The Ridgeway, nr Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 6th July.

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The image is in reference to the planet Saturn, noting 9 rings. Quite ironically and true to the circle makers, I noticed a spot in the news about Saturn this day and the place of Saturn in relationship to Spica. Shall we cast our eyes heavenward?

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In this image Saturn is referenced again, we see the star directions over the Moon shape, the right side pointing to Spica, the upper left noting rings of Saturn and extended side Star Zubenelgenubi.
Joseph Lake Research

Artwork by WJ

The Ripple Effect


Which crop circles are man-made and which star made? 

Star Message about the CROP CIRCLE at the RIDGEWAY, AVEBURY of 6 July 2013 from 


Oh dearest one, we are pleased to speak with you about this formation in the fields. This year we are more sparing in the circles we make in your area, because so many have been cut out in the last season by the farmers and because there has been such disagreement amongst you human beings who are called crop circle researchers. We wish you to develop your own energetic perception so it becomes quite clear to you which circles are man-made and which are made by us. Very many are man-made by those artists who have become extremely good at making circles in the corn as well as in the sand. Sometimes they are beautiful forms, well-thought-out and with precise geometries, and sometimes they have succeeded in swirling some centres and even in heating the stems to create a swelling in the nodes to imitate our work. And yet, dear ones, there is always something missing, something that is very difficult for many of you to define, which we will call the energetic presence of the formation.

For those of you who are sensitive to energies, it is immediately obvious that the energetic imprint of man-made formations, however skilfully and beautifully executed, is lacking in force and power. There is no transformation of your ability to perceive, you are not lifted into higher dimensions or healed in your bodies and souls. There is equally little impression on the energetic forces of the Earth. We say equally little, for there will of course be some impression both on human beings who enter such a human-made circle and upon the Earth, for all things leave an energetic imprint, and the forms of artistic creations no matter whether human made or star created have an effect. Beauty of form will raise the vibration simply because that is what beauty does. 

We wish you human beings to really devote yourselves to developing your sensitivity to what comes from us, which formations are truly ‘Messages from the Stars’ and healing for the Earth, and which are made by human beings for other purposes, out of other motivations. When the co-operation of the farmer is secured in advance it is possible for human beings to have the time to create very well made circles which emulate the characteristics of our own, which have been much studied in the last decades. We wish you now, dear ones, to rise out of the mode of studying with your intellects alone, and to use your feeling senses more, to begin to detect the energetic signature of the formations which appear in the fields, to begin to come into energetic relationship with us, your star brothers and sisters who wish to work with you as you show yourselves capable of discrimination and discernment.

That, dear ones, was by way of preamble, I would now like to speak with you about this beautiful formation of nine concentric circles which ripple out from the still centre where the power is held, which we most certainly did make in the fields to aid in the balancing of the Earth’s shifts and her adjustment to her new energetic field since her passage into the fourth dimension which took place just before the December Solstice of 2012. The Earth and all life upon it – including all you human beings – has been existing simultaneously in the third and fourth dimensions since that time, and this shift is causing all sorts of ripples of confusion in the minds and emotions of those who have not yet learnt to navigate in these new waters. We have asked our dear Amuna Ra to write of these things in her book* which will appear shortly and will include our teachings on the transformations within the Earth and her aura, and how they affect human beings and offer new possibilities of perception as human consciousness expands and becomes active in other dimensions. Meanwhile, most of our words are published on her website for those who are curious to read then now.**

This formation shows you how it is possible to hold your centre within the ripples of change all around you, sometimes distorted by denser fields of energy, sometimes fine and clear, ever-changing and ever-moving. You live in a most fluid time and it is imperative that you learn to recognise what your own perceptions are and are not misled by all the misinformation circulating around you, nor by the emotions which arise and knock you off balance. You need to develop your own discernment to a high degree to protect and keep you safe in these time of dynamic change. These times offer you indeed enormous advantages of unprecedentedly swift growth in your consciousness of the way energy works and the possibilities of access to other dimensions. But to benefit from these opportunities you need to let go of all expectations and of all thoughts which tie you to previous periods of time. 

All has been made new since the winter of 2012. Those who cling to the old paradigms, including the old paradigms of the crop circle world, will not have the necessary openness of mind to perceive what is actually happening all around you. Be like the still centre in our formation, stand tall in your sovereignty as a conscious human being capable of relating and perceiving on all nine of the dimensions which are most easily accessible to human consciousness. There are actually infinite dimensions, but few are capable of perceiving on more than nine or twelve of these. We show here the first nine dimensions of consciousness which both surround you and interpenetrate your consciousness. Gradually you will all become more conscious on more of these levels, as this is the process of human evolution that you are living through. Indeed this is why most of you have chosen to incarnate upon the Earth at this momentous time of transformation.

Opening to a consciousness of these higher dimensions is the same as being able to see and hear and feel higher beings such as we star beings and the angelic beings. It involves what you call spiritual development, and yet this can now take place in much more direct ways than heretofore upon the Earth. Now the Mystery Schools and the esoteric orders of ages past which have faithfully kept silence and trained their adepts and students must begin to give way to the new possibilities afforded by the evolutionary stage that humanity has entered in this year of 2013, the first year of the New Earth. It is the beginning of a process which will take many years yet to complete, so the hand-over from the old ways to the new will be a gradual one. Nevertheless, it will be those who have the maturity and foresight to trust their perceptions and to learn to relate directly to your star brothers and sisters and to the ranks of the angelic hierarchies, who are not different, who will traverse this period of adjustment to the new energies with a greater ease and be able to hold their own equilibrium midst the ripples of change.

It is I, Melchisedek, who speaks as Sirius Ra for the Star Councils of Light. You may publish both of my names to show the identity of star and angelic being, for part of your task is to demonstrate the crossing of these boundaries of human thought systems.
Sirius Ra (Melchisedek), 10 July 2013

* 'CROP CIRCLE MESSAGES FROM THE STARS: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth' by Amuna Ra 
** Website for Channelling about crop circles of 2012 and 2013 and the transition to the New Earth   - also has info about Star Connecting and Channelling Workshops, and much more.

have been drawing crop circle formations.  I have noticed that there would appear to be a couple of ratios involved quite frequently. If I take an outer circle and reduce it by a certain amount, I will have a corresponding match to the actual formations.  
Using the scale tool, I have reduced the outer circle by the ratio of . 854, ( 85.4%,) towards the centre. For the recent formation at
Avebury .To me, the circle size ratios are somewhat predictable and it is interesting to gain confirmation of this as new formations appear.

I am wondering if those who draw crop circle diagrams might be interested in exploring this subject further with respect to gaining
independent confirmation.
I believe the circle ratios conform to the planetary orbit diameters of the solar system. That is to say that if the distance of the Earth
from the Sun is  1 AU, then 1 x .854 x .854 = .72,9 (where Venus is  723 AU) x.854 x.854 x .854 x .854 = ,387 which is the orbit diameter size of Mercury with respect to the Earth.
So I look for this ratio, and find it within many crop circle formations. It is not the only ratio. There would also appear to be
many examples of a reduction of .9 or 90%, While different, the .9 reducing ratio and the .854 ratio share increments as in 1 x .9 x.9 x. 9 = .729. etc
I have tried to write this up in depth here
I freely admit that I am not a scientist however I believe that if we can glean an understanding of the crop circles from the relative sizes of the concentric circle sets, we may move further towards developing a contact with the authors.
So at this stage, if you know of people who might be interested in drawing the crop circles from the point of this particular understanding of them, I would be quite happy to pursue the matter further.



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The formation at Ridgeway nr Avebury on July 6 is the image of a magnetic monopole. The electromagnetic waves are result of bipolarity. It is cause of the asymmetry we view in our world and the genetic compromise of mutation of fragmented codes.  The symmetry of the mono-pole enables the light to square and reflect the whole or true image.  The mass weight or matter is expressed in concentric rings of diatonic ratios....sound creating of the music of the spheres.There is a beautiful symmetry in this image. But what happens when light on the periphery permeates the curvature of sound rings?

The attached "Fuzzy Logic" is what I see when the velocity of light penetrates the curve at a 90 degree angle.....lights angle gives us images, shadow and colour which is all derived and extracted from matter. Extraction of the cube from the circle gives us 12 line segments which encodes all of creation....the twelve tribes, the twelve signs of the zodiac, 30 degree divisions of a sphere, and the 12 hours of the clock.  

So if the L2=Em, then light and sound are in sync numerically. Sound creates symmetry of the magnetic-strong field (+) in concentric rings and light is the electro-weak force (-) moving inward linearly to centre point from the periphery. The image for light's propagation through a sphere is that of and perhaps that for the origin of the wheel. Many crop formations tell tale of optics and light's potential.

If their (our) craft uses propulsion based on the magnetic field generated by this image, then the craft I viewed through my telescope for five hours gave me an insight as to how they tap into the field or aether. The attached "Portland craft" is drawing of that craft. The also attached "circuit design" was shown to me as to how the pulse of light is used to manipulate the magnetic field using positive and negative charges, and how they are integrated with perspective to longitudinal and latitude lines running vertically and horizontally through it.

As I viewed the craft it responded to my thoughts...I asked many questions regarding its propulsion system. Water, heavy water, but not deuterium is used. It is a molecular formation of water by fusion of two H2O...the right handed molecule and the left are conformation of an H4O2 molecule, a design also seen in the fields.  By ceasing the Coriolis effect in fusion and containing evaporation, fluid viscosity of a single gallon enables perpetual flight. They also eluded to the neutrons function within the it is used as a reverse bias of energy to matter in cold fusion.

Cultural diversity (see attached) was created by opposition of poles over millennium inducing dissension within humanity by pure misunderstanding. But the monoculture or homogenization would be akin to our decay. Our diversity will reign despite the mono-pole, as in symmetry of the sign of the cross "tel-empathy" or communicating understanding will evolve. That diversity took us out into space......and in time it will bring us home to a complete house (see attached).

If we overlay the circuit design which is light effects with the formation at Ridgeway we see the Unification of two forces; the electro-weak and magnetic-strong fields.

The craft are silent and can be made invisible simply by cancelling each other out, or adjusting the light spectrum or auditory field.

As the Trusloe formation indicates asymmetry within these borders, they make adjustments to fit into our electromagnetic fields perpetrated by the bipolar dysfunction. It is no wonder their navigation into this realm often fails and the craft impact density of matter. Roswell occurred shortly after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings which fractured dimensional barriers, no doubt cause of the crash.

See attached "Chaturanga" meaning the "four Limbs". With the sign of the cross we shall conquer. The cross has been portrayed in the fields many times. It is an ancient symbol engraved in stone for posterity. A symbol that conjures many is stability, symmetry, and unification.  

The crop circles speak to every man, each of us individually. It does not matter, race, creed or we are all derived from the same code, the Tribe of Judah and the Root of David.


This is the circuit design or schematic of the craft I viewed for 5 hours.


Over most agroglifo England. We have this drawing 19 concentric circles which represent 3 sets of 6 types of planets (3 x 6 = 18) where in one of these series your planet school or 6th planet has ever contacted or is very close to contact the primitive planet (7)'s respective series, forming then the output 18 + 1 = 19.

  The primitive planet is the circle to the centre of the design giving us an idea of ​​evolution because shyness is contained by all the other planets of the 3 series that evolve their knowledge toward the infinite. The outer circle represents the World of Light (1) evolved over the 3 series because he is the one who commands.

 And as a further evolution of this planet should already be losing its crust material, ie, if and dematerialized into the universe of Universal Intelligence only fluidic structure is natural that the series belonging to this world of Light is a new world emerging primitive so that when the world of Light instead of leaving our material universe the series count again with 6 different worlds. As we know the worlds evolve domino effect in each series.

  Hug and thank you for your attention

 Carlos Alberto Yates


An inspired thought for The Ridgeway, nr Avebury   6th July 

There is the still point and something that moves it. What initiates the movement? Is there a third part involved? In Creation there is the Still Point. Out of the Still Point comes Movement. One can call this Still Point: Creator and the Movement: Creation.

What is the initiator called?

Could it be: Divine Will, Intent, Curiosity, Life Force?

Creation is baffling. All we know is, it comes from the Still Point, so it is the same as the Still Point but always on the move.... Baffling. 

Yet, very familiar. One can see this phenomena all around and inside. Large and small. Ah, that's because all is One. All is similar. All derives from the same Still Pont. Ain't it great?

Tetsje op den Dries

Some have interpreted it as depicting a wormhole with nine concentric, very thin rings.  It's sited between two large copses of trees (the siting is evidently deliberate), and had not been much visited.  So, it appeared fresh. On the way out, several hundred meters away, in parallel with the first copse of trees, I encountered a crop circle "punkt," for lack of a better word, adjacent to the tramline. CCC has not reported it that I'm aware of.

And I suddenly had a flash . . . this crop circle isn't a wormhole; it's our solar system . . . eight planets plus Pluto . . . nine rings around the solar disk . . . and the punkt would be some visitor from afar . . . perhaps, Comet ISON?!

For what it's worth, I went back and checked the overhead image and "yup," the punkt is there . . . Barely visible, but it's there . . . Tangent to one of the tramlines, and adjacent to the innermost copse of trees. In the overhead it looks like a blemish, but it is, in fact, a beautiful little nest, with a central spike.




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike