Rheinau, Nr Zurich, Switzerland. Reported 3rd July.

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Jaguars and Swallows , triple femininity 

  Reported July 3 2013, is the day of 3 Ix, week of E, decan of Snake

      Snake decan (compare to statue of “liberty”)           Day of Ix           



     The day of Ix is related to Snake. It is the day of woman and earth mother, the Jaguar is the animal which represents this energy.

    The geometry of the formation is similar to the noses of 3 felines.


      Snake decan being in Homarus (cancer) is about stability of the home. The bird which represents this energy is the Swallow. They build very secure nests which last for years and are protected from the rain. Compared to most other birds, swallows have a heavily fortified, element free home which can withstand quite a bit of trauma and remain standing.

  Frida Khalo is an artist born in Snake decan. She mastered her image in self portrait.


  Whistler was also born in Snake decan. Of course his most famous piece is Whistlers Mother, but his self portrait depicting himself as a reptile with bird feet is accurate to his decan. Playing the piano is a setting that embodies home and security.


  Snake decan (ruled by mars)is related to the day energy of Ix. The opposing days share commonalities of the opposing decans. The soft gooey inside of the emotional Homarus born female turns to stone in Capricorn. There, the protection and security of home turns to the monetary provision and the ruthlessness to step on the necks of competitors. Thus, begins the gregorian calendar. This energy will not stop until it owns all the cattle, homes, land, people and seeds.


My favorite question for people born in early July,  “Where would you rather shop, True Value, or Safeway ?    The answer is overwhelmingly “ Safeway”.           

 America chose July 4th. It is carnage and paranoid security, forever calling the troops home just after sending them in a panic against unseen forces. Never enough food, entertainment or security. It is the realm of Tantalus being led by Hunters and Bears. But the chain to the nose-ring is held by Lotus.  

  Ix is a good day to pamper women and make them feel special. It is a good day to bond with the earth mother nature.  But it is also a good day to be careful with wild animals. It is I-Ching hexagram # 4.

           3. The third SIX, divided, (seems to say) that one should not marry a woman whose emblem it might be, for that, when she sees a man of wealth, she will not keep her person from him, and in no wise will advantage come from her.  

"Every once in awhile, the numerical alignment of the gregorian calendar falls synchronous with the 260 day calendar. Such is the case for the first 13 days of July this year. The gregorian calendar is a Roman Catholic invention and was forcefully imposed on the entire world. Millions died in the enforcement effort. The question to ask is a simple one.

Why does the gregorian calendar begin in the middle of winter ? In the middle of a sun-sign, with no solstice or equinox ?

It is a Tax calendar. It specifically and poignantly begins the new year on a Monetary Authority energy. It is planned, purposeful and precise. Gregorian time keeping is based on Value.

It is not a work of art. It is a work of selfishly deluded monetary fiction.

Christine Lagarde is born in Lotus decan. January 1rst 1956. She assumed office on July 5 2011"


David Odell

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Pávková Z.


Solar flares. Magnetic filaments. The Sun is dancing in it's own energy. It gives away, freely. Giver of life force. It even dances outside the heliosphere. It gives beyond the Solar system. But don't worry. Other Star systems also give beyond their sphere and they give to the Solar system. It's a delicate exchange of energy, of life force. We are part of this beautiful Creation. Enjoy it, marvel at it. It's grand and powerful.

Tetsje op den Dries

This Zurich Switzerland shows a detail just made public regarding our sun being similar to a comet, having a tail, but in the case of our sun, four tails which look like a "shamrock"

Helen Parks


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