Cooks Plantation, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 23rd August.

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Might a new Mayan-style crop picture at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013 herald the return of Quetzalcoatl, a legendary god-teacher from ancient central America?  

A new crop picture at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013 shows many interesting Mayan motifs. First it shows a ring of 13 Mayan square-spiral symbols for “time”. In this case, they clearly symbolize “13 baktuns” of the new Long Count calendar which began on December 22 or 24, 2013:  

In the terminology of Mayan mathematics, the last Long Count calendar just ended on a date of, while a new 5000-year calendar has just begun, reaching a current date of or on August 23, 2013. Indeed, we can see from careful inspection of that new crop picture a pointed “clock hour hand”, which has rotated slightly clockwise from vertical.  

Looking next at the central part of this crop picture, we can see a symbolic facial image for “Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent”, a legendary god-teacher from ancient central America around the time of Christ. Under his tutelage, the Mayans made great advances in building, agriculture, mathematics, astronomy and spirituality. The Mayans always implied that he came from far away with many of his colleagues, perhaps from Europe, or perhaps from the stars?  

We have available to us several authentic images of Quetzalcoatl from ancient central America, one of which is shown in the slide above. It was carved at La Venta in central America around 50-100 AD. It shows a white-skinned, European-looking man with a Roman-style nose. He is wearing a three-lobed jester’s hat. Elsewhere in the same carving, he is shown “shaking hands” with a native Olmec or Mayan (not shown) The Mayans later made that jester’s that into a traditional “crown” for their kings, for example Lord Pacal at Palenque in 400 AD.  

On his left ear we can see some kind of communication device. His earlobes are definitely longer than for a typical Earth human today. These unusual facial characteristics seem to match a description of other visiting humans from the Pleiades, which has been provided by a controversial UFO contactee called Billy Meier in Switzerland from 1975 to date. He says that the Pleiadeans look almost like us, except have longer earlobes. His sketch of Quetzalcoatl, a supposed spaceship captain, is also shown in the slide above.  

When we compare either image of Quetzalcoatl with the central part of this new crop picture, we can see a “jester’s hat” on top, two “slanted eyebrows” further down, two large flattened circles of altered lay for “two eyes” on left or right, a downward-pointing lunar crescent for his “nose”, two “long earlobes” on left or right (each with three dots), a fluffy downward-hanging “moustache”, and near the bottom a triangular “goatee beard”. 

His two “eyebrows” have been subdivided into two distinct cross-hatched patterns. His left eyebrow shows 7 x 11 subdivisions, while his right eyebrow shows 6 x 11 subdivisions. They resemble “eyebrows” from the “hungry caterpillar” crop circle in July of 2012. Two small swirls of crop delineate the “pupils” of his two “eyes”, further down on left or right.  

Three small dots interrupt his two “earlobes”, both on left and right. Those “three small dots” have been drawn in crops many times before: for example in the “Quetzalcoatl headdress” near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009, at Limekiln Wood on July 28, 2013, near Stonehenge as a landscape feature on August 1, 2013, or at Etchilhampton Hill on August 19, 2013.  

His downward-flowing “moustache” has been subdivided into 7 thin vertical sections on the left, or 6 thin vertical sections on the right (thereby matching his two “eyebrows”, and again giving a total of 7 + 6 = 13 sections). Its first thin vertical section on the right has been “split” into two smaller parts, just like we saw a “split wedge” at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, for the image of a “triangular UFO flying over Silbury Hill”.   

Finally his triangular “goatee beard” near the bottom has been subdivided into just 12 (not 13) vertical sections. When studied together, all of the subtle subdivisions on his entire “face” provide a Mayan Long Count calendar date of or August 23, 2013, which was the day when that crop picture appeared:  

Is that seriously cool? Does anyone know of a regular human artist living on Earth today, who could be so clever? Nearby above his “face” we can see the traditional “jester’s hat”, to assure us that he is doing all of this in good fun!  

When we compare this new crop picture with others from the past, we can see both similarities and differences. The “lunar crescent-wedge” motif has been drawn in crops at least five times:  


Often it appears in combination with Mayan themes, for example at Wayland’s Smithy on August 5, 2005, at Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009, or at East Kennett on July 22, 2011.  

Is this all just some kind of elaborate, twenty-year fantasy? Will a Pleiadean spaceship captain who uses the nickname of “Quetzalcoatl”, and who once lived in ancient central America for hundreds of years, teaching the natives there building, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy, a man who is capable of travelling through both space and time, soon return to our modern era during the first year of a new Mayan calendar “One Reed” as he has always promised?  

We cannot know for sure, but recent developments are certainly worth watching further! 

“I will return after five cycles of the Dawn Star (Venus), to bring in an era of peace, and a new spiritual order”---native American legend concerning Quetzalcoatl.  

“When the world becomes oppressed, our master will return to help bring it to an end”—16th century history concerning Quetzalcoatl.  

“You have graciously come down to Earth in your high place of Mexico, You have come down to your throne, which I have kept for you. Now come onto the Earth, take your rest, enter into your palace”---Montezuma speaking to Cortes in 1519 AD, mistakenly believing that was the legendary god-teacher Quetzalcoatl.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Dear readers and writers,
I can only wonder why some of you were unable to interpret this so clearly image. You know the saying: "Who has eyes to see then just see".
So the only writer who has recognised the image almost right is Tixeire Luc.
And 'almost right' only because some very remarkable mistakes in his descriptions:

Short explanation and correction as follows:

In general: What he described superficially as 'an alien' is clearly a GRAY.
And Grays are very special and tricky as I described often enough, meanwhile other 'aliens' (except these Grays of course) are benevolent. So it is not enough to simply say AN alien, because it implies that all aliens would be equally to Grays, which is not true. In real all the 'aliens' are different in range of malevolent to very benevolent.

'fly-like eyes' sounds a bit strange, but okay, I don't mind.
'third eye' - absolutely correct, because Grays possess the third eye and it is perfectly working - same as my own third eye! But that 'third eye' is often misunderstood, therefore same misunderstood in its 'functions' so to say. Here I explain only one function of that 'third eye': If working, it enables a person to possess and to use some supernatural abilities. There are some more and even 'magical functions' especially when connected with the (same working) pineal gland, but I won't explain deeper here because I need to be short.

With a working third eye the Grays have access to some very extended psychic supernatural abilities like telepathy which they do not use only for to read (receive) a person's thoughts in just a second, they use it especially 'vice versa' which means to send thoughts with focus on to influence a person with strong telepathic signals - for to get the psychic control over that person easily! They also can block their own thoughts for to prevent that they can be read by a telepathically talented person. But I possess exactly same abilities - so Grays have no chance which literally spoken means: 'Game over' even before it was been started.

But they are able to even perform some other and very weird and scary 'actions' like this one: They do not need to use any 'door' or 'window' to enter into and later leave your room, they simply 'hover' through 'solid' walls. I have seen this with own eyes when five Grays visited me in 1999. Same behaviour I have seen next day when another single extraterrestrial being entered my room.

To go on with the writer's mentioned 'crown chakra receiving light', this is absolutely wrong interpretation for some simple reasons:
First the 'crown chakra' is not located inside the head as wrongly claimed, instead it is outside the head and it 'hovers' a little bit above the head:

If the writer means the 'light' in terms of connection with 'realms above', with 'higher existing realms' like that realm of real existing 'Angels', then I need to correct the writer even in two ways:
- Grays are not in any connection with higher realms, so they do not know the 'shiny light' of Angels. I even claim that Grays do not know those higher realms at all.
- And Grays themselves are absolutely not in light, because to be IN 'Light' literally spoken means to be in love, in truth and in knowledge. Grays aren't in love for reasons of almost complete absence of the so called 'emotional body'. Furthermore they are not in truth, instead they are big liars and story tellers. They only possess a big advanced knowledge and some strong supernatural abilities. By missing two of the essential parts of light, they neither are nor can be in light. So Grays are not accepted in higher realms (dimensions). But humans are not the 'higher realms' and they will possibly be naive enough to 'accept' those Grays, or do I see wrong?

The writer's mentioned 'horns' is nonsense same as the nonsense about 'crown chakra receiving light'  which I explained already.
So these 'things' on the Gray's head represent a very well known 'object' which is usually called a 'crown' on the head of a 'king' or any other 'ruler'.  

Grays do show such items in meaning of dominance, mastery and cold calculations. They feel themselves 'superior' to humans even when they miss so fundamental qualities like love and truth. They simply cannot feel like humans, they especially do not know the feeling of love. And you people will allow them to get control over you? You possibly see those beings as your 'masters' and / or you even trust them?? Oh no, I absolutely do not suppose so. Instead I please you to be strong!

So their depicted 'crown' is a virtual crown only and in real it depicts nothing more than their 'telepathic connection' with other beings in space - and this is clearly depicted - and only this.

Greetings to you - except the Grays,

2013-08-25 - Gerd Estrup -

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Images of a “binary star system”, a “Roche lobe”, and its “five Lagrangian points” were carefully drawn at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013, along with the crop artist’s “face” and a “Mayan calendar code”  

The new crop picture at Cooks Plantation seems to contain three different layers of overlaid symbolic information. First it shows a man’s face complete with “eyebrows”, “eyes”, “nose”, “ears”, “moustache”, “mouth” and a “beard”.  

Secondly, various parts of that “face” have been cleverly encoded with a Mayan Long Count calendar date of for August 23, 2013, when the crop picture appeared. Around the outside we can see 13 Mayan symbols for time, which in this case imply “13 baktuns” of the current Long Count calendar that began on December 22 or 24, 2012. At Wayland’s Smithy on August 9, 2005, the same square-spiral symbols were used to imply “20 days” of a Mayan month.  

What might the basic, underlying image of this new crop picture signify? We have seen a “Venus crescent and two broad arrows” drawn in crops five times: at Wayland’s Smithy on August 9, 2005, at Silbury Hill in the “Quetzalcoatl headdress” on July 5, 2009, at East Kennett on July 22, 2011, at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, or at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013. We have seen it associated with a binary code using the Mayan 52-year calendar (2005), a quetzal-feathered headdress worn by the Aztec emperor Moctezuma (2009), a set of Mayan step pyramids (2011), a triangular UFO flying over Silbury Hill (August 13, 2013), and finally with a man’s face that has been encoded with a Mayan calendar (August 23, 2013).  

In all instances, that basic underlying image seems to be derived from an important and well-known astronomical phenomenon, namely the Roche lobe and five Lagrangian points of a binary star system (see or or or Roche_lobe):  

Other comparisons between crop pictures and this well-known astronomical phenomenon may be seen on Comments for Stonehenge of August 1 (see stonehenge) or Cooks Plantation of August 23 (see cooks).  

The “Roche lobe” is a broad region of space around two nearby stars, within which any orbiting object will become bound gravitationally. A “Lagrangian point” is some specific location within the Roche lobe, where a third object (say an orbiting space station) will be held stably by gravity, so that it will not move with respect to the other two stars as they orbit around one another.  

In the slide below, we compare the Roche lobe and its five Lagrangian points with five artistic examples of this same image, as drawn in crops from August 9, 2005 to August 23, 2013: 

The central “star” of that image is always drawn as a “crescent”, to represent planet Venus in our own solar system. Now we can understand why Quetzalcoatl introduced a Sun-Venus calendar in central America at the time of Christ, because he and his people came from a binary star system, while Venus and the Sun are like a “binary star system” as seen from Earth (the two brightest objects in our sky). The Mayans even called Venus by the name “Chak Ek” or “great star” (see mayan).  

Will Quetzalcoatl and his highly skilled, scientific colleagues return to Earth in the 21st century AD? He just drew a “large triangular UFO” in crops on August 13, then his own “face” in crops on August 23. We could surely use some outside scientific help now, because oil, coal and gas industries have: (a) polluted the atmosphere, (b) caused global warming, and (c) led to a desperate exercise to extract even more gas from under the Earth, by the use of poisonous chemicals or “fracking”. Meanwhile our current nuclear power industries have become far too dangerous to use on a broad scale. Uncontrolled radioactivity from the Fukushima disaster threatens to contaminate not just Japan. but the entire Pacific Ocean.  

We are certainly an ecology-breaking species, and have built a fragile economic and/or industrial system which will not be sustainable for seven billion people much longer. We already know who Quetzalcoatl is, and all of the benefits which he provided to the Olmec or Mayan people 2000 years ago. He may have even met with President Eisenhower in 1954, who unwisely signed a treaty instead with the alien “greys”, because they promised deceptively to provide the American military with new weapons (see time2007o). Their gifts were false, and their promises were broken: 

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe, there is good out there. We oppose deception.” That is what he and his colleagues wrote in crops for the whole world to see at Crabwood in August 2002.  

Whether Quetzalcoatl comes from somewhere in the constellation Hercules (towards which Sagan’s Arecibo radio message was sent), or from somewhere in the Pleiades star cluster, is not certain. I would simply advise everyone to watch this space (or field).

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


Dear readers and writers,
Due to the increasing confusion in regards to 'Quetzalcoatl' and other serious confusions I need to tell some information to you to probably 'bring more light' into the whole scenario.
Since 2002 I have a special message stored on hard disk which speaks about 'Visiting Nibiru'.
I can't offer a link to that story because the link is no longer available since some years. However, at that time I was in contact with those people.

So here I present a short excerpt from that long report as follows (I underlined some lines):

" (...) There is no fall in Light Consciousness, the conflicts of the Gods are the genesis of metamorphosis, the source of renaissance.

Mankind was led into the dark valleys of the shadow, into the realm of Goddess Maya. A strong way of awakening, for youth races on the path of evolution.

But there were those who wanted take advantage of this human impotence. The unawareness of the human mind created time passages for alien invaders in the etheric grid of the planet. 

They subtly invaded the psychic geometry of the human mind, altered the sensorial bearings and the functional activity of the chakras.

It was a slow and progressive corruption of the original mind, a slow creation of a 'man shadow' of oneself and the development of world prison of consciousness.

They manipulated and altered any thing of the human dimension.

So that mankind believes the alien trick of the fallen gods: the dark Sun rebelled against the light Sun.

The sacred books of human religions, made by this alien race, told of Lucifer's rebellion against God, a fallen winged angel of light to the serpent of hells, of the serpent's temptation of Eve the Eden, the sin of mankind, the judgment and the expulsion from the original state. But this was a trick to separate the Unity of Solar Consciousness in the human mind.

The alien race, dressed in the disguise of the clothes of God, are always in conflict with a separate evil will of perdition.

Separating and opposing each other, the two aspects of the Divine Unity of Light and Darkness created the dualistic mind and kept human consciousness prisoner of a ferocious millenary tyranny.

This alien race came from planets of the Zeta Reticuli star system. They opened a fracture in their time continuum escaping from the collapse of their civilization. Their interference in the human dimension produced more and more anomalies in the time continuum of the surface of Earth. Until about 1700 AD, with the beginning of the Industrial Age, where in they stabilized the temporal fracture in less than 50 years from the real time. Whole sectors of the external magnetic grid of the planet (biosphere) were replaced with virtual and deformed structures. The life of mankind entered the heavy slavery to the logic of the dualistic powerful gods, 'money and sex'. 

Some of these beings live incarnated as men and women on the surface. They have maintained their mind powers with full potency in their etheric beings. They sit at the most powerful positions in the world, where they are joined in golden brotherhoods secretly playing with the destiny of world in the name of the unreal god, the fruit of their artificial ego and their tyrannical Order. After the beginning of the Industrial Age the population of the surface was trebled with the massive hybridization of sub-races' fruition borne from their genetic technology and other races, of blinded consciousness, - joined to the Zeta wizards.

They programmed a global system of abductions in which to keep the hybrid races under their control, with periodical updates of the artificial matrix.  

We think all that has to end. 

We shall give a new world to the Zeta People. They need to build peace in themselves.

There is no escape nor salvation for consciousness in the destiny of this civilization.

The collapse of the world economy, environmental catastrophes, apocalyptic earthquakes, the diffusion of animal and human lethal illnesses, the growing international strains and the persistent and news focus of war in the world, anticipate an event which we announce coming in the next (...) of human time. (...)" 

" (...) The Father was silent.  I had no words. He looked away, infinite space without beginning nor end.

And he was the unbounded space.

I was alone sitting on the cushion, so I stood up. I was still in the hall and saw the star people of the many races around me again.

I was on a large stand with a low table in front of me, the hall before was immense, there was a violet light low and suffuse. There were hundreds of people. On the table were the ritual tools of the Agarthian Light Science.

It was simple for me to grasp them and start the ritual of the Sun, holding the breath, opening the heart and chanting the mystic stars' call.

Then, the people, singing an ancestral chorus, evoked the blissful and dreadful deities of the skies and the abysses.

The hall was full of a strong white light over the people, where from emerged a gigantic rainbow feathered serpent with the colors of the sky.

I felt the people's One voice with me repeating again and again in high voices with intense growing energy the word QUETZALCOATL, while I gazed upon the gigantic Rainbow Serpent floating in the white light suspended in the air.

He/She looked around and gazed at me with dreadful love. I recognized the eyes of my Father in the eyes of the Feathered Serpent and lost the borders of myself in the unbounded Presence of the exalted Lord of Universe. (...) " 


Then at the end of the long message there follows a long list in alphabetic order which shows the names of "Holy Serpent Gods". I add only some of the names as follows:

Abzu - Babylonian king of the abyss of fresh water, husband of Tiamat
Ananta - literally, 'endless', Buddhist Naga with 1000 heads, whose coils encircle the world axis; the cosmic ocean, also called Sesha; he spits out venomous fire at the end of each Kalpa (age) to help Shiva in destroying the creation

Apep (Apepi) - Egyptian primordial serpent who lived in the celestial Nile (Milky Way)
Apophis - Greek form of Apep

Chalchiuhticue - Incan serpent mother goddess
Coatlicue - Aztec earth serpent goddess, mother of all living

Daemon - Greek spirit guardians of every god and important human, took the form of a serpent
Draco - Greek heavenly divine serpent, a pet of Zeus

Ea - Babylonian serpent king, father of Marduk, husband of Damkina

Huitzilopotchili - form of Quetzalcoatl
Hunab Ku - Mayan god of gods, a great sky serpent

Indra - Indian serpent god, imported to Turkey, Iraq and Syria by the Hurrians; he defeated the world serpent to release the power of the seven streams

Kulkulcan - Mayan serpent god
Kundalini - the human Naga spirit normally asleep at the base of the spine

Marduk - Babylonian serpent god who killed his grandmother Tiamat and established a new order of gods

Naga (Nagini - fem) - Indian serpent lord, son of Kadru, daughter of Daksha, a title of spiritual power among humans; literally, Sanscrit for 'serpent'; the Naga spirits bring rain and rules the Underworld; their language is called Naga-Krita; the Nagas are manifestations of Agni (fire), the fierce spirit as spirit guardians; divided into four classes: heavenly, divine, earthly or hidden

Ophion - Greek Titan, literally 'serpent'
Ophis - Gnostic power of the Spirit, lured into manifestation and trapped there, then sent a second time to release the trapped serpent-spirits (serpent in Garden of Eden, who taught man way of redemption)

Papophis - another name of Tiamat
Python - Greek father serpent of the world, lived at center of earth, slain by Apollo

Quetzalcoatl - Aztec serpent god, the feathered serpent

Rainbow Serpent - Australian aborigines' mother and creator of all life on earth, from whose body the earth and heavens were created; shamans gain their power by being ritually consumed by the great Serpent and then reborn

Seraph - Hebrew burning serpent of spirit, highest of God's angels
Seraphim - plural of Seraph

Tezcatlipoca - form of Quetzalcoatl
Tiamat - Babylonian serpent goddess of salt water abyss; also called Papophis, from whose body were created the sky and the earth

Vaskul - Indian Naga god of Mt. Kailasha, home of Shiva

Xiuhtecuhtli - greatest god of the Aztecs, one of whose forms was a fire serpent

Youalcoatl - Mayan serpent storm god

Zu - Sumerian serpent god of the watery abyss from which life arises and to which it returns; also called Ningizzida

- End of report - Greetings to you,

2013-08-26 - Gerd Estrup -


Those of us who believe that most crop formations are the work of hyper intelligent life forms that are communicating with mankind will have concluded [long ago in some cases] that there should be an unambiguous way of interpreting what these creations are saying, because, if there isn't, the whole, protracted exercise wouldn't make any sense. What would be the point of super-clever beings presenting us with images that mean something different to almost everyone who looks at them? We'd have to conclude that these odd communicators, who insist on remaining anonymous, aren't trying to help us at all, they're merely feeding us material that they know is going to frustrate us. And if that was true it would be wiser if we all ceased wasting our precious time struggling to ascertain what their formations mean! 

The inspired but widely divergent responses to this one circle, published on the CCC website alone, provide a clear demonstration of the extent of the problem. After all the ingenuity that can be seen in these contributions, thus far, are we really any nearer to obtaining convincing answers to three fundamental questions we should always ask when a crop circle appears? … 

Is there a demonstrable rationale to the formation's complete structural arrangement?

Why did it appear at that geographical site on that particular day?

What overall message to the human race does it embody? 

When attempting to unravel the meaning of any form of esoteric communication it's essential that the investigators involved focus, in the first instance, on the simplest and most rational interpretation of all the data in front of them. They must also refrain from making any form of assumption that the context does not warrant, even if the execution of that assumption would give the person concerned a unique opportunity to radiate knowledge of a particular subject. We must never forget that even an innocent splash of ink on a scrap of paper can be seen as the face of god [or that of the devil] by someone whose imagination is unbridled! 

Let us now proceed, then, on the basis that our ingenious friends know that it is possible for any moderately intelligent human beings, who possess a basic knowledge of themselves and the earthly environment we live in, to reach, in this case, as in all others, consistent answers to the rudimentary questions I've described. And if we fail to find these answers it's because we've elected to be guided by a set of unsustainable assumptions - and nothing else. 

PART ONE: the circle's physical form

For analytical purposes I'll be using the following adaptation of the superlative photograph provided on the Crop Circle Connector site:- 

Fig. 1 

An inspection of the structure's outer band reveals that it's comprised of 13 groups of 4 radial blocks of standing crop and, 13 groups of 4 circumferential blocks; 13 being a prime number [Note: the radial blocks do not all point to the centre of the circle but the label is convenient], as depicted below [where I've gratefully adapted Bertold Zugelder's useful drawing]:- 

Fig. 2 

These 2 intimately linked but contrasting arrays of 52 blocks of standing crop should interest all of us immediately, including individuals who know little of the Mayan Calendar! During a normal span of life each man and woman grows 52 teeth, which we use for chewing the foods our diet comprises, including in the West a key nutritional source, wheat flour, which derives from the crop this formation rests in [thereby setting the context!]. Furthermore, the 52 teeth are associated with 4 arches [2 junior & 2 adult], so the mean quota per arch is the prime 13. 

Our teeth quota, then, can be expressed as the product of 4, the arch tally, and the prime 13.  

It's not now difficult to see that the formation's arrangement can also be considered to portray these specific groupings i.e. 4 lots of 13 radial blocks and 4 lots of 13 circumferential blocks, as shown in the Fig. below, where I have linked the display to the respective teeth allocations of the basic unit that enables us to reproduce: a man & a woman. I've suggested that the man's quota of teeth can be represented by the radial blocks and the woman's by the circumferential [using 4 colours to identify the respective lots]:- 

Fig. 3 

I would add that two such individuals, in the West [where the formation appeared], would know that their calendar's quota of full weeks is also 52, which can be split into 4 seasons of 13 weeks - a relationship that again links 4 to 13

A vital clue as to the significance, in the current context, of this splitting of each 52 into sets of four 13's can be found, I believe, in the odd structure - whose outer profile resembles that of a seedpod [which also has small appendages at each end] - which occupies the central area of the formation. This 'pod' embodies 7 distinct zones of standing crop, and their respective shapes and orientations are such that a strange, symbolic head of a bearded man can be made out, as Red Collie first observed [Note: the identification of some of this head's anatomical parts is debatable and would be a needless distraction here. I believe it's relevant, however, that few observers would dispute that the nose is the circular structure near the centre]:- 

Fig. 4 

But 7 is also a prime number and it is related exclusively to another prime, which we know the formation highlights, 13 i.e. the 7th prime happens to be 13. And this intimacy between the pod's boldly displayed 7 and the prime 13 is also reflected, I believe, in the fact that one of its cited 7 zones of standing crop is split into 13 sub-divisions [as others have noted].  

But within the pod this particular zone of standing crop is clearly unique: most of its exterior is embraced by other zones of standing crop, and the number of those 'embracing zones' is 4. In other words, this manifestation of the prime 13 is also closely linked with the number 4, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 5 

We know that when the tally of strips in the above depicted central zone of standing crop, 13, is multiplied by the quota of zones that embrace it, 4, we obtain another manifestation of the familiar 52, which could now represent the full quota of teeth associated with Red Collie's symbolic head, which the full pod appears to portray. 

It's also true, however, that the sum of the cited 13 and the 4, associated with its embracing zones of standing crop, is 17, which is the 8th prime. So in the infinite family of primes 17 occurs immediately after 13 [the 7th prime] i.e. 13 & 17 are consecutive primes:- 

Fig. 6 

This concept of consecutive in relation to the primes 13 & 17 is interesting because the zone of standing crop that's immediately below the one containing 13 strips [as shown] embodies a set of 12 strips … where 12 & 13 are now consecutive integers [or whole numbers], thus:- 

Fig. 7 

The concept of consecutive, then, is being highlighted in two independent ways in the area of the formation where the prime 17 [= 4+13] is being cleverly displayed, and it seems likely that we are being invited to ask what the structure's architects were trying to tell us here. 

The answer to this intriguing question is, I believe, being provided for us in a typically subtle way - but one which is obvious once spotted! … 

The 5 zones of standing crop that are used to display the prime 17 - and which embody the 2 links to the concept of consecutive - are, within the symbolic head, almost sectioned off from the rest of it by the set of 3 circles of flattened crop, which, according to some, represent the man's eyes and nose [others dispute that the 2 outer circles were intended to depict his eyes]. 

So the 5 zones of standing crop, which portray the prime 17, have a special relationship with the cited 3 of flattened crop, which is interesting because the juxtaposition of 5 & 3 can infer … 53 … which happens to be the 17th prime, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 8 

Furthermore, the central member of the shown 3 circles of flattened crop, which seems likely to represent the nose, is unique, within the group, because it's almost totally encompassed by one of the zones of standing crop. This is also of interest because when we apportion values to the letters N-O-S-E, according to their relative positions in our alphabet, we obtain another  … 53 [= 14+15+19+5], the 17th prime … which seems unlikely to be due simply to chance! Indeed, our exposure of this relationship appears, apart from anything else, to be confirming that the circle was intended to represent the cited anatomical feature of the symbolic head … its nose!   

So if we now apply the concept of consecutive to the 17th prime, in a rational way, we'd have to set out before us the first 17 primes [as opposed to all the primes between the 17th and infinity!]. And as we know that the formation's manifestation of 17 itself had been derived from adding 4 & 13 it would make sense if the cited array of 17 primes was split into two groups: the first 4 primes, followed by the next 13, thus:-

1  2  3  5     7  11  13  17  19  23  29  31  37  41  43  47  53 

Those of you who've read Appendix B of Les Sentiers des Dieux, Pathways of the Gods or, my essay of August 7, The Recurring Point of Reference [Wessex Ridgeway; Articles], will know that this array, of 4+13 consecutive primes, possesses a set of intriguing properties. 

One of these is that it can infer, with simplicity and elegance, a number, 6371, which equals an up-to-date value of the earth's mean radius, expressed in kilometres, which is accurate to one metre [it's actually the geometric mean radius of the ellipsoid employed as the WGS 84 earth model i.e. 6371 km is the radius of a sphere whose volume equals that of the ellipsoid]. 

And as this formation exhibits - within its prominent external band - two lots of 52, each of which is inextricably linked to the factors 4 and 13 [which add up to 17] it's evident that the arrangement embodies the means of generating two lots of the described 6371, a process that yields, of course, 12,742, an up-to-date value, in km, of the planet's mean diameter:- 

Fig. 9 

The key question now isn't whether the above arithmetic is correct [because it is] it's whether the crop circle builders could reasonably expect us to be cognisant not only of the values of the cited earth parameters but also of the described way of replicating them. 

I would submit, however, that it's not asking much of an astute crop circle investigator to be aware of the size of the planet he/she lives on. Indeed, I'm sure that a high percentage of our fold own a sat/nav device, whether as a separate unit or a smartphone app, and these exploit the WGS 84 system - the ellipsoid of which possesses a geometric mean radius of 6371 km. Furthermore, the cited way of fabricating this number, from the first 17 consecutive primes [which I repeated in Fig. 9], involves nothing more complex than addition, a mathematical operation that even Junior School pupils can cope with easily. 

I contend, then, that it is reasonable for the crop circle builders to expect us to be familiar both with the earth dimension 6371 km, and its double, and the cited way of inferring them. [Note: I'll be explaining shortly why I believe they had another reason, as well, for drawing our attention to this particular earth parameter.] 

At this juncture I should point out that it is also possible to understand why the adept builders of the formation saw fit to make allusions to the teeth of not just two human beings but three i.e. the outer band has 2 sets of 52 blocks [each expressed as 4 lots of 13] and the symbolic head, encompassed by the band - as I explained above - is also closely linked to the paired numbers 4 & 13 [of product, 52]. 

The truth is that the teeth of just one adult, such as the guy at the centre of the formation, also embody the means of generating not just the quoted value of the mean radius of the earth but also its mean diameter - and to recognise the algorithm that's needed to produce this number you merely have to take cognisance of the fact that each adult arch of teeth is endowed with 6 more than it had previously possessed, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 10 

If the quotas in the respective arches are now multiplied together - starting with each 10 & 6 in the adult arches because they are concurrent - we produce the following arrangement:- 

upper arch product  =  10 x 60

lower arch product  =  10 x 60 

And it's the case that when each of these numbers is expressed as the corresponding prime i.e. the 10th prime [= 23] & the 60th [= 277], the resulting products are very familiar:- 

upper arch product  =  10 x 60  →  10p x 60p  =  6,371

lower arch product  =  10 x 60  →  10p x 60p  =  6,371 

In other words, it's clear that a simple algorithm enables us to generate an up-to-date value of the earth's mean diameter, expressed in km i.e. 12,742 [= 6,371x2], from the arrangement of teeth that every ordinary adult will have been endowed with - starting from early childhood. It's not difficult to see, then, why the formation's builders placed the symbolic head of a man at its centre, and linked it to 52 [expressed as 13x4], a human being's total allocation of teeth. 

Before proceeding I'd stress that I have definitive proof that the cited relationship between our teeth and the planet's accurately defined size, expressed in kilometres, is not the outcome of random chance - as absurd as that must sound to people who've been raised on the flawed version of history we've been coerced into believing is authentic. It would be inappropriate for me to go into too much detail here but I can say that the Kilometre & English Statute Mile [as we now call them] were known in the depths of antiquity and are alluded to in a host of reliable sources including, dare I say it, The Holy Bible. The celebrated 6 days of creation, followed by the 7th day of rest, for example, is a pivotal allegory that defines the earth's cited statistic with a stunning clarity [hopefully, some readers will be tempted to investigate this!]. And I trust that you will all now be able to appreciate that there may be more to an infamous passage in Psalm 90.10 [KJV] than first meets the eye. We're told that 'The days of our years are threescore years and 10' i.e. our allotment of 'years' is 60 & 10 [those 2 numbers again!]. 

PART TWO: the circle's day of appearance and location

Its day of appearance

I showed, in Fig. 8, that the juxtaposition of 5, the number of zones of standing crop that are placed beneath [as viewed] the pod's prominent circles of flattened crop, and 3, provided by the latter three structures, can infer the all-important [in the current context] 17th prime … 53. But it's also the case that if this relationship is now considered in the opposite direction, from the top of the pod downwards, another factor, which has a unique relationship with the whole formation, can be read from it, with simplicity and elegance. I'll refer to the drawing below:- 

Fig. 11 

When we count the 2 zones of standing crop, representing what some people believe are the symbolic eyebrows, it's evident that by reading in the cited way [from the top, down] we can infer a factor, 235, which equals the day of the year, in our calendar, that the formation was first reported i.e. August 23. 

This reveals, then, that this year's 235th day was the perfect point in the calendar to create the circle because the number could be displayed so easily on the symbolic face being depicted. And the lower portion of that face could also be used, in the way I've described, to highlight the pivotal prime 53

The circle's location

I discovered long ago that our distant ancestors undertook accurate geodetic calculations by employing, not an ellipsoid, but a sphere, of radius 6,371 km. And although the respective source texts have been ignored by academia because of its mistaken belief that our forebears weren't capable of such feats, having lacked both the skills in mathematics and the ability to comprehend certain relevant concepts, I was not deterred from pursuing this line of enquiry. But my long, painstaking research eventually led me to a conclusion that, to the misinformed, would seem irrational: the described spherical earth model is an integral component of the human psyche, as is the current International Zero Meridian. However, for many years now I've been exploiting my acquired knowledge in this subject area, with great success, using it to extricate meaningful information from dreams and solve other enigmas relating to a wide range of human activities, which will be elucidated in publications I have in the pipeline. 

It was also clear that this close relationship between the deep recesses of our minds and the cited features of our terrestrial home wasn't the outcome of a normal evolutionary process: it had been executed by exceedingly powerful beings who were capable of technological feats on a planetary scale [hence our moon's vital, stabilising influence on the earth's rotation]. 

So when I uncovered repeated emphases, in a succession of formations, of both 6371 and its double, I knew that their adept builders were stressing something of great importance. I also deduced that they were telling us that, to understand their communications fully, it shall be necessary to employ the spherical earth model the formations are alluding to. And as one of the primary functions of an earth model is to define relationships that exist between points on the planet's surface I had little doubt that we were being invited to look for such relationships between those formations, or, between them and some other defined reference point(s). 

And in the case of this formation, at Cook's Plantation, I'd every expectation that it was going to be linked to the centre of Silbury Hill's summit [at the point I'd previously estimated], just as the others I've studied this year have been [I've sent only a few of my reports to the CCC], and I'll now describe what I found during my investigation. … 

Knowing that the prime 17 is disposed in the pod's lower region [as viewed], as described earlier [i.e. the zone of standing crop that's split into 13 sections is embraced by 4 zones], I realised that an even more obvious manifestation of the pivotal geodetic number is visible to those who have a knowledge of its significance i.e. the 1 pod encapsulates 7 distinct zones of standing crop and the juxtaposition of this pair of primes can infer 17, thus:- 

Fig. 12 

And as 17 is the 8th prime [8 also equalling 1+7] it didn't surprise me when I discovered that an arc from the point on Silbury Hill's summit, of length 8 times the increment 353 metres exactly [measured on the described earth model] passes through the middle area of the field that the formation was disposed in, as illustrated below [after the Note]:-

[Note: arcs from the Silbury Hill point, to the other circles I've examined, are all expressed in terms of the cited 353, which is the 72nd prime. 72 is a key pentagonal number, and the radius of 353 metres, from Silbury Hill, was first identified in the formation of June 25, which was facing the old monument, and had 5 glyphs resembling ogham characters around its exterior. My analysis of this exceedingly important circle, whose chilling message is being confirmed by every new formation I examine, shall be submitted to the CCC soon]. 

Fig. 13 

Although it seemed likely, from an inspection of the excellent photographs published on this site, that the described arc intersects the formation somewhere near the pod, I wanted to know exactly where the crossing was, because one or more items of relevant data could be hidden within that information [which had been the case in the earlier formations I'd examined].  

The only problem, however, was that by the time I'd learned of the circle's existence I'd been told that the crop had been harvested. Knowing, nevertheless, that it's often still possible to see, and survey, the areas of flattened crop after that ostensibly terminal operation I visited the site, on August 29. But to my dismay I found that the farmer had not cut all of the field, as expected, he'd just focussed on the area where the circle had been, together with a track he'd made to get to it. And it was clear that he'd gone to great lengths to obliterate as much of the formation as he could: it was decimated. My hopes of conducting a meaningful survey, then, were not high, but I soon discovered that the pedantic guy had neglected one critical area! 

The circle of flattened crop I now believed represented the symbolic head's nose wasn't just recognisable it was completely intact and I immediately took GPS readings at its centre and a randomly selected point on its perimeter. But as I was about to measure that particular circle's diameter, a little later, I had to abandon the survey because of torrential rain. By that juncture, however, I'd already taken more GPS readings at a series of points throughout the formation, and a few of these were close to the line I'd wanted to identify: the structure's outer perimeter. But where the line was no longer visible [and most of it wasn't!] I determined the coordinates of other points I could see, even though I knew they were located in the formation's interior. 

The remarkable aspect of this partial survey was that the one part of the formation that was in a satisfactory condition - the circle I believed represented the nose - had a unique relationship with the described arc from Silbury Hill. Indeed, insofar as I could tell from the GPS readings I took [which are accurate to a few metres only] the arc intersected the circle's centre, which also appeared to be at, or close to, the centre of the whole formation, as illustrated below:- 

Fig. 14 

The actual GPS readings I obtained for the centre of the circle [i.e. the nose] are set out below - where I've also included those I obtained, earlier in the year, for the point I'd estimated to be the centre of Silbury Hill's summit:- 

The circle's centre: 51.427751° N  1.893342° W

Silbury Hill's centre: 51.41573° N  1.857473° W 

And the computed displacement - measured on the spherical earth model, of radius 6,371 km - between these two points, as defined, was [when expressed to the nearest cm]:- 

2823.56 m, which differs from 2824 m [= 8x353 m] by barely ½ metre

[but we must remember the limitations of the data used!] 

Note: this form of calculation can be undertaken online or, on a smartphone e.g. the android app Geodesy by DS Software 2013 handles it perfectly: select Sphere as the geoid model and remember that degrees West are negative. 

I should also point out, here, that the 2nd component of the cited expression … 8 x 353 … can be read from the formation's pod in a way that's even more straightforward than the method I described earlier of identifying the 1st component [i.e. '8']. … 

It's been well documented that, within the pod, the two long, slender zones of standing crop placed directly beneath [as viewed] the 2 circles of flattened crop that, some believe, portray the eyes of the symbolic head, each contain a group of 3, adjacent circles of flattened crop. But we know that these zones are on the outer extremities of the pod [in a lateral direction], and the quota of the other zones of standing crop is … 5 … this particular group also being uniquely linked by the fact that they are the only zones [of the 7 found within the pod] that are intersected by, or are tangential to, a longitudinal centreline that can be drawn through the pod [which is at least as wide as the small gap between the presumed (by some) eyebrows]. 

This means, then, that a 3-5-3 numerical arrangement is built into the display, and this can serve as a simple representation of the cited 353, the 72nd prime, as shown below:- 

Fig. 15 

In conclusion to this section, then, I'd suggest that there's a powerful case for believing that the circle was placed where it was because, as I've found with other formations this year, one of its key points [in this case, its centre] was disposed a multiple of the dimension 353 metres from the centre of Silbury Hill's summit - in this instance, 353 x 8 metres. 

The profound reason for these repeated, geodetic links to the ancient mound will be revealed in the analysis I'm finalising of the ogham-glyph formation, of June 25. 

© Neil Hudson Newman MSc. [Construction Management]: 16 September, 2013



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike