Avebury Trusloe, nr Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 7th July.

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Avebury Trusloe of July 7, 2013 shows a “reed sailboat inside of a lunar crescent,”, similar to the “Boat of Heaven” from ancient Sumeria or Egypt, which seems however to be breaking in half or sinking  

A new crop picture at Avebury Trusloe on July 7, 2013 provides what is probably the best artistic field image of 2013 to date. Ostensibly it shows a “reed sailboat inside of a lunar crescent”, which is “breaking in half or sinking”: 

This overall motif was called the “Boat of Heaven” in ancient Sumeria or Egypt, and has been associated with possible space rocket technology from thousands of years ago:  

Also carved inside the Tomb of Huy from 1300 BC, we can see a similar “reed sailboat”: 

Quite cleverly, the artist has drawn the “stern” of his sailboat as shifted by 3o relative to the “bow”, after its “hull” breaks:   

Only a very sophisticated artist could create such a subtle feature in crops!  

What is this new crop picture trying to tell us? Is it trying to say that the ancient “Boat of Heaven” was actually a “rocket ship”? Or might it suggest that some modern “Boat of Heaven” will break in half soon, then sink into the sea, or fall out of the sky? Could the two numbers of “squares” on each side as 19-9 suggest a calendar date of September 19?  

None of these questions can be answered securely at present. We can only watch keenly to see what happens next.  

Red Collie (Dr Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)



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Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire July 7, 2013:

The Guardian 

This amazing formation at Avebury Trusloe gives us another tool by which to deal with all the changes and new paradigms arising before us. So far this year, at Eastfield, we were presented with the idea of maintaining balance, perspective and calm; the Silbury Hill formation beckons us to heed and honour the natural cycles of life and the Earth, as does the Cisterna formation in Italy; the same type of message is presented in the two-phase formation at Stanton-St. Bernard with a sequential combination of modern and ancient wisdom referenced.  

At first, I could only see an amazing design–complex, interesting, almost like a collage of shape, texture and contrasting sizes and lines. My impression was, like this collage made up of many parts, that we on Earth could get many different alternative energy systems going to support our lives on Earth that would operate as ONE with the EARTH.  

That was day one in my encounter with what I now call THE GUARDIAN. 

About 12 hours into pondering this very communicative image, I remembered images of what are known as guardian figures from all ages of civilization: genies, angels, Ma’at, the Egyptian scarab, gargoyles. The particular image that this crop circle triggered in my mind is the genie of the ancient Assyrian tradition. The angles of the ‘wings’ in the formation turned my mind to this image and then by extension to all the others.  What winged creatures have in common in mythology is that they represent divinity, or higher powers that inspire. Often they are protective in nature. The ‘wings’ at the Avebury Trusloe formation present the ideas of PROTECTION and INSPIRATION.   

The scarab and Ma’at are two Egyptian protective figures with wings. The Assyrian genie protected the king. Angels watched over and destroyed threatening evil. The gargoyle protects medieval churches.  

After naming this crop circle, I also realized that if the crescent shape is viewed as the balsamic moon and the crescent moon, it seems that this formation provides a bracket containing the new moon, giving us a preparatory attitude and then a continuing attitude. The new moon (of these very days) represents a new beginning, a seed, and calls us to plan, generate and awaken. Preceding this new moon, the balsamic moon represents dormancy, integration, dreamtime, dissolution, letting go in preparation for the new. Following the new moon, the crescent moon represents preparation, fortification, expansion, foundation in order to support the ‘NEW’.  

The balsamic moon calls for an inner yielding to the new energies of the new moon. The crescent moon initiates venturing out and externalizing the new energies. 

This interpretation of the Avebury Trusloe message is almost totally dependent on the meaning of the Moon as symbol of the Mother Goddess and the mind (through the Roman name, ‘mens’ and the Sanskrit name, ‘manas’). The Moon’s environment is Night, known as Mother Night, who “stood for the darkness of the womb in which all things are generated, for the blackness of the abyss, and for infinite space, source of stars and other heavenly bodies.” (Walker 347)  

The purpose of referring to the metaphors of ancient times is to glean some coherent understanding of what is being shown to us in the fields. The Great Goddess differs from the God in that She exists both within and without; Her Creatures are just as much Her as She is Them; this metaphorical paradigm includes humanity as carrier of Her divinity as well as that which interacts with Her divinity. The human mind, represented by the moon in this formation, when it obeys the order of natural rhythms such as the moon’s cycle, is capable of realizing a new birth of consciousness, emerging from the darkness of unconsciousness.  It is in and over time that this takes place; in some way the potential has always been within, but now is the time for it to blossom, to become active and apparent.  

With these references to the night and the moon and to the winged beings, a connection to the dream world of the deity Hypnos becomes possible.

            “Hypnos, who some say is the god that is dearest to the Muses, is Sleep and

              Dream. He is the younger brother of Thanatos (Death). Their Mother is Nyx


Hypnos, the younger, imitates the other in everything. He had been surnamed "The Bountiful," for this is the god who puts cares to flight, and soothes the bodies of both mortals and immortals. He can fashion shapes that seem to be true forms, and in his art he receives help from his sons.” (maicar) 

Hypnos is a metaphor for the dreaming function of the human mind. When one is open to the Dream Realm, one often receives useful information for conscious living. 

Dreams, regenerating sleep and relaxation are very useful tools for inspiring new ideas and paradigms. Often breakthrough scientific discoveries have been revealed in dreams, or during times of play and relaxation. This aspect of our lives could do with more attention. Hypnos represents the mind that is actively receptive to the potential hidden in the void. It is the consciousness that touches the source of creation and gives useful morsels of concepts to be developed in waking life. 

There are still two or three aspects of this design that must be addressed before the whole message gets across. Within the protecting moon, we see a sequence of four small squares and then a relatively large one that is situated in the centre of the design.  Since the square is an almost universal symbol for Earth, could this sequence embedded in the larger scheme represent the idea of the Fifth World prophecy of the Hopi? In that prophecy many signs of an end of times are described, but a new surviving race would live with a characteristic attitude or thinking process (‘path’), the other group would not survive because of their faulty way of thinking (‘path’):

Thinking with the heart is related to the right-brain functions and the dream process. “The famous Hopi Prophecy Rock clearly depicts two paths:

                  A 'two-hearted path' [upper path] with three individuals upon it: a two-

                 hearted person is one who thinks with his head rather than his heart.   

                 Modern man is out of balance because he lives in a left-brain dominated

                 society, leading to imbalance and conflict, and ultimately to the destruction

                 of those on it.   

    A 'one-hearted path' [lower path] or one that is in balance and harmony

   with the universe: the Prophecy Rock shows a junction where the two-

   hearted people have a choice of choosing to start thinking with their hearts

   or continue to think with their heads only. If they choose the latter, it will

   lead to self-destruction, symbolized by the lightning strike from a cloud. If

   people chose to think with their hearts, they will return to the one-

   hearted path and their own survival.” (5thworld)  

The zigzag “carries with it the idea of heat, energy, vitality, and movement, the archetypal sign for lightning or electricity.” The sign of Aquarius, the constellation representing the next 5,500 years in the precession of the equinoxes, could be the energy of water or the life-force energy. “There is an inherent danger in the zig-zag, and the deities that carry it in their hands do so as a sign of their own authority and power.” (Nozedar  xvii) In the Hopi drawing, the life-force lightning bolt annihilates those who do not decide to heed the voice of the heart. The zig-zag force could be a positive when it is harnessed for the good health of all communities on Earth. 

Another image we find in this formation is that of a dart or arrow. “It is a symbol of flight, penetration, and direction….The arrow that shoots high up into the sky is an emblem of the link between Earth and Heaven, a symbol of an idea, or of a message being carried directly to the Gods.” By way of connection to the Sign Sagittarius, whose name is derived from ‘sagire’, to perceive keenly or quickly, the arrow symbolizes quick-wittedness and intuition. (Nozedar 16)  

Sagittarius, the archer, is a cross-species creature, half-man and half-horse. This nature in itself is a symbol of the intuitive faculties working in harmony with the intellectual faculties. 

So who is the guardian? It seems that the message of this crop circle is suggesting that we ourselves are the guardians of this beautiful spaceship Earth and all the life energy on it. We derive our power and ability to be protectors of our lives and the Earth’s life through thinking with the heart, through using intuitive, imaginative and innovative ideas. These come from a natural flow that we must tune into. Our mind can access tremendously beneficial knowledge if we allow ourselves to open to the reality of being on this planet.  We are approaching the mature realization of the ‘noosphere’, the third sphere of evolution on Earth, after the geosphere and the biosphere. It is the sphere of human thought, according to Teilhard de Chardin. In a mature form this development of human potential should surround the Earth with positive social, cultural, and economic systems that work as healthy organs within the life cycles of the planet. This is the way we become the GUARDIAN.  

It might still be a long ways away in time, but there’s no time like the present to get it all started. The tool or ‘weapon’ we have for our new role is the MIND. We can use it to develop new Earth friendly technologies. We can use it to develop agriculture that is not toxic. Etc., etc., etc! Let’s use it with all our HEARTS!

Michelle Jennings


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http://5thworld.com/Paradigm/Postings/!Expectations/Hopi Prophecy.htm

Unusual and clever properties of Avebury Trusloe from July 7, 2013 appear when it is made mirror-symmetric: images of a “radio telescope” or the Sagan 1974 Arecibo “message into space”  

Susan Werb and Arie van der Wijst have suggested that we should study the new crop picture from Avebiry Trusloe, when it has been made mirror-plane symmetric. So I carefully constructed images of that kind, and found right away that its left-hand side, once symmetrized, looks like a “radio telescope”: 

Likewise its right-hand side, once symmetrized, looks like a UFO or “flying saucer” which is hovering over or receiving a message from a radio telescope:

What could it mean for a UFO to be receiving a message from a radio telescope?  

The left-hand side of that crop picture angles upward in the centre by 3o, while its right-hand side angles downward in the centre by 3o, relative to crop tramlines.  

Here might be an answer to the question posed above: its left-hand side, when symmetrized, also resembles a message sent into space by Carl Sagan in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope:  

Below Sagan’s image of a “radio telescope”, we can see two large, curved, zig-zag motifs, which represent the two strands of double-helical DNA. A reply to Sagan’s message appeared in crops near Chilbolton radio telescope in 2001. This alien-created image also shows two zig-zag motifs, labelled with a red asterisk. One strand of DNA (on the left) shows 10 nucleotides per turn as found on Earth, while the other strand of DNA (on the right) shows 6 nucleotides per turn, but is not found on Earth. These could represent the two possible stereochemical isomers of DNA known as 3’, 5’ or 2’, 5’ which have been found in origin-of-life experiments, say by Leslie Orgel in San Diego.  

Was Carl Sagan’s 1974 radio message into space received by advanced extra-terrestrials, who have since flown to Earth to make open contact? Do they find themselves blocked in such an effort, by narrow-minded political leaders who have chosen to keep their existence secret? Indeed, have those visiting extra-terrestrials decided to make “crop circles”, in order to communicate with billions of ordinary people on Earth, who have been kept ignorant of their friendly and highly artistic presence?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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