West Kennett Longbarrow, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Reported 13th August.

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Barrows and Wombs, How Much to Bury here ? 

  Cubism, Realism, Romanticism, are all nothing without humor and intrigue. The absurdity of calcium supported water bags excitedly vibrating across the surface of the dirt they were made from, for a short time, then returning to the womb. Employing hope, faith, and prayer, all the while benefitting from the havoc of war by way of spoils. Animals pretending to be better, but proving the worse. Looking for something to deny when they find it.

 Science will always tend toward physical proof and mathematics to establish fact, while spirit seeks to ever change without repetition, flow towards an indefinable yearning that flouts convention. Both are necessary, but when harmonized, all move forward. 

Thus begins the week of Batz in Bear. A time to reflect on the value of human life. It looks to me as if the formation points to the spiral formation of  Silbury Hill Aug 8.  Crossing the line.

 Veering away from the tomb, avoiding the womb. Stay alive. Yet all must die. One pound of flesh for your freedom, but a penny for your thoughts. Pain for your comfort and death for your efforts. Pity for your suffering, and ignorance for your truth. 

 Crop circles for our flights of fancy, and art for our dreams. Libations for our friends, and guns for our enemies. Ten percent for the god, and deeds for absolution. Ownership for our egos and claims for our souls. 

 That doesn't matter, but this does. They can't have it, but we deserve it. We know it's not right , but don't know what's wrong. We think it's the right way, but don't know where it leads. 

 If you care about your health, proceed to hospitality, but in admitting be denied because you don't have health care. 

 What do you think Bob, there's 4 women in there with the man ? Should I pull the trigger ? 

 Do it. It's an acceptable loss. We have to follow orders at all cost. 

 What about the village ? What will they say ? Are we but Dogs of War

 Just do your job. We are not paid to Think. Its our god given privilege to be ruthless

 We don't have ideas, and we don't make things up. It will all be “worth” it.

    image source Steven Metildi

That's what I see in this crop circle. Of course, I also saw a herd of bears dividing a pot of honey this morning in my cornflakes. They were suffering from cognitive dissonance, and afraid of facing the public due to shame. Then the womb of the mother unfolded and embraced them. My toast was covered in strawberry blood and I mistook it for death. It was instead, joy, but I didn't recognize it. It had been such a long, long, long, long, time.


 David Odell

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The Platonic Solids (Plato = Atlantis etc etc) Fire Tetrahedron mathforum.org The originators of this 'New Fire Ceremony' alignment system (which dates back to the foundation of Teotihuacan in Mexico) knew full well that due to precession the position of the Earth in relation to the Hunab Ku would, in this era, bring ever increasing benefits to humanity. Because of this eclipsing beam (which enables DNA/blood crystal activation?) which hits us once a year, its emanations are now able to fully engage with us.


Judith Simpson

Michael Mai posts us his latest collage that relates to the recent crop formation at the West Kennett Long Barrow, Wiltshire. UK. Michael's comment - 'The magic Number 7.



The crop circle at Hackpen Hill is one of our triad of formations in that sacred place. This circle of joining circles, 22 in all, shows the harmonising flow of hearts linked in openness and love, yet each retaining their individuality. It shows the way for human beings to relate each to the next, arms around each other and respectful of the sovereignty of each. When human beings recognise the sphere of their own sovereign cosmic being they also recognise the sphere of the cosmic sovereign being of the next person, and harmony reigns without the loss of individuality or discernment. For discernment is key, the discernment of the heart in the centre. The heart is a sense organ of love, and when you sense from within the sphere of your heart, then are you not misled by mental confusions planted within you because feeling your heart’s knowing brings an easy trust of what is simply there.

We feel it is a great misfortune that the other sacred place of West Kennett Long Barrow has been desecrated by the false formation made by human beings so close to this ancient shrine and place of initiation. It is indeed made by the same artists who have become well practiced in their art of imitating our circles in the corn who made the previous formations centred on triangles. But their art, though well done - and we too can appreciate that - does not send powerful energy into the earth and the people who enter. It is also a desecration of the farmer’s field, as well as the sacred site, as it is done out of complex and false motivations, part of which is to confuse those who come to the crop circles as to their origins, and part of which is to attempt to prove that man can do as well as star beings. We leave the judging of this to those who enter the formations and can feel the energies and how they work.

We would counsel that you go into both of these formations and sense the energies at work. Sense also the energies of the field before you enter the formation, for a field of living grain which is nearing its point of ripening fully is a powerful energy source in itself. It contains the full forces of the sun’s warmth and the great maturing forces of the millions of seeds each of which hold the creative forces of many new plants. This is a powerful energetic field. Feel and sense this as you walk towards the formations. Then pause at the threshold to the crop circle, stop and step over consciously into the space that we have created, or that someone has created, and allow the energy to work upon you. Give it time in stillness, let it settle around you, receive it into you. Then slowly allow yourself to move to another part of the formation and sense the energy there.

In this way will you be able to discern which are the genuine formations, made out of cosmic love to heal and balance the earth and humanity, and which are made out of lower motivations. As far as our work with human beings in this season in this area of the sacred lands of Avebury this is our main wish, our deeply held desire, that you may grow in your sensitivity to the point that you can instantly feel our energies and see from the quality and balance and harmonising forces of the design, which are the circles made by the Star Councils of Light and which by human beings mimicking our art. As you grow into the capacity to know in your hearts what is true and real, so will you grow in your capacity to work together in harmony, allowing each to be as they are – which is different from you.

This is the first step, the accepting of difference in the accepting of each other in the crop circle community. When you can approach another person with an open heart and allow that he or she has their own way of perceiving, then you are accepting the sanctity of another human being. In showing the capacity to receive others with discernment but without rejection as human beings, then you are showing your capacity to be open to both worldly and spiritual realities. This is a prerequisite for developing the abilities to enter into the deepest mysteries of the crop circles. And this we would dearly wish you to do.

It is I, Peroptimé, who speaks for the Star Councils of Light.  

channelled by Amuna Ra, 14 August 2013

Forthcoming book: CROP CIRCLE STAR MESSAGES: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth  - with stunning pictures of all the crop circles in a radius of nine miles of Avebury which the Star Councils of Light claim to have made in the pivotal year of 2012.

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If you have questions for the Star Councils of Light and would like to participate in a conversation with them you would be welcome the next Star Gathering on Sunday 25 August, 7pm – 8.30, in Calne, near Avebury, UK,  contact me for details. 

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With Love and Blessings, Amuna Ra

I see in this crop the description of what could happen cosmically during the full moon of 21st August 2013, or better, the crop fix the moment before this event, in fact seems not completely in phase, not well aligned.

There's in the centre, I suppose galactic centre, a Sun - Moon embrace, around by Unab Ku symbol, and twelve zodiacal homes separated in equal six and six. Is quite the representation of a divine pendulum clock before shooting the ray of ascension trough galactic space directed to our four elements athanor crossed by four orbits and sovrasted by the merkabah triangles of quintessence. 


Artwork by WJ

Self Portrait

Artwork by WJ


Silbury Hill is depicted here as a Gateway into Hyper dimensional space. And it has been that way and served that purpose for 5000 years. The 'circlemakers' may be coming from as near as somewhere on or in our Planet - or from as far away as the Pleiades. Either way, they travel here in minutes through warped space/time and then impress their highly intelligent and elaborate pre-designed template patterns on to the Wiltshire landscape in a matter of seconds - during the hours of visible spectrum 'darkness'.

See any resemblance to or correlation with this crop circle pattern to pattern below?

The one below is sacred geometry depicting what the upcoming planetary sextile alignment of August 25, 2013 is expected to bring to the planet to diffuse chaos  and help hasten the peace process on earth. Full story at link HERE!  Is the crop circle announcing the coming alignment?


Barbara Tomczyk


 I’d like to explain what this formation, which appeared near Silbury Hill - just in front of West Kennet Long Borrow on august 13th, makes me think of: 

In the centre we can see a pyramid formed by a triangle containing a round part in its centre.

This could represent Silbury Hill, a round pyramid. The round part in the middle of this pyramid is represented by a moon, by a sort of a planet and by sunbeams. So, this pyramid could relate our Earth to our solar system or at least to our moon and to our sun.

A passage leaves from this pyramid to another circle and conforming to Kyborg and Koch’s experiences during the 90ths, this would symbolise a relationship to another star/sun.

Just beside the passage we can find two rectangles which would symbolise two planets, conforming to Kyborg and Koch’s very interesting theory (their book: Die Antwort des Orion).

So, this would mean that Silbury Hill is related to the planetary system which itself is related to another star/sun which has two planets. 

At the basement showing to West Kennet Long Borrow, the three corners of the pyramid touch a circle which divides itself into 4 circles. And on the top, the four circles are connected by a sort of a “temple” whose top touches the fourth circle. The 4 circles might make think of waves in the space, which could mean that this other star/sun is connected by the little “temple” to other spaces. 

My interpretation would then be following:

Our planet is related to the planetary system by Silbury Hill, the navel of Mother Earth, and our whole planetary system is related to another solar system with two planets which itself is related by waves to something else… the whole galaxy… or even the universe?

A centre showing a moon, a sun and even sunbeams has already appeared in other formations: 







 Does something or somebody want to make us understand that we are in a very important region which is directly in contact with the galaxy?

And the strong energy which people feel in many formations, could that be energy injected by this something or somebody to provide new energy to mother Earth so badly treated by its habitants? 


I found these again relating to The Emerald Tablets
Joseph Lake Research

Tixeire Luc


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike