Savigny-sur-Braye, Loir-et-Cher, France. Reported 12th June.

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First we went to the Air-Club at La Chapelle Vendômoise near Blois where we had reserved a flight. Yannick flew over the region with a micro-light and took the photographs but he felt really sick as it was very windy.

Then we drove to Cellé and tried to find the place. With the Google-Earth indications we just couldn't find it. We were hiking around and it was horribly hot. Yannick who suffers of hay-feever was sneezing all the time… pour boy! Finally I suggested that we should go back to the little village (280 inhabitants…) and ask some people. Nobody seemed to know anything. We showed them the photos taken from the micro-light and they all seemed rather astonished.

Finally we found a lady who knew about it. She tried to explain how to get there but we still had some difficulties.
After our 3 hours searching, we finally saw it from a hill-side. The formation was laying there on the other side of the village and so we went there to take some more photographs.

The little circle seemed not too bad but the ring of standing crop in the middle was not very convincing. The centre of the big formation was a whole mess. Nothing in common with the beautiful crop-formations of England! The passages of the labyrinth were not too bad. Finally, I didn’t know what to think about it. Yannick was sure that it’s a hoax.

We left the formation after about 40 minutes and when I opened my car, a man came by to talk to us. He told us that Cléa, a young artist, had made it with 4 friends and the owner of the field, during a whole day. He gave us the name of the farmer and we will call him to investigate a bit more.

As it was already 7.30 p.m. And as we were exhausted and hungry, we decided to have dinner somewhere near the place, especially as we had another two or three hours to drive back home.

Some more news about the formation in Cellé:
So, they didn't even want to make believe that it was a "real" formation of a mysterious origine...
A bientôt (which means something as: see you later or good bye)

Ursula Pezeu

Images Yannick Pezeu Copyright 2014

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Images Yannick Pezeu Copyright 2014

Images Yannick Pezeu Copyright 2014


Images Yannick Pezeu Copyright 2014


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Images Yannick Pezeu Copyright 2014


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