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Date:  April 8, 2014

Location:   Hoeven (between Hoeven & Oudenbosch)
Crop:  Short Grass
Found By:  Robbert v/d Broeke (http://www.robbertvandenbroeke.nl/home)
Photos & Diagram:  Roy Boschman
Report By:  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team (http://www.bltresearch.com)

During the afternoon of April 8th Robbert strongly felt the crop circle-makers around him in his apartment.  He was sitting on the sofa and felt that he must “let himself go into the Source” and not "be afraid” (what he means here is that he literally must allow his normal human sense of “boundaries” between self and other to be absorbed or taken over temporarily by this enormous presence, something that scared him very much years ago when he first encountered it and it felt “too big for your body”—that his physical self could could not contain it).  He knows now that when he can do this he is filled with an absolute sense of being loved, of knowing that he is doing what he is meant to do….that he is "in synch" with the cosmos.  

While in this state Robbert then clearly “saw” a field at a “Nature place” in between the villages of Hoeven and Oudenbosch--a place where many years ago he and I went one night to see a new crop circle then--and a herd of sheep, which were running loose, scared him and made him run behind me for protection…which I like to kid him about now that he is grown.

Still at home Robbert then “watched” (in his “mind’s eye”) as the new formation began to form.  It started with a small circle closest to the road and then a much larger one, and then a ringed circle and lots of smaller “satellite” circles on the other end.  As he “watched” he clearly saw the energies over the third (the big) circle go in two directions, one layer of energy going in one direction above another layer going in the opposite direction...and he felt sure there would be two different lay-directions in this circle.  Robbert did draw this formation for me and he has shown the drawing to me thru Skype, but he doesn't know how to scan things into his computer so I can’t include his drawing so it could be compared to the photos which will be taken when daylight arrives. [Roy has now sent photos and, indeed, the overall formation does look like R’s drawing….and the big circle, over which Robbert saw the two different energies, does have a center area laid clockwise & an outer edge laid counter-clockwise.]

Robbert laughed describing how funny it was to watch this enormous energy source trying so hard to “make itself small enough" to create the crop circle….this energy KNOWS it is much too powerful for humans and it has to try very hard to be small enough, and very gentle—so people will not be afraid.

The awareness of this “cosmic energy” was extremely strong this time and Robbert felt it was “programming” this crop formation to have real healing capabilities—that some people can literally be healed simply by being in this formation and that other people will be given clear guidance (like standing on a mountain and seeing the surrounding terrain more clearly), if they wish, regarding the next step they should take in dealing with health problems.  And although he says that he knows it sounds “romantic,” Robbert felt both angels and “nature spirits” present all around this formation, as well as “lots of purple (healing spiritual) energy.”  Some people's fingertips may turn purple in this formation, which has to do with the large amount of cosmic energy involved in creating it—this energy can influence the blood directly.


Roy and Robbert then drove to the “Nature place” and there was, indeed, a brand new formation….and Robbert felt that it had been in the field only a few minutes.  It was very dark, but there was enough moonlight to see that Robbert’s drawing was close to what the men actually found in the field.  Going into the formation Robbert felt intense “tingling” on his arms and head and got quite dizzy several times. 

Because this is a public “Nature place” people should be able to visit this circle without problems.  But Robbert gives a warning to people who are particularly “sensitive” that they should be prepared to possibly feel quite dizzy—if this happens you should either stand very still until it passes or go out of the formation for awhile.  In some cases it is necessary to wait and come back on another day.

For more information in English about Robbert and the ongoing anomalous phenomena around him see the many reports posted below the introduction to his case on the BLT website: http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert.php.

For more photos of the 2014 Dutch crop circles so far (including this new one) see Robbert's Cropcircle Archive (in Dutch, but many reports also in translated English): http://www.robbertvandenbroeke.nl/graancirkelarchief.

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