Fox Ground Down, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset. Reported 30th May.

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Updated Tuesday 2nd June 2015


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A new crop picture at Fox Ground Down on May 30, 2015 shows a native American symbol for “Sun”, along with four overlapping circles to represent an inferior conjunction of Mercury on the same day. It also shows many other clever astronomical symbols, and foretells the return of Quetzalcoatl on a date not too far off.  

A new crop picture at Fox Ground Down on May 30, 2015 shows some amazing features, both in the patterned crop and in the landscape nearby. These many features essentially preclude it from any possibility of have been locally man-made. It was seemingly made by an extra-terrestrial (although human) artist from the Pleiades star cluster M45, who goes by the name of “Quetzalcoatl”. His marks are all over it (please see below).  

The “human art” in our museums often seems woeful in comparison with “crop pictures”. These field images are so clever, and so aesthetically pleasing, that all other “art” fades away as the work of “beginners”, once you understand the details and symbolisms of crop pictures. Let us show what we mean by the following example.  

A native American “cross” symbol for “Sun”  

At the centre of this new crop picture, we can see a native American “cross” symbol for “Sun”:  

It is essentially an overlay of the four-armed “solar cross”, and an eight-lined native American “cross”, shown in the slide above at upper right. The crop artist has cleverly added a Mayan-Aztec “square spiral” to all four corners of his “Sun” symbol, like he did at Badbury Rings on June 17, 2014 (see  

May 30, 2015 was the Mayan date, so drawing a “Sun” symbol with “8 plus 8” lines was quite appropriate! Both the native American “Sun” symbol and the Mayan “square spiral” show eight lines or line segments, the latter ending with a “dot” inside (see below).  

An inferior conjunction of Mercury with our Sun on May 30, 2015 (as seen from Earth)  

Four large, double-lined circles outside of this “Sun” symbol next symbolize an inferior conjunction of Mercury on the same date of May 30, as seen from Earth. The crop artist seems to have been preparing for this event by his slightly “askew” drawing at Manton Drove on May 24, 2015, which represented where Mercury was located then (upper part of the slide below):  

Then on May 30, when Mercury came into precise alignment with Sun and Earth, he drew a precisely-square diagram with four outer, large circles (lower part of the slide above). These four circles represent where Mercury would be located in its orbit at inferior conjunction, maximum eastern elongation, superior conjunction, or maximum western elongation. They might also represent a four-petal “flower” or lucky “cloverleaf”.  

Landscape symbols nearby for “Earth, Mercury and Sun” 

Right away, when I saw aerial photographs of this new crop picture, I realized that “three aligned trees” in the landscape nearby, just off to one side, were meant to represent a May 30 alignment in space of “Earth, Mercury and Sun”:  

We can understand now why certain landscape locations are carefully selected for certain crop pictures, in order to enhance or affirm their intended meanings.  

Landscape symbols nearby for “Mercury, Sun and Mars”  

The “beautiful artwork” is not over yet. In fact, we are just getting started!  

During an inferior conjunction of Mercury with our Sun on May 30, 2015, if we were to look closely in the constellation Taurus, we would see nearby two other small planetary bodies as Mercury and Mars. This is what is known as a “triple conjunction”. It appeared clearly on all astronomical diagrams or astrological charts for that day.  

Just next to those “three aligned trees” in the landscape, shown above, we can see another clever landscape symbol for “Mercury, Sun and Mars” in the constellation of Taurus the “Bull”:  

Our “Sun” is the large yellow symbol shown there. “Mercury” appears” with a larger symbol than “Mars”, because it was much brighter than Mars in Earth’s sky on that day. Mars was on the far side of the Sun as seen from Earth, whereas Mercury was very close to us between Earth and Sun.  

A constellation of “Taurus the Bull”  

A large “bull” symbol which is located there in the landscape represents “Taurus the Bull”. That is the constellation where Mercury, Sun and Mars were grouped together in Earth’s sky on May 30, 2015:  

We can see from a true sky map of Mercury (green), Sun (yellow) and Mars (red), as shown in the lower right part of the slide above, just how closely this particular landscape feature matches Earth’s sky on that day.  

Many standing tufts near the centre of this new crop picture seem to match four different “triangular arrangements” of Mercury, Sun and Mars on May 28 to 31 of 2015  

When we studied the centre of this new crop picture, we could see a complex pattern of standing tufts within each of its four triangular, flattened spaces. By comparing those four different patterns of laid crop to known maps of the night sky, we found that they seem to represent images of “Mercury, Sun and Mars” on four different dates of May 28 to 31, 2015, close to interior conjunction. Our suggestion for what these complex patterns might mean is shown in the slide below:  

Now let us show an aerial photograph of the real crop picture. Standing tufts have been circled in four different colours: 

What do you think? This was the best match we could find, using aerial photographs at moderate levels of resolution. If we had close-up ground photographs to work from, we might do even better.  

These details lie so far from any popular conception of a “man-made crop circle”, created using rope and boards, as to be laughable. A true “artist” has been at work here, not any “vandals” or “kindergarten” type of pranksters.  

Let’s flip it over!  

While I was studying that “Taurus the Bull” landscape feature using Google Earth, I noticed that if we were to “flip it over”, then we would see a “man in a cape” with “arms outstretched”. Three bright objects “Mars, Sun and Mercury” now lie above his “head” in the sky above:  

These two different views match how we would see those three bright sky objects from either the southern or northern hemispheres on Earth (please compare with two sky maps in the lower part of the slide above).  

That landscape “man” seems very happy to be watching the night sky with all of its wonders! He drew a crop picture to represent the “Sun and Mercury” on that same day, only meters away on the left:  

“How beautiful!” he seems to be telling us. “Lift up your eyes and look at the night sky!”  

A “quetzal bird” is flying this way from the Pleiades star cluster M45 

So who might this mysterious “crop artist” be? A broad landscape just below that new crop picture shows the humorous and striking image of a “quetzal bird”, who is flying his rocket-powered “space plane” towards Earth:  

A “feathered crest”, just above his “head and beak”, is where the new crop picture was drawn. Just behind his “eye” we can see a small “5-12-13” right-angle triangle, labelled in red. This was the same field imagery used at Manton Drove on May 24, 2015.  

Elsewhere along his “beak” and “neck”, we can see a schematic image of the Pleiades star cluster M45 (please see an inset of the real M45 star cluster at lower left).  

A similar artistic image from ancient central America  

Quite remarkably, the two latest crop pictures at Fox Ground Down on May 30, 2015, or at Manton Drove on May 24, 2015, resemble an artistic image of “Quetzalcoatl flying his spaceplane” which was carved from jade in ancient central America:  

Why else would those ancient Mayans have drawn a “solar cross” with four small “balls” on the nose of his spaceplane, unless that was what it really looked like? This interesting artefact is on display at the British Museum in London.  

Other landscape symbols near Fox Ground Down not shown here 

While studying this new crop picture using Google Earth, I noticed two numbers in the landscape “3” and “0”, which may be seen very clearly nearby. They might suggest a date of May 30 when the crop picture appeared? They might also suggest a Mayan calendar date of 13.0.3.x.x in December of 2015?  

Seen in another perspective, the landscape near Fox Ground Down also resembles a “man and his dog”, who are “sitting on a whale” which has been captured by a “Japanese fisherman”. The crop picture is his “belt buckle”. He looks there like a “cowboy sheriff”, who is coming to bring justice to planet Earth. Will Quetzalcoatl put an end to the senseless slaughter of whales? Many of his other crop pictures show “dolphins”.  

Other landscape symbols near Manton Drove not previously discussed  

Near Manton Drove on May 24, 2015, we can see another set of landscape symbols which were not previously discussed. They show a “pregnant woman” who is about to give birth, and who is wearing the Manton Drove crop picture as an ornamental pendant around her neck. The woman then gives birth like for a “fiery volcano”. A “quetzal bird nurse” collects the baby and takes care of it.  

Just above we can see two large numbers in the landscape as “3” and “7”. These match a famous passage from the Gospel of John as Chapter 3, verse 7: “Do not marvel when I tell you, that you must be born again.” The pregnant woman seems to be “thinking” of that passage as she “gives birth”. A facial image of the “apostle John” is located just over her “head”.  

Waiting for a “new Earth”?  

Is that pregnant woman “Mother Earth”, who is about to give birth to a new version of the human race? Are friendly extra-terrestrials waiting nearby to “midwife” this transition? Are they drawing spectacular works of art in our fields, while they watch and supervise everything that is going on?  

“NO MORE WAR” (see, no more killing of dolphins and whales? That is what I think this phenomenon is all about, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. We would like to thank Mr. Gyro for his excellent aerial photography.




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