54° = 432°.

The inner angle of the star figure instead of 45 °, is 54 ° now. The sum of interior angles is 54 ° x 8 = 432 °.

432 ist eine heilige Zahl bei den Indern. Es würde zu weit führen, alle Aspekte dieser Zahl darzustellen.

432 is a sacred number in India. It would take too long to explain all aspects of this number.

Das gleichschenkelige Innendreieck der verlängerten Sternspitze hat als Basis eine Gerade der Länge PHI = 1,618… Die Rechnung: 2 x Sin(54°) = PHI, stellt eine recht ungewöhnliche Konstruktion des Goldenen Schnitts dar, die mir bisher noch nicht untergekommen ist.

The isosceles triangle inside the extended star tip has a base length of a straight PHI = 1.618 ... This is: 2 x sin (54 °) = PHI. It constitutes a rather unusual construction of the Golden Section, which I have never seen yet.

Die Transliteration des Binärcodes KHDS in die hebräische Sprache könnte folgendes bedeuten.

The transliteration of the binary code KHDS to hebrew could mean the following:

Willibald Limbrunner

Centre signs are binary

0100 1000 0100 0100 0101 0011 0100 1011
4  8 4 4 5 3 4 11
0010 1101 0010 1100 1010 0010 0010 0001
(2) 13 2 (12) 10 2 2 1-,!


The message is clear ///  “supporting a message of peace”

Stéphane Jaumotte


Due to precession, here on the Earth we see the Sun moving very slowly backwards against the backdrop of Zodiacal constellations at a speed of approximately 2160 years per Age. For our Sun to complete one entire circumnavigation of this backdrop will therefore take 2160 years multiplied by our 12 (the possibility of a 13th constellation known as Ophiuchus doesn't apply here) constellations which equals 25920 years. This is known as the Great Year. If we then were to view these twelve 2160 year Zodiacal ages as degrees of a circle, each Zodiacal Age segment would equal 30 degrees (360 degrees  divided by 12). The CC depicted here is a pared down Celtic Cross. One occult reading of a Celtic Cross slung over to the same angle of 30 degrees  used to be one representation of what was known to the Celtic Saints as the point of 'First Cause.' This  First Cause emanation point was thought to be where literally everything sprang from. 

Jose Arguelles in his book 'The Mayan Factor' calls this emanation point the 'Hunab Ku.' The 6 little triangles within this CC are hinting at a missing Star. This missing Star is what the Hunab Ku uses to send its special updates to us humans here on Earth. This is done by using the Star Alcyone (the missing Star in the CC which is in fact the large central portion in front of the imaginary Hunab Ku) and our own Sun as super distant eclipsing lenses which act to focus this update upon the Earth. 

Here is an excerpt from the book 'The Mayan Factor' by Jose Arguelles.

"So-called Sun worship such as is imputed to the ancient Maya is in actuality the recognition and acknowledgement that higher knowledge and wisdom is literally being transmitted through the Sun, or more precisely, through the cycles of the binary sunspot movements. The Tzolkin, or sacred calendar, is a means of tracking the information through knowledge of the sunspot cycles. The Tzolkin is also the information matrix that is communicated by at least two Star systems, creating a binary communication field through the sunspots. As for the sources of information, it seems clear that the Pleiades is one source; Arcturus is most likely the other." 

Judith Simpson

On the Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti, Italy Crop Circle of June 30, 2013



The June 30, 2013 crop circle at Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti, Italy is indescribably delicious (except for the smell). I wonder if the Circle Makers perceive the smell of hydrogen sulfide the same as we perceive it?  

What we have here, brought to my attention by the ever-alert crop circle analyst extraordinaire Red Collie, might be a schematic representation depicting a method of energy production best described as a LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). If this is what this crop circle represents, then this presentation can only be regarded as clever, clever, clever!!! I think that Collie hit the nail on the head with this logic, and there are reasons to believe that LENR’s are not only possible, but are in fact now currently being employed in the Rossi E-Cat nickel-powder based cold fusion device. At least, that is Rossi’s claim, and such 5 MW units are apparently now commercially available for purchase. Similar to the Pons-Fleischman “cold fusion” experimental set up, which used a palladium electrode as a catalytic lattice, what we are seeing depicted in this crop circle may be a LALENR ( Lattice Assisted, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction ). 

As Collie and others have pointed out, the apparent binary code which we find in this crop circle shows the Capital letters S, K, H, D, - in that order. Please note that if the apparent 0’s and 1’s displayed in this crop circle are to be regarded as binary code and read as such, then you will find that there is only one possible way to read the code, reading either clockwise or anti-clockwise, and the code is read clockwise. Therefore, there can be no mistake that the message does indeed cleverly spell out the letters S, K, H, D, all caps, in that order. As Collie has suggested, it is reasonable to assume that these letters represent the common symbols used to denote Sulfur, Potassium, Hydrogen, and Deuterium. So, what might provide the required lattice to assist in catalyzing the LENR fusion of 2 atoms of Deuterium? How about the crystalline compound K2S, potassium sulfide? Take a look at this rendering of the crystalline structure of K2S: 

Look at the crop circle diagram, and compare to what you see in the K2S crystal. Is it possible that the K2S crystalline lattice structure is very cleverly represented, schematically, in this crop circle? Might the K2S crystalline lattice provide just the right stereochemical configuration that would allow the trapping of 2 deuterium atoms, forcing them to undergo a nuclear fusion reaction yielding 4He and 24 meV? And, might an energy source promoting such a reaction be supplied, in part, through the spontaneous beta-decay of 40K which might start the reaction? The small, apparently randomly arranged triangles may represent the energy obtained from the reaction depicted.  At the very least, we must admit that this prospect is intriguing!  

Another item of note relating to the presence of S (sulfur) in this schematic. Naturally occurring sulfur is found as S8, with 8 atoms of sulfur composing a molecule of elemental sulfur. We find 8 points of the star presented as the major component of this crop circle. But, the 8 large triangles may be the more salient feature of the diagram, representing how the K (potassium) atoms are encased by the sulfur atoms within the crystalline matrix of K2S. The crop circle’s center circle would then represent the sulfur atom nested in the center of the 4 potassium atoms in either the upper or the lower plane of the K2S crystal. 

I am as yet uncertain about the relevance of the small triangles which emanate radially from the central binary code ring. What could these small triangles represent? The single triangle which derives from the quadrant encoding K (potassium) may represent the energy derived from the beta-decay of 40K, while the double triangles deriving from the quadrant encoding D (deuterium) may represent the greater amount of energy produced from the fusion of 2 deuterium atoms. 

Will someone with access to a proper laboratory facility attempt to replicate what we are seeing in this crop circle, exposing potassium sulfide to hydrogen gas which carries 1 atom of deuterium per 6,420 atoms of hydrogen, perhaps in an enclosed and pressurized vessel? Will a “cold fusion” reaction occur? 

One other side note that is possibly relevant. Many people have reported the smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) when in close proximity to a UFO. Perhaps what we have been shown in the June 30, 2013 Cavallo Grigio crop circle may explain why this is so! 

My thanks to “TB” for the use of his/her excellent diagram! 

Richard O’Connor, M.D. Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

Regarding your / the interpretation on the site of Cavallo:

Why 8-Bit ASCII? (as opposed other 8-bit Character Encoding sets)? 

If I understand correctly, an 8-Bit code connected to numbers is much more ... universal … as opposed to 8-Bit connected to letters in the (English) alphabet. 

Michael Straus

On this crop circle me intrigued division of ones and zeros into groups of fours. Total 8 groups of four. This is probably a reason. I tried to write these four columns under himself and I give 4 columns of 8 characters, which is an 8-bit binary number. There is a lot of options, write the groups themselves. Read them from inside the ring, or vice versa from the outside. Write a clockwise or counter clockwise. I've tried almost all possibilities, but the transfer to ASCII table numbers do not give me any sense. Still, I think these four must have some meaning. This pictogram dominates numerals 4, 8 and 6 Our solar system has eight planets without Pluto. Country is 6 planet counting from the edge of the solar system. Hi all, which can not be this crop circle sleep.

Pávková Z.

Cavallo Grigio, Italy June 30

Did we fail to grasp the full impact of this formation? 
Hackpen Hill July 15 Beautiful symmetry radiating from center and equidistantly so to every point on to the peripheral hierarchy.

The formation in Italy indicates specific elements K for Potassium and S or Sulphur and their isotopes, each are 'naturally' occurring and stable. So to begin by answering the question, What are the six triangles in the June 30 formation in Italy?  They are neutrons repelled from the nucleus of the isotopes and are used for energy.  The psi meson; the quark and anti-quark is their energy source and hydrogen is used to initiate nuclear penetration and deuterium the attractor of the neutron causing repulsion through action of "reverse bias".  The neutron functions to reverse matter to energy.

A stable nucleus free of additional neutrons has internal numbers that mirror its external identity.  In other words, the # of electrons on the periphery are the same as the nuclear # of protons and neutrons. Anything extra....such as isotopes can be repelled and harnessed for energy.  The six small triangles are additional neutrons being used for energy. They are a contained rest mass within the nucleus... the isotopes an anomaly they have pointed out in formations throughout the years.  Gravity does not always attract.... it has a repelling action by simply inverting the charge within the nucleus.  

The image at All Cannings, Wiltshire July 15 is a repeated image of the nuclear geometry.  It is the nuclear device that can be taken apart, a structural determination for each line segment labelled with charges relating to the negative charge of the electron on the periphery where clockwise or counter clockwise motion indicates magnetic attraction or repulsion of neutrons in the nucleus. The hydrophobic and hydrophilic action of hydrogen and deuterium....aligning to the function of a proton gradient that moves mass potential outward in concentric rings.....gently...buffering repercussions of sound in declining ratios as energy and matter recalibrate. (this is why their craft are silent). 


The circle makers underlying message, which is paramount to comprehending their overall teachings, consists of a new elucidation of the atom.  If we continue to fail understanding the root or basis for all geometric configurations, all numerical values and diatonic ratios...then their efforts are senseless...remaining uneventful in changing our destructive behaviors.  Atomic energy can be used for the good of all men, as apposed to our unleashing the nuclear potential annihilating the human race. We are part of a Cosmic race that is trying to guide us if we could but BELIEVE. 

Early in the circle creations they brought us the simple circle. The simplicity spoke volumes of the atomic structure and its 3 indivisible components; electron, neutron and proton. That from that circles center all was equidistant to any point on the periphery. Though the circles becomes more complex, they can be understood if the new atom can be visualized and integrated into our thinking.

We live in a dynamic Universe whose cause is based on our current elucidation and it is just that leading us to our destruction. They bring us hope of a static Universe where symmetry expresses equilibrium of the spheres......the atom, the molecule, the cell, the stars and planets. 

a Ferrous bar en Hydro-Magna
vs. Atomic Monopole
Even tempered smooth and radiant she shines Permeable fluctuations in which she dines.
Concentric shells to calm the reaction,  Constant stress and pull of life's contractions.
Numbers to mirror the internal identity,  Counter balance of magnetism expressed in distortion of gravity.

Infusion of light via matrix crystalline,  Linear this catalyst to spark for the life to shine.

Geometry proclaims the angle of ascent Claims certainty by law in degree its angle of descent.

Continuity proclaims question along the way Tetrahedral architecture begins to weaken, overlay.

The sphere doest propel with vibrations intense, Offset by manifestation of disease a pretence.

The equation clearly a mishap, not uniform Confusion stems as language reaches to conform.

The compass begins to falter, something is amiss, Forever to propel a direction towards the dark abyss.

Balance of the compass must be to theorize,  The MONOPOLE.....or be it North and south to realize.

Her energies entomb as the reaction internal dies The vibratory dance within is where the obstruction lies.

Forces stronger than the external pulse of nature Increases the membrane with molecules of grandeur.

Now with messengers alarmed the attack is launched Our flight for survival ultimate with response.

Synapses fire and the imbalance reeks of pain Waters rise as the Captain pleas, "she must remain."

Adrift in seas of confusion, our iron ballast mislaid Now to sail in the calm each sailor in fear portrays.

Waves of violence demand flight in recourse Yet, the messenger army is denied cure by this ferric remorse.

Balance pulls North no point of reference can sustain Rhythmic plea is intense now locked in a dance of refrain.

Electro forces increase magnetic tides....."a ferrous bar en hydro-magna" A compromise of stress in their sails in lieu of complimentary dogma.

Inflation of particles is disrupt,  Continuum of time and space curvature abrupt...

Yet, amidst the turbulence and chaos of our journey Our intuition can intervene during this temporary sojourn.

Simply to release by fracturing its domain We raise port sail as life's exploration 'ad infinitum" Becomes adrift at once and again in seas of primordial equilibrium.
Blanche McLanahan

This design, octagonal, features .854 ratio.  It is an exercise in finding the square roots, cube roots, and quad roots of .854 ratio and applying them to reducing circles. If .854 reducing ratio is bisected, the proportional reduction will be the square root of ,854, = .924  The square root of .924, .9613 bisects that ratio and so on.

This is manifested here in the border design where (as per the enlargement ) the outer lines are .854 reducing. These are logarithmically bisected by .924 reducing,  then by .9613 and finally, the finest lines are .98.

The rest of the design features increments of this detail as well.

Frank Sinclair



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike