Etchilhampton (2), nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 19th August

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Etchilhampton  19 August 2015 – Further observations

The number code in this circle from the outside going in is 18(9),17(8),17(8) GAP 9,9 which seems to refer to the Fox Hill crop design, replicating the David Furlong discoveries, of the 9th August, 9 8 8, but this is also the sequence of appearance dates this month with 2 circles on the 8th and one UK circle on the 9th. The Hampton Lucy circle of the 8th August had the unusual feature of the same number in its Latitude and Longitude – Latitude 52 / 13 / 11 = 76 Longitude 1 / 37 / 38 =76  Total 152. The reverse of 152 is 251 and the difference is 99 which is a visual numerical message in this Etchilhampton design of 19th August where the sum of the Latitude and Longitude, 198, gives the appearance date. The visual message in the Hampton Lucy design is a bird and the number 8 which is not surprising as it appeared on the 8 8 8 date but the sum of the Latitude and Longitude numbers as 152 divided by 8 is 19 so we have 2 numerical links to this Etchilhampton crop design of 19th August.

Many 3 digit numbers when subtracting a reverse order of the digits gradually end up at 99 e.g. the Latitude of the Ox Drove circle 50+59+57 = 166 -661 = 495-594 = 99 but in the case of the Hampton Lucy circle this happens in one go – 152 -251 = 99 and in the 29th July(7) design with its 8 8 8 message which is 8x8x8 = 512-215 = 297, the appearance date. It is interesting that the same digits are used in both cases 152,251,512,215 this could be coincidence or design by the circle makers / designers.

As also noted by other commentators the David Furlong Wiltshire twin circle with vesica design and the Great Pyramid geometry do seem to be linked to some crop circle appearances but these designs originated at least 5 thousand years ago. The vesica has always been considered a sacred symbol and David Furlong would seem to have discovered why this could be the case in the ancient landscape geometry. His circles are about 6 miles in diameter so an extremely difficult design to set out thousands of years ago. But the proposed long distance alignments are quite beyond the capabilities of any known ancient culture. But then if some crop designs are not just meaningless man made art but sending us numerical and geometric messages there is a completely unknown intelligence at work.

Etchilhamptom CC 19 August 2015 –Additional point which might be important

As previously noted the sum of the recorded Latitude and Longitude numbers for this circle appearance total 198 which indicates the19th of August(8) the recorded appearance date. The main number of the design is clearly 9 with 9 radials. There is another recent crop design which also has a total of 198 in its Latitude and Longitude numbers. This was on 25th July at Uffcott Down nr Barbury Castle at 50 / 28 / 56 north and 1 / 48 / 14 west which total 198 like the latest crop design at Etchilhampton.

This might be considered just a coincidence but this latest design is the 9th since the 25th July Uffcott Down design and the principle number of the design is the number 9.

Etchilhampton Crop circle 19th August 2015  

The date of this circle appearance is reflected in the location chosen by the circle makers.

According to Crop Circle Connector info the circle was placed at Latitude -51 / 20 / 33 and Longitude- 1 / 56 / 37 so if we add the Latitude numbers 51,20,33 it = 104. If we add the Longitude numbers 1,56,37 we get 94. 104 + 94 = 198 or 19th August(8).

Going back to the last CC of July this year on the 29th  ,Furzefield Shaw, the date was reflected in the design where a triple flower motif with 8 petals was used. 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 which if reversed is the number of this year 2015. Deduct 215 from 512 and the result is 297 - or 29th 7th month of 2015. It is proposed that these numbers 29(11) / 7 may also be flagging the as built height to base ratio of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  

This would seem to be confirmed by this latest circle design of 19th August which is 5 rings of groups of standing crops which from the outside of the circle number  18(9), 17(8), 17(8) GAP 9, 9. If these numbers represent a date it would be 9th August(8) 2015(8) when the twin circle with vesica crop design appeared at FoxHill, Liddington . This design was a replica of the landscape geometry proposed by David Furlong and linked to the 7 / 11 ratio of the Great Pyramid as discussed in previous CCC comments. If the 9 8 8 in the circle design is flagging the FoxHill design and date what do the two inner rings of 9 9 mean?

9 x 8 x 8 = 576 – 675 = 9 9 – it is a mathematical trick or puzzle that the circle makers are using in the numerical values of the appearance date, Latitude and Longitude, and in the designs of the layouts to draw our attention to particular crop circle / design appearances flagging the Great Pyramid, its 7 / 11 height to base ratio leading to the number 44 demonstrated in the Ox Drove design of 8th August(8) 2015(8),  with 44 groups of standing crops.( see previous comments on CCC) In this latest design there are 70 groups of standing crops and two star shapes are linked to make 11. The previous reported CC was on the 10th August so 9 days earlier.

Etchilhampton  19th August Crop Circle - More on this interesting design

Various proposals have been put forward as to why the angle of 60 degrees is highlighted by this crop design. This angle of 60 degrees is all the angles of an equilateral triangle and it is an equilateral triangle that dictates the Great Pyramid height in the David Furlong landscape geometry. He writes that having found his twin circle layout he discovered that an equilateral triangle off the two circle centres gave the 7 / 11 proportions of the GP within the vesica formed by his circles.

This may have come to mind as the famous Stonehenge Ley is part of an equilateral triangular alignment with Grovely Castle and Old Sarum each leg of which is 6 miles long. This was discovered many years ago.

So we have 3 -60 degree angles and 3 -6 mile distances in this triangular ley and this crop design may be highlighting this with 6 number  6 pointed stars.

As noted before there are 70 groups of standing crops in this design and two star patterns are linked to form the number 11. This may be designed to highlight the 7 / 11 Great Pyramid proportions but if we have 10 x 7 = 70 groups then we should also have 10 x 11 or 110 and this is a very important number in the much larger scheme of ancient landscape geometry which arises from the David Furlong discoveries, highlighted by many crop designs, as no doubt will soon become clear.


The Oroboros  Phenomena

The crop design of 29th July 2015 at Furzefield Shaw demonstrated 8  8 8 in the flower design which also gave us the date it appeared 8x8x8 = 512 less the reverse 215 (2015) = 297 (29th July) and the Etchilhampton crop circle of 19th August 2015 also seemed to offer clues as the total of the numbers in the Latitude and Longitude equal 198 (19th August) and the number code in the layout counting from the outside is 5 rings - 18(9), 17(8), 17(8) GAP 9 9. The number  198 less the reverse 891 = 693 – 396 = 297. If we continue this sequence 297 – 792 = 495 – 594 = 99 which is the numbers of the two inner rings of this design. So there would seem to be a significance in numbers where the reverse of the digits is subtracted. The UK crop design of 9th August 2015 (9 8 8 ) was the twin circle with vesica design at Foxhill where the Latitude and Longitude numbers add up to 169 so 169 – 961 = 792 (or 297 backwards). This design replicates the ancient landscape geometry proposed by David Furlong linked to the Great Pyramid as previously discussed on CCC.

There would seem to be significance in numbers where this procedure of subtracting reverse digits is used again and again and the result of this is the numbers 9, 99, 909, 999, 9999 etc, or in rare cases the number comes back on itself. An example of this is the two crop circles on 21st July 2015 (2178) where the sequence is 2178 – 8712 = 6534 – 4356 = 2178 again; so this could be called The Oroboros Phenomena because it is a numerical representation of the circular serpent or snake with its tail in its mouth. This cyclic symbol has been interpreted to indicate the beginning and end of a time cycle.

Looking at the design of the crop circle at The Belt nr Fairford on 21st July 2015 (2178), it is two circles forming an 8 and the date numbers before and after this crop circle appearance are interesting as they reduce to equal numbers, by the reverse digit method, either side of the  2178 date e.g . – 8 days before, 13.7.8 = 99, 909, 999, 999, 999, 999, 909,999 0(2178) 999, 909, 999, 999 999, 999, 909, 99(2978 – 29.7.2015,8 days after 2178, with its triple 8 message). There were two crop designs on the 8th of August the following month, 8 8 8. Of course because this date is three equal digits the reverse digit method does not apply. Triple digit numbers were considered ‘sacred’ in ancient times.

If the circle makers are using these numerical ‘coincidences’ to relay messages they must have planned some  crop designs to appear on particular dates and in particular locations to emphasize particular numbers and the key numbers from the Great Pyramid as built design, 7, 11, 22, 44 are well represented in many designs. In August there are two dates that are not crop circle appearance dates but exhibit the Oroboros Phenomena...11.8.8 and 22.8.8 both reduce to 2178... 2178 divided by 8 = 272.25...11 /7 or ... 2178 divided by 9 = 242... the same both ways...

Etchilhampton Crop Design 19th August – The Turning Point ?

The Furzefield Shaw crop circle of 29th July 2015 demonstrated the triple 8 in its design which multiply to 512 and reversed indicates the year 215 – 2015. By deducting  this reversed number from the original 512 we get 297- the day and month this circle appeared, 29 . 7.  2015. 8 days earlier on 21st July there were 2 crop designs where the date is 21.7.2015(8) so 2178 which is an ‘oroboros’ number that comes back to itself using the reverse digit method – 2178 - 8712 = 6534-4356 = 2178 so a numerically cyclic message indicated by reverse digits. The next circle after the 29 July triple 8 message was on the 3rd August – Etchilhampton (1) a circle and square design, the key message in the Great Pyramid as built design; this was on 3.8.8, 388 – 883 = 495 – 594 = 99, the digits add up to 19 – 3 + 8 + 8 = 19. On 8th August 2015, 8 8 8, we get two designs that indicate the number 8 and 44 at Ox Drove, the number of groups of standing crops in the design – a key number that reconciles the circle and the square in the Great Pyramid design due to the 7 / 11 height to base ratio of the structure, as indicated by the Etchilhampton (1) crop circle of 3rd of August.

On the 9th August at Foxhill we get the two circles with vesica design which replicates David Furlongs’ proposed ancient landscape geometry using the Great Pyramid as built proportions and on the 10th August  at Steeraway a demonstration of alignments that just don’t align. Then we are back at Etchilhampton(2) for the final crop circle of the series on the 19th August where the numbers in the first Etchilhampton design of the 3rd August, in the same field, were 19 and 99.

This last crop circle on 19th August has the clear numerical message of 18(9), 17(8), 17(8) GAP 99 and if dates are important points us to the Foxhill design on 9. 8. 8. The date of this last crop circle 1988 by the subtraction of reverse digits gives  9 9 9  i.e  1988- 8891=6903- 3096=3807- 7083=3276- 6723=3447- 7443=3996- 6993=2997- 7992=4995- 5994=  999. If the circle makers were telling us to look at the dates a strong clue was the circle of 29th July with its 8 8 8 message leading to the appearance date. What could be important in the 9 9 9 possible message in this last circle of 19th August apart from the fact that this is the UK Emergency Number ?

The position of this crop circle appearance is Latitude 51 / 20 / 33 and Longitude 1 / 56 / 37, if we add these numbers it equals  1 9 8......9 x 9 x 9 = 729 – 927 = 1 9 8  which is the date the circle appeared on 19th August.

So we have a clear numerical link between the appearance date and the geographical position of this crop circle either by design, by the circle makers, or just coincidence. The numerical code in the circle design points us to the earlier Foxhill appearance and hence the Furlong landscape geometry which must have been set out at least 5 thousand years ago from the now known age of some of the sites involved. According to Crop Circle Connector there have been no further reported crop designs since this appearance of 19th August, about a month ago. Do the circle makers see this as a turning point when we should be able to take note of the messages they have been leaving for us? These messages seem to point to very ancient knowledge and skill in setting out landscape geometry and building the Great Pyramid as a geometric message for the future. It is worth remembering that even today there is no agreed consensus of opinion as to how the Ancient Egyptians managed to build this massive structure let alone why.

Etchilhampton  19 August 2015 and previous Crop Circle appearances - Time for a rethink...

From previous comments on Crop Circle Connector it will be clear that the possibility that the Circle Makers are directing our attention to the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and the David Furlong Wiltshire landscape geometry based on the GP geometric proportions, is a real and valid proposal. This seems to be done in some crop circles by the design, location and dates of the appearances using numerical clues.

The following link demonstrates that previously ‘established’ norms are now being proved wrong by discoveries like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey dating to some 6 thousand years before the assumed date of the construction of the Great Pyramid. Yes, 6 Thousand Years...


 If the Great Pyramid is now being highlighted by clues in crop circles over recent years why may this be the case?

The link mentions the Sphinx at Giza, next to the pyramids, and the proposals over recent years that it predates the assumed date of the pyramid construction by a considerable period of time, maybe thousands of years. ‘Experts’ said this was impossible because of the ‘established’ sequence of human development BUT up pops Gobekli Tepe from thousands of years earlier....time for a rethink it would seem...

It is clear that human development has not followed the course proposed by the so called ‘experts’, some more advanced intelligence was at work thousands of years BCE and this was reflected in the monuments it left behind. Not only in the monuments maybe but also in the geographical locations in which they were constructed.

It is quite logical to propose that the Giza pyramid complex was built next to an earlier Sphinx rock/ sculpture because this was known by some at the time to be a ‘sacred’ site and this may have been because of its geographical location. When crop circles point us to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx location they also point us to the focal point of crop circle activity near Marlborough in Wiltshire, southern Britain, and the only link to the Great Pyramid from this location is the David Furlong landscape geometry with its focal point also near Marlborough...Temple Farm...with its Knights Templar connections...

If you believe that all crop circle appearances are just man made meaningless art then that is your belief, not a fact; but if you do not have this belief  then we must inevitably ask... why are they appearing and what intelligence is making some of them? The true search for the ‘Holy Grail’, so often linked to the Knights Templar, would seem to be a highly probable answer to these questions and to find out we have to look back into the distant past and the messages in crop circles are indicating that this is exactly what we have to do...whatever ancient intelligence was at work then would seem to be back...and with a message...a message we might be wise not to ignore...

Did the leaders of the Knights Templar know that one day in the future this would happen and people would understand the true significance of their Temple Farm location near Marlborough?

If so then this location must have some huge importance...and it does... as will become apparent to anyone who is interested and joins the Quest for the Holy Grail...a myth?...or a well hidden secret with the power to change the world...

Michael Stewart



Artwork WJ

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Regarding the CC at Etchilhampton (2), nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, reported 19th August.  This CC has a background composed of a matrix of endless knots and basket weave knots.  A pattern of stars are interweaved within.  The endless knots and basket weave are a symbol of eternal love and friendship which can also be interpreted as eternal life.  The stars, although only 9 are shown, represent the infinite stars of the cosmos.  The centre of the CC which expands outward represents our expanding view of the cosmos.  Our view of the cosmos is limited; however, it is growing.  We as humans have the stars of the cosmos in our "line of sight"; however, we have not reached any of them yet.

Although eternal love and friendship are the primary matrix found throughout the cosmos this is not entirely true of all of the universe.  There are places in the universe that are devoid of the eternal love and friendship and this is represented by the breaks in the basket weave pattern.  (There are several breaks in the basket weave pattern shown as indicated by the "imperfect" stars.)

There are three types of spectators found in the cosmos. First, is the spectator of indifference who does not care about anything or any life.  The second is the spectator of pain, worry, anxiety and fear.  And the third spectator is the spectator of love, friendship and life.  The "imperfect" stars have an abundance of the first and second types of spectators.


In my opinion, the one represented in the crop circle is a Parallax angle and is 60 °
Is a distance from the sun.
60 ° = 216.000 arcseconds.

Formula to derive Parsec (astronomical distance) is: d = 1 / p (p = parallax expressed

in arcseconds) =
1/216.000 = 0,0000046296296 Parsec ( or 1,5092592496E
-5 Parsec )
Parsec each are 3,26 Light-Years.

0,0000046296296 Years = 476.285 Light-Seconds =
142.786.432,72 km.
It is "something" near the Earth? (about 7 million kilometers away ). Or indicates that "something" in orbit about 143 million km from the Sun? "Something" that we do not see.


Ultimo Katun (the Last Katun).


Welcome to New Earth!

This crop circle is a special kind of the famous "Flower of Life", a figure that is said to contain the geometrical building blocks of our 3D-world.

The Flower of Life is a fractal geometry that consists of 8 times 8 tetrahedrons:

But instead of the usual 6 petals, this Flower of Life has 9 of them, indicating some fundamental change to the base structure of our 3D-world!

There have been several crop circles with basic motives relating to Sacred Geometry recently, and the last crop circle was made exactly 9 days prior to the current one:

This crop circle also nicely aligns to various grids, like David Furlong's "Twin Circles" - see here: - or the ley line from Teotihuacan to Baalbek as well as the St. Michael Alignment - see here: Also remark how well the crop circle from August 9 fits on even 2 grids !

This crop circle also resembles an analog clock with two hands in a 60° angle, the big hand pointing to the Bury Edmonds Abbey - the starting point of the St. Michael Alignment - and the small hand pointing to the Giza Pyramid in Egypt. Exactly!

And when aligning both August crop circles, then this alignment runs right through the crop circle from 1999-06-24 - see above ! - and its neighbour crop from 3 years later. Both crop circles form by the way the centre point of David Furlong's south-west circle (see above !):

And here again we have two figures pointing deeply into the realm of Sacred Geometry: the Phi spiral, and the Platonic octahedron.

And I bet that it is not by chance that it is exactly the octahedron which is said to be the dominant geometry of our 3D-world, or its "third density", as it is also called.

David Wilcock in his book "The Shift of the Ages" - see here for a summary: - described the world as being formed by octaves of different "densities", or dimensions of reality, each vibrating at their own base frequency, and each having their own base geometry, usually one of the five Platonic solids. While we currently live in a third density 3D world, whose base geometry is represented by the octahedron, it is said that this is about to change soon.

And right on the day of the making of current crop circle - August 18/19 - two scientists from Germany, Giovanni and Jean, who measure and log the Schumann resonances on a daily basis - the Schumann resonances are intimately tied to the base frequency of this world's density, that is 3D, or 7 Hz - measured its fundamental frequency rise for the very first time above 21 Hz, which is said to be the base frequency of 5D reality, dominated by the Platonic cube.

Welcome to a new reality!

PS: For those who can't get enough of those crop circle messages, here a cure:- cropcircleresearch.html

Red Collie, I'm really a big fan of you! Your crop circle interpretations are always amazing! A literal crop circle Hercules!

Franklin Thomson

A short comment for this crop circle from 19th August 2015

According to the Mayan calendar, 19th August 2015 was a day with the Solar Seal “White Mirror” – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation.

In my opinion the 18 rectangles in the centre represent the Solar Seal of the day - “White Mirror", which is Solar Seal No. 18.

The 52 elements on the 3 rings around the 18 rectangles represent the 52 days of the current Blue Castle. During the Blue Castle we have the possibility to absorb and to learn the energy “Yellow Star” – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony.  The 52 elements form stars, which point to the Solar Seal “Yellow Star”.

Under the 52 elements there are 2 rectangles, which represent the 2 days in the Blue Castle, on which we have the Solar Seal “White Mirror”, these are Kin 118 and Kin 138. The day 19th August 2015 was Kin 138 in Tzolkin.

Maya Todorova


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Etchilhampton (2), nr Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 19th August

Further, I have seen the Star Tetrahedron in my research and study of Thoth. I believe his immortal soul or messenger of Chequetet is the maker.

With 4th Density Star Tetrahedron

Known as Merkaba Energy Field
Joseph Lake Research

It looks like "impact". ;-)



Re: reason and freedom

Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.


Re: Sangeeta Handa comment

I think that these two pictures fit perfectly. I'm not much in arithmetics and timetables of all this, but more in the sense and purpose of time and "waiting". In anything there must be a reason and that can only be what we learn in meantime. As long as we expand in our consciousness it proves the sense and we can impossibly know what we don't know - it's being revealed through mutual trust to the trusted ones.  So the riddle is IMO about what it means and takes to BE a human.

Re: Number 9

...this also fits ;-)

Beethoven's 9th "Ode to joy" [from 1:02:00 on]

Beatles Revolution 9 - Roll over Beethoven?

Truth can always be only
"as well as" & "neither ... nor"
as long as it is not proven/evident to be true...
Maybe it's only about the right combination
to "get/materialize" the meaning of "god is real"?


The beginning of the end of the ninth Underworld starting November 7, 2015 

Reference to 4 Tun or 4 year 

The formation consists of 18 segments in the centre and in essence 54 (= 3 × 18) segments in the outer part (for the moment, I ignore the two double segments – four triangles – that are uncompleted). The total amount of segments is 4 × 18. The 18 segments refer to 18 Vinals (a period of 20 days), which is a Tun or 360 days (a “religious year”). Hence, the formation may refer to a period of 4 Tun (1440 days). However, it can also refer to 4 years, in which each year contains 5 days “out of time”, like is tradition in relation to the Mayan Haab (consisting of 18 Vinals + 5 additional days).

The neighbouring formation of the square confirms the connection with this time span. 

The start of the ninth Underworld in connection with the lunar eclipse of September 28 

The upcoming lunar eclipse of September 28 falls approximately 4 tun after the completion of the erection of the Ninth Underworld by the end of October 2011. Hence, the formation may refer to this time span. This suggests that the lunar eclipse completes a certain episode in history, despite the fact that the true end of the ninth Underworld will not happen before end of October 2016.

The supposed reference to Vinals is confirmed by the fact that September 28 falls exactly 2 vinals or 40 days after the formation creation date (August 19). 

The second layer of the formation 

The time span of 40 days is the equivalent of 2 Vinals or two segments in the formation. However, the formation contains 2 double uncompleted segments. The uncompleted segments refer to the time still to go, the uncompleted remaining time of the total period that the formation expresses. Hence, this refers to 2 × 40 = 80 days instead of 40 days. This means that the formation not only refers to September 28 (lunar eclipse), but also the date 40 days later, which is November 7. This is approximately in line with the formation if we reckon with 365 days a year (instead of 360), in which 5 days do not count, because November 7 falls approximately 4 years or 72 Vinals (rounded to a whole number) after the completion of the erection of the ninth underworld on October 28, 2011.

The reference to November 7 is interesting, because many formations this year refer to that date. The formation suggests that on November 7, 2015 some creation will be completed. I suppose this refers to the lifting of the veil that likely will happen by that time. In history, this is the episode that will end.

Marc Smulders

Opening of Portal in September 2016 

Huge Meaning for Light Beings on earth! 

First numerical : appeared on 20/8/2015 = 9 

Quadrilaterals = 18 = 9

Tetrahedrons = 9

Triangles = 54 = 9

2 Nonagons ( 9 sided shape of 2 inner circles) = 18 = 9

Sum of total internal angles of the Nanogons=1260=9 

TOTAL = 9 9 9 9 9 9 

This year's highlight was 8888:08 am/pm (88888): the LION'S GATEWAY PORTAL ( you must have read my elaborate thesis on it, if not: Notwithstanding, this Crop Circle that appeared on the 20th of Aug bears HUGE significance for next year. 

Next Year, 2016, highlight shall be 9999:09 am/pm: Unititled PORTAL 

Number 9 is a reversal of Number 6, together forming a 69 or a CIRCLE, within which lies the Yin and Yang Energies, the Electro-Magnetic Energy of polarity, with a negative and positive charge.                                                                                 

The Power of Three! A Negative, a Positive, a Neutral.                                                 

A Circle is the summation of all! A Completion! A Completeness! Also, inversely, an End to all Duality!   

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” –-N.Tesla 

Furthermore, in The Language of Light: The Fibonacci series has a pattern that repeats every 24 numbers. Numeric reduction is a technique used in analysis of numbers in which all the digits of a number are added together until only one digit remains. For e.g.:    

The FIBONACCI SEQUENCE:  1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 4, 3, 7, 1, 8, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 6, 2, 8, 1, 9. Now, if you take the first 12 digits and add them to the second twelve digits and apply numeric reduction to the result, you find that they all have a value of 9.   

1st 12 numbers: 1    1    2    3    5    8    4    3    7    1    8    9

2nd 12 numbers: 8    8    7    6    4    1    5    6    2    8    1    9

Numeric reduction – Add rows 1 and 2:   9    9    9    9    9    9    9    9    9   9   18=9

Final numeric reduction – Add digits of result: 9  9  9  9  9    9    9    9    9 9    9    9

Now, here I wish to include another most important angle to the Number 9:

Marko Rodin and God’s Particle: The secret to the Universe is DOUBLING and HALVING. Marko Rodin had indeed discovered natures secret about 3,6, and 9. "We have to cast out all 9’s." What does that mean? It means that any number that is above the value 9 must be added together to get a single digit. Therefore, Fibonacci Numbers are created, firstly from number 1, then by adding the previous number to the present, however by stopping at 9 and adding therefore the compound of it. Now, in doing so Rodin realized that 3, 6, and 9 are never present amongst other numbers in the double scheme. For eg:

64  1 (6+4=10, 1+0=1)

128  2 (1+2+8=11, 1+1=2)

256  4 (2+5+6=13, 1+3=4)

512  8 (5+1+2=8)

1024  7 (1+0+2+4=7)

2048  5 (2+0=4+8=14, 1+4=5) 

Whereas, in the table of 3, numbers 3 and 6 are constantly oscillating back and forth between each other in the doubling and halving scheme. For e.g.:                     3


12 (1+2=3)

24 (2+4=6)

48 (4+8=12, 1+2=3)

96 (9+6=15, 1+5=6)   

BUT:   Not so with the Number 9 !                                                                              

Now let’s double 9.


18 (1+8=9)

27 (2+7=9)

36 (3+6=9)

45 (4+5=9)

54 etc. starts over backwards here.






So 9 is the unchanging, unwavering number that never really loses its true identity, even though it is undergoing a constant state of changing. This is Rodin's Vortex Equation of the Number 9 found within the Fibonacci Series. Basically he’s found the maths to the real “God Particle” or particle of Spirit, known as Brahman in the Vedas. 

The Fingerprint of God lies in the 2-Set pattern of the 9, inverse 6, when interlaced into a Nonagon of a 9 angled circle (shown below in the diagram, the largest yin yang circle or nonagon) one reaches the ZERO-POINT OF ALL CREATIVITY, SUPER CONDUCTIVITY, FREE PERPETUAL ENERGY, TELEPATHY, TELEPORTATION, LEVITATION, and FULL PSYCHIC CONDUCTIVITY!  

Moreover, the famous non-religious, spiritual, Baha'i Temples are architectured on the Nonagon Principle of the 9 shaped circle. Not a full pure round of the circle. Because the Nonagon Circle contains, within its fold the inverse and the reverse of duality. Duality is symbolized by the Tetrahedron ( as shown in the Crop Circle), which is the sacred geometry of the third dimensional world only - Wheels-within-Wheels.  The 6-Pointed Star of David! But, when Number 9 is placed alongside the Number 6, duality reaches the point of Complete Destruction. {Keep in mind it is not a 0 circle, which is when there is only Unity of ONE.} 

Please remember, Number 9 is the only "NON-CONSTRUCTIBLE" number, in the science of the number system! Cannot be created by mankind, nor destroyed, neither changed. It is the only NUMBER that, though ever changing, never ever changes! This is the GOD PARTICLE! It can only be placed by God. This is the mighty secret of the NUMBER 9! It is DIVINE COMPLETENESS, as the Bible has rightly quoted. Although the Bible has been polluted but one thing it could not change, nor create, that which remained pure in its message - is the occult significance of Number 9! It is the Number of Finality!  Jesus Christ died at the 9th hour of the day (3:00 pm).  In Saint Germain's Free Masonry, Number 9 is associated with the SECRET NAME OF GOD!     

Now , after we have understood fully the meaning of the Number 9, its occult knowledge and secretive significance, how do we relate it to the present Crop Circle of  9 Tetrahedrons, 9 Quadrilaterals (compounded) , 9 Triangles (compounded), and 2 Nonagons of 9 shaped angles (equalling to a compounded 9)? 

Number 9 is the God Particle that cannot be introduced by man. Number 6 (3+3) was the Blueprint of earth that introduced Duality upon the planet and all its inhabitants. This caused the "Total Severance from God". Now, in 1987, in the Harmonic Convergence, it was decided (thru earth's and humanity's surprising rise in frequency) that Earth would not be destroyed! This was the biggest moment of glory for earth and the human race! We would survive!!!! But how and when? A path had to be created, especially and afresh, for both to turn around and journey into the Light. Saint Germain, had laboured long and steady for this moment of decision. In the 1930's he had attained, from God direct, the Special Dispensation to release the availability of the  VIOLET FIRE onto the hands of mankind. And so he did! Humanity became aware of this Magnificent Magical Tool to apply for Freedom and Victory. And did mankind apply this??!!! To such a victorious end that by 1987, when the measurement of vibration of the planet was taken, at the mighty Harmonic Convergence meet, all were astounded, shocked, taken back, dumbfounded, and above all - elated! Earth was not going to be scrolled up and burnt into amber! This experiment had survived!!!! So many star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy had sown their starseeds into this new venture and enthusiastically participated, waiting for millions of earth years, to see  the fruit of their labour! Helping, aiding, supporting, nudging their starseeds to awaken, to wake up, to see the Light! But they had eventually despaired as the light on earth kept rapidly, speedily, diminishing from a bright 100% to the lowest ever 25% .... falling deep into the abyss of the Kali Yuga of sheer darkness and death! But one Master saw differently. He knew the magic formula that would surely, but slowly, stir the slumberous race into a surety of awakening. He finally made the difference! 

We started waking up in hoards. Computer was introduced, internet was discovered, man got connected, Messages from the Light filtered through the awakening beings who then had a medium for passing it on. More and more people started reading the messages and a tsunami wave struck the earth. Enlightening became a fad, spirituality a new discipline, and LIGHT - a  new word that was coined! 

And so each year hence, all prophesies of the past became inundated, outdated, invalidated! New plans were made, updated, changed, re-made, as the frequencies kept rising, higher and even higher! 


This year, on 8888:08 am/pm (88888) an amazing Portal of Sirius opened and began to physically evidence the reality of the OTHER WORLD to all! An electrifying, stupefying, LION'S GATEWAY PORTAL unlike any before! 

We were upgraded from 33rd Degree of Ascension to the 144the Degree of Peaking Ascension.The Lamb lay down beside the Lion! 

We were blazoned with Lord's Super Buffet of  Temptation, one that the devil cannot ever present! This inspired a mass wave of ascension, elation, amongst all the Light Beings - giving them the push they so waited for, the proof they so longed for! The sleeping too have been shaken by the Lightening entry of the Lion Consciousness, the Lion Beings, the Lions from nowhere! Crop-Circle upon Crop-Circle was unleashed upon our fields, further heightening mankind's joy and guiding us thru the maze, but now, from an aerial view of the entire plan! 

And to top it all, here comes the new, latest Crop-Circle that is going to lift humanity even higher, as soon as it goes viral, with now a PROPHETIC VIEW of the exit that is going to be made available, tangible, visible to us! This Crop Circle has given us the full lay of when it shall occur! This time, the Time has been revealed - 99999 - next year on 9th September, 2016, a huge PORTAL shall open and the end will be revealed! No more information is provided! 

In my analysis, I feel the Piscean Age will finally be taken over by the Aquarian Age! Ray 6 of the Piscean Era, one of devotion thru following a leader, is gone! 

Furthermore, in 2017, on Jan 1st, at 1:00 am (of the Dec 31st night of 2016) a NEW BEGINNING shall be ushered in! It shall be: 11111:11 am/pm  The time and number also of RAY ONE! Moreover,  11 is not a number to be compounded as it is an ASCENDED MASTER number. Now, returning to the Secret Name of God (more than that which was revealed to Moses - EHEYEH ASHER EHEYEH - I AM THAT I AM - as at that time just this much information was sufficient for the evolution of the masses),  Kaba-allah has sacredly revealed, is EHEYEH ! Now the Gematrian calculation of which comes to 11 - two ones. This once again highlights the 1111 date we shall face immediately at the dawn (at the strike of the first hour) of 2017. This shall bring in the Light of the Ascended Master Consciousness, from the 11th dimension. The Returning of Christ! Who shall walk in - is the mystery that will be resolved only on 11111111!   

Hold your breath as each day now, till 2017, is gonna be a magical moment, a magical breath, a magical magic of the highest order! 

Light of God, 

Sangeeta Handa -

The code received was 9HY9HY-H1C6N7O8P15-KT61L5-PKT6H9HY8F3   it’s all about human genetics





"Emerging evidence suggests that individual members of the phytochrome family of photoreceptors may regulate discrete facets of plant photomorphogenesis." 

there is something going on concerning our evolution and perhaps the radioactivity of fukushima or future nuclear catastrophy .. many nuke plants are seriously dysfunctioning  see this site for example for real alternative vision of the actual problem  

or this one for fukushima only


For this crop

there are 3 level of 9 

9 stars made off  5 componants or  9 groups of  3 "farfales" with 2 missing and  2 rectangles


9925 (9*3-2) ou 9952 (5*9-4)

this made reference to 2 human genes 

"ZBTB5 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 5 [ Homo sapiens (human) ] Gene ID: 9925, updated on 5-Jul-2015"

"HS3ST3B2 heparan sulfate (glucosamine) 3-O-sulfotransferase 3B2 [ Homo sapiens (human) ] "

with link with this dna message received this year ?

9HY..9HY   H1C6N7O8P15    KT61..L5      PKT6.. H9HY.. 8F3

Stéphane alias anakin_nEo


In the Name of Metatron

"If you only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe." by Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)

This crop circle was the ninth and last crop circle of the month of August. And the sixty-first crop circle of this year of 2015 - at least according to Crop Circle Connector - as this number reflects the number of circles inside the Flower of Life.

Here a mural depiction from the castle of Rožmberk in the Czech Republic, built in the first half of the 13th century:

And here an overlay of Etchilhampton's crop circle and the Flower of Life:

And when overlaying Wiltshire with the Flower of Life then it perfectly aligns with four of August's crop circles:

"Everything in the universe comes out of this single pattern.", Brad Olsen, the author of "Modern Esoteric", said about the Flower of Life. And Wiltshire seems to confirm it.

And simply by watching the Flower of Life, Brad Olsen continued, energy codings are being activated in the mind of the observer, which will help him/her to access his/her "light body".

Toni Macaroni

See T992, pg.144 and T1186, pg. 146 of my free ebook for examples of five-pointed stars standing for Earth satellites of one nation. The nine six-pointed stars here would refer by analogy to larger space stations constructed or maintained by more than one nation, (such as the International Space Station) perhaps even by the U.N., or its future equivalent. The Nine objects shown here will be hit by comets during the Cometary Period of over 250 years.  In the center we see a double ring  of space junk (always four-sided objects) indicating two circles of damage/destruction on Earth for each of the nine space stations. Also, some of the space junk doesn’t fall to Earth, but continues to orbit, as indicated by the two large four-sided figures near the edge of Earth, seen here at night. The geometrical imprecision is normally a hint of manmade status, but for this circle may imply that the space stations were not well enough put together. The complex crop weave is quite atypical for manmade crop circles.

To download the free ebook go to

Kenneth Heck 

My Report is as follows.
Assuming that each 7 circle's radiuses are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Name these circles as C1,C2,...,C7
If add up 18 areas between C1 and C3
,a total is 12.56637061...
add up areas between C4 to C7
,this will be 26.97816768...
myCalculation is



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike