Temple Farm (2), Sutton Road, Nr Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd June.

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Please see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395235/EXCLUSIVE-Pictured-close-time-Scientologys-secret-alien-space-cathedral-landing-pad-New-Mexico-desert-return-followers-Armageddon-Earth.html

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Hello dear friends, readers, writers and painters,
at first I want to say thank you to all of you for your wonderful work, either in written reports or in beautiful created images, truly magical paintings. Big thanks again........

I think it's just the right time for me to bring some interesting points closer to you.
And I will do it in a pretty unusual way so to say. Before starting I want to tell some words to you...............

I really do not want to correct you again and again, because I have done so for several times. Furthermore I don't want that you will get a possible wrong image about my person.
Apart from that I can really ensure you that I have a lot of higher understanding......

In the several new reports I see your 'lines', your 'interpretations'. Some of you do simply compare extraterrestrial crop circle images with some Earth technology, for example the special crop circle which some of you interpreted as something like an Earth 'radio station'.
Sure, that is a funny imagination, but apart from this it is same funny wrong interpretation, because it is grounded in one of your two halves of your brain, the half of the 'logical understanding'.
Therefore you are wrong in the most conclusions - at least if grounded in interpretation of extraterrestrial crop circle images.
You simply miss the other half of understanding, the second half of your brain which is the 'emotional half'.
I have explained it many times, but you obviously seem to ignore this constantly. So once again:
The 'emotional half' means not only the topics of 'emotions' but also the part of 'higher understanding', in other words the 'emotional understanding' or 'spiritual understanding' which I also call 'spiritual intelligence'.
This kind of understanding can help you to 'decrypt' ET-made images (even in most cases). It can help you to 'see the line', the 'message', the meaning'. But before you'll start to do so, it is recommended to switch off your logical mind!
Why? Because logical mind is completely unable to explain the unknown due to the simple fact of missing the 'knowledge'. So it will tell you fairy tales instead, fantasies, phrases or 'most likely' claims - in summary your logical mind will try to 'sell' the fantastic claims as truth to you.

As I wrote recently in one of my last reports, you should learn to see the images with THEIR (ET's) mind and NOT with your own mind. And you must ask yourself: WHY have ET's (crop circle makers) sent that special image and WHAT is THEIR message?
And often enough it is very different to your 'logical understanding' as you will see.

So I have decided to go a pretty unusual way:
This time I want to take you by your hands and invite you to follow me to see the next 'steps' like a 'practise' for to develop your higher understanding. I do this by presenting some images as a 'photo album'. You only need to SEE and to realise of what I speak about in very short words... then you WILL find the line, you will understand the meaning of the sent images!
Are you ready now? Fine, so here we go: 

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image shows one of three crop circle images in a row, which tells you the kind of connection of 'individuals' minds. I wrote reports regarding
written on 2013-08-12.
In shortest words I tell again the meaning:
'individuals' (blue ellipse) are mind connected (red arrows). Their connected minds create 'input' which will be stored into a 'cube' (cube = collective consciousness). From the summary of 'past' and 'present' will be created the most likely future. As you can see - your thoughts and actions will create and will change the future. Sure you did know that, at least in parts. Now you know completely including the responsibility.....

Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image shows a special message


reported May 26th 2014
Some of you have seen very right! It tells something like: Unload your revolver, use the star extractor for to throw out the cartridges from your revolver. To shoot down each other, there is no sense into it. Stop killing people.
Short note: Usually a 'revolver' contains 6 cartridges and not 8. However the message is clear.

Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image shows something like an 'empty circle'


reported 30th May 2014
An empty circle??? Yes, and ET's (crop circle makers) ask: What kind of 'input' can YOU present to us? Now it's YOUR turn - so think about it!!!
Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image is very clearly and easy to recognize!


reported 1st June 2014
You only must compare with my first image (see above).
Message from ET's (sent after the empty circle!): As you can see once again - you are connected - so we call for your clear and united 'input' created from thoughts and actions.........
Note: The inner 'spiralled line' is meant as 'efforts' which need 'time' for to establish a good and peaceful future. And: How much time more do YOU need for to realise this???

Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image is meant as to 'intensify' the above message!


reported 6th June, 2014
This somewhat 'Morse coded' message tells: NO MORE WAR
Note: You see the line? The continuation of messages? Nothing to add here, meanwhile the whole world is watching what is going on in Ukraine, Iraq or elsewhere.............

Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image is meant as a 'flashback' for YOU.


reported 14th June, 2014

The message behind: Do not forget WHO you are! You are connected and you play a very important role here on Earth!

Note: The image shows a part of the 'Sacred Geometry'. The 'filled circle' in the centre can be translated with YOUR consciousness, soul and mind. You even see the 'merkaba' which surrounds you. By the way it is a real 'vehicle' for flights right into cosmos or anywhere else, and I do know how to use it perfectly..........
Also to see that YOU with your merkaba are placed a bit off the centre of the surrounding circle. It can have the meaning that you are 'grounded' in your reality, so it is a 'good base' to take the next step.......... 

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: It was a clear reply from CC-makers after I have sent my own 'crop circle' which was a very successfully experiment (among other experiments). 

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: You see MY sent image and their immediately sent reply...... I wrote my report regarding:

reported 9th August, 2010 

Next image:

Close below the image place this explanation, please:
Explanation: This image is a bit 'complex' so to say. It is regarding:

reported 17th June, 2014.

I wrote a longer report regarding this crop circle - look in 'comments' please.
However, I want to add some lines regarding the meaning from CC-makers view (!): Look the left and the right 'spiral' at top of the 'parachute'. You see that both of spirals show a 'time' of your efforts, thinking, acting. See the spirals either as your 'good' and your 'bad' aspects, or see them as the halves of your brain: Logical or emotional. The 'outcome' whatsoever is a 'summary', depicted by a filled dot at the end of the 'lines' which hold you in position. The filled dot is YOU as a living soul. You are surrounded by a 'sickle' similar to the crescent. The sickle is the 'summary' of the above shown 'actions' as it is told. The lines are connected with the 'actions' (parachute) and connected with you via the sickle. It is YOUR base of being, of thinking and acting. But as you can see, your 'sickle' is OPEN at top!!! This means that you are OPEN and FREE, but you need to hold the 'mechanics' close in mind. Whatever you will do or thinking, do it with responsibility.   

This image is simple to recognize. The crop circle image belongs to:
reported 22nd June, 2014
The message behind is this: As you have seen in our last sent images, especially the image

reported 14th June, 2014
where you have seen yourself based into reality, we go on to show your position more clearly! And everyone of you do know this 'sign' which in your world is called a 'magnetic compass', don't you see? We even showed the compass - needle which is straight aligned to mother Earth' north pole. SAME STRAIGHT you must be positioned, focused. And of course should you be focused onto the good, the peace, understanding and responsibility of your thinking and acting. And whatever you will do or think, we tell it once again and insistently: Never leave your way of the 'good'. Be concentrated. There is so much good and goodness - don't forget this ever...... 

End of the 'show' here. Hope you like it. Greetings to you all and to crop circle makers,

2014-06-27 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

Donna Trousdale posts us her latest geometric work which relates to two of this years UK crop circles. Donna's covering text -
'There is so much to learn from this crop circle! The Green center measures 3.18125cm (100px). This is the value of PI-SOLVED (the cumulative sum of the natural log of 1-90). 3.18125 and 2.545 form the corners at a 1.25 ratio. This is the perfect circle-square ratio. Another interesting fact about Pi-Solved: if the diameter of a Circle is 3.18125 then the Circumference is PI-Squared. Multiply PI-Squared by 8 and divided by 2.545 and you get PI-SOLVED times 10! 31.8125. This makes the Center Circle a perfect dimension by which to count by powers of 10.

The Green Line connecting the two green points is equal to e-base of the natural logarithm-squared (7.3890560989306502). This line has a 6.4 angle of inclination. This is also 625px (a 8/5 ratio). The diameter of the yellow ellipsis is 618px (a 1/phi ratio) which is also 19 cm. 19 is the only number that divides evenly into all of the Fibonacci numbers and is the number of circles that fit within a hexagon.

The length of the Orange line is 8.64" which is the diameter of the SUN in miles. It is also equal to 707px. The reciprocal of 707 is equal to the square root of 2 (1.414) which also happens to be the inclination of the line.
If you measure out from each of the 3 center lines it creates three separate circular encloses. The "empty space" in the center is 5" (when you multiply 5 by 2.545 you get a value very close to the diameter of the Earth. This length is also equal to 420px (2*3.18125+1/3.18125)^3.18125=420). This base forms two equilateral triangles that intersect in the center to form the DIAMOND in the middle.

The Vertical Blue line has a length of 18cm which is also 580px. Divide 180/580, then multiply by 370 (the length of the horizontal blue line) and PI-Solved and you get how many days there are in a year.'





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