Hackpen Hill (4), nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 13th August.

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Dear readers and writers,

this new crop circle seems to be the 3rd part in a continued series.

And this 3rd image shows our 'connection in mind and heart' best and most clearly.

The image No1 is pretty complex in the interaction of 'thoughts' and 'time' and 'future' which will be created from the summary of that interaction,

the image No2 was a bit more clearly in it's expression, because it shows the humans with their energy of 'mind' which is focused into a 'centre',

the image No3 shows the connection of humans minds best.
In other words: Beginning with the 'roots' of connected humans as shown in image No3, the next image No2 shows a 'bigger scale' of connection, meanwhile image No1 shows the result of all connections in a cosmic viewpoint - the energies of minds are connected, they are focused and they are able to 'create' respectively are able to 'change' the future.

You will see the line of connection if comparing the three images, beginning with most complex image No1, followed by No2 and finished with No3 (Many thanks again to all the photographers for all the published beautiful photos):

This new image No3 shows simply this:

Some additional lines:  

The connection and how to get it back (if possibly lost it) 

Maybe some of you have lost the connection for one or another reason, and you have no idea when or where it was ...
Maybe some of you have never felt the connection at all, and now you try to find it but you have no idea where to search for it ...

The search is over now - I want you to visit this link:www.youtube.com

Watch this beautiful video in full screen and dive deep into it ...
I guarantee: All of you will find the connection or get it back.
And hold it close in your heart, take care of it so that you will never lose it again.

Best wishes and hearty greetings

2013-08-14 - Gerd Estrup -



Unity in Unison

Welcome the Pleiadeans

Artworks by WJ

This Crop Circle is a puzzle to be solved using the ET Corn Gods Language/Game. 

The ET Corn Gods Language/Game was designed by the Crop Circle maker, “GOD”.

The CC is a circle containing 22 smaller circles, each connected to the next by a link.  The 22nd letter of the alphabet is the letter “V” which is Roman Numeral “5”.   

Each small circle is connected by a link indicating that one circle makes the nexe. 


E is five, i-f ve = “C ve” = “vv” = “ee”.  (the letter C turns the adjacent letters around) 

Add 0+66+66 .. = “or”, backwards is Ro, book 45, backwards is 54, 15 AD = “On”. 

Therefore: One = “One One One .....”. or One = “e e e ...” – “5 5 5 ...”. 

E is 5, book “Dt” = “500T” = “ET”.  (D is Roman Numeral 500, drop the “000”).

55 + 66+66 .. = “CS”. C is Roman Numeral 100, 1+33 = “34”, “CD”.

Add 0+66+66 .. = “Or”. Add o+66+66 = “Ng”.

Therefore: One = “ET Corn Gods”. 

E is 5, 50, “L”.  (add “0”) Add 0+66+66 .. = “Mt”, book 1 AD, “an”.

E is e+66+66 .. = “SS”. S is ai, i+66 = “ge”.

Age = “TE”.  (T is 20, bo, b+o = 17, “ag”) Te-66-66 = “7”, “G”.

G+66+66 .. = “US”. S is ai, i+66 = “ge”.

Therefore: ee = “Language”. E is e+66= “Ga”.

E is 5, five = i-f ve = “Cve” =  “C”.  (“e” cancels with “v”) C+66+66 = “Me”.

Therefore: eeeee = “ET Corn Gods Language/Game”. 


C is 3, book Lev = “555”, “ET Corn Gods”  (See above).

I is H+a.  R is a+h.  They cancel. Cle = Levle = 55555 = “Language Game”  (See above) 

Therefore: Circle = “ET Corn Gods Language Game”. 


The CC above decodes into the words: “ET Corn Gods Language Game”

The word “Circle” decodes into the words: “ET Corn Gods Language Game”. 

See:  www.ufoetblog.com and www.etcorngods.com  

George R. Simpson

Look to the approaching full moon this month, the circles show 22 in total.
Full moon completes August 22nd, 2013
Joseph Lake Research


The crop circle at Hackpen Hill is one of our triad of formations in that sacred place. This circle of joining circles, 22 in all, shows the harmonising flow of hearts linked in openness and love, yet each retaining their individuality. It shows the way for human beings to relate each to the next, arms around each other and respectful of the sovereignty of each. When human beings recognise the sphere of their own sovereign cosmic being they also recognise the sphere of the cosmic sovereign being of the next person, and harmony reigns without the loss of individuality or discernment. For discernment is key, the discernment of the heart in the centre. The heart is a sense organ of love, and when you sense from within the sphere of your heart, then are you not misled by mental confusions planted within you because feeling your heart’s knowing brings an easy trust of what is simply there.

We feel it is a great misfortune that the other sacred place of West Kennett Long Barrow has been desecrated by the false formation made by human beings so close to this ancient shrine and place of initiation. It is indeed made by the same artists who have become well practiced in their art of imitating our circles in the corn who made the previous formations centred on triangles. But their art, though well done - and we too can appreciate that - does not send powerful energy into the earth and the people who enter. It is also a desecration of the farmer’s field, as well as the sacred site, as it is done out of complex and false motivations, part of which is to confuse those who come to the crop circles as to their origins, and part of which is to attempt to prove that man can do as well as star beings. We leave the judging of this to those who enter the formations and can feel the energies and how they work.

We would counsel that you go into both of these formations and sense the energies at work. Sense also the energies of the field before you enter the formation, for a field of living grain which is nearing its point of ripening fully is a powerful energy source in itself. It contains the full forces of the sun’s warmth and the great maturing forces of the millions of seeds each of which hold the creative forces of many new plants. This is a powerful energetic field. Feel and sense this as you walk towards the formations. Then pause at the threshold to the crop circle, stop and step over consciously into the space that we have created, or that someone has created, and allow the energy to work upon you. Give it time in stillness, let it settle around you, receive it into you. Then slowly allow yourself to move to another part of the formation and sense the energy there.

In this way will you be able to discern which are the genuine formations, made out of cosmic love to heal and balance the earth and humanity, and which are made out of lower motivations. As far as our work with human beings in this season in this area of the sacred lands of Avebury this is our main wish, our deeply held desire, that you may grow in your sensitivity to the point that you can instantly feel our energies and see from the quality and balance and harmonising forces of the design, which are the circles made by the Star Councils of Light and which by human beings mimicking our art. As you grow into the capacity to know in your hearts what is true and real, so will you grow in your capacity to work together in harmony, allowing each to be as they are – which is different from you.

This is the first step, the accepting of difference in the accepting of each other in the crop circle community. When you can approach another person with an open heart and allow that he or she has their own way of perceiving, then you are accepting the sanctity of another human being. In showing the capacity to receive others with discernment but without rejection as human beings, then you are showing your capacity to be open to both worldly and spiritual realities. This is a prerequisite for developing the abilities to enter into the deepest mysteries of the crop circles. And this we would dearly wish you to do.

It is I, Peroptimé, who speaks for the Star Councils of Light.  

channelled by Amuna Ra, 14 August 2013

Forthcoming book: CROP CIRCLE STAR MESSAGES: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth  - with stunning pictures of all the crop circles in a radius of nine miles of Avebury which the Star Councils of Light claim to have made in the pivotal year of 2012.

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If you have questions for the Star Councils of Light and would like to participate in a conversation with them you would be welcome the next Star Gathering on Sunday 25 August, 7pm – 8.30, in Calne, near Avebury, UK,  contact me for details. 

The next Star Connecting Course dates are 5-6 October, 2-3 November and 7-8 December. Details here  http://www.pleiadianregression.co.uk/7.html  

UPDATE 12/09/2013


Greetings to all of you dear people who read these emails and wish to know what we in the Star Councils of Light want to say about our last creation on Hackpen Hill. We wished to extend the six-fold star on the lower field, but it was cut unexpectedly early, so our finale this season is in the upper field. We have made the Harmony of Hearts dance and come into new relationships. You puzzle as to the meaning of the rings of standing tufts around the centre. We have injected new energy into the earth through these points which delineate the spaces in between, which is where the medicine truly takes effect.

What takes place between people is where true relationship actually exists. It is not so important the individual standing tufts, but how they relate one to another is all-important. We will leave it to the mathematical brains amongst you to work on the numerical significances. We say only that we have given the correct dosages to exert a balancing effect on the hearts of anyone who gazes at the aerial photograph for long enough for it to affect them. Look at the forms as you look at a mandala, let it work upon you as a whole. Do not dissect it, do not analyse it, let it heal you and transform you.

 For these are patterns of transformation. They will change you, change the finer nuances of your hearts, and change the way you relate to other people.  Contemplate these forms in the stillness of your hearts and let them work upon you. Draw them and paint them, dear ones, for this takes them into your souls. Copy the photograph … and use it for your meditations.

It will bring you much, dearest souls, but it will bring little of worth to your intellectual minds, for it speaks to your hearts, and it needs to be planted in the Peace of your Hearts  to come to fruition. In its own time it will ripen and bear fruit within you. It will transform you from within and change your relationships also.

We wish you great joy, dear souls who read our words and thus come into communication with us in this way.

It is I, Peroptime, who speaks to you now, in this place of books and learning. I speak for the Star Councils of Light, who hold you dear as Star Brothers and Sisters.

(I channelled this in a public library - as my computer is broken - that's what he means by the 'place of books and learning'!  Amuna)

With Love and Blessings, Amuna Ra


Interpretation according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, August 13 was a day with the Solar Seal “Wind” and with the Tone 13

Wind means Spirit, Breathing, Connections, Communications

The Tone 13 is the last Tone from 13.

On the pictogram we see 22 circles, which, we could say, depict Solar Seals, humans, suns ;-).

According to Tzolkin we have 20 Solar Seals. When we have a number greater than 20, we extract 20 in order to get the number of the Solar Seal. In this case:

22-20 = 2

2 – this is the number of the Solar Seal “Wind”, which was exactly the Solar Seal of August 13.

We could say, that this crop circle symbolizes humans, connected hand in hand in a circle (Wind = the Spirit that connects the people).

August 13 was also the last day of the Wave of the Dog.

Dog means Love, Heart, Devotion.

A wave is a period of 13 days, beginning with the Tone 1, till Tone 13.

The Wave of the Dog began on August 1 with the Solar Seal “Dog” and with the Tone 1.

So on August 13 we had the last day (Tone 13) of the Wave of the Dog - the Energy of Love. We could say that the 13th day is the culmination of the wave.

When the people get together with each other (here literally hand in hand in a circle), the Energy of the Spirit and the Energy of Love flow through the circle, they inspire and unite all people, the hearts of the people get full of Love ;-). Then the people transform themselves in Suns ;-)).

Sun is the last Solar Seal of 20 and means “Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life". According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, the 20 Solar seals symbolize the evolution of the human consciousness, beginning with the first Solar Seal Dragon - Birth, and ending with the last Solar Seal Sun - Enlightenment, Ascension.

Crop circle from August 31, 2013:

Perhaps a protecting screen is built to guard the Earth from possible eruptions on the Sun

Possible interpretation of the new formation according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin 

The crop circle in England from August 13, 2013 - Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire – has received additions.  

In the picture on the right we see how the crop circle from August 13 looked like. In the picture on the left we see how the new formation from August 31 looks like.  

The Mayan calendar Tzolkin includes 260 days or Kins. A Kin is the combination of a Solar Seal and a Tone of Creation. They are 20 Solar Seals and 13 Tones of Creation. 

According to Tzolkin August 31 was a day with the Solar Seal "Sun" and with the Tone 5. 

Tone 5 is the Tone of Radiance, The Light of the Heart. 

In the central part of the new crop formation there are 3 concentric circles with rectangular figures: 

17 – 24 – 29 rectangular figures 

17 + 24 + 29 = 70  

Кin 17 is Earth

Кin 24 is Seed

Кin 29 is Moon 

Kin 70 is the Solar Seal “Dog” with the Tone 5.
The Solar Seal “Dog” means Love, Heart, Devotion. 

I think in the center of the crop circle is depicted the Sun.

The 3 concentric circles round the Sun symbolize the Earth, the Seed and the Moon. 

The Solar Seal “Seed” means Consciousness, Purpose, Florescence. 

The Seeds depicted here symbolize all Seeds of Consciousness, which are sown on the Earth - plants, animals, humans and the representatives of all other kingdoms.

Having in mind Tone 5 - the Tone of the Radiance, The Light of the Heart - and Kin 70 – the Energy of Love and again the Tone 5 – the creators of this crop circle want apparently to tell us, that the Sun sends Energy of Love to the Earth, to the Moon and to all Seeds of Consciousness.

Some scientists on the Earth expect in September a Sun Pole Shift, accompanied with powerful eruptions on the Sun, which could cause catastrophic consequences on the Earth. 

With this crop circle its creators want perhaps to calm us that measures are taken to avoid a catastrophe on the Earth. 

The outer ring of the crop circle consists of two circles. The inner circle probably depicts eruptions of the Sun and ejections of coronal material. The most outer circle perhaps depicts a protecting screen, built to reflect these ejections in order to avoid damages on the Earth. The screen is depicted in the form of waves, which means that this screen is of wave character.

Maya Todorova

The Crop Formation Code

Its Decoded Message


Revelation 1:7

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.


Crop circles from August 10 and August 13, 2013:
From Confrontation to Unity through the Energy of Love !

Interpretation according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin 


This crop circle appeared on August 10, 2013. This was a day with the Solar Seal “Storm” and with the Tone 10 – the Tone of the Manifestation.

This was the 10th day of the Wavespell of the Dog (from August 1 till August 13).

A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.

The Solar Seal “Dog" means Love, Heart, Devotion. 

On the pictogram are depicted 6 human figures, which look like pawns.

The people are separated, isolated from each other, everybody stands in a great distance from the next person.

Everybody is like armor-clad, like enveloped in an armor of dark thoughts, of anger. Everybody is armored and doesn't feel the other people.

Everybody looks like an arrow, like a spear, like a wedge, like a lightning. And everybody has directed his spear towards the other people.

This symbolizes the separation in our society. The people are separated in different parties and each party fights against the others.  

In the same time everybody looks like a pawn. The pawn is the weakest figure in chess. So are the people, they are weak, when they are separated.

Perhaps so looks our situation, seen from above.

But the storm disperses the clouds (the darkness), the Sunny Energy of Love gradually penetrates the space and into the bodies of the people, in their souls. (On August 10 we had the 10th day of the Wavespell of the Dog, a day with the Tone 10 - the Tone of Manifestation, the Manifestation of the Energy of Love).

The Energy of Love is manifesting as a sunny path, which dissolves on its way the darkness, the dark clouds. And the people begin to lighten. Some people are yet light by half.

A light thread, a light circle goes through the heads of the people (through their minds). This is to show that all people are connected in a common consciousness…   


3 days later, on August 13, appeared the crop circle in Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Pictures from this crop circle could be seen here:


According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin August 13 was a day with the Solar Seal “Wind” and with the Tone 13.

Wind means Spirit, Breathing, Connections, Communication 

The Tone 13 is the Cosmic Tone of the Presence, this is the last Tone of 13. 

On the pictogram we see 22 circles. We can say that they symbolize Solar Seals, peoples, Suns.

In the Mayan calendar Tzolkin there are 20 Solar Seals and 13 Tones of Creation. This makes 260 combinations of each Solar Seal with each Tone. So the calendar has 260 days or Kins.

Kin 22 is Solar Wind, Wind with the Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of the Intention.

Considering in addition that:
August 13 was a day with the Solar Seal “Wind”,
Wind means Spirit, Connections, Communication, 

we could say, that on this crop circle are depicted people,

connected together hand in hand in a circle (Wind means “connections”, the Spirit connects).

August 13 was the last 13th day of the Wave of the Dog, the Energy of Love. This day is so to say the culmination of the Energy of Love ;-).

When the people intend to connect themselves (here in the pictogram figurative hand in hand in a circle), then the Energy of the Spirit and the Energy of Love flow in the circle, inspire and unite all people and fill the hearts with Love. Then the people transform themselves in Suns ;-)).

The Solar Seal “Sun” is the last, 20th Solar Seal and means Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life. This is the highest stage in the evolution of the consciousness.

Maya Todorova


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike