Chopinzinho, Nr Paraná, Brazil. Reported 20th July.

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Updated Monday 27th July  2015


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"The Chopinzinho Cornerstone "

2015-07-20 - Chopinzinho, Paraná  

This innocent and poorly documented crop circle from the Brazilian backwoods near Chopinzinho in Paraná represents yet another important cornerstone in a giant alignment that encompasses the whole globe.  


An alignment of prophetical proportions that will reveal WHO is behind the many recent mass murders, be it the shootings from Lafayette, Chattanooga, Charleston and others in the US, or the various shootings from Europe and Africa. Because behind all those mass murders acts one single hidden force, a force that US President Woodrow Wilson once described as follows: "There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive" that even the most powerful people in the world "better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it". 

But things have changed since, and it's high time to lift the veil, and to reveal the identity of this secretive power group. A group that is calling itself "Local 322" or simply "The Order" whose most prominent members are US Secretary of State John "Kerry" Forbes and Bush One, Two and Three. And a group I prefer to call the "Billionaire's Club" or the "Brotherhood of the Rich & Mighty". 

But they have one huuge weakness - which could be exploited legally in a tribunal ! - and that is their arrogance. They feel so safe and so superior to us that they dare to leave a distinct mark, their signature if you will, at each of their crime scenes. And this signature is the number "322", and its derivatives. 

As f.e. with the murder of Senzo Robert Meyiwa, a 30-year old professional footballer from South Africa, who was being murdered by them on October 26, 2014, two days after a New Moon: 


He was killed on October 26 at 20:03 hours, 23 days after Yom Kippur - the holiest day for the Jews - at 26.3°S. He was the Captain of the Bafana Bafana, South Africa's national football team - hence "CBB", or "322". And he died at the age of 11,233 days, exactly 2 months and 29 days before his 31. birthday. 

Then, on the day of the Brazilian crop circle in Içara, Santa Catarina, 450 km south-east of Chopinzinho, there was the Bardo National Museum attack in Tunis, Tunisia - yet another mass murder that came along as an Islamist terror attack, but which was in reality masterminded and executed by The Billionnaire's Club 322. Two days before THE New Moon - a recurring pattern this one also ! - a total solar eclipse that marked the middle of the eighth Blood Moon tetrad since Christ ! 



On 3-18, or day 77 of the year, at 12:32 hours 3 men killed 21 people at the Bardo National Museum located at 36.81°N and 10.134°E near National Route 7 in Tunis. 6 days later, on 3-24, the museum held a ceremonial reopening.

An uncle of one of the perpetrators said about his nephew, 26-year old Yassine Labidi that he and other young Tunisians like him were also victims of terrorism: of the recruiters who paid them money, organized the logistics and took them to places like Syria and Libya to train as fighters. And it has already been proven WHO runs these terror camps in Syria and Libya: the CIA and the US military. 

And here some further alignments: 




And when aligning Chopinzinho north-westward then this line runs right through the starting point of two other important alignments:

1. Teotihuacan which forms an alignment with Baalbek

2. Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the US, which forms an alignment with the Giza pyramids 

Both alignments also run through a couple of this year's crop circles, hence validating them. 


These alignments then form a giant pyramid encompassing a quarter of the globe. And this pyramid is drawn in the shape of three interleaved 6es - thus "666" ! Do you see them ? 


And when aligning each of the mass murders that took place in the US since the Aurora Shootings from July 20, 2012 then you get these alignments: a pentagram ! A figure we have seen quite often in crop circles recently, haven't we. 

Between the Lafayette Shootings on 7-23-2015 and the Aurora Shootings on 7-20-2012 lie 3 years and 3 days, and 7 mass murders having taken place around New Moon, and 3 mass murders having taken place 3 days before or 3 days after Full Moon ! 


And when aligning the crop circles in Europe with each other then you get ... a triple 6, or "666" ! Do you see them ? 


"Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.", Revelation 13:18 

Linktext: "From Aurora to Charleston - 322 Cobweb of Death" ( 

"The whole world will rise against the complots of the Brotherhood of the Rich and Mighty who prepared the enslavement of Mankind" by Angelo Roncalli in 1936 who later became Pope John XXIII. 

Franklin Thomson




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