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Red Collie and Luis Delgado Salez have both separately sent me this controversial image. What do we all think about it? Collie's covering comment - 'This was just posted on the Slovenia "UFO-kruhy v obili" Facebook page, but it looks like a Photoshop fake….'

UPDATE 19092014

Pop Corn Labyrinthe

D 768, route Quiberon/Auray

Pontreval - Ploëmel

Considering the last rumour of a big crop circle : Google proposes to search other websites for an image, it would be great Red Collie and Luis Delgado Salez get to know that... because in this case it works... and we learn that it is a labyrinth in a corn field, for entertainment of families and tourists, in France, called pop corn labyrinth : 

A collection of crop circles has appeared in fields in Devon.

Five circles have appeared in neighbouring farms and a team of paranormal investigators says it is the first time since the early 1990s that the phenomenon has occurred in South Devon. Crop circles are more normally seen in the Somerset and Wiltshire areas of the West country.


Kietrzem, Opole, Poland. Reported 10th August.

Image Copyright 2014

Here was a mistake, only reminded 10-year-old event. This formation of a total of 12 circles in Poland were between 3 to 6 August 2004, sending a link to another article about these crop circles. This article is in Polish and is dated September 18, 2004:-

Pávková Z.

Please see attached why i don't agree with the fact that the crop circle from Poland was in fact from 2004.

Tixeire Luc

I'm sorry, but I really did not notice the tramlines disagree. I thank Luc Tixeire that pointed this out. It is perhaps the first case in the history of crop circles, when the crop circle copied, but flipped mirror. In the same area, probably on the same field in the same place you found the same pattern. The creator of the crop circle also tried the same proportion to the tramlines. Mr. Luc Tixeire correctly pointed out that compared to 2004, the makers committed some inaccuracies. Also, the lower blank circles are probably bigger than in 2004. It is an attempt to repeat the scenario of Vest Kennett Long Barrow?

Pávková Z.

Jodrell Bank space telescope, Cheshire, United Kingdom. Reported 31st July


A giant crop circle showing Shortie the Jack Russell, mascot of the Ardbeg Distillery, seen from the Jodrell Bank space telescope on July 31, 2014 in Cheshire Field, England 

Shortie the Ardbeg Distillery Jack Russell Terrier and mascot has been honoured with his own 200ft diameter crop circle in a field near Cheshire. Overlooked by the Jodrell Bank Observatory, the installation marks the imminent return of an Ardbeg Whisky experiment from Space. In 2011 a team aboard the International Space Station took the spirit to space in order to conduct a series of experiments into the effects of zero-gravity on whisky maturation, making it the first Single Malt Whisky brand in space. The out-of-this-world canine crop circle has been placed as a message of thanks to the astronauts on the ISS from the distillery on Earth. 

PHOTOGRAPH BY Tim Anderson / Barcroft Media

Buzzacoot Manor House, Nr Combe Martin, Devon, United Kingdom.. Reported 4th August.

SS603460 Grass Meadow

Images Jean-Claude Copyright 2014



Triple Labyrinth.    See  -

Pávková Z.

Yesterday, 5th August, I saw a crop circle when I was flying from Antwerp to London city airport with Cityjet.We arrived at 10 am. The crop circle was in the middle of a lot of fields, so very well visible -a few minutes after we crossed the English border. The circle had 2 circles, same size, with a little one between them. The whole was surrounded by 2 circles. I did not found it on your website, so I thought: I let you know.


Standon Calling festival, Standon, Hertfordshire. Reported 3rd August.

Image Vikki Lince Copyright 2014


I was driving north up the M1 today on the 50 mph speed restricted zone north of Tibshelf SA near Deep Lane close to Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. On the west side of the M1 in a sloping field next to the motorway is a 'crop circle' seemingly the same configuration as the one reported from close to the radio station near the M1 near Rugby. Two circles connected in a dumbbell with two side bars. Sorry no photo or precise location but definitely worth someone taking a closer look if in the area before the crop is harvested.

Duncan Mackay

Location: East Isley, Oxfordshire, just off a34 in field along side ball pit road
Map: 448687,181156 - street map reference
Crop: corn/wheat
Description: many leaf like shapes running along the length of the field
Discovery: 26th July
Name: Russell Zisa-Davies
Status: Waiting for photo Evidence. At first glance at the description this seems like wind/storm damage to the field.

Location: Dartington estate, Devon
Map: HERE?
Description: 3 simple circles, different sizes, in field next to cricket pitch
Discovery: 28th July
Name: Tim
Status: Waiting for photographic Evidence

Tomorrowland festival 2014 Belgium create another iconic crop circle to promote their festival.

Location: Tomorrowland festival, Boom, Belgium
Discovery: 17 July 2014
Name: Carl Cash

Crop Circle Baffles Villagers in Southern Russia


The Krasnodar region is no stranger to crop circles and accounts for 40 percent of all of those recorded in Russia.

The appearance of a mysterious crop circle in a southern Russian village has lead some residents to conclude aliens must have paid them a visit.

The unusual marking, about 40 meters in diameter, appeared in a sunflower field on a farm in the Krasnodar region last Thursday, local news site Svet Mayakov reported.

A video uploaded Sunday to the popular Russian social network Vkontakte shows the inside of the crop formation, which consists of a series of squares and rectangles joined together in a seemingly random pattern.

It was not immediately clear what caused the marking, though one resident told Channel Nine television that villagers had seen an unidentified object rising from the field, omitting a beam of light five meters in diameter.

A video camera located on the farm did not pick up any unusual activity, and no one was seen entering the field when the marking is believed to have appeared, news site Svet Mayakov reported.

The Krasnodar region is no stranger to crop circles and accounts for 40 percent of all of those recorded in Russia. A group of amateur enthusiasts convened in the area just last month to collect evidence of the unusual phenomenon.

But there are some who doubt the supernatural aspect of the markings.

"Firstly, I saw a whole swarm of insects and lizards in the fields," alien-hunter Sergei Frolov told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

"Secondly, the plants themselves are broken and scattered in different directions, and in real crop circles they bend at the same angle. Furthermore, there are traces of human footprints in several places in the field."

Video Here and Below


UPDATE 11/07/2014

In this case it is a mistake. This crop circle is reportedly Hoax of 2003 - USA California Rockville. I send links to websites.

Pávková Z.

Allectus Way, Witham, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 7th July.



One railway line between Cheltenham and Birmingham runs past Besford where we
had a crop circle earlier in the season. MJF


Location: Approximately 1  mile up from Tidsall Services M18' north
Map: not sure but as you leave services about 1 mile you can see at 11 o'clock position.
Crop: wheat...?
Description: dumbell 2 circle s connected with straight bar either side (like the old days 80's)
Discovery: 3_7_2014''4 30 am
Name: Carl Gilbert
Status: APPROX HERE  Request anyone to locate and photograph this crop circle. Thank you.

Images Carlos Gilbertos Copyright 2014

Wessex Ridgeway, Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June

Yatesbury, Nr Calne. Wiltshire. Reported 18th June.


Crop Pattern made HERE

The hexagon-in-a-ring, surrounding a spiral and disk at Yatesbury, nr Calne, looks suspiciously like Saturn’s north pole, as imaged by NASA’s Cassini mission (compare); even the spiral “jet-stream” rotations match! 

What’s the significance?  A possible answer, intuitive, vice reasoned, is that Saturn—the god who ate his own children (—is the planet of time.  Each season, it seems, the circle-makers choose a theme; and this year’s theme might well be “Time.”


Yatesbury, nr Calne –
The Crop Circle Connector

Saturn – NASA (Cassini)


John Del Campo Falls Church, Virginia


Tatiana Breslin

JP  Manesse has posted this message to be passed on to those living in this area in Cornwall and Devon who if they find  this possible cc please send us a photo (I have put this  image of a triskelion to give some possible idea of the cc design). The message reads (Google translate from French) -  'We saw a crop circle there ten days ago on a hillside. We  were driving in a motor home in the southern region of  Ilfracombe where we go on vacation. The crop circle was a  huge and perfectly shaped triscale. We were far and unfortunately did not have the photograph. Could someone  give evidence on that? This must have been Friday, May 30  or Saturday, May 31, 2014. Between Ilfracombe and Bude.  This was a triskelion or triskell or spiral. It covered an  entire field.'

(In the original French) - 'Nous avons vu un crop circle il y a une dizaine de jours ŕ flanc de colline. Nous roulions  en camping-car dans la région sud d'Ilfracombe oů nous  passions des vacances. Le crop circle représentait un  triscale immense et parfaitement dessiné. Nous étions loin et n'avons malheureusement pas pu le photographier. Quelqu'un pourrait-il apporter son témoignage lŕ-dessus? Cela devait ętre le vendredi 30 mai ou le samedi 31 mai 2014. Entre Ilfracombe et Bude.

Il s'agissait d'un triskčle ou triskell en forme de spirale. Il recouvrait tout un champ.'


Location: Matamoros, Coahuila. Mexico
Map: 25.533923,-103.223789 (google maps)
Crop: Oats
Discovery: 9-January-2014
Name: Angel Iracheta
Status: My First impression is that it looks like wind/storm in the field.

Location: Weimar / Frankendorf
Crop: barley / Gerste
Description: Huge Crop Circles, Maybe the fist ones in middle Germany. There are also ones near Erfurt, from Erfurt to Weimar, after Linderbach at the Napoleon Monument on both sides of the road. The crops are bend and the shape in the circles are very soft all in same direction. Couldn't make a pic from above. Maybe one could do it!
Discovery: 8.6.2014
Name: Martin Voltersen
Status: My opinion is this is only wind damage. etc.


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