Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August.

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Monument Hill of August 6, 2013: a human-made effort made in honour of the British royal family, or a marker made by time travellers?  

“I am too much of a sceptic to deny the possibility of anything”---Thomas Huxley (1886)  

A new crop picture at Monument Hill on August 6, 2013 was the most controversial of the summer season. In its first aerial views, a few of the lines looked “out of place”. This feature was immediately seized upon by debunkers, to suggest that those were “planking errors” for a crop picture made with rope and boards. Still the remainder of that large crop picture looked truly beautiful. Now we can see, from the first slide shown below, just how wrong the superficial debunkers of crop circles can be.  

Clearly its central “pyramid shape was meant to symbolize a monument nearby to James Long, erected in 1768 on top of Monument Hill. The debunkers had insisted that this central shape must be a “cube”. By their hastily-drawn assumption, some of the lines were portrayed incorrectly for a “cube”, so we must be seeing “mistakes”.  

This is a classic “straw man” argument, where one side misrepresents the true situation, so they can later appear to “refute” it. Ground photographs of Monument Hill as taken by Paul Jacobs, John Mayers or Janet Ossebaard look excellent, with no indication of incorrect or sloppy lines anywhere (see groundshots or field reports or 

Now we will proceed to a more unusual aspect of its symbolism, which may be seen around the outer edges. Its outer parts bear a striking resemblance to the “diamond tiara” which Kate Middleton wore at her royal wedding in 2011:

One might conclude from this, that the whole crop picture is a clever human-made effort, made in honour of the British royal family? Or could it be something more, perhaps a field marker made by time travellers who are visiting our era? Both hypotheses seem somewhat doubtful on first consideration.  

I noticed that the central “jewel” from that “diamond tiara” points due South in the field where it was drawn, parallel to crop tramlines, and relative to a stone marker on Monument Hill nearby:  

What might be located due south of Monument Hill in Wiltshire, relevant to a “diamond tiara” that Kate Middleton wore at her royal wedding in 2011? We find that the central “jewel” of that crop “tiara” points toward Bournemouth, where Kate and William first became seriously involved in 2007:  

Are time travellers making a comment on current Earth history? Could this be a signpost like a “lighthouse” in the “sea of spacetime”, to tell them when and where they are located? Just as when hikers travel through a forest, they draw in chalk on certain trees to mark the way? It is indeed an odd idea. Yet as Thomas Huxley advised: “Sit down before fact as a little child. Be prepared to give up every preconceived notion. Follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”  

P.S. “Secrets of a royal romantic reunion which changed the course of history”, some important events which happened in Bournemouth 2007, a town toward which the new “diamond tiara” in crops at Monument Hill points (see Do you think time travellers might be interested in that?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Angular deviations from perfect hexagonal or cubic symmetry, to achieve the 3-D perspective view of a pyramid shape from the air".

Arvy Das 3D Artist


Re the Monument Hill crop circle Aug. 6. There is comment on Facebook sites that this is is obviously a human made formation because the central cube seems to be wonky.  Actually it is a virtually perfect representation of a cube in what is called 'Two Point Perspective" and designed to give a 3D impression on a flat 2D surface. 


This is a very cleverly done formation, virtually perfect and I make it from the photo, about 450 feet diameter. The best in Wiltshire I think this year.

Jack Sullivan

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Artwork by WJ

Sound Ten Metatronic Gongs

Harmonic sonic levitation - a high priest 'conducts' a circle of ten priests with gongs in order to create an intense 'wall of vibrating sound' which disrupts and neutralises gravity and renders huge megalith cuboid stones lightweight giving them the ability to float in space. This is the key to the construction of ancient MONUMENTS Worldwide.

Dear readers and writers,
with this very special crop circle we have an absolute exactly expression of the 'meaning', although it may be a bit 'confusing' at a first glance.

And it represents the direct continuation of my last report

For sure I do know that my report has confused you because its 'strangeness'. But be ensured, when I entered that room for the first time, I was more confused than you possibly are by simply reading my 'strange' report.But this crop circle here shows the 'mechanics' of the 'never ending now' - absolutely exact and precise. It seems that CC-makers have sent the crop circle just in sense of 'support'. 

So I will show you the meaning of that 'room' - depicted here in schematic view, by courtesy of some very friendly crop circle makers (very big Thanks to you, dear brothers and sisters): 

Many thanks here to Frank Laumen for the presented beautiful photo - what could we do without your so much appreciated help? So again my thanks :-))

I have drawn some arrows, lines, circles and ellipse.

Before solving the image we need to look what we have here.
A cube inside a circle, some 'schematic' beings around the circle and a special filled 'dot' on the right.

So let's solve the 'puzzle':
The centre is the cube, which I have marked with a GREEN circle.
What is a cube? It is a body with THREE dimensions: Length, Width and Depth - in technical view it is a body with X-, Y- and Z-axis.
Note: CC-makers possibly have set the three axis equivalent to the three 'times' - Past, Present and Future.   

Around the circle in which the cube is placed - on the outer side - there are some 'beings' placed. It is a schematic depiction representing ALL the living humans!

And on the right side we have a filled DOT - which is the 'summary' of.....

So let's go deeper:
The 'humans' are sitting around the circle. I have drawn only one BLUE ellipse around one of them. All the humans are connected in MIND, either conscious or unconscious - however they ARE connected, depicted by the RED lines which connect each single human with each other.

The humans, however conscious or unconscious DO create the future - as you will see!!!
It was been explained to me in every detail when I was in that 'room of eternity' !

So what are the humans doing?
They send their 'INPUT' into the system of time, their inputs into the three dimensional cube are depicted here as the RED line right hand, which goes straight into the cube.

But this INPUT is responsible for the kind of OUTPUT - as the summary of thoughts, wishes, longings, pain......
The summary of all is the OUTPUT (green lines)- which then will be send to the 'filled DOT' which I have marked with a white circle around it.

This output does literally CHANGE (alter) the future, which by the way does exist as a 'model', created as the summary of the Present and Past. That model is a 'calculated' model of the future. It is a BASE model of future, which means the most presumably future - so far if there would be no further INPUT (in such case the humans do not send any signal as input. They are 'passive' and do only 'watch' but never intervene).

But if they are NOT passive, then they send many signals (input) into the 'cube' from where then the OUTPUT = altered future will be generated. 

Nothing left here to need to explain - as you can SEE how it 'works'!
The summary of all: It is literally laid down into YOUR own hands (minds) to 'create' the future!!!!
So see yourself as real creators which you truly ARE!!!!
No other 'being' will do this instead of you!  No other being than you!
If we want a 'better' future then it is our task to create it!


Many thanks to all of you for reading and thanks again to our brothers and sisters.......
2013-08-06 - Gerd Estrup -


This looks like Ed's Generator from his Coral Castle.  Secret to Antigravity using magnets and sound? 

Secrets of Giza Pyramid construction?  A secret handed down through mysteries teaching and freemason? 

I look at that picture and that is what I am getting from it.  The square looks to be hovering not part of a squaring the circle or the angles to place magnets in the generator.  I think someone broke the code to build a generator recently with prime numbers since ED left that secret on one of the Castle Walls. 

"The ancient secrets of antigravity are revealed as the result of an in depth study - clues left by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle, and the Freemasons Lodge (Grand Masonic Lodge) at Philadelphia.The Golden Ratio (Phi), or the Golden Section, and it's relationship to Prime Numbers, Prime Quadruplets, and the Pyramid Shape with an angle of 51.83 degrees is revealed for the first time!

The formerly hidden secrets of anti-gravity and magnetism are here. The Star of David hexagram is a key as well, along with the number 144. Learn how the ancient megaliths of the world were really constructed. The best way to a real antigravity solution - infinitely easier to construct than Searl, Hutchison, and others"

Does this go back to the circle makers trying to show an alternate energy to use as energy?  Did Tesla figure this out by harnessing the energies of the earth?  Maybe.


Count the circles 10 + 1 , count the semi-circles 11
The 11th Dimension
"The 11th dimension is a characteristic of space-time that has been proposed as a possible answer to questions that arise in superstring theory. The theory of superstrings involves the existence of nine dimensions of space and one dimension of time (a total of 10 dimensions). According to this notion, we observe only three spatial dimensions and one time dimension because the other six spatial dimensions are "curled up" or "compactified." (The three dimensional box)
Inline image 1
Joseph Lake Research


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The new one is the giant cube which is at the sun.  THe giant cube belongs to the Cassiopeians of the Living Library in league with the Uan (Oannes, the same of Jim Sparks) Uan where the name "Van", "Vanir (of the Eddur) came from put "Van" and "Dals" (Nordic) together and you get VanDals now why were they given such a bad rap in history? Did it have anything to do with a reptilian pope I wonder

The Hidden Texts have a pdf forum all about the CUBE UFO           (free of course)

Helen Parks

We are all Ying Yangs !  

  Reported Aug 6, 2013, is the day of 11 Qanil, 13 day week of Tijax

  Tijax is the 8th day , and the 8th Hexagram of the I-Ching. It is the “union of men” and balance of polarity. In terms of electricity, this is the current which flows between the positive and negative poles.

    In terms of “peepole” it is the multiplicity which happens when we are “twitterpated” and overcome with the desire to mate. The simple laws of attraction. Divided we fall.                

  11 Qanil,  only happens in Tijax. 11 is transmutation of knowledge or gateway, and Qanil is the sperm and the egg. It is the Yin and the Yang. Being that we all came from a sperm and an egg (fair assumption) , we are all a bunch of “ying yangs”. Hexagrams 17 and 18 work together. The gathering together and forming a solid union is the cube within the circle of this formation. The single “stem” is Tijax and it is Lanthanum, like which, it is a point of separation into something entirely different. Lanthanides are unionized. 

  Union is a concept of material solidification. When we unionize, we become strong as a unit. 2 heads are better than 1. But , how many heads until we reach the point of “diminishing returns” ?  It depends on innovation. The issue of population is directly linked to human innovation the same way, heights of buildings are linked to structural design creativity. Creation is creative. Memorization stifles. 

  My favorite artist  born during Qanil is Bronwyn Oliver. She was born on the day of Kawoq in the week of Qanil. Kawoq is next to Tijax and is the #12 day in the week of Qanil. Complete understanding of the Seed. Her designs were often made of soft tissue. She produced these …..



A monument.

      Tapei 101 is a landmark sky scraper that opened on Dec 31, 2004. That day was 4 Qanil in Rope decan. It has a unique structural apparatus called a “tuned mass dampener” . It is a magnificent structure and is also highly regarded for being the largest “Green” building in the world.

      It has a seed inside it..

    here is the motif above the entrance of the tower

   here is the design of the courtyard outside the main entrance

  This is the color coded energetic signature of Qanil from “Family”.

The polar opposite day which is 11 Tijax in the week of Qanil gave birth to Starbucks March 30, 1971. The highly appropriate Logo design for that is derived from this...

   Shape and Time are unionized. All things take on traits according to their “birthdate” and destiny flows like a river of electrified seeds ,  each one whining and screaming to find its partner or group. Know the Self, find the other(s). 


David Odell

Alfredo Villa

These two Crop Circles have the same shape circle, please check the attachment.


The explanation for the cube having an imperfect parallelogram: by placing the top as December 31st/January 1st the rest of the clock is a 12 month calendar where the lines deviate are pointers to events. I am not on my own computer at the moment - but will get the dates on the clock when back at my own computer. These dates correspond to events in the Hidden texts of Nostradamus.

Helen Parks

Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August.

This would be a perspective illustration of a cube

The yellow circle is an exact circle. It shows the geometrically correction of the inner crop circle.

Sorry, no chance to give this cube some perspective shape.

Have tried to set one Vanishing point. The red line would be the correct line for the lower edge.


The fact is: There is no meaningful possibility to give the cube a geometrically correct shape.

Willibald Limbrunner

This month's Monument Hill circle is a near-perfect formation, with an obvious distortion in the central cubic feature. This distortion I believe to be intentional and symbolic of distorted perception, as described below. 

The formation appears to be a latitudinal cross-section of the human brain, with the two open circles being reminiscent of eyes and the outer structure being reminiscent of the cerebral cortex. The centre I believe to be symbolic of our interior perception. 

The cube's distorted edges might be an intentional feature that symbolize the distorted, limited sense of reality incurred by overutilizing a 3-dimensional perceptual model as the "true" experience of existence. There is obviously a great expanse of existence that transcends this model, where 3-D perception is simply incongruent and not useful. 

The small filled circle between the 'eyes' might be representative the 3rd eye's perception of etheric information. The third eye is generally thought of as a small portal of incoming light that is located above and between the eyes, though its cerebral component is thought to be the pineal gland, a small appendage with photoreceptors that is located in the centre of the brain. Perhaps the extension of the filled circle represents the link between the spiritual portal of the 3rd eye and the visual manifestations in the pineal gland. 



Their artwork is not to be criticized, nor is the impression expressed of anyone commenting on this website. All ideas must be accepted.....for what one feels in their heart is valid and may inspire others to open their mind and gain a new perspective.The wobble in this cube obviously reflects this. True unfolding is seen in the attachment; 'unfolding'. The result would be image of Metatron's cube as apposed to the Tiara like reflection on the periphery of the formation at Monument Hill. Until which time we slip into hyper-dimensional space time the reflected image of the 'wobbly' cube remains our reality. Their are twelve line segments used in its construction. Thus when it unfolds there are twelve ways by which that manifests. At present we know of 11. Perhaps the key is hidden in this image on the periphery. 

 This artist, Bud Egger,  is like the crop circle artists. He creates with his hands, his head and his heart. The Guardian is 12 feet and offers a feeling of profound peace and protection. No less than the feeling when entering a crop formation. Bud is my dear friend and I consider the same regarding the circle makers. They are to each of us special and protective on an individual basis.

This work of long time Portland sculptor Bud Egger centres on the human form and the birds. Before taking flight, two birds perch on outstretched arms and hands of the arch-backed, exaggerated musculature man, feet firmly planted, guarding this exquisite water garden. For more information on the Sculptor Bud Egger and his work please contact the studio at (503) 665-9821.

The crop circle makers are our ancestors, guardians of this planet and every man woman and child. they seek to teach us the ways before the first time by opening the living book where all things are interconnected, weaved into the tapestry of earth. We have everything to learn from the 'old'.  An experience of insight and curious knowledge felt as if it were our own.  But, all the while knowing we can't quite grasp that. fate is no equation.  it is an illusion. The void.  Given to us, a gift, by the human living experience.  That same experience gives a feeling not unlike that at the end of a page.  The last page of the book.As you finish the last few words of the sentence your heart embraces your soul, whispering in a naive ear, 'many more books are told".

Blanche McLanahan


In my article of August 7, on the Wessex Ridgeway circle, which was reported on July 24, I claimed that that formation and the ogham-glyph circle [as I call it], of 29 days earlier, form part of a series of this year's UK field displays that are linked geodetically to the estimated centre of Silbury Hill's summit. I was therefore intrigued to discover that, on August 6, as I was close to finishing the article, the impressive formation at Monument Hill was reported [but I didn't find out about it until much later]. It occurred to me that, if my theory is valid, as I'm convinced it is, this striking structure, of all others, would surely concur with it. Although I haven't yet had the chance to do what I always consider to be imperative - carefully survey the formation - the illuminating result of my preliminary enquiry has persuaded me to submit this incomplete analysis to the CCC. 

I'll be referring to the following adaptation of Frank Laumen's excellent photograph:- 

Fig. 1 

Knowing that, to understand crop circles, you often have to be able to think like a child, I was soon drawn to the straight-line structure within the central circle. I concluded that its architect - when creating what is probably a perspective drawing of a cube [as Jack Sullivan said] - had elected to avoid showing the body's one corner [and its associated edges/faces], even though this could have been achieved easily with dotted lines, as shown in the crude Fig. below:- 

Fig. 2 

And observing that the cube's 1 missing corner is being overshadowed by its 7 visible ones, I realised that the simple juxtaposition of these primes can infer another prime, 17, which had a central role in my article of August 7. Amongst other things, I demonstrated that the sequence of the first 17 primes [starting with the supreme prime, 1, as stressed in my book] can infer a number, 6371, which replicates not just an up-to-date value, in km, of the earth's mean radius, but also the radius of the spherical earth model that, so I've discovered, formation geodesy is based on. But as the manifestation of the prime 17, in the Wessex Ridgeway circle, had been closely tied to the prime 13 [i.e. the 17 had been derived from a set of 13 orbiting spheres], I expected to find an expression of the latter number, here, also - and I wasn't disappointed! … 

Firstly, the cited explicit item of information displayed on the cube depiction just alluded to … 7, the quota of its visible corners … is the prime rank of 13 [i.e. 13 is the 7th prime]. 

But secondly, and of great importance [in the current context], 13 happens to be the time span, in days, between when the Wessex Ridgeway circle and this one, at Monument Hill, were reported i.e. the first was on July 24 [day 205] and the latter, on August 6 [day 218]. 

It now appeared, then, that the two edifices were linked both structurally and chronologically and, having recognised this, I couldn't fail to notice that perhaps the most prominent attribute of the latest formation - its circular display of odd looking, interlinked pictograms - exhibits another close bond with the Wessex Ridgeway creation. … 

These mysterious, circumferential structures - which I believe we are being told form part of the same group of objects, because they are all joined by a continuous band of flattened crop [identified in the Figs below] - are 11 in number, comprising a total of 10 of the 1st depicted type and, 1 of the 2nd [Note: the reason for this splitting of the 11 shall be explained again]:- 

Fig. 3 

Apart from the cited band of flattened crop, which physically links these 11 objects together, their commonality is also being stressed, I believe, by the fact that they share the following, explicit attributes [also highlighted in the Fig.]:- 

[1] each sits on the circle that encompasses the cube;

[2] the upper region of each comprises a prominent, oval structure. 

My interest in the quoted 11 [another prime] stems from the fact that the 11th prime, 29, had a pivotal role in the Wessex Ridgeway circle. … The displacement, expressed in metres, of the structure's uniquely defined central point, from the estimated centre of Silbury Hill's summit, was 29x353, where 353, the 72nd prime [72 being a pentagonal number], was the measured displacement between the same Silbury Hill point and the centre of the pentagonaly based ogham-glyph circle, which was reported 29 days before the Wessex Ridgeway formation. 

I therefore wondered if this dominant position, within the Monument Hill formation, of the prime rank of 29 [i.e. 11], was telling us something about a similar relationship that exists between the structure and the cited, estimated centre of Silbury Hill's summit. 

At this juncture I noted the obvious fact that the next whole number after the circumferential 11 i.e. 12 - the letter endowment of a relevant name, Monument Hill - is closely associated with the figure that the circle encompasses i.e. a theoretical cube is endowed with a total of 12 edges [the 3 hidden ones being shown in my earlier Fig.]. Furthermore, when these edges are labelled, 1 to 12, thus [where I've superimposed the numbers on the cited diagram]:- 

Fig. 4 

- the sum of those labels is, 78 [= 1+2+…+11+12], and this has an interesting interpretation in the context of the date the formation was reported i.e. day 218 [= August 06]. 

When 78 is taken from the 218th prime, 1327, we obtain 1249, which is the 205th prime, and we know that the Wessex Ridgeway formation was reported on the year's 205th day: July 24. 

It was clear, then, that a simple attribute of a cube, its quota of 12 edges, embodies another way of tying the two formations together, chronologically. 

This simple revelation now aroused my curiosity concerning the word itself: does CUBE give us a pointer [as was the case with the word TICK, in my earlier analysis] to what this esoteric communication is trying to tell us? 

When its 4 letters were again apportioned numbers that represent their respective positions, in our 26-lettered alphabet, they yielded a combined value of … 31 [= 3+21+2+5] … which is a prime, but not just an ordinary one, in the current context: it is the 12th prime; 12 being, as we know, a cube's allotment of edges [Note. And the digits 3-2-1-2-5 add up to the familiar: 13]. 

This elementary discovery, then, raised the exciting possibility that the ostensibly innocuous 12th prime … 31 … is at the heart of what the magnificent Monument Hill circle is all about, and, as mentioned earlier, even its name is comprised of 12 letters. But before I explain how I subjected this hypothesis to a simple but demanding test, I'll demonstrate that there are still a few more snippets of relevant data lurking in the arrangement we've been looking at. … 

One of my first observations had been that the formation's representation of a cube can point to a simple manifestation of a prime: 17. And as shown in my article of August 7, the first 17 such primes are as follows:- 


But these add up to a number that can be expressed as … 29+353 … which bears an obvious relationship to the distance [measured on the spherical Earth model] between a central point in the Wessex Ridgeway circle and the estimated centre of Silbury hill's summit: 29x353 m. 

I also pointed out, however, that the depicted array of primes comprises 29 digits. But I didn't refer to the fact that their sum, another prime, is … 103. In the current context, this additional morsel of information proves to be exceedingly interesting. … 

We now know, on the one hand, that the value of CUBE is the prime 31, whilst, on the other, that the '17' we inferred from the formation's cube is closely tied to 103, another prime. 

It doesn't require a giant leap of imagination to recognise that the cited 103, inextricably linked as it is to the first 17 primes, can be expressed as:- 31+72 

- where 72 is the all-important pentagonal number, whose prime rank is the above cited 353

If we now juxtapose the foregoing information [where '72p' represents 'the 72nd prime', 353]:- 

the sum of the first 17 primes can be expressed as … 29+72p

the sum of those primes' digits can be expressed as … 31+72 

- an intriguing question immediately comes to mind. … 

As we know that the measurement, on the Earth model, from the cited Silbury Hill point to the one in the Wessex Ridgeway formation can be expressed, in metres, as … 29x72p … are we being told that the second set of numbers, above … 31 & 72 … also defines the value of a relevant dimension [in the current context] to the point on the ancient, manmade mound? 

As I said earlier, I haven't yet been able to get to the Monument Hill site but, thanks to the remarkable images published by the CCC, I know what field the formation there is lodged within, and I think that the following diagram, which depicts an arc, of length, in metres, of … 31x72p [i.e. 10,943] … which is centred on Silbury Hill, speaks for itself:- 

Fig. 5 

It's clear, then, that the arc not only traverses the field that accommodates the structure it also appears, from a consideration of the available photographs, to penetrate it, an observation that can be easily checked by any competent person, visiting the formation, who's equipped with a GPS, or GPS-enabled mobile [set for WGS 84]. Indeed, I'd be most grateful if someone could furnish the CCC with the necessary information - and they may find that the following set of coordinates, pertaining to the above depicted arc, will help them to determine, for themselves, where it cuts the formation:- 

Fig. 6 

To conclude this submission, I'd say that my claim, concerning a number of this year's circles and Silbury Hill, has again been corroborated but the cited missing detail will still be of immense interest. 

© Neil Hudson Newman: 12 August, 2013

I was playing around today with a conjecture I had about the recent "off" cube formation, (Monument Hill, Etchilhampton, Wiltshire   |6th August 2013 | Wheat OH) and superimposed the equally "off" icosahedron formation from last year (Owslebury nr Winchester, Hampshire | 29th July 2012 | Wheat OH ).  What resulted was a reasonable correspondence, given that camera angles most likely varied somewhat.  I'm not sure what this means, but wanted to share the parallel with others who are intrigued by the peculiar proportioning of both formations.

Sarah Susanka


Monument Hill, Etchilhampton – 6 August 2013

 I visited this remarkable circle the evening after it arrived, and then went back with the four lovely sensitive people who were on my last Star Connecting Course very early on the Sunday morning. First they explored and sensed the energy of the rounded forms, between the two large rings. Then we gathered in the small simple circle which holds the whole formation in the south - before they had entered the world of the straight lines of the cube - and I channelled the words my star counterpart was singing and speaking to us. She sang of the beings from the Pleiades and from Andromeda who made this crop circle and suggested how we could experience the rounded chambers and the converging straight lines  of the cube to meet in the centre as different ways of ascending into the higher dimensions. This you can try in your consciousness as you look at the aerial photo – for the scale of this big formation, notice the tiny human figure in the centre of the simple circle! Imagine you are in different spaces – the light areas are flattened wheat and the green is standing crop, or slowly walking the lines of the cube - and see what you sense of how the energy of the geometrical forms and the different forces of straight line and arc  affect your own energy field. Notice the very subtle reactions within you. These are her words for the Comments on Crop Circle Connector.

AMUNA RA-STAR COUNTERPART:  Dear friends, I wish to relate the story of how this formation in the field of wheat at Etchilhampton is a call to those of you who love the circles and the simple cosmic forms of the Pleiadians, and to those of you who love the straight lines and direction of our Andromedan brothers. For you will find both here, and you will find the healing energies of the Arcturians in the chambers around.

All ten of the linked curved chambers are sanctuaries of ascension, each is different, and if you explore these chambers and enter the one which draws you most and sit within it in meditation, then will we whisper to you the secrets you most need to know. Spend time in the chamber which draws you – and you can do this purely in your consciousness, dear ones, if you are unable to physically go into our circle – spend sufficient time there to let the cares of the world drop away and to feel the star energy which will gradually replace your own, refreshing and reviving you, and then, when you are clear and at peace in your heart, then we can whisper to you what you need to know. This is the first, this prepares you to move to the key points which hold the whole formation.

Remain within the outer areas of curved forms, arcs and circles and slowly approach the small unadorned circle in the south, which holds the energies of the whole great formation. Pause on the threshold, if you can physically be in the formation you will see the distinct threshold in the way we have laid the wheat, which you must consciously step across in order to enter the circle. If you do this with respect for what you will find, then you will receive much when you enter.

Now feel here the simplicity, and the power of the simplicity, of the Pleiadians, for it is we who made these rounded forms to carry you into cosmic experience. For that is what a circle does, it carries you into cosmic experience. And if you sit in the swirled centre of this little circle which has the power to hold the whole, you will be able to access the higher dimensions. Allow yourself to experience this in your consciousness. And when you have, and given thanks for what you experienced, rise – or move your consciousness – slowly and approach the central area of the cube. Do this slowly, for you will be entering a different world.

There are four thresholds between the circle you have been in, and the first line of the cube you are approaching. Cross them in all consciousness, and then feel the driving energy of the straight line, feel the direction for it is strong, it takes you swiftly into the very centre. Stand or sit there - or allow your consciousness to rest there while looking at the photo - and experience the converging of the forces of direction upon the point at which you stand. You will feel the forces sending your consciousness upwards. It is a point of ascension.

If you are in the formation with friends it is good to experience the geometry of the formation through the simultaneous movement of human beings, then you truly feel the cosmic connections. If three can stand at the corners of the cube and move, conscious of each other, together to meet in the centre, then you are making the form live: you are lending it your life and movement and you connect with the creative energy which is contained in the form. And when you converge upon the centre you feel the strength not only of the geometric form sending your consciousness upwards, but also of the connections between you, of the combined energies you bring as a threesome to the point in the centre. It is strong, this working together, and brings insights unattainable to most when purely alone. Experience both if you can, dear ones, what comes to you alone, and what comes to you when with others. Both are needed.

Observing souls sensitive to the energies sitting in meditation at the centre of the Pleiadian circle which holds and at the centre of the Andromedan lines of direction, shows the star connections working together which comprise this formation. For it was made by the working together of our Pleiadian and Andromedan fleets, for the reconnection of human souls with their star origins and for the healing and balancing of the forces of the earth.

We would urge you, dear human beings, to work with the energies of our formation through contemplation of the forms, and allow yourselves to experience in meditation the different ways of rising into the higher dimensions, the different ways of meeting with us, the star beings of the Star Councils of Light.

Amuna Ra, for the Star Councils of Light,

channelled by her counterpart, 19 August 2013

My forthcoming book: CROP CIRCLE STAR MESSAGES: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth  has stunning pictures of all the crop circles in a radius of nine miles of Avebury which the Star Councils of Light claim to have made in the pivotal year of 2012, and profound teachings on how to manage our energy and open to the new opportunities available to us from 2013 onwards. It will be available from my website in September. 

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The following weekend is a Star Journeys Workshop for those who would like to discover the origins of their souls in the stars through regression. 31 August – 1 September in Calne, facilitated by Amuna Ra who is a well-qualified Regression Therapist. All details here – please apply soon if you’d like to come!    

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With Love and Blessings, Amuna Ra   


Interpretation according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin 

This crop circle appeared on August 6, 2013, during the Wave of the Dog (from August 1 till August 13). A wave is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 till Tone 13. The Solar Seal “Dog” means Love, Heart, Devotion. The Dog is the 10th Solar Seal. On August 6 was a day with the Tone 6 and with the Solar Seal “Eagle”. “Eagle” means Creativity, Vision (Visualization), Mind. Tone 6 means equality, balance, organization. 


On the first picture in the upper part of the crop circle is depicted the Human. The day August 6 is with the Tone 6, presented here through 6 points, which divide the inner circle in 6 equal sections. They build a hexagon, which is divided in 3 rhombs with equal size, which symbolize the physical body, the Spirit and the Soul. One of the meanings of the Tone 6 is equalizing of the bodies. The human has to keep his physical body, his Spirit and his Soul in balance.   

In the second picture we see that the same hexagon with the 3 rhombs looks like a pyramid. When a balance between physical body, Spirit and Soul is at hand, the body of the human becomes a strong energetic structure such as a pyramid. The 10 figures of people in the outer circle symbolize the 10th Solar Seal “Dog” - the Energy of Love. They are connected in a wave - the Wave of Love. 

The Human in the upper part of the first picture has spread his arms like wings. When the human has balanced his Spirit, Soul and physical body, and when he is connected with the other people through the Energy of Love, he gets wings and could fly like an Eagle !! The Energy of the Visualization is characteristic for the Solar Seal Eagle. The 10 figures of people have faces with emphasized big, wide open eyes, which is an allusion for the strong eyes of the Eagle. We, the people, have to grasp that through the Energy of the Visualization we can create our future. 

Maya Todorova

The Miracle of Monument Hill”   Crop Formation of the 6th August 2013. 


“There are known  knowns. These are things we know we know.   There are known  unknowns, that is to say there are things we know we don’t know.   But there are also unknown unknowns .   These are things we don’t  know we don’t know.”

Donald Rumsfield  U.S. Defense Secretary  March 2003  

When this formation first appeared many experienced croppies and long time observers of the phenomenon dismissed it as human, generally well made but with some glaring errors in the central circle evidenced by the apparently meaningless distorted hexagon with unequal sides and the three radials 

Then along came photographer Frank Laumen. He presented us with two aerial shots which demonstrate that when the formation was viewed along a particular ground sight line and at a particular angle, a beautifully precise 3D image of an edifice appeared.

Other aerial photos; see the Aerial Views on the relevant  page of the Crop Circle Connector, taken from other sight lines and aerial angles would not reveal the correctly proportioned 3D image seen in the Frank Laumen shots. 

This process of the generation of an image from apparently haphazard lines in a ring has never been seen before in the whole history of the crop circle phenomenon and presented us with a ‘chicken and egg’  type puzzle.  Which came first, the 3D image or the wonky Hexagon? They are both projections of each other, neither can exist without the other.

Many incorrect explanations have been offered , including an early one from myself on the website Comments page, where I claimed it was a perspective view using two vanishing points. I was  wrong, I didn’t look deeply enough and apologize to anyone misled.   

Further consideration persuaded me that the only way the irregular hexagon seen in an over head shot of the formation can be made, is by generating the required 3D image first. This would have to be done on a drawing board and based on a pre- chosen structure or edifice. Once realized, the 3D image can be used to generate the’wonky’ field  hexagon on the drawing board also, the various angles and line lengths then measured and  superimposed in the real crop formation inner ring.  The following drawing demonstrates how the all this can happen. Note the image at Stage 5 is a traced copy from a Frank Laurens aerial photo. 

Drawing No 1. Evolution of a phantom 3D image at Monument Hill. 


Explanation of Stages 1 to 6 in the evolution of a 3D phantom image. 

Stage 1.  this is  the true side view of a rectangular solid with trapezoid sided walls sloping towards the top by 5 degrees. 

Stage 2.  this is a projected real view on the top of the structure. It is rotated 15 degrees anti clockwise. This rotation adds complexity to the £d image at stage 5. 

Stage 3.  this is a projected true view across the centre of the diagonal of the rotated plan view. 

Stage 4.  this is the Stage 3 view tilted from horizontal ground level which enables the projection of the Stage 5 phantom image as seen in the field formation. 

Stage 5. This is the 3D virtual image generated by the preceding stages. 

Stage 6, This is the asymmetrical hexagon projected from Stage 5 which will be seen from directly overhead. 

The Stage 5 image can only be seen  correctly when the formation in the field is approached on the ground level sight line across points c to G, on image Stage 6 and at an aerial to ground angle of approximately 45 degrees, as actually discovered by Frank Lauren. 

The 3D image appears inside an ellipse as seen at Stage 5.  See Drawing No.2 for an explanation of how the approach angle is determined by measuring the minor axis of this ellipse on the photograph and comparing it to the circle diameter. 

Drawing No 2 


 Illustraton 3.  Photograph of the cardboard model of the 3D structure on a 95mm rectangular base. This was used to help in making the correct projections in constructing Drawing No 1. the stage by stage evolution of the 3D image. 


Jack Sullivan  31st August 2013.



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike