Hackpen Hill (2), nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. reported 11th August.

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Hackpen Hill (2) of August 11 could refer to the planetary line up of July 29:

I'd be interested to learn if the circle could have been formed much earlier than its discovery date as the lie of the crop in the photos suggests that it could have been there for some days.

After a paucity of circles in the UK early in the year, due largely to climatic conditions, there seems to have been a resurgence of late which is not only reassuring but which also ties in with the predominance of Italian circles earlier in the season which has been explained by the moving of Gaia's heart in accordance with the shift we are experiencing.

Interesting that Italy, courtesy of the Vatican, has exercised undue influence over the affairs of the world for so long but ironic that the planetary symbolism should be a star of David!


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Hackpen Hill (2) & Saturn's hexagon-shaped cloud pattern 

 NASA video of Saturn reveals hexagon-shaped cloud pattern

Inside the hexagon there's a three-sided pyramid shape. It appears quite clearly as a lighter-shade triangle set against the background of the hexagon.
In it, you can just barely make out the shape of an inverted pyramid, plus two concentric circles in the centre. Here's an overlay of lines showing the structure of the pyramid, plus the all-seeing eye:

There are really only two possibilities for explaining the giant hexagon on Saturn: It is either a natural phenomenon or it was intelligently designed. (Well, I suppose there's a third possibility: That the whole thing is some sort of grand NASA hoax and the pictures were faked... but to what end?)  

The far more likely explanation for the giant hexagon on Saturn may be that it is a natural phenomenon. And the only phenomenon I'm familiar with that might explain this involves the field of cymatics.  Cymatics is the study of how sound can alter the physical structure of materials, creating interesting structural patterns.  

     See an example of this "DIY cymatics" on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaYvYysQvBU



about Hackpen Hill – 11 August 2013 

Come into this formation, dear ones, and feel the Pleiadian energies of this circle of ours. You can contemplate the beauty and simplicity of the star forms if you cannot enter the field to put your body into the energy generated by our formation. This is the best, for then the energy generated by the meeting of the lines of force at the apexes of the triangles works powerfully into you to regenerate your own energy field. But if it is only possible to contemplate the forms in an aerial photograph, then this too works powerfully into you only in a slightly different way. In this case you take into your consciousness first the mental imprint of the forms we have made, the six-fold star within the circle, ringed around to take you into the cosmic spheres. You will see the tiny circle with the standing stalks which is the crown of this encircling ring. Watch this crown for it will lead you to the forthcoming phases of our formation in the corn. There is a signature on the field of the being who made this formation who belongs to the Star Councils of Light.

The purpose of our work in this crop circle is to imprint the harmony of the two interlocking triangles of heaven and earth in perfect balance and union into the living corn, and in this way the forces of balance and union of spirit and matter work into the earth and into human beings. We wish you to recognise how these forms are there within you, how you as a spiritual being living in a human body actually embody this great principle of the interpenetration of heaven and earth, spirit and matter at all times and in everything that you do. When you open your consciousness fully to this reality, then is the step to recognising your existences in the stars an easy one – for it becomes self-evident that you are multi-dimensional beings. So, dear ones, open to the six-fold star within you, let your heart’s consciousness flow into its forms, flow down into the earth your mother, flow up to the heavens above, and flow out in all directions to explore the earth and to explore the spirit realms. Seek the still place within, the still place of the heart, and feel the turning of the merkaba.

It is I, Amuna Ra, your Star Self, your counterpart, who speaks to you now, for the Star Councils of Light.

channelled by Amuna Ra, 12 August 2013

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This is pretty amazing it's showing hyper dimensions!  It's 3 dimensional Star with in a Star. On Saturn there is a Hexagon 15,000 miles across that is hyper-dimensional.The Hexagon is one of the oldest Symbols it appears in Ancient Sumerian. We also have what is called the Star of David which is really just the Pentagram it goes way back into all cultures of the world. 

Here is a great page on it's symbolism:- http://littleguyintheeye.wordpress.com/tag/symbol-of-nimrod/


I suddenly found the CC August 11, 2013 England Wiltshire is really want to tell us mysterious hexagonal cloud of Saturn's Arctic found by Cassini 14th June this year. What Do you think?




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