Chualar, Salinas Valley, California USA. Reported 30th December.

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An overlapping 5-bit paper tape code at the centre of Chualar says “EA space QZ”
to suggest “Ea and/or Quetzalcoatl in space” as the crop artists

Many detailed images from the Chualar crop picture of December 28, 2013 were shown five months earlier as landscape features, near a “triangular UFO” which was drawn in crops at All Cannings on July 15, 2013


Most paranormal crop pictures show two subtle features of which the ordinary public and human crop artists are not generally aware. First, they often show detailed landscape symbolisms. Whatever image might be drawn in crops, it will fit into the aerial appearance of nearby landscape features “like a glove”. That is how particular fields for new crop pictures are chosen. Secondly, the date of appearance and numbered features inside of a new crop picture may sometimes match concurrent dates in the Mayan calendar. 

While I was reviewing many crop pictures from 2012 or 2013 in terms of their landscape symbolisms, I noticed that a “triangular UFO” which was drawn in crops at All Cannings on July 15, 2013 (see allcannings 2013) seems connected by a long, thin, white line to another series of unique features not far away:  

Those other connected features look like a “comet” and a “computer chip”: Slightly below in a nearby (brown) field, we can see the faint image of a “winged disc” as from ancient Egypt or Sumeria.  

When I zoomed in more closely using Google Earth to inspect the “comet” and “computer chip”, I was astonished to see a detailed image which looks very much like the Chualar crop picture of December 28, 2013:  

Both field images (whether in England or California) show a “comet” approaching a rectangular “computer chip” from  the left. Many small symbols on top of an agricultural building at All Cannings match the distinctive “dot and line” symbols at Chualar. Even more remarkably, when we count carefully those landscape symbols at All Cannings, we find “1.1.16” which is exactly the same as a major coding feature at Chualar (two large squares on left and right as 1-1, with 16 squares, rectangles or lines below).  

In summary, a “triangular UFO” which was drawn in crops at All Cannings on July 15, 2013, when studied together with its landscape symbolism, represents a clear artistic precursor to what was drawn in crops at Chualar on December 28, 2013. Thus we can be sure that the Chualar crop picture was not conceived “just before Christmas” as NVIDIA and Team Satan would have you believe. Its basic imagery was known to the real crop artist five months earlier in July of 2013:  

The crop picture from All Cannings also seems to confirm a strange message which was found in Morse code at Chualar, namely that comet “ISON” is a “STS” (space transportation system). When and if we actually might see such a comet-UFO-serpent in Earth’s skies, to be photographed by many people using their digital cameras with NVIDIA chips, remains unknown at present.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A “polar clock”, “bright comet” and three clever codes were drawn in crops at Chualar, Salinas Valley on December 30, 2013 

The overall imagery used at Chualar was that of a “polar clock” (see polarclock). As you may recall, another “polar clock” was drawn in crops at Manton Drove near Marlborough, England on June 2, 2012 (see manton drove). It successfully predicted a safe landing for NASA Curiosity Rover on Mars, two months later by its specified date of August 5, 2012. 

This new “polar clock” at Chualar, California shows a “bright, long-tailed comet” as the predicted astronomical event: 

Inside we can see the “CCD chip from a digital camera”. This might imply that many people in Earth will photograph a bright comet in early 2014: 

When studied closely, the “head” of that “comet” shows a “smiley face” (sometimes drawn in crops), while crossing “three thin lines”, which match three tall telephone or power poles on the opposite side of the crop picture: 

The date for this supposed event is not clearly specified. Three “planets” have been drawn around the outer perimeter, but those are not enough to specify a unique date: 

Now three different codes were carefully embedded within this crop picture, They could be of some importance, if the crop picture turns out to be paranormal and not made with human hands? We should report accurately on those codes in any case.  

Its first inner code shows a brief message in Braille saying “192-192-2-192-1-192-192”. This may be a symbolic reference to the British search engine “” (see Its implication might be that “the blind will see, and those who search will find”: 

Its second outer code involves three telephone or power poles, which appear nearby in the style of Manton Drove from June 2, 2012. These three tall poles match “three thin lines” on the opposite side of the crop picture. Accompanying those three tall poles are several numbers drawn in crops in Morse code, which translate as “3-space-3-space-1” going clockwise around the crop picture in the fashion of a “polar clock”: 

Its third intermediate code involves a series of alphabetic characters in Morse code. They seem to read:  E-T  B  I-S-O-N  S-T-S”  

One interpretation of this cryptic message might be:  

E T  B(e)” or “extra-terrestrials exist”.  

Then “I-S-O-N (comet)” is an “S-T-S (space transportation system)” like for the NASA space shuttles (see  

Very important if true! We wait keenly to see what might happen next.

Appendix 1 for Chualar: a second interpretation of its Braille code “1-9-2” in terms of “hours” along the face of a “polar clock” 

As first noted by several TV reporters (see, the three Braille numbers “1-9-2” could also mean “hours” along the face of a “polar clock”:  

The purpose of coding such numbers, in the “Braille” and “planet” parts of this crop picture, might be to suggest that some important astronomical event (e.g. a “bright comet”) will first be seen at 12 midnight in Earth’s sky, at some particular place (London?) and on some particular date. Inside of its “CCD chip”, we can see two separate Braille numbers 2 and 1 which add to (2 + 1) = 3. We can also see three linked Braille numbers 1-9-2 which add to (1 + 9 + 2) = 12. An hourly time of 12 midnight has thus been suggested in two different ways.  

As for the overall crop picture, it suggests that we need to go around the “polar clock” three times. See three tall poles nearby in the landscape, matched by three thin lines on the opposite side of the crop picture from those poles. Several numbers in Morse code as we go around the outside of the “clock” show symbols for “3” or “1”.  

One part of the Morse code (“E-T  B”) also shows a fair resemblance to a five-body alignment of four planets and the Sun in early January of 2014, including as a sixth body, any remnants of comet Ison along its last known orbital path:  

Thus we can see Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Earth, any remnants of comet Ison (ISON = STS), and Jupiter all aligned in a heliocentric perspective over the early part of January 2014. What a remarkable crop picture! Who made it and why? No one really knows, we just have to watch for whatever comes next.

P.S. Those three telephone poles reach successively greater heights (low, medium, high) as we move clockwise around the crop picture. Again this suggests that we should go around the “polar clock” by three full turns (days, weeks, months?) until some “event time” is reached. The entire crop picture has been aligned in the field, so that its long “comet” image comes in from the west, and crosses three thin lines in the north. Comet Ison (an STS) was expected to approach Earth’s north pole by January 2014. Many different images of comet Ison have been drawn in crop pictures from England, Italy, France or Holland since 2008 (see fringe2013r). Many thanks finally to Paul Jacobs for his expert comments.

The “polar clock” at Chualar shows pi = 3.14 three times, in the same artistic style as Barbury Castle of June 1, 2008 

In fond memory of Mike Reed (see

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge,, 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

Three major questions concerning NVIDIA’s suggestion to have made the Chualar, California crop picture on December 27-28, 2013

We are all grateful to the NVIDIA computer company and their CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, for providing much excitement to the world in late December of 2013, then again in early January of 2014.  

First their marketing department is said to have commissioned a spectacular new crop picture in an obscure field near Chualar, California. It showed an approximate image of their new “Tegra 5” chip for improved computer games. At the very centre of this large crop picture, we could see the numbers “1-9-2” written repeatedly in Braille. That number matches the number of “cores” in their new Tegra 5 chip, as 192 versus only 72 for the old Tegra 4 chip. It was somewhat unusual to use Braille, but perhaps this new chip (or the crop picture) is intended to assist the blind?  

Then on January 5, 2014, the NVIDIA CEO announced to one million people over the Internet, while speaking in Las Vegas, that his new Tegra 5 chip would be wonderful for everyone, and also that his marketing department had secretly commissioned a spectacular crop picture showing that new Tegra 5 chip (approximately), one week before. They said that they had hired some of the best human crop artists from England, commonly known as “Team Satan”, and had flown them in to design and make it.  

A strange series of events  

The circumstances of this “advertising campaign” were strange in the extreme. First a large team of Echelon Security guards (who normally work in terrorism) were brought in, to prevent any members of the public from examining it closely in the field. Then the farmer complained about criminal damage to his crop. Next a series of TV stations flew over it in helicopters, taking photographs, and became excited by its possible implications. By December 31, those security guards were ordered to mow the entire crop picture out and remove it. Some newspapers reported colorfully that the “Chualar crop picture bites the dust” (see  

Nothing else was heard until suddenly on January 5, 2014, when the NVIDIA CEO announced in Las Vegas that it had been a huge practical joke, meant to advertise their new Tegra 5 chip! He did not give any details, but soon a brief promotional video was released on YouTube, supposedly disclosing how it had been done (see The problem with this video is that we never see any crop actually being flattened, or see the Chualar crop picture in a partly finished state. All we can see is a group of men, walking around through it with tape measures and boards.  

As an advertising exercise, the NVIDIA company did get a lot of publicity, but not much of good. Millions of people felt they had been deceived by the methods used, especially for not letting any members of the public into the crop picture, then mowing it out before it could be closely examined.  

Three major questions still need to be answered  

This exciting series of events has left three major questions unanswered.  

First, why does a large “two-tailed comet” image run right through the top of that Tegra 5 chip as drawn in crops, while no such background image appears as a permanent landscape feature on Google Earth?  

Secondly, while did the NVIDIA marketing department place strange codes within the crop picture, suggesting that “extra-terrestrials exist”, and even more bizarrely that “comet Ison is a spaceship”? 

Thirdly, why does the actual crop picture differ significantly from a formal “plan” for that crop picture as shown on the NVIDIA disclosure video?  

If you are a gamer, or use NVIDIA products in your mobile phone or elsewhere, please feel free to write or email that company, in order to request further explanations! Here now are the three major questions explained.   

The new Chualar crop picture resembles approximately a NVIDIA Tegra 5 chip  

As shown below, the Tegra 4 or 5 chips seem to have been a starting point for design of the Chualar crop picture:                                                                                                                                                          

The crop picture also shows a grid of 192 spots at its very centre, which say “1-9-2” and match the number of cores in a new Tegra 5 chip:  

Why does a large “two-tailed comet” run right through the centre of that “Tegra 5” chip as drawn in crops? 

Now for the first major anomaly. We can see a large “comet” image which runs through the top of that “Tegra 5” chip, even though such an image is not a permanent landscape feature, and does not appear on Google Earth 2013, photographed in 6 / 2012 (latitude 36o 35’ 06” North, longitude 121o 28’ 30” West):  


If NVIDIA drew it, why didn’t they say so?  

It is an integral part of the Chualar crop picture, and not random crop damage. When we look closely, the “head“ of that comet looks like a “serpent” viewed in one direction, or a “smiley face” viewed in the other direction:  

Who drew this “comet” image in crops, while security guards stood nearby and would not let anyone in? It appeared prominently in the first photographs taken by news reporters on December 30. Why would NVIDIA use a “comet” to advertise their new chip?  

Why do the words “NVIDIA” or “TEGRA” not appear anywhere in code, while the crop picture shows codes saying that “extra-terrestrials exist” or that “comet Ison is a spaceship”?  

You can see all of the embedded codes from that Chaular crop picture in the slide below:  


Its Morse code does not say “NVIDIA” or “TEGRA” as any reasonable marketing department might insist. Instead we see the two phrases “ET  B” meaning “extra-terrestrials exist”, then “ISON STS” meaning that “comet Ison is a spaceship”, like for the NASA space shuttles called “STS”.  

Are these computer people a bit different from normal folk? Are some of the NVIDIA marketing department actually “conspiracy theorists”, who imagine that long-dead comet Ison is a spaceship, just getting ready to be seen on Earth when its cloaking device gets turned off? Or that a Mayan serpent god will step off the spaceship, teaching peace and enlightenment? (That comes from “Astrid” on the TV show “Fringe”).  

Jen-Hsun Huang, you should check more closely how your hard-earned money is being spent! This kind of frivolous nonsense is not likely to endear your new chip to the mainstream market of consumers..  

Why does the actual crop picture differ significantly from a formal “plan” for that crop picture, as shown on the NVIDIA disclosure video?  

As a third major question, we can ask why those NVIDIA-hired artists did not show a completely accurate plan for their intended crop picture, when making their disclosure video?

A large “black” outer rim was omitted, while three outer circles were drawn as “black” rather than “white”: 

Perhaps these are just artistic errors? Still those crop artists would have had to draw three large outer circles in standing crop, without leaving any footprints behind. Also, each edge of flattened crop near the borders of any outer circle would have had to be “bevelled” differently. If those crop artists do have a fully accurate plan, it would be nice to see one.  

A careful study of human crop-circle making efforts by Paul Jacobs 

One reason why we seem skeptical, in discussing NVIDIA’s new efforts, is because a similarly skilled team of crop artists has seldom (or never) produced any large, excellent works of field art in the past, even for commissions (see fringe2013s). 

Ask for more information!  

If you are a gamer, or use NVIDIA’s chip in your electronic devices, please feel free to enquire with the NVIDIA company as to: (1) the mysterious “two-tailed comet”, (2) the strange codes written about “extra-terrestrials” or “comet spaceships”, and (3) why no accurate plan has yet been shown? It is just a matter of integrity, or not leaving your valued customers feeling poorly informed.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

My attention has just been drawn to the Chualar Farm CC by a friend viewing your site. In order to get a perspective perhaps your readers may wish to consider the following and I refer to my article on the CGI page of Cropcircleconnector. 

In this article I relate to a 2013 human made and witnessed broad daylight CC event...a relatively small CC as they go which is the point here. You will note this event was timed at nearly 9 hours to construct by x3 experienced workers and occupied an area of approx. 4,900 sq. ft. The new CC at Chualar Farm is evidently estimated to occupy an area of approx. one acre I believe (43,560 sq. ft.) If this is indeed the fact do the simple math...on this basis this CC would take a team of three men in daylight 8.88 days to complete assuming it was of the same simplicity as the one I witnessed, which it is not. To state the obvious I suggest this event would have been noticed in it's making even around Christmas time.   

 It is important people are aware of these factors in order to draw their own reasoned conclusions. An appeal for some good ground shots of the site would be very useful obviously.    

 Let it be known I have not commented on this event prior to this note to you now so a quote on your site including the word "tricksters" is quite false.  This is a word I would not normally use and certainly not in relation to this CC of which at this time of writing I remain quite open as to it's origin.  

Update 25/01/2014

'Supplement to Chualar'

Whilst attempting to supplement other good work done in a simplified manner I offer these two photos, one taken by myself at the Salthrop (UK) 2013 man-made pattern and the other of the Chualar CC.

Gauging distance and size here is not easy I admit but it would seem obvious, to me at least, that the Chualar event is much larger than the other. The witnessed pattern at Salthrop (cropped pic encl.d) I estimated at around 70ft diameter whilst the Chualur event, according to Nvidia (spelt it right this time) spokesman was 310ft in diameter I believe (around x2 acres!). On this basis Chualar is nearly x20 the size of Salthrop. Even if they had miscalculated by doubling up it's area that's still x10 larger. I know Salthrop took 3 guys in good daylight nearly 9 hours to complete, a pattern that is tiny in comparison. It just does not seem credible that this massive form was created without mistakes and without being noticed by either passing terrestrial or air born traffic. A CC like this could not be rushed as it's accuracy in geometry and coding  are vital components. According to the spokesman..."They worked quickly". Just creating a perfect circle with this radius would be immensely challenging. Managing a perfectly straight line of these lengths in this material not easy. It would have taken days to make this accurately...if at all! As it happens Chualar is geometrically perfect. Salthrop on the other hand is full of errors ...bottom and middle of frame are the more obvious's makers not so clever after all it would appear.

If they make errors with such a simple pattern with no pressures upon them, how on earth could they be expected to construct Chualar.... or far more complex 3D type forms often requiring topographic adjustment, time restraints and fear of detection etc. etc.? I haven't even mentioned biophysical anomalies. ( Please see cropped photo...speaks for itself I think). The majority of CCs are 100% geometrically perfect if you look back in the archives. (one exception 4/5th July 2011 Honey Street 'lobsters' which I have come to accept as quite probably a deliberate error on the part of the Makers....another story! ) 

Many thanks to Julie Belanger for use of her photo here.  

Paul Jacobs.



Actually, my skepticism relates to testimony from people who had witnessed people on Saturday with boards and tape measures.  However, I am still excited about the content, as well as very pleased that the local news tonight revisited the story (with footage of the barley being mowed down).  Many onlookers we present.  The fields owner was out of town, but apparently had nothing negative to say about it.  But the south county folks loved it and were sad to see it go.  BTW a friend in the ag business explained that barley is not a crop for sale, its what they call a "feed field" which helps the winter soil while providing cattle feed.

Now here's the interesting follow through from the local news:  A woman in New Jersey somehow responded to the first report, perhaps due to youtube, or word of mouth regarding the apparent Braille in the center of the square.  She apparently is one of the few folks out there that can read braille with her eyesight.  She says the the image reads like this:                                             

                              192               192


                     B                 192              1


                              192               192

I should mention that the numbers were each preceded by a braille indicator of "a number follows" symbol (looks like an inverted "L" to our eye) and that the letter "B" may indicate "Braille" and that the "1" may orient the position of a clock face or degree of a circle.   

The news reporter mentioned that there might several reasons for 192: an IP address, a pointer to the UK (I don't remember why), or even a reference to the hands on a clock.  I noticed that 192 is an abundant number with 14 divisors (2014?) but then it dawned on me that it 192 are the number of circles in August 2001 (if I remember that correctly) the one near Stonehenge!

The point is that the seriousness of the report was in no way concerned with the "authenticity" of the circle, but rather the message.  It is taken seriously by virtue of its novelty, and thankfully, its not a blatant advertisement.

For those who study the phenomenon, they find this is man made (as are most) but not all! If the message is that others are unexplained, even if this is, then its all good.  An openness to the possibility that we don't know what we don't know is very healthy for the status quo.  

In my view, Its especially cool that there is a winter canvas and palate for circle makers of any kind - and also that the local reaction was so outspoken and positive! You never know how that goes until it happens, and for the dead of winter, that was an enthusiastic outpouring of people, especially for south Monterey County (Chualar) which is sparsely populated, involving a commute for the onlookers.

I should also mention it was the TOP STORY tonight on the 6 pm news, and was an accurate, non condescending story, with a positive tone.  It did not criticize or hype aliens or kooks, nor did it belittle circle makers or their admirers or the message.  It referenced "experts in the field" (sic) of circularity and spent no time arguing the merit or validity of such a wonderful, creative, and mysterious expression.  The skeptics around here do not feel compelled to piss on the parade, so far.  Nobody likes a cereal killer (yuk yuk)

Perhaps it was a slow news day, and the reporters LOVE a local story that PHOTOGRAPHS well !! 

I think everyone can agree its definitely WORTH LOOKING even if it was not made by little green men.... Or was it?  

The crop circle is the thing, the "who?" and "why?" and how really don't matter to the spirit of the event.  

As I type this the San Francisco TV station now shows air footage of the circle, and the plow, and mentions that no one has taken credit for the circle.  That's the 3rd day in the news!

Bob Aronson

PS  FYI - Gilroy had a small circle years ago (reported on your site), and KORN had a circle appear near bakersfield for a music video several months ago.

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CCC Visitors,

It always amazes me when people who visit the CCC site don't see the obvious. The last time this happen, I recall, was with one of the 'Rubik's Cube' formations a while back. (I'm a Cuber)

And this one is also up my alley. I'm a computer programmer. And I have no doubt that this formation is a computer chip. 

Most people don't even know what the inside of a computer chip looks like. Here is an example of the printed circuitry that lies underneath the square-shaped, blackish coloured material that we're all familiar with. That black material not only protects the printed circuitry, but it also helps dissipate heat (keep the chip cool)...

It sometimes resembles "buildings within a compound" of sorts, that you might see in a city or at an ancient archaeology site.

Moving on... Some chips aren't placed inside of the typical blackish coloured, square-shaped material that you might be familiar with. Some are actually just covered with a "Blob" of that same material...

So if you combine that round blob, heat-dissipating material with what lies underneath it, you might see something like this with x-ray vision!...

192? That's probably the internet IP thing... given that the formation is definitely (in my mind) a computer chip. It may have been put there so someone would 'follow the white rabbit' and conclude that it's a computer chip. Maybe someone can figure out the exact chip it is, based on the architecture of the printed circuitry.

Braille? Well, given that there's an "Earth/moon" on one side of the circle and another object "in our orbit" on the other side, maybe the message is, "Your computers are blind to the asteroid/comet that is on a collision course with you!" (LOL)

Update 06/01/2014

I guess I was the only one who got it, LOL. Shouldn't be any surprise. My nick name has been "Chip" since birth :)
I DID miss the "Meaning" though. No comet coming!

Edward Francis Slayton Jr.

The braille is in a matrix and appears to spell (with horizontal and diagonal patterns; "_" is my indication of a space): 

b i a v b i a v

a v b i a v _ b

b i a v b i a v 

Perhaps, indicating that the Biaviians* created this crop circle. The end of the middle line may be a puzzle for us! Dots/dashes within the box may be Morse Code. 

"Riley Lee Martin (born May 9, 1946) is a self-described alien contactee, author, and radio host." "the Biaviians, the aliens who have had the most interaction with Martin, who are short with large heads" 

If the matrix is a clue, "biav" is the alien race with "iians" indicating "those who belong to this race". As for Martin, we humans may have difficulty explaining unfamiliar realities.  

After further analysis, the "puzzle" (end of middle line) appears to show the pattern's shift of the expected "e" (or "i") out of the matrix: 

b e a v b e a v

a v b e a v _ b e

b e a v b e a v 

Is this "e" Euler's Number (e = 2.718281828...) or math's Imaginary Unit "i" ? 

If so, this crop circle has midwayer-level sophistication (you have to imagine the missing "e" or "i"),  also commenting that "e" and "i" are interchangeable in the pronunciation of the name (re: mirror image of braille in the crop circle): beav, biav (bee ah vee). Thus, the matrix could also be: 

b i a v b i a v

a v b i a v _ b i

b i a v b i a v

UPDATE 04012014

I'm now convinced that the Salinas crop circle shows a circuit board with the braille centre displaying three rows of CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensors having 192x165 pixels (braille #192 several times on each row). The offset alignment of the sensors in the middle row might suggest that this alignment is better than standard row/column alignment. 

The middle row's "2 #192 #1" braille might be abbreviation of "#19)2 #192 #1(92" to fit in the centre square of the crop circle while showing the offset rows alignment.

The offset alignment would look like this:

UPDATE 06/01/2014

Further analysis of the Salinas crop circle:
Morse Code "ETBT"  (above braille's 192 array):
E-TBT-FRL-05(xx) - Extend Network Distance

"Two 10BASE-T to 10BASE-FL Media Converters used back-to-back extend the distance between two 10BASE-T devices up to 5 km (3.1 mi.) using multi-mode fiber or up to 40 km (24.9 mi.) using single mode fiber without a repeater. Connect your workgroup to a distant server or a central switch, or extend distances between like and unlike devices ineither full or half-duplex modes."

Morse Code "S-SW"  (below braille's 192 array): Compass direction: South-Southwest

This might suggest a linkage of CCD arrays over a distance and thecameras pointing (or ETBT-aligned) South-Southwest.

Update 08/01/2014

comet-ison-is-no-more-nasa-says (comments by David Pawlowski):
"As some of you might recall the Earth is treated to annual micrometorite showers (e.g. Leonids, Geminids, South Taurids courtesy of Comet Encke) and it is quite plausible that on January 13th -17th 2014 the Earth might see a new annual event in the form of the ISON showers. If we are really lucky we might experience a few fast movers in the form of bolide fireballs like the one seen over Southern California on November 7th 2013."
Re: comments by astrophysicist Karl Battams: 

"Never one to follow convention, ISON lived a dynamic and unpredictable life, alternating between periods of quiet reflection and violent outburst. However, its toughened exterior belied a complex and delicate inner working that only now we are just beginning to understand. In late 2013, Comet ISON demonstrated not only its true beauty but a surprising turn of speed as it reached its career defining moment in the inner solar system. Tragically, on November 28, 2013, ISON's tenacious ambition outweighed its ability, and our shining green candle in the solar wind began to burn out." 

My analysis: the Salinas crop circle may confirm Pawlowski's (and others'?) conjecture about the comet, ISON; the ETBT camera proposal may help astronomers capture more of the light wave components of this inaugural, mid-January astronomy show. And we lived on earth when this new annual event began, climaxing its 4 billion, 3 million years history as a comet!

Update 09/01/2014

The CEO of NVIDIA says he knew nothing about the Chualar crop circle before seeing it on TV, and notes only that it showed “hints” of his new chip Tegra K1 “Jen-Hsun says that NVIDIA was behind a 310-foot crop circle cut a few weeks ago into a field of barley, two hours south of San Francisco near Salinas. Some observers thought that aliens could have carved it out. ‘When I learned about it, I learned it on CNN. Some people thought aliens had done it,’ he said. ‘The coverage has been fantastic. The site of circle has been visited by fleets of helicopters. The crop circle did bear some hints of Tegra K1. The number 192, which corresponds to the number of cores in Tegra K1, was cut into the circle in Braille.’ “ (see

Update 10/01/2014

Google Earth appears to show the field used for this crop circle: 

It's on the north side of the straight portion of Chualar Canyon Road, about the middle of this straight, east-west portion when viewed from the south. Chualar Canon Road meets Old Stage Road to the west of the property. The property is just to the west of two small bodies of water (one round, the one above it is rectangular; both appear as dark green). The power poles can be seen on the Chualar Canyon Road side of the property. 

These are easy landmarks: On the computer screen using Google Earth, expand the Salinas Valley area until the word "Chualar" is seen along highway 101. Center Chualar on the screen and keep expanding until "Old Stage Rd" appears to the east, almost parallel with highway 101. From Old Stage Road go farther east and keep expanding until "Chualar Canyon Road" appears below the property (the property is light green).


Using Google Earth, I didn't find a steel building anywhere close to this property (shown in the background, about 1 min. 36 sec. into this video). It doesn't seem to appear in other videos which show this circle from a distance. Also, the mountain in the background at 1 min. 18 sec. looks much closer than in other videos which show these power poles. Another anomaly? At 2 min. 26 sec. into this video, the brown field at the upper left looks similar to brown field patterns from Google Earth itself - not like naturally ploughed earth. Best guess about these anomalies: video editing, possibly created after the crop circle was formed by non-humans. 

Finally, I remain curious why  information about the Morse Code ("ETBT" above the braille, "S-SW" below the braille) and the "1,3,4" symbols just inside the perimeter of the circle is limited to conjecture by observers and researchers. Even the offset middle line of the braille "2 192 1" (which may be a side-trimmed version of "192 192 192") seems to be a good clue and needs explanation.

Another anomaly in this promotional video ( ). The shadows cast by the fatter fence poles at 3 sec. into this video are about the same size as the shadow cast by the thinner pipe at 5 sec. The shadow sizes of the shorter two pipes are what we would expect for the fence posts in the previous scene. 

I'm fascinated - the video editing for the K1 promotion and that for some videos shown by the media all seem a bit "monumental".

Update 11/01/2014

The crop circle design appears consistent throughout - all electronic symbolism (not combined symbolism such as circuit board, calendar dates, and astronomy). 

After reviewing the colour codes of resistors, the  '1', '1,3', '1,3,4' and '1,3,4' symbols (clockwise from the top) seem to represent electronic specifications of components (or between components); the thin lines connect or point to the specific component of the circle. The differences in size of similar symbols might suggest electrical strengths. 

Perhaps, the three circles on the perimeter also represent similar electronic components having different capacities. In fact, the different sizes of the similar, rectangular and circular symbols suggest differences in capacities or strengths. The three parallel, vertical lines at the top could represent a cable to the device. 

If the circle presents electronic detail for a new device, possibly in development or recently in use, it's easy to theorize why this crop circle was quickly destroyed ... and suggests why there might be hurried and coordinated effort to discredit it.

Rod Holland


UK has donation Boxes,.. Salinas California has professional uniformed security. 

The standard atomic weight of Iridium is 192.217.  

The Mayan day of Ix specifically states “ They may see in the darkness” so it's in Braille.... Ix is the Earth Mother in all her complexities, it is the food and the agriculturer.  Saq'be 

Braille was basically spread across the world by Helen Keller who was born in Boar decan. Chualar means Pigweed. Helen keller article HERE 

Interesting Also,..Logo on the Echelon Security is a Lion and the animal for the day of Ix is the Jaguar. Helen, like the “owner of the Field”, employed Lions as her defenders with her long association with Lions Club. 

 The reference to 192 has at least one relate to local earth issues. The Isotope, Iridium 192 is associated with fracking and recently the area has had some revelations regarding untold and unreported fracking off the coast. The Monterey shale is apparently a previously unobtainable source of oil and gas....  

Iridium 192 is an Injected Radionuclide Labeled “Frac Sand”. /Radionuclides_associated_with_hydraulic_fracturing

 From an Artstrological standpoint, Iridium (named for Iris, goddess of the rainbow) is in alignment with the Mayan week of Ix and the Solar decan of Lotus. In this 260 day cycle, the 13 day week of Ix begins 1 Ix and is the day of Dec 30, 2013.

David Odell

With the latest crop formations in California in December 2013, it leaves me pondering some things, and had an idea on how to narrow down exactly where the source of the crop circles are coming from... and can be proved with math.

This is making an assumption that the crop circles are not coming from this planet and that what the young men saw and recorded was in fact exactly what we saw... a green laser of sorts. (the video they recorded and put it on youtube)

If we know the time and the place we can find out exactly what solar system it was pointing at when the event happened... right. This is as well assuming that when the ART was being created the "Creator" had his brush on a 90% angle to the canvas... which is when given consideration is safe to assume.

So to extrapolate can we not go back in our records and do the same with other Circles... find out which sun or constellation they originate from and if they all point to one... then we will know its not of this world.

Another crazy thought why hasn't anyone put aside some fields to write messages back to the aliens. :) I know it sounds strange but I cant imagine someone not trying it... lol

Edward Roberts


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Could it be that the Braille Code is the signature from the designers of
The crop circle at  Chuala, Salinas valley, California USA.
Reported 30th december

When I saw the translation in numbers from the Braille code at first I did not know what to think about this.

But after doing some research on the internet, I can find a lot of information using the numbers 192! Just google for yourself and find out. To much information to write down in this article.

What attracted me was the repetition of number 192 192 on the first line and the letter B before the number 192 1 on the second line. In the third line again 192 192. Why does someone wants to use the same numbers again and again. So I thought this has to be a signature.

In my opininion this looks like we have here an RGB code. RGB stands for Red Green and Blue. Every color has a specific number.

 I converted RGB to HEX by using the program on

1) First line in the Braille code Red:192  code Green:192

2)Second line  There is the letter B and no coincidence that  the last colour code is Blue:192

3) Third line is i my opinion a simple repetition of the first numbers

The outcome is: COCOCO

Why is the number 1 added in the second line B 192 1.

Well, we can see that after the word Cococo you can point to google +1 and so i did and so I added an new colourcode!

When we scroll down the page you can find the specific colour and it is


This web color is described by the following tags:


And visit the following link on 

How much proof does Humanity wants
Haven’t we seen the Grey’s in pictures in the fields before 

Glenn Aoys
Cropcircle Investigator

Further to Mr. Glenn Aoys research, I have summed some research on the Greys.  

"Inside the craft, Boas was stripped naked then covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. He was later able to recall them"

Inline image 1 

Notice the three dots, as in the circle. Also note the two and three lines, very prominent in the circle.

Update 05/01/2013

Just a follow up note, here in the United States, particularly West Coast we have many reports now of UFO sighting on New Year's Day. These are readily seen by searching Bing, etc, for UFO sightings. I find the crop circle an indication, or advance announcement of the presence of a fleet of stellar beings, now approaching our country. The videos are extraordinary and clearly show the connection, in California especially.

Joseph Lake Joseph Lake Research

The crop circle in California is a BIG ALERT for the critical situation in Fukushima !!

On December 31, 2013, Angela Greenlief wrote in the Facebook group “Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations” about a connection between this crop circle and the alerting situation in the Nuclear plant Fukushima in Japan. Also in my opinion there are several arguments for such connection.  

I think, this crop circle is a BIG ALERT for the critical situation in the Nuclear plant in Fukushima and about the great danger for the people on the west coast of North America and in the whole North semisphere !!  

Here you can see several pictures from the Nuclear plant Fukushima:

There are several similarities between the pictogram of the crop circle and the pictures of the Nuclear plant. 

We can say, that the row of 5 small squares depicts the 5 reactors of the plant.

The Nuclear plant Fukushima-1 and Fukushima-2 has in total 6 reactors, but during the earthquake they were partially destroyed. On this picture we see that two of the reactors are very damaged. The first reactor from left to right is almost totally destroyed. This could be an explanation why on the pictogram of the crop circle we see only 5 reactors. 


On this picture of the Fukushima Nuclear plant we see an arrow pointing the North. When we match this picture of the Fukushima plant with the picture of the crop circle, using the reactors (the 5 squares) as referent points, we could say, that the biggest of the 3 circles on the outer big circumference is the Sun, which is in the East.

Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. So on the pictogram we see the Rising Sun on the East position compared with the geographic disposition of the Nuclear plant.  


According to the Braille Alphabet in the square in the centre of the crop circle we have 3 lines, in the first and in the third line we have in total 4 times "#192". 

In a lot of posts in the Facebook group Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations” there are several explanations for this number: Iridium is #192 in the table of elements, is a site for searching of people, business and places in UK….  

A Google search for “Fukushima, 192” gives following link:

FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line
192 / 306 1881Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine,
Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine

There are a lot of indications that the situation in the Nuclear plant Fukushima has become more and more critical in the last weeks of 2013.

Following article from December 30, 2013 is very alerting:

TEPCO Quietly Admits Reactor 3 Could Be Melting Down NOW

Here some main points from this article:

Turner Radio Network (TRN) has issued a report regarding Fukushima Nuclear Plant that is expected to affect the entire Northern Hemisphere.

According to the report: “Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan”

TEPCO are reporting that “radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan”

Summations from experts conclude that this may “be the beginning of a ‘spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)’ involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America…”

The accord is that “pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool located above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool.”

Should this be the case “the situation could escalate rapidly out of control.”

TRN is warning of preparatory measures that should be taken by those living on the West Coast of America because after the “releasing 89 tons of deadly radioactive fuel directly into the air”, it would be a matter or 2 to 3 days before the deadly material would fry North America “by [the] levels of airborne radiation and ‘hot particles’ which could kill.”

Another alerting article with very detailed instructions for the people how to prepare for the possible danger, the article is from December 30, 2013:



An article from December 16, 2013:

Tepco Plans to Dump ALL the Fukushima Radiation Into the Ocean 

Here some videos which also confirms the raising radiation on the West coast of North America: 

ALERT! Fukushima Radiation Hits San Francisco! Dec 2013 

Radioactive Reality (17 December 2013) Fukushima fuel melted "on unprecedented scale": 

West Coast Warning: Video Proof Fukushima Radiation Hits California - video from December 28, 2013:

Maya Todorova

Found interesting this picture inside Keops pyramid and the layers inside Chualar formation.

Pablo Olivares

New crop circle---192 solved----192hz---- 192hz Low Tone Throat Chakra - YouTube


This is the most fascinating mystery of our time: what are the crop circles? 

A crop circle appeared in Salina, California on December 30, 2013. When researchers went to investigate, they were stopped by Echelon security, who threatened them with a warning. One researcher was able to get through to inspect the crop circle remains ( as it had been plowed under),  and found that the stems were bent and damaged by radiation, instead of broken, the same way that has occurred in the English crop circles. 

The California crop circle had a ring with three small circles at the 

1 o'clock9 o'clock, and 2 o'clock positions (if viewed as a clock face).

There was braille, (which is a written code language, consisting of patterns of dots, for use by the blind), in the center of the ring.

An expert braille translator decoded it as follows: 



B (or 2)




Researchers have tried to figure out what 192 means: 

192 Is the number found in IP addresses,

 192 is an encryption number, 

192 is a network designation for bandwidth, for transmission speeds,

IRP backbones

192 is an asteroid discovered in 2007, now between Mars and Jupiter.

192 is the number of a memorandum that Pres. Kennedy sent to his top security aides concerning arms control in  outer space, on October 2, 1962, to the secretaries of State and Defense, and the head of NASA.

Iridium 192 isotope is a gamma ray source that has gone missing in large quantities, enough to make a dirty bomb.

192 is a sum of prime numbers.

A computer expert found a program related to the number 192,  and according to that computer program, the position of three planets would be occurring on July 8, 2014:

Earth at 1 o'clock position

Venus at 9 o'clock position

Mars at 2 o'clock position.

There was a Morse code section also in another rectangle on the crop circle. It is translated as
An expert ham-radio operator gives an interpretation and translation by reading  counterclockwise, (as they do it in the European system). He sees the outer circles as indicating a time of arrival in that region.
The field where the crop circle appeared is owned by Monsanto, responsible for GMOs.
There have been cattle mutilations in that area, and witnesses have seen growing green orbs in that field.

UPDATE 06/01/2014

Mystery solved:

The crop circle in California was man-made by Navidia, a chip maker in California's Silicon Valley. The company has confessed that they made the crop-circle as a promotion for their new Tegra K1 system, that has 192 parts, in a revolutionary new computer chip.

The crop circle is 310 feet in diameter.

Susilee Dean

Does anyone have anything else to add to this? Is anyone willing to help with the research? If so please contact these:  (Go to Part 3 for information)

Number 192 is a blend of the vibrations of number 1, number 9 and number 2. Number 1 brings its attributes of creativity and initiative, new beginnings, self-reliance and tenacity, striving towards achieving success, attainment and happiness. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts and actions. Number 9 adds its influences of leading by positive example, Lightworkers and Lightworking, philanthropy and humanitarianism, problem solving, generosity and benevolence. Number 9 also relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, Karma and the Spiritual Law of Karma. Number 2 relates to service and duty, balance and harmony, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, consideration and receptivity, fulfilment and happiness, faith and trust and Divine life purpose. Number 192 is a ‘humanitarian’ vibration and your angels ask that you to look to how you are able to be of service to humanity through serving your soul mission.

Angel Number 192 is a message that your soul is ready to fulfil its potential and life purpose and destiny. You are now ready in every way to undertake your soul yearnings and urgings and follow your passion. Trust that when you live your truths and stand in your own personal power, miracles happen. Your angels want you to know that you have all that you need to fulfill your soul mission.

The repeating Angel Number 192 is a message from your angels to have trust and faith in your visions, ideas and thoughts as these are giving you guidance and direction in regards to your life path. Trust that your angels support and encourage you every step of the way. Keep your goals and priorities a focus and strive towards them. The present is where you are meant to be right now. Tomorrow is for the future and the past is behind you. Today is where you are ... make the most of it. Allow miracles to happen.

Here is where I found this info :

Beatrice Marx

I want to draw our attention to an essay that I posted a while back comparing some of the crop circles to the ancient pyramidal sites.What is interesting is now compare the Chualar-Salinas crop circle to La ciudadela structure at Teotihuacan, Mexico. In my essay there are some of my analytical renderings of La ciudadela that are very suggestive of Chualar-Salinas crop circle now.

I want to invite you both to take a lot and see what you think. Should you wish to reference or place my essay on your website, that would be great. I believe that your visitors could benefit from the comparison. The pdf file may be viewed at the following link.


Charles William Johnson

A crop circle to brighten up these winter days - what a sweet surprise!  The surprise was kicked up a notch when I added the Chualar, California formation to the all-in-one alignments map, where the circle corresponds notably to Pleiades Peak in Washington state and to the Gray, Tennessee crop circle of 2012.

Following the release of what appears to be a staged video of the formation’s discovery and reports of a group of people working in the field the day before, many have dismissed the Chualar circle as a run-of-the-mill hoax.   Just a few years ago I may have written it off as well - but after considering the human circlemakers who claim to be enigmatically inspired or compelled to create specific symbols in precise locations, I’ve changed my position.  After all, I’ve had numerous experiences of my own where I was seemingly guided to the right place at the right time for some “paranormal” event to occur, so why not others? The bottom line is that I can’t deny that human-made formations may be part of the communication from a non-human source - and I believe that’s what may have just happened in Chualar.

Regardless of how it was created on the ground, the details at Chualar confirm that it’s a part of a custom-designed mode of communication that I’ve been diagramming for the past couple of years: flat-map alignments as symbols used in non-verbal expression by an Other Intelligence. The design contains or alludes to both Braille and Morse Code, as well as other communication systems. Not only do the shape and details of the Chualar circle echo the idea of an actual encoded language, but the formation’s location on the map provides a new communication to be read through the alignments map: the addition of an “L” to “read” (or decipher), just like the Braille Ls at Chualar show us how to read the numbers “192″ that repeat within the circle’s inner rectangle.

The “L” jumps out once Chualar is added to the map - it’s on a north-south line with the Pleiades Peak and an east-west line with the Gray, Tennessee crop circle of last summer (and which hadn’t directly tied in with the alignments until now). These north-south and east-west correspondences resonate with an established motif in the all-in-one alignments map: Spanish Fork UT and Teton ID fall on the same longitude line; Langdon ND and Plevna KS are on the same longitude line, as is Langdon KS, where I graduated from high school; Pleiades Peak and Langdon ND appear on the same latitude line; Wilbur WA  and Thompson ND are on another latitude line; Spanish Fork UT and Boulder CO fall on the same latitude line. I really like the way the Chualar circle pulls “Gray” into the conversation through one of these special grid alignments.

“192″ has got a multitude of possible meanings, but I found it curious that 192 is the Dewey Decimal number for library materials on the Philosophy of the British Isles - quite possibly a reference to the St Michael ley connection via the Bermuda Triangle with the Pleiades Peak, a very expansive flat-map alignment which was detailed in my last post two weeks ago.  And researcher Glenn Aoys from the Netherlands has found a link from the number 192 to the colour gray in a completely different context than Gray, Tennessee, bringing extra emphasis to that connection.

One question that I’m still pondering: Was this a predictive or derivative alignment? In any case, connections and resonances between Chualar and the alignments map - too many to detail at this moment - continue to arise. What matters is that all of these point to the reality of a language which Bright Garlick recognised when he wrote, in response to my posting of the original triangle alignments map, “Something you have hinted at, that I also think might be true - is that whatever is creating these circles and larger scale patterns, is using geometry as a means to tell us ”I noticed you and have responded!”. Which I reckon is a pretty strong way to confirm something that otherwise seems very subjective and hard to prove. We seem to find the proof we need, when we know how to look and sometimes we seem to be guided to that as well.” Thank you, Bright; I couldn’t say it better myself.

UPDATE 23/01/2014

I can't deny that I'm really excited about the circle at Chualar, even though most may have washed their hands of it.  Either because they haven't seen the research or because they misunderstand it, people are still throwing out the baby with the bathwater, which is something I warned against in my first post on Chualar.

Here we have the first clear evidence that what Matthew Williams and others have claimed - that at times it appears the men making circles are somehow influenced or inspired by something unknown and unexplained - is really happening.  As I have shown in my posts, the content, the design, and the placement of the formation all tie in with the alignments map.  The location is particularly hard to dismiss, as by its placement a Braille Number Sign - a critical element of Nvidia's circle design - is unmistakable addition to the alignments map:

The All-in-One alignments map can be viewed at:
The TIP Line alignments can be explored at:

Nvidia's formation design and the resulting map glyph highlight the repeating letter which resembles the backwards L:  the Braille Number Sign.  No surprise, because the Braille and Morse Code at Chualar echo the non-verbal language theme played out over and over in the FMAs.   In the map glyph below, moving anticlockwise from lower left, the four "raised dots" of the Braille Number Sign are marked by Pleiades Peak, the Chualar crop circle, the TIP Line (explanation in a minute), and the Gray, TN crop circle:

I located Nvidia's location scout and asked him:  why Chualar?  He told me that the field needed to be relatively flat, accessible, and with a cereal crop of course - and these criteria ultimately led him to Chualar.  It was the only place, he told me, that he could find a suitable field.

So let's rewind.  In December, Nvidia's marketing team is inspired to use a crop circle to advertise their new chip, and a few weeks later we have this:



Understand that I added the diagonal line.  The line is quite resonant with the TIP line, the first predictive alignment (meaning it did not arise by human design or deduction) in 1995 that started this entire process of mapping these FMAs as well as the guide to the 4th dot in the Braille letter:


I am going to attach the FMA - FAQ document that you couldn't read on my website at the bottom of this page, so that will answer a few questions that must be answered and understood in order to receive the information given at Chualar.

The repeating letter which resembles the backwards L is the Braille Number Sign.  The Braille and Morse Code at Chualar echo the non-verbal language theme played out over and over in the FMAs.

Geometry fine-tunes the picture, bringing the intended message into focus.  Galileo would approve of this evidence for his contention that "the universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written.  It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word."

Note that I'm not searching for any loose thread to pull......this alignment, when added to the map, does its own work.  I believe that I am finding and reporting on these alignments at the continued urging of the "other intelligence" at work behind the crop circles, just like Nvidia, Team Satan, and the location scout were nudged along by that same Other Intelligence that is revealing itself through these predictive alignments. 

Based on these map alignments and so much more that is impossible to summarise in this brief note, these alignments seem to be the product of a relatively omniscient non-human source that is ACTIVELY INTERACTING with us humans, now in a way that is undeniable as anyone can see the response they just put down on the map with Chualar.

 Two skeptical questions come to mind right away.  Was Nvidia playing with my map alignments, or was it a "random" choice that by chance resulted in all of these correspondences?   With no reason to try to exploit the alignments map, the chances are next to none that my work played into their choice of location.   That leaves the question of mere coincidence.  Nvidia's circle was placed at To within fractions of degrees, Pleiades Peak is at the same longitude, and the Gray, TN crop circle of last summer is at the same latitude.  So Chualar is the bend in the L that makes up the Braille Number Sign.  Where's the fourth raised dot in the Braille character though?  The TIP line that started it all leads us right to it.

Ah, the TIP Line, true to it's name it continues to point us to this very strange reality that is so hard to understand!  Follow the TIP and you will find what you need to solve this puzzle.  It started these alignments 18 years ago in the middle of Kansas, and it is woven into the most recent alignment, the Braille Number Sign map glyph in Chualar.

The other skeptical response I've considered is one that assumes I have no idea that a flat-map is different than a spherical map.  Yes, I understand that very well; a flat map is necessary as a writing surface for the geometric figures that are laid down as communication on that flat surface.  FMAs are not intended to be viewed on a spherical map.  Just like any communication method, arbitrary symbols, etc. are involved - no matter, the method works, and it has led us to this latest confirmation that the Other Intelligence is using the method to communicate back in response. 

Do people hear?  Only those that are listening, who know what the method is, and who understand why it is valid.  So here are the FAQs I've started to compile; I'm sure there will be more, and in fact I welcome your questions once you've had an opportunity to ponder and digest the possible implications.  Please don't rush to judgment or you will miss out on understanding something that has the potential to rock your world in new ways....

FLAT-MAP ALIGNMENTS: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flat-Map Alignment? A Flat-Map Alignment (FMA) is a visual representation of an abstract connection between two or more locations, created by drawing lines between significant points on a flat map (as opposed to a spherical map) in a way that carries information. As such, FMAs are a novel form of communication.

A stand-alone alignment such as the TIP Line has three or more points, whereas a connecting alignment like the Chualar Braille Number Sign runs parallel to and/or intersects established alignments.

Who is communicating through FMAs? FMAs seem to come from a relatively omniscient non-human source, the exact nature of which is unknown but brings to mind the otherworldly intelligence so many crop circle experiencers have experienced for decades. I call this presence the Other Intelligence.

Do FMAs depict literal alignments between place points? Flat-Map Alignments, by definition, are not representative of lines drawn on a curved surface; therefore, the FMAs and the shapes they create are not to be confused with the same lines and shapes as they would appear plotted on a sphere.

How do FMAs express ideas? The symbolic and abstract geometric configuration resulting from FMAs produces “writing” which appears on the “writing surface” of the flat map. Each place point contributes something unique and essential to the bigger picture, much like each section of an essay ultimately contributes to the expression of an overall thesis. Each grouping of place points in a complex such as the All-in-One Alignments can be deciphered as a phrase or idea informed by each individual point.

As you explore this, keep an open mind, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!

Map Links:  

All-In-One Alignments at

Pleiades-Chualar-Gray L at

Stace Tussel Colligan at


It is necessary to use the standard black and white diagram for interpretation, such as found at Bertold Zugelder's web site at 

The circle concerns the three comets being directed by aliens to strike the earth in the 2017-2039 time frame. The middle comet won't actually strike, but fly by closely enough to leave behind a large fragment which strikes in the Atlantic ocean. These three are denoted by the black circles in the outer ring. If a comet of any size were to hit the earth, the head, fragments, debris and tail would cause considerable damage to the cloud of satellites (communications, weather, military, scientific) and space junk  now  orbiting the planet, many which would have their orbits destabilized and fall down haphazardly to earth impact. 

The outer ring denotes the potential area of damage/destruction for a comet, and can stand for the entire earth during daylight hours. In this crop circle it is a conglomerate for the three comets. Within the ring is large square which is a sign of protection for the contents within the  square. In this case it is the  almost-square black  area immediately inside the square which contains numerous white elements. This  black area is a conglomerate image for the man-made satellites which will be preserved by the aliens from damage or destruction  during the three  comet encounters. It isn't perfectly square because not every object in the way of the comets' trajectories will be protected..

 The white areas stand for objects or situations which don't exist now, but will exist when the comets approach. The seven larger and seven smaller white squares are particular satellites which will be put into orbit  between now and 2039. The larger white area containing  the number 192 (the atomic weight of a non-natural iridium isotope) refers to the Iridium system of 66 communication satellites, not as it  is now, but as it will be in the future. It possesses it's own square of protection, although not perfectly since not all 66 satellites are protected.  The number 192 is repeated in the first and third lines to indicate that a number of iridium satellites will be moved out of the way to protect  them from damage.  The second line containing  1 192 2 means that only one or two iridium satellites will be affected since the  second  comet doesn't come as  close as the other two. The bars or rectangles are "energy rays" that the alien ships use to move physical objects  out of their positions,  at least temporarily. They are normally black, but white here because they only occur in the future. The small white  protrusion on the right is a satellite located at the extreme edge of the iridium system. Another one at the bottom will be moved completely  out of the large square of protection. 

 Outside the large square are various situations involving certain satellites and space junk and numerous energy rays which indicate a lot  of activity by the aliens to clear the path for the comets.  These are the non-protected objects. One space object initially located on the  edge of the large square is moved into  and then out of,  the square and potentially falls to earth.  The whole process may take over one  day during the comets' final approach. There are possibly objects left in the path that are expected to be damaged or destroyed by the  comets' themselves or their fragments.

For a free pdf of the complete and final edition of The Heck Hypothesis visit the bibliography section of this web site.

Update 08/01/2014

It doesn't matter if aliens or humans create circles if they contain a true prediction in line with prior circles. Even human circle makers acknowledge the mysterious forces at work when they are in the fields. What is not yet imagined is the alien influence in selecting crop circle designs; aliens can even alter man-made circles after humans have left the fields.  

When it comes to humans deceptively leaving the impression of a alien-made circle we should keep in mind the crop circle communication in 1991 deciphered by the team of Prof. Hawkins:  "I [or we] oppose  acts of craft and deception."  There may be unintended consequences for the Nvidia personnel involved in their recently revealed deceptive crop circle.

Ken Heck

The Julian date of 192 is July 11, and since there might be a time theme as one of the elements of this circle I did some Google searches for this date.

Interesting a 71114 (July 11th, 2014) search brings up a policy doc explaining how to respond to a Nuclear Power plant accident. (Fukushima)

More relevant perhaps is the Solar Eclipse in Mexico where the mass sightings of UFO's occurred on July 11th 1991. A lot of pictures were taken with CCD camera's I suppose.

(PS the B could be an Hexadecimal 11)
Stephen Brinson

I used to live nearby where this crop circle appeared, which is why this caught my attention especially. Reading through all the comments so far made and having been interested in crop circles since decades, I have always missed one aspect - that of sound and acoustics.

Aren't we a bit narrow minded assuming that higher beings from another world would truly choose to communicate in literal language, out of hundreds alone in English, to communicate with humanity?   No. They would use some sort of language understood by ALL inhabitants of planet Earth.What is a communication method that disregards languages and different alphabets =  Mathematics, Code and SOUND = Music  or Frequency

Therefore I like to call following groups to kindly take a look at the crop circle, it's numbers and it's translation into kHz, musical notes and transmission frequencies If you are an acoustic specialist or physicists, sound expert, music teacher (vocal)  I'd like to read/hear back from you.

We may have a transmission arriving and this being the transmission frequency at 192kHz  -  maybe an unusual frequency normally used for something else? Maybe compressed data file with instructions of decompression.

Ruth Hildegard Henrich    Germany

I write to inform you that the crop circle at Chualar, Salinas Valley, California USA, reported 30th December 2013, has been announced less than 2 hours ago to be a publicity stunt by graphics company NVIDIA. 


I hope that you can update your website to reflect this fact.

Kristoff Brunet de Courssou

Crop Circle - Atlas detektor Cern?

Ulrike Stetz

Salinas Crop Circle Discovery - Monday, Dec 30, 2013

Shows Salinas circle being made---catch this before it disappears

The mainstream spin--the landowner was "tired of the attention" -

SALINAS, Calif., Jan. 2 (UPI) -- A California crop circle with unknown origins was destroyed by the land owner tired of the unwanted attention, a security company said.

A representative of Echelon Security Company, which was hired by the land owner to protect the Salinas property, said the mysterious pattern that gained worldwide fame when it was photographed by aerial photographer Julie Belanger, was mowed down by the landowner to discourage visits from curious parties, ABC News reported Thursday.

Belanger said she was surprised to see the intricate crop circle was gone when she flew over the property Monday.

Read more:

The truth: - order came from local security company ECHELON--same name as.... So much for "guarding" it...below is from radio show Coast-to-Coast, guest Linda Howe well known

Chualar Barley Pattern:

In the first hour, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe revealed how Echelon Security in San Jose, California, was hired by an unnamed agency to guard a strange intricate pattern that appeared in a Chualar barley field on December 28, 2013. Onsite field researcher Jeff Krause told Howe that he was prevented from entering the 250-ft diameter formation but an Echelon guard had offered to carry his magnetometer into the pattern for him. The magnetometer's needle jumped from 43 to 58 gauss cgs units, Howe reported.

On New Year's Eve the security firm was ordered to destroy the pattern, she continued, noting that researcher Shawn Randall travelled to the field after it had been ploughed under and found the barley had smooth unbroken bends similar to what is seen in English crop formations.

Howe spoke about three circles in the formation that appear to be planetary orbits which, according to retired U.S. Navy officer Captain Mark Wood, could represent the numbers 1-9-2 and possibly correspond to a future date, July 8, 2014. She also commented on the significance of braille and Morse code messages in the pattern, pointing out that the Braille translates to a string of 1-9-2 numbers.

A caller named Scott phoned into the program and claimed to have once worked near the Chualar field. He said there have been numerous cattle mutilations in the area, as well as sightings of glowing green orbs and personal instances of missing time for he and his wife.

Barbara Tomczyk

Intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD) are used in night vision devices.
Could be useful information related to the use of Braille in the formation?
Shahram Mesdaghi

Salinas Crop Circle Behind the Scenes with NVIDIA Dec 2013

In case you have not seen this and would want to put it on the website: here seems to be proof that the UK hoaxers Rob and John were hired by Nvidia for a publicity stunt in California. There is film of them making the formation in the field here in this clip.

For six days the promoters perpetuated their deception and misinformation even lying to the media and researchers.

As to the bent crops that I found plentiful in the field, Jeffrey Wilson of the ICCRA tells me that garden rollers - when used as the crop pressing technology - are able to produce bends in green moist crops. 

I am preparing a letter of response to the company responsible.

Shawn Randal

This if for your information. They’re saying it was a fake. That video of the two guys sure looked suspicious:-

Ellen Archilla

A couple days ago, Nvidia announced that they are the culprit.  They announced at CES that it was a marketing ploy to promote their new Tegra chip with 192 cores.  If you go to the Nvidia website, they are not mentioning it, but a photo of the circle appears on their home page.

Here are some articles:

Some questions remain. 

- According to Linda Howe's website, an expert attests that the circle is too big and elaborate to have been made overnight by artists.  Nvidia will not disclose who its crop circle contractor was.  I would have suspected, but they are not saying anything. 

- Jeff Krause got positive magnetometer readings.

- Shawn Randall found heat-bends in the stalks. 

- Witnesses heard loud explosions.

- Witnesses saw triangular UFO's a month before.  

I don't question the authenticity of Nvidia's announcement.  However, those questions remain.  Although Nvidia's intention was pure, it may have tapped into other meanings unintentionally, and perhaps even some non-human crop-circle makers on top of their efforts, to confound us.  At the very least, it is a clarion call for crop circle researchers to refine their methods to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Steve Glanz

Tixeire Luc

After a lot of hours of analysis, my conclusion of what the crop circle is trying to say is as follows:

Show Me ET 'on' TV on March 4, 2014, at 01:45:02 AM. (Likely in pacific standard time where the circle was made).

I think that Nvidia has been hired to discredit this crop circle as the circle does not really compare to the chip they are supposedly advertising.

Please feel to freely share and publish my analysis online or send to anyone you choose and use my name as N. Gardner if you wish. There is no copyright on this.

Nancy Gardner

The grain pattern in California is said to have been made by human beings. However the beings who taught this patterns by inspiration seems to be cosmic consciousness body and the explanation given by me is the same as before. If people taunt 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' like this, it is certain people will surely receive a strong TIT-FOR-TAT. The abnormal weather now represents the TIT-FOR-TAT of it.

My mail which I sent you yesterday is the message from 'THE UNIVERSE (THE SKY)=SORA' which is about the news of CNN. CNN reported Crop Circle in California was made by human beings. 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' got angry about it and represented their feeling of anger by the cross mark made by clouds in the sky. 

'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' informed their feeling by causing a small earthquake in Japan, too. Crop Circles, clouds, earthquake and so on are made in order to show the feeling of atoms as atoms have consciousness. I saw the bank of the coast of the United Kingdom collapsed greatly in the news of today. Let me inform you the atoms of Stone gods who form the earth get angry and inform their feeling.

All the translation have not completed yet.  However please refer to the below site in which English explanation has been given to each Crop Circle:-

Taeko Shiraki

Over the course of two days, the circle artists and a few members of Nvidia's marketing team (also known as the guys who were spotted on ladders and holding GPS devices outside the field) carved the design of the Tegra K1 into the barley field. And yes, Murray admits, that was braille they used to spell out 192 (a reference to the number of processors). Murray and a colleague named Jaime Salinas then shot the Blair Witch Project-style, shaky cam video they posted to YouTube that purported to show two dudes just happening on the crop circleNvidia PR Dept Statement by Brian Murray, a member of their Global Marketing team.  

Verbatim Text on the Squid Website.

circular Logic…Squid spent the past week prepping for end times. Enough water to last a few months? Check. Enough dried shrimp to make it through the raids undoubtedly about to occur at local grocers? Check. And then Squid started watching the skies.

Because with the news of that crop circle suddenly appearing just before New Year's Day in a barley field in Chualar, it should only be a matter of time before the alien overlords started landing all over the Central Coast and enslaving every man, woman, child and cephalopod in the land.

Unless, of course, the crop circle had been executed as a marketing stunt by a Silicon Valley chipmaker that, despite having a $9 billion market cap, had only a shoestring budget to pull off the announcement of a new chip so advanced that surely aliens had a hand in its creation.

Meet Nvidia (and pronounce it En-vid-ee-uh), the Santa Clara-based company behind all things Chualar crop circle, including the planning, the execution, the shakey-cam video of two dorks finding it and even the security company brought out to guard the sucker when tinfoil hat wearers from across the region began flocking to it.

Brett Murray, one of those video dorks and a member of Nvidia's global marketing campaign team, tells Squid the idea was first conceived as a challenge thrown down in early December by company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Find a way, Huang told them, to build excitement around the announcement this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas of Nvidia's new chip, the Tegra K1, so named because it contains 192 core processors. (For non-geeks reading this, the chip will make a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet more powerful than an Xbox 360—and it means that Nvidia might just dominate its competitor, Qualcomm.)

"It was a tsunami of expectation," Murray says. "We knew we had to do something big. We talked about the chip being impossibly advanced, so impossibly advanced that Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster must have had a hand in it. And aliens too."

Someone jokingly mentioned a crop circle. And boom! An actual team of crop circle designers from Great Britain—"a couple of these guys were the original circle designers in the '70s, although they call themselves 'land artists,'" were hired, Murray says.

(Murray declines to identify the "land artists," but says three of the six-member team have PhDs in subjects like math and philosophy, and one wrote a dissertation on why people believe in things like crop circles.)

Next Hollywood location scout Matthew Mehl was brought in to find a field, and he spent days driving remote roads between Livermore and the Salinas Valley to find the perfect place. 

Only two fields that would work were found, and the one in Chualar emerged the winner. A deal was struck with landowner and the Brits got to work. 

"We asked the landowner to play along, and he did," Murray sa.

"We know we're not going to win any Oscars for it," Murray says. "But we had a goal and it was that it needed to be a way of getting attention."

Murray says the goal was for just one Bay Area television station to show up. But the next thing you know, television vans and hundreds of people began appearing. Nvidia hired San Jose-based Echelon Security, which brought in a team of guards that normally works the Presidio of Monterey, to make sure nobody got injured and the crowds didn't get out of control.

One of the most important things Murray wants people to know: "We didn't want Chualar to feel we were playing a joke on it. We absolutely developed a relationship with Chualar and we can't thank them enough." The team ate at local restaurants, including First Awakenings in Salinas and the Windmill in Soledad. At the Windmill, the team enjoyed a few beers and tried to keep chatter about the mission on the down low—still, the waitress who served them said, "Good luck on your crop circle" as they left. A man who pulled up next to the field to watch the team in action was told they were just there to survey the land.

"Oh too bad," he told them. "I was hoping you were doing a crop circle."


Even if the design of the circles wasn't much to recommend the design of the chips, the marketing campaign was. It went viral. CNN and Good Morning America did segments, there were 300,000 views on the YouTube video and 60 reports done by Chinese media alone. 

"We estimate there were 280 million potential views throughout all media by the time we did the reveal," he says.

That reveal, made by Huang, happened Sunday night in a live webcast at CES.

Now Squid isn't sure what to do with all the provisions Squid has jammed into the lair, but Squid knows this: Nvidia is never going to be able to top this marketing stunt. And Squid hopes no other Silicon Valley company will even try.

Hope you enjoyed that. Best Regards  and all the best for 2040.  

Jack Sullivan


"If the Circle Makers know everything, then this formation was timed to the release of NVIDIA's Tegra 5 chip. If this is a man made formation, the smiling comet imprint (obviously not their doing) is telling them a great deal about its effect on the technology. A smile infers many different social and cultural forms of need. Generally it is a signaling system that evolved from a need to communicate information. So a smiling comet tells me it will communicate by bringing us and the Earth data concerning "something new". 

Will the mass of this comet deliver energy sufficient to shift our electromagnetic fields opening old ley lines?  A shift in our current fields would require we create new access to tap into these energy fields of ley lines. So we must assume, as well, the coordinates of its placement are significant, in that this area is a line connecting to all other magnetic lines throughout the globe. 

Striking a magnet with a hammer will shift its domain.  But in time the field will remigrate to its original position. If we might consider Earth's iron core as a magnetic "monopole", then perhaps these impacts throughout earth's evolution have been attempts to fracture the current electromagnetic domain and bipolar dysfunction, to bring us back to our origin at center. Perhaps their message is as well, "this is it". 

An overall impression of the message of the formation at Chualar is that the mass /energy equivalent of the comet will shut down our computers.....all communication systems. Technology based on our current electron theory will cease to function. We had better integrate earlier messages that point to the magnetic potential of the nuclear device (the atoms nucleus) as an energy (perpetual) source extracted from center point where the true magnetic potential exists radiating equidistantly to the periphery.

The break away in the outer concentric ring from spheres in its orbit, Earth, sun and moon, also indicates we will break away and lose their light for a period of time. The alignment of the power poles indicates a new energy source and that chip design is how we "interface" or make the new connection to this energy source. The power poles outside the periphery aligned with the 'chip' infers we will make the connection with a few corrections of angular momentum.

The three parallel lines refer to the electromagnetic spectrum pointing to the doppler effect; and blue and the green band at center, which is currently 500 angstrom short, but will be reconciled with infusion of the increased energy of the comet. If the comet does consist of iridium, then this mass will extract the radiant energy of the isotopes (additional neutrons) in every we will see a re-calibration of energy to matter ratios, stabilizing the radioactivity of our current nuclear potential stabilizing through equality of energy to matter.

It will be a close fly by without collision.....but their will be a massive neutron energy extraction and exchange via reverse bias using the lines or linear alignment of electron to proton in the nucleus. 

It is imperative we integrate this new atom into and beyond our current technology. And we must realize the micro-chip of ancient design to in-link what Einstein called..... "the Cosmological Constant" is already inside us. 

DNA's helical twist will unwind and the non-coding introns and "junk" will be switched "on" magnetically linking man and his consciousness to the Universe. All knowledge will be communicated instantly once our "tel-empathic" potential is reinstated by the true code.  

Everything will change. The blind will be the only ones who can see in the dark as they do not depend on the useless appendage of the eye. They see with their minds. 

I am not concerned with identifying the makers of this or any other formation. What is important is the stimulation of new thought they inspire with belief that there is more!

"As we suffer the di-hedral angle of evolution in time, the shift will induce change of primordial rhyme.

Our place will seek evolution without reason, Isis and Osiris imply time is the treason.

We suffer time's influence on gravity and the altered force depletes our longevity.

It is soon to unravel the helical twist, AS CODON ARE SET PARALLEL IN LINES TO RESIST......"

Update 29/01/2014

Our circle maker friends told us to keep believing in the circle phenomenon. 

The joke is on the tricksters and deceivers!  They must be wondering where the image of the asteroid (a fragment of ISON) came from. Well our circle maker friends are giving them a direct message regarding their technology. The asteroid is predicted around March of this year.....the smile means no harm, but it will fly by infusing energy into Earth's ley lines re-calibrating energy to mass breaching the line of our current electromagnetic fields, thus shutting down our current electric field losing all communication of our technology. 

The joke is on them......the real circle makers used the tricksters design to embed their message.....Iridium of which the asteroid will deposit...a silent infusion of energy into Earth's mass necessary to begin her transformation. The Braille was to let us know of the darkness to come and our reprogramming for new communication skills. We will use what the blind use to see.....the mind.....the change in our DNA will enable tel-empathic communication.  

Also embedded is a new technology not based on silicon microchips or the innovations made with aggression to be the first to release their new Tetra 5 chip....who cares.....none of them will function anymore. 

The circle makers have been for millions of years attempting to correct the Earth's tilt and wobble through impacts on her surface to effect the current ferro-magnetic domain, shifting magnetic fields and returning her to a magnetic mono-pole...where from the iron center all is equidistant to any and every when (time) or where (space) to the periphery.  

Draw a point and place 3 concentric rings around it. This is the symbol for sound. Now draw the wheel with 12 spokes....the symbol for light. Place the two over each other so light's frequency mathematically aligns to sounds resonance or diatonic ratios....a simultaneous event where light and sound are equal....squaring the light allowing an energy to equal the mass.  

The nuclear resonance of every atom adjusts to this unification of light and sound causing a static Universe. Einstein's biggest blunder is yet to prove his greatest triumph.

The aliens are the circle makers and they are us!  The circular language is helping us to remember the old elucidation of the mono-polarity...the fundamental basis for the technology of the past.  


Thanks for the reply...I honestly didn't think anyone would respond to my emails.  Bear with me as it requires a little explanation on how all this started for me.  its been a rather eventful year for personally,  some strange incidences and findings,  but I will skip to this crop circle. I was watching a movie Sunday night,  My Idiot Brother,  on Netflix.  After the movie was over Netflix suggested I watch a movie called "Jeff, Who Lives At Home".  It was about a guy named Jeff who lives at home with his mom.  The movie starts out with Jeff talking into a recording device commenting on a movie he had watched the night before,  the movie Signs with Mel Gibson.  I was noting different connections he was making and putting together,  how everything is connected.  This Jeff displays this nature throughout the whole movie,  always taking notice of similarities and following up on them.  I thought it was pretty neat as I operate in much the same way,  and i also live with my mom. 

Anyway,  i finished the movie and went to sleep.  I wake up the next morning and get online.  Somehow I came across a picture of the CC in Chualar.  CC's have always interested me and I don't see how many could be man made,  I have always believed there was some other force behind them.  It was the first time in about a year probably that I had seen a picture of a crop circle,  and given its location and its mystique i was very intrigued by this one.  The first thing i thought when I had seen it was the Temple or New Jerusalem mentioned at the end of the book of Revelation,  that's just what initially impressed itself on me.  I read how some had concluded it was a computer chip and how the dots in the centre was Braille. 

The next thing it led me to was a video on you tube on how a lot of these crop circles resembled and were possibly indicating the arrival of the comet ISON that came through our solar system last fall.  Then i found some interesting info linking this ISON with the star Wormwood mentioned in Revelation chapter 8.  Here is something I posted on FB concerning that find : 9-21-12 a comet was spotted by and its discovery accredited to Vtali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok from the Russian observatory Kislovodsk, Kislovodsk also being the name of the city where it is located.

The name of one of the astronomers, Artyom, originates from ARTEMISIOS and relates to WORMWOOD (a bitter herb), Artemesia Abisinthium is “Wormwood”. Normally a comet is named after its finder, this is named ISON, maybe to keep it from being named "wormwood". Feb. 15-2013 a meteor that was incredibly bright slammed into a Russian lake that feeds the arctic ocean. its interesting to note the name Kislovodsk translates to "sour waters as shown in this pdf which is an excerpt from a book on etymology and the meaning of names, also a link to a video about the connection of crop circles predicting the coming if this comet :

This is a link to an excerpt from a book about the meaning and origin of different names of places around the world :

Here is that video connecting CC's with ISON:

So I found these things and then considered the amount if sea life dying and the different accounts of water ways turning to blood around the world,  it was very interesting.  Anyway I kept looking at the CC trying to figure out what it was.  I was led watch a movie called "Thrive" yesterday put out in 2011.  They were mentioning how CC's depict alot of sacred geometrical patterns rendered in 2d. 

Back in 2007 I all of a sudden came into this season of my life where i was drawing a bunch of these shapes and also figuring out mathematical fundamentals about tetrahedrons without have any formal education on the subject.  Then i started reading about Quantum Mechanics and entanglement and other things.  So in this movie Thrive there is a scene somewhere around 18 minutes into the film where this guy named Nassim Haramein is being interviewed,  and he is talking about how there are old monuments set up depicting and displaying this knowledge of these truths about energy,  the flower of life and those type of things. 

It scanned to an aerial view of the Forbidden City in Beijing and I thought that i kind of resembled the CC.  I looked the temple up on wiki and found some interesting facts and similarities. 

Before all this i noticed that the CC appeared to have an "inner court" and an "outer court" with the braille being in the inner court.  I guess the braille has the number 192 5 times.  in 1925 the temple was handed over to the charge of the Palace Museum.  In Revelation,  when studied,  reveals the the number,  or measure of the inner court is 144000.  144000 divided by 192 is 750. 

From the west gate to the east gate in the Forbidden city measures 750 meters.  If you look at an aerial photo of the City you can see two squares on either side of the inner court,  one is concrete the other is a garden,  same shapes as arranged in the CC.  The series of three lines and bars that are outside of the square on the cc that are on adjacent sides resemble the hexagram chart that makes up the i ching. the line that travels outside of the square on the cc resembles the canal on the one side of the City. 

The inner court at the temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia has 5 towers that are arranged in the same pattern the 5 instances of the number 192 is arranged in the inner court of the CC.  There is a Lion at Forbidden City whos right paw rests on a sphere depicting the flower of life pattern,  just like many of the CC's depict,  some directly and some in a round about way.  here is an aerial of Forbidden City:

u can see the outline of the rectangle in the centre,  just imagine the fat end at the lower part of the picture continues up to here the smaller end ends.  You can see the squares at either end of this completed rectangle,  one light one at the bottom and a dark one which is a garden at the top.  Over to the left is the line that goes and then breaks at 90 towards the middle of the City and then breaks another 90 and continues on in the original direction...What do you think?


Part of the Imperial Garden

i ching chart...indicators on adjacent sides





Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike