Milk Hill. nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 1st August.

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The circle-makers responsible for the genuine phenomenon are without doubt playing a joke on us here. The Star they've chosen to highlight is the very same Star they chose to omit from the CC found at Cavallo Grigio Robello Asti in Italy reported on the 30th of June.


The star image which oh so briefly graced our Wiltshire countryside this morning was a depiction of the star Alcyone. The reason we know for sure that it's this star and no other star or comet is because of where the circle-makers had decided to place it.  If we remember: it was Milk Hill where the circle-makers chose to lay down that huge spiral galaxy formation back in 2001, so it's really no coincidence that the hill where Alcyone was once the centrepiece of a huge pictogram would be the hill used today.  To add to this certainty, we can also see that this is the missing star from the Cavallo Grigio Robello Asti formation reported on the 30th of June. The reason why we can be sure of this is because the star here has a little trailing tail. This tail is not that of a comet, but rather the motion of the star's short journey across Europe from Italy to Milk Hill. 

What I wish to make clear is that this preoccupation of mine with this star and/or the Pleiades in general, is not in anyway an expression of my own personal belief system; I am just reporting on what I believe to be the core message of the circle-makers.  Another image which also resonates with this CC is seen in the design of the largest star on Subaru's insignia plate which also has a similar circular/oval outline.  The reason why the plate here only shows 6 stars in total is because the car itself is supposed to be the 7th star.

So, in conclusion: my understanding of the reasoning behind this 7th star known as Alcyone missing from the outer section of the Cavallo Grigio CC was because the circle-makers had decided to showcase it later on.  The message here is that this star is crucial to the successful transmission of a beam emanating from the galactic anti-centre: a beam which occasionally reaches the Earth.  So therefore, due to this central position in the heavens between the Hunab Ku and the sun, it's really no wonder that the circle-makers have shown it in this design as being in the centre of a circle; or if you prefer, in the centre of a chain of stars.

Judith Simpson


A bright “new star” appears in crops near Milk Hill on August 1, 2013, as a promise of hope from Christian or Hopi prophecies 

“I will show wonders in the skies above, and signs on the earth below”---Acts 2:19 

On August 1, 2013, a bright “new star” appeared in crops just above Milk Hill, close to where a “galaxy” crop picture appeared in August 2001 (see This short-tailed “star” may perhaps be meant to represent comet Ison, which is currently headed toward perihelion with the Sun on November 28, 2013:  

Its “star” motif was drawn cleverly in the fashion of a “star of Bethlehem”. So far comet Ison has not brightened greatly or “outbursted”, as it nears the heat of the Sun, but no one knows what that comet will do (see  

Unfortunately, this beautiful “star of Bethlehem” was cut out quickly by a local farmer, before many others could photograph or visit it:  

Could it be an authentic sign from Christian prophecies? What was the original star of Bethlehem in 0 AD?

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose, and have come to worship him.’ ”---Matthew 2, 1-2.

“Herod called the Magi secretly, and found out from them the exact time when that star had appeared. Then he sent them to Bethlehem and said, ‘Go and search carefully for the child. As soon as you find him, report back to me, so that I too may go and worship him.’ After they had met with the king, they went on their way. The star which they had seen when it rose, went ahead of them, until it stopped over a place where the child was located. When they saw that star, they were overjoyed.”---Matthew 2, 7-9.

The Hopi people of western North America share a similar prophecy. They speak of a “blue star Kachina” which will appear in the night sky, shortly before this age of history comes to an end:      

“In Hopi prophecy, the Blue Star Kachina is a spirit which will signify a coming of the end of the world, by appearing in the form of a blue star. That Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth and final sign before a Day of Purification, described as a world-engulfing cataclysm. Some have interpreted this prophecy to be a reference to the impending arrival of extraterrestrial life” (see Blue_Star_Kachina).

"My people await Pahana, a lost White Brother from the stars, as do all of our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know today, who are cruel and greedy. We were told of their coming long ago. Still we await Pahana. He will bring with him the symbols, and a missing piece of the sacred tablet kept long by our elders, which shall identify him as the True White Brother. The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. The signs over many years have been fulfilled, and very few are left (see

Indeed, as these beautiful crop pictures continue to appear in England or other countries, mysteriously out of nowhere it would seem, many of us wait anxiously to see what might happen next.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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3 Score days from House to House, Year of the Seed 

    Reported Aug 1, 2013 is the day of 6 Aqabal, 13 day week of Tijax, decan of Jackal cusp of Hunter. 

  This inverted Octagon is precisely 60 days from the previous inverted Octagon at East Field nr the White Horse on June 2. Both were on the day of Aqabal. Aqabal is the House. Your body is a house. The Earth is a House. The solar system is a House. The Seed is an idea or a vine of eternal origin. From the inverted is motion toward extroverted, it starts with a four directional slice. Belly button. 

Every House has a family. Segments of time are called houses. Here is how Hokusai depicts Hunter decan, 2nd decan Leo. From the “36 views of Mt Fuji”. Wrongly placed pride.


 East Field was on 11 Aqabal, .. Milk Hill was on 6 Aqabal. 20 days is a score and 60, is 3 score. 

  11 is the transmutation of knowledge. 6 is Flow. 11 Aqabal happens in the week of Aj, Staff of Power, 6 Aqabal happens in the week of Tijax. Balance of Polarities, the leveling of positive and negative energies. Lightening and the Flint. 

  It is a repetitive lesson in regard to time. Time is said to not exist and that it is a fabrication of mankind. This is partly true, and also obviously not true, so what does this mean ? 

  Linear time is the recognition of physical cycles and age, things begin and end. But a different way of understanding time is re-emerging. Time in the non-linear sense is the recognition of energy patterns. When this recognition is mature, then one can “be” in this energy or that, without waiting for it to come around like a season or a planetary alignment. To harmonize with this energy or that,  is to “be” in it. This is why time, in the “spiritual sense” is calibrated by examining art forms, or product of your personal efforts or energies,  Not planetary position or season. That is milk for children and accountants. 

  “Family”. It is a colored representation of basic time. In the center is a purple dot. Inside the purple dot is a white hole. Inside the white hole is another family or another state of being.


A spiritual person can recognize “their time” by looking, or passing their palm over the image.

 It is a color based representation of this.....

   The universe is self-organizing and eternally emergent. To stare at a single physical cycle is to “have spirals in your eyes”. It causes blindness and dispersion of the families. 

Time like most everything in the universe, is a four quadrant toroidal donut. The days appear to move clockwise in opposition to the counter-clockwise motion of the solar/planetary time, like a wheel with movable parts obtaining a certain speed and suddenly giving the appearance of the change of direction.

  Inside the triangle is another triangle, inside that is a black hole, inside the hole is another “Garden”.

full image can be viewed Here

To trap the people into a particular cycle or recognition is to enslave them. It is an act of agression with an agenda born of selfishness and fear. With drones, people can blow up people and destroy villages, but with the “gregorian calendar”, they can destroy your ability to see reality. 

 Millions and millions of people and documents have been destroyed to control time in the minds of people. It is the foundation of depravity. This is the similarity of this formation, to the “melting church formation” of last year. The information is stolen and the names have been changed, just as a con-man would do when he goes to the next town. 

  It is fair and wise to apply simple reason when examining the self. If you are standing on a planet and you are part of that planet. That is your home. That is where you are from. The feeling of disconnectedness is not because of a physical origin mix-up, it is because time has been corrupted so badly, as to make the human life unrecognizable to your own soul. To claim another origin is an escape mechanism. A warm self absolving blanket of non-blame. These same people line up at the sacred sites and then suddenly they have recognition. It is too painful to imagine that this mess may be partly their responsibility. Are the trees and the animals from another planet as well ? How convenient. Its kinda like never taking action because someone else, is just around the corner and they will do it. That is Tantalus, forever being drawn forward by the carrot. The promise that can only come by waiting.

Free beer tomorrow. 

 Here we have a major issue, and one that is to be addressed,.  Now.  The human family suffers from Stockholm Syndrome,  extreme time deprivation, and dispersion as a result of the former. 

 The Seed is Qanil and the # 18 Hexagram “Ku”of the I-Ching.


David Odell

Artwork by WJ

Which way to the stars?


Dear readers and writers, here my short report as follows:

Due to the comments here I want to ask you:
Do you really believe that a so high developed race of ETs would show an image in regards to the so called 'Star of Bethlehem' - as grounded in Earth humans religion???
That's absolutely funny, same as to assume a 'connection' to Hopi Indians, who told in their text (quote of RC): "In Hopi prophecy, the Blue Star Kachina is a spirit which will signify a coming of the end of the world, by appearing in the form of a blue star. That Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth and final sign before a Day of Purification, described as a world-engulfing cataclysm. Some have interpreted this prophecy to be a reference to the impending arrival of extraterrestrial life”
which btw means nothing more than another 'Armageddon scenario', right?
I really do not know why humans have constantly 'strange and deep longings' to must go down in any catastrophe, either grounded in biblical text or Hopi text.

ALL of these texts are nonsense, same as the wrong interpreted Maya text, which had 'foreseen' the 'end of the world' in 2012.
Sometimes I can only the wonder humans greenness and influences......

So to be short here I only tell again which I told also in my drastically report 'Explanation' which you can find here:
wessex ridgeway comments
There I showed some images like this one: 

I wrote: 2012-07-21 Stanton St. Bernard - The shown 'Lichfield Cathedral' is simply a metaphor to show the 'melting religion' and to be replaced with reality as shown in their next image......."

The upper depicted 'ring' with it's symbols is a 'sign of power' so to say and it describes the 'show of might and power' of an extraterrestrial race which dominates over the humankind.
And it is simply the GRAYS.
Or do you really believe in stories like 'Alice in Wonderland'?
I described the Grays as 'tricky liars' who like to tell fantastic, confusing stories and to betray people.
Logically, that after my published drastic report they became a bit 'displeased' and therefore decided to send a new sign of power and dominance - for to demonstrate their 'power' more clearly.
By doing this they only used the same big outer circle (with small changes) and deleted the 'content' inside the circle and replaced it with a huge 4 spikes star: 

And that's all to say. Period.

By the way: It was clear that after my mentioned drastically report was been published here, that Mrs. Blanche McLanahan contacted me via email.
And now I ask all you readers and writers this simple question: What do you think she said?
Answer: She simply admitted to be in contact with GRAYS - what a wonder (even a sad one).....

Once again: You should be cautious, sceptical and concentrated all the time! 

Greetings to you all, 

2013-08-03 - Gerd Estrup -


Milk Hill. nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 1st August.
I will agree that after viewing this update the circle makers are pointing to Comet Ison and the near future (this month).


Joseph Lake Research

An inspired thought for Milk Hill, nr Alton Barnes  1st August 

Four directions, but surrounded by infinity. In infinity, to only observe four directions, is just a very small part of all there is.

Look again, accept more directions in all there is. Look down, look up, look in, look out, look near, look far, look everywhere, look beyond your senses, that's where other vibrational realms are....hidden in plain view, but hidden as long as you do not choose to see.

Let's marry all the heavens (=all vibrational realms) and the Earth.

Let's include instead of exclude.

Choose wisely that which is of love.... 

Tetsje op den Dries

MESSAGE FROM THE STAR COUNCILS OF LIGHT on Milk Hill  &  Stonehenge of 1 August 2013

PEROPTIMÉ: …They are indeed ours, we made these circles (at Milk Hill and Stonehenge, both of 1 August) to warn you of the dangers of the Fourth Dimension which few of you are sufficiently awake to. Please refer to the conversations we had with the dear souls who came to speak with us at the Star Gathering last week about the nature of the Fourth Dimension. Amuna Ra will add this discussion to this exposition about our circles in the corn for you to familiarise yourselves with our approach to an understanding of the Fourth Dimension.                  

Peroptimé for the Star Councils of Light, 2 August 2013

Thoughts Manifest in the Fourth Dimension like in the Dream-world

PEROPTIMÉ: …. She wishes to know what the dimensions are. She understands from living upon the earth what the third dimension is, and she wishes to know what the differences are between the dimensions… and how she can know when she is existing in another dimensional state. This is something that many of you wish to know, we think. I am going to repeat something I have said before, because it bears repetition, and that is that every single human being upon the earth including those present experience going into the Fourth Dimension every time they go to sleep. Your dreams exist in the Fourth Dimension. Then you enter a world where you have no physical body, which is fluid, where there is no linear time, where anything can happen, and things do happen and take you by surprise. You only have to think of something and it has happened.

Other thoughts come in, I say thoughts but you experience them instantly as actions (in the dream). This is what the Fourth Dimension is like. This is the Fourth Dimension. It is one reason we say often that you must watch your thoughts, watch what you wish for. For it is even more important than it ever has been that you from your pure heart intend what you wish for  for the greatest good, for the very highest, because as in a dream what you wish for instantly happens. This you may have realised is happening to you in your lives much more than it used to once, and this is an aspect of co-existing in the Fourth Dimension as well as the Third.  It is why we counsel that you really work on nurturing not only your physical body, but your balance of soul, so that you are aware of what your thought life and your feeling life are doing, so that you don’t find from the depths of your unconscious that this great desire has been forced out, projected out, and all sorts of things happen because of it. This happens in a dream. You all know what this is like in a dream, you see it vividly there, it happens to you. Much more than you realise in your daily lives, in your 3D lives, this is happening. You will become more and more aware of how, and when, and why this is happening.

Energy Awareness and Balance of Soul

You will also find that the more you train yourselves to become aware of where your own energy is, the more you know what you think and feel, therefore how you affect what is out beyond you, and the more you will notice when someone else is thinking and feeling something over there, and not think it is your own thought or feeling. For this, in these fluid times, is much easier to learn also. It always happened, but now you are going to notice it, and it is happening much more now than you are yet aware of. So this becoming aware of your own boundaries in the simple exercise of the Star Cross, as we say often, is very useful. For you need to know what is you and what is outside you, so that you can in your consciousness create what you are thinking. For human beings are creative beings, and human beings when they develop spiritually become co-creators with the other spiritual beings. This is our dearest wish, dear ones, our dearest wish, that you are able as you evolve to act in many worlds at once, in many dimensions. And you have the possibility at all times now of becoming more and more conscious of the dimension bordering on the Third Dimension, what you call the Fourth Dimension or the astral world.                                                                                                               (Channelled Conversation from the STAR GATHERING of 28 July 2013­­­­­­­, part 3)

Milk Hill

PEROPTIMÉ: Thank you. I will now proceed to speaking about how these circles warn you of the dangers of the Fourth Dimension. Firstly, dear ones, we wish to alert you to the obvious, that both these formations are distinctly fourfold in design.  At Milk Hill we sent you a shining star radiating out in all the four directions of earthly experience, this contained the radiant sphere of your own star being in the centre. You, dear human being, are a star being, a spiritual being from the stars, living in a human body within the four directions. Your light radiates out to the circumference of your sphere of radiance, and then beyond that should you choose to develop your powers of intergalactic exploration and attempt to move into the cosmic spheres. This formation points the way for you to develop your cosmic powers and access your creative forces to move in many dimensions. The encircling sphere is now thick, now thin, its density changes and morphs before your eyes. You may think it is easiest to step across where it is thinnest, and yet the pointer of the ways is through the path of greatest density. This is a trick of the Fourth Dimension, through which you must pass before you enter with ease into the higher spiritual planes, into the multi-dimensional spheres of galactic reality. You must learn to navigate through the fluid waters of the Fourth Dimension, and be not deceived by appearances there. To do this with safety and not fall into illusion is demonstrated in our other formation at the great sacred site of Stonehenge.


In our circle which contains five squares, each around circles – you can see the arcs indicating the circles within the squares. You can imagine yourself standing in the still point of the centre, well protected by your surrounding auric field. This you are learning to expand into many dimensions, first into the Fourth which is nearest to you when you live in a physical body upon the earth plane. When you can distinguish truth from illusion, you pass into the higher sphere of the Fifth Dimension, and here in these higher worlds what prevails is Love and Harmony. If you have successfully traversed the trials of the Fourth Dimension and have conquered Illusion within your own being, then will your Heart shine out in the true radiance of Love, and you will be recognised as one who can walk with the angels while still upon the earth. You will be one who co-exists in many dimensions, able to distinguish Truth from Falsity, able to Trust in Love for all beings, and able to step with ease beyond, into the Sixth and higher dimensions, as and when it is appropriate to do so.

We have shown you here only the first few of the higher dimensions – they are in fact infinite, as indicated by the sphere around the whole – for we feel that these are enough to be going along with. In this year of Transformation, this year of the 13, when the individual comes to the fore after the completion of the twelve, the focus is once more on the development of the individual. How you hold yourself - hold your focus, keep to your intention, and learn from the trials you pass through on the way, these are all-important for your success in the next steps, the next stages of the tender New Earth. Will you do the work needed to ensure you awaken to your full consciousness and stand in your full power, dear ones? It may be simpler than you have assumed, but it will require the dedication of your heart and mind and will to cross over from the Spheres of Illusion to the perception of the realities before you now the veil has fallen.

There is much more that you will be able to discern in these teaching patterns. Contemplate them in your meditations, dearest ones, and devote yourself to daily practice to centre yourselves in your hearts and shed the illusions that have filled your minds and prevented you from seeing what is before your eyes.

Channelled through Amuna Ra,  August 2013

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Today I read on the internet report on the discovery of a new star.A NEW STAR IN THE SKY -  it has continued to brighten? This means that the new star in the universe flies, and that to approaching. The star in corn field is also shown as flying. It is therefore possible that the Report on the new star was Therefore Delivered into the grain field already about 14 Days Earlier.

Report on new star, see:
Pávková Z.




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