Hod Hill, nr Hanford, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 1st June.

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Hod Hill: Work Ahead! 

The novel and intriguing formation at Hod Hill combines familiar symbols in a new way to give us information that complements the Great Wheel formation at Buckle Street. It shows us how we can align with the Great Wheel of Life and which ways we can move. Two different-sized circles are connected by a straight line. The small circle, on the ‘outside’ of the large one, is surrounded by one concentric circle; the larger circle is also surrounded by a circle that contains a double-edged square that contains a simple labyrinthine pathway. All elements are connected by the pathway that leads to the labyrinth and back to the small circle. 

The basic symbols of circle, square and labyrinth in this formation come together to offer a complex message about the relationship and development of our consciousness within cosmic and temporal cycles of life and death. It gives us an insight into how personal consciousness may expand and flourish within the context of Creation. 

A circle with a centre often represents Creation, the Sun or consciousness. As we have here a small circle within a circle connected by a line to a large circle within a circle, perhaps this formation is referring to the individual in relation to the world, collective or Creation.  

The square is the quintessential earth symbol, a symbol for Man, and for the four elements making up the material world. 

Over millennia and in many different civilizations fourfold geometric shapes have symbolized the earth, the four elements and the four psychological aspects of man.

The exquisite labyrinth formed by the three concentric partial circles around the large centre defines a pathway that goes toward the left, then to the right and back, or vice versa. 

For millennia, labyrinthine symbols have been carved in stone, drawn in caves and painted in temples. The labyrinth is ‘a perfect symbol of the individuation quest.’ (Stevens 247) It illustrates the ’soul’s journey into the centre of the uterine [unconscious] underworld and its return toward rebirth.’ (Walker 95) The labyrinth carries similar meanings to the spiral. 

The Hopi call the labyrinth ‘Mother Earth’; the path was the Universal Plan of the Creator. A coin from Knossos shares similarities with the Yin Yang symbol. The pebble labyrinth was found on the Island of Weir, Finland in 1838. The scratched design was painted on a pillar in Pompeii 2000 years ago with the message: ‘Labyrinth. Here lives the Minotaur.’ 

The spiral, “An extremely ancient, complex, and ubiquitous symbol representing the creative power of the universe emanating from the navel, centre, or omphalos, it shares in the symbolism of the labyrinth. The double spiral represents evolution and involution, the basic rhythms of nature, Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, yoni and lingam, shakta and shakti. It resembles the caduceus.” (Stevens 252) 

The Alchemical ‘seed’ travels from above down through the planetary bodies to reach the centre. This path is labelled: “The spiral progress of the mundane spirit.” From there it follows a returning path to its source. This path is labelled: “Return of the spirit to the centre of unity.” (Hall CLVII)

A psychoanalytical patient draws a serpentine spiral, heading towards the centre, illustrated by the fourfold wholeness of the square. (Purce 101)  

Carl Jung describes the movement and wakening of consciousness toward individuation: “The process of development proves on closer inspection … to be cycladic or a spiral…we can hardly help feeling that the unconscious moves spiral wise around a centre gradually getting closer, while the characteristics of the centre grow more and more distinct” (Purce 100) 

Whereas the traditional labyrinth and spiral vehicles of consciousness describe specific paths, this amazingly ‘eloquent’ formation at Hod Hill shows us the many choices by which an individual might explore their connection to the world, life and spiritual development. Whether we choose the direct, perhaps meditative line, the peripheral all-encompassing line, the exploration of the material square paths, or the labyrinthine path of integrating the Masculine and Feminine, we are always in connection with other paths and may continue on our choice or move onto a different path, or perhaps at different times in our lives have a chance at all paths! 

The point made in this formation is that all paths for an individual are contained within the One and all paths are interconnected within the One. We cannot stray since we are constantly ‘within’. It is an invitation to expansions, explorations and adventures that can be pursued both within one’s own being and outwardly in the world. This new perspective on what it means to be a conscious human on Earth can be quite reassuring and liberating. It proposes many cycles of interest within the Circle of Life. 

In keeping with the name, Hod Hill we may become ‘hodders’ so to speak, building with the bricks and mortar of our own experiences, and fuelling the efforts with our own enthusiasm and understandings. Thus we too become co-creators in the Great Work on Earth. 

Michelle Jennings ( https://michelle-jennings.squarespace.com/blog ) 


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A slight asymmetry within the Hod Hill crop picture was intended to generate the 3-D image of a “radio transmitter”, while its encoded radio message may be “10-10”, by analogy with a famous “pi” crop picture which appeared on the same day six years ago  

There are two further points concerning the Hod Hill crop picture which seem relevant. First, several slight asymmetries within its design were apparently intended to generate the three-dimensional image of a “radio transmitter”:  

This did not become clear until we saw aerial images taken by Mat Gyro from a variety of perspectives (see www.youtube.com).  

Secondly, its encoded radio message could be “10-10” which is common kind of police radio code (see spiffy.ci.uiuc.edu). Those two numbers could mean either “fight in progress” or “off duty”:  

How can we find a “10-10” message in the new crop picture? Well, it appeared on exactly the same day June 1 as a famous crop picture six years ago, which showed “pi to ten digits” using novel and clever mathematics (see www.dailymail.co.uk). By studying that 2008 crop picture, we can find a series of numbers “3, 1, 4, …” which relate to how many angular degrees were included, within each ratchet-like section of its outward spiral. Starting from the centre and going clockwise, we find first “3” = 3 x 36o, then “1” = 1 x 36o, then“4” = 4 x 36o and so on. These three numbers make up the first three digits of “pi” as “3.14”.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Now when we apply this same method to the 2014 crop picture at Hod Hill, we can see just two coded numbers. Starting from its centre, we find “10” = 10 x 36o by going clockwise for almost one full turn, and then another “10” = 10 x 36o by going counter-clockwise for almost one full turn. The two numbers are followed by a small dot for “stop”. They may represent a well-known police radio code “10-10”, which can signify either “fight in progress” or “off duty” for different police departments worldwide. Once further events take place, then the specific meaning of this cleverly-drawn crop picture and its enigmatic message may become more clear.  

The new crop picture at Hod Hill also shows stylistic resemblance to two other crop pictures which appeared before it: at Chualar, California on December 27, 2013 or at Buckle Street, England on May 26, 2014. Neither of those two crop pictures seem as reliably paranormal in origin as Hod Hill, but it may be worthwhile to compare them anyway:  

Chualar showed a “long tailed serpent” flying through the air (not shown in this schematic drawing), and being photographed by a “digital camera”. There is a Braille code at its centre for “1-9-2”, which can be read also in radio RTTY format as “Ea space”. A Morse code around its “camera chip” reads “ET B, MH B”. Likewise a “clock” outside of its “camera chip” repeats the cryptic date of “1-9-2” (see chualar 2013). More recently, Buckle Street showed what may be the “star extractor” from a revolver, as well as “airplane wheel” symbolism (see buckle street 2014).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. With thanks to Mat Gyro and Rich Jarvis, and in special memory of Mike Reed, who passed away on September 27, 2012.

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Crop circle of Hod Hill, Dorset (UK) of 1 June 2014 : Path to enlightenment

(Malaika Dessing, Switzerland, plumiere8@gmail.com, www.mdessing.drupalgardens.com, 15 June 2014)  


The crop circle of Hod Hill seems to show the path to enlightenment. It reproduces the cover of my book published in French « Terre et Ciel : décrypter les crop circles » (Editions Mélibée, 2013). The design derives from sacred geometry, but with few additional details that concord with the conclusions of this book. It is a therapeutic tool. Based on a measure of the level of (subtle) energies of crop circles, I was able to identify thirteen categories, recognizable by their motive, and link them with chakras, some stars, colors, musical notes, etc. This grid forms a « system of stellar resonances », and is opening us to the Universe. It is leading beyond the Tree of Life, which is restricted to our solar system and the nine planets.  

A striking feature is that these thirteen categories of crop circles seem to draw the path to enlightenment, or connection to the higher levels. The crop circle of Hod Hill shows how. The thirteen categories I have identified do not follow in increasing order, when looking at their motive and association with numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.), but appear to combine three sub-paths : the Feminine, the Masculine and the path of the Child of ancient Egyptians. Geometric figures are rich in meanings. One interpretation is to associate the Feminine with the circle and the Masculine with the square. Hence, starting at the point in the middle of the crop circle of Hod Hill, and following the line, one is swinging back and forth on either sides through the conundrum (between Masculine and Feminine), to end up again in the middle (on the path of the Child), that leads out of the circle, presumably to the higher dimensions.   

Crop circles, and my book, thus become a therapeutic tool. However, subtle energies involved are very powerful and particular, as measured by quantum instruments. They must be handled with care. This book can be ordered (in French), with an assessment in English of the chakras and some explanations of how to work with these energies. The offer is valid until September 2014, through my project of crowd funding, to boost my start-up of healer: www.100-days.net/en/projekt/humanist-psychs. Past that date, it will still be available on my web site : www.mdessing.drupalgardens.com.

Malaika Dessing, Switzerland, plumiere8@gmail.com, www.mdessing.drupalgardens.com, 15 June 2014)  

The Green Central Castle of Enchantment - the Court of Synchronization  

A possible interpretation for this crop circle according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin 


This crop circle appeared on 1st June 2014.  

On 27th May 2014 began also the Green Central Castle of Enchantment, which ends on 17.07.2014.  

I think the square on the pictogram symbolizes the Green Central Castle of Enchantment and in the square are depicted the 4 wavespells of this castle. 

One Tzolkin cycle of 260 days is divided in five castles, always following the same sequence: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Green. And each Castle has 52 days divided into 4 Wavespells of 13 days each.

In the same way that a Wavespell can be understood as a “week”of 13 days, a Castle can be seen as a “month” of 52 days. You can see below what the castles represent and which Wavespells each contain.

The cyclical interaction in the Galactic module Tzolkin reflects the travel of the Galactic creature in the time. It has to go through all 5 stages of the evolutionary path, corresponding to the 5 castles. 

The Green Central Castle of Enchantment is the Court of Synchronization.

The Green Castle of Enchantment, a synchronization conducive for Earth Wizards to enact Planetary Magic. 

In the Central Castle of Enchantment, which is in the center of the Time Matrix, the Human of Free Will synchronises himself through the energy of the Enchantment and transforms himself due to the Synchronic Order of the Universal Time.

Here a picture of the Green Castle with the 4 wavespells:
Red Moon, White Wind, Blue Eagle, Yellow Star



Wavespell of the Red Moon: The initial water initiates the Enchantment.
Wavespell of the White Wind: The Spirit purifies the Enchantment.

Wavespell of the Blue Eagle: The vision transforms the Enchantment.
Wavespell of the Yellow Star: The elegancy helps for the ripening of the Enchantment. 

This crop circle appeared on 1st June 2014, this is a day with the Solar Seal “White Wizard” and the Tone 6, Kin 214.


"I organize in order to enchant
Balancing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the rhythmic tone of equality

Maybe this day has been choosen because of the meaning of this Solar Seal.

The Solar Seal “White Wizard” has the following meaning: Enchanting, Timelessness, Receptivity.

So we see that on this day we have the energy of Enchanting which coincides with the name of the whole Castle - the Green Castle of Enchanting. 

On 1st June 2014 we have the Tone 6, so the Guiding Energy conincides with the Solar Seal, i.e. the Energy of Enchantment doubles. 

On 1st June 2014 we have the energy of Enchanting coming doubled from the Solar Seal of the day and from the Guiding Energy, plus from the Green Castle of the Enchanting, so this energy triples ;-).  

The crop circle appeared in the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed. This year began on July 26, 2013, and ends on July 24, 2014.

The Green Central Castle of Enchantment ends on 17.07.2014, so it ends almost with the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.  

The Human, here symbolically depicted as a yellow seed (we are in the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed) begins his journey in the 4 wavespells of this castle.

At the end of this castle the human goes out as a riper Seed of Consciousness and is ready to begin the next cycle, to enter the first castle of the next Tzolkin - the Red Castle of Birth.   

Maya Todorova







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