Noordhoek nr Standaarbuiten,Netherlands. Reported 4th July.

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I'm sending you these mirrored images of the above formation as they might be of interest to some of your readers.

This image is with regards to the sixth photograph that appears on the “Ariel Shots” page for this formation.

As you can see there is behind the image of the formation four thin trees.

I noticed that the tree that is second on the left of the photograph (the tree that has the most sun behind it) has two eyes.

These two eyes are looking at us.

These eyes appear half way down the tree in the lightest part of it.

You might need to give yourself a minute for your eyes to adjust and then you should be able to make contact with these eyes.

There is clearly an eye on each side of this tree and both are at the very same level.

Also take note that within the formation itself at the very top edge of the formation (as we see it) is a light stick of some kind or a lighter piece of crop.

As soon as I noticed these things I wanted to know if there was anything in it when mirrored so for those that are interested this is what I found.

This image from the "Ariel Shots" page is now made up of two mirrored right sides.



Notice here that this pale stick (or paler piece of crop) now frames the underneath of what looks like a hovering spacecraft of some kind.

This space craft (when seen with a magnifying glass) seems to have some kind of being sitting in it.
And the hovering craft seems to be hovering above a patterned dish which reminds me very much of this very beautiful crop formation that appeared in 2009.

In the centre of the formation is the face of a cat like creature

Also take note that at the very bottom of the page in the very centre is a giraffe like creature.

If you follow up this beings long neck from the “W” that is in the word “Wright” you will come to this creatures face.

You might have to let your eyes adjust a minute to what you are seeing.

This image is now made up of two mirrored left sides

In this image you can now clearly see only three trees and in the lighter area of the middle tree are the two eyes that I first saw in the original photograph.

These eyes are clearly looking right at us.

And although there seems to be a slight sadness in these eyes there is also a sense of great strength and determination.

Could it be that those in the heavens are maybe trying to tell us humans that enough is now enough.

Could it be that the majority of humans are taking far, far too long to “AWAKEN!”

Half way down the centre of the formation itself is now a path with symbolic faces on it.

This path then stops as it meets the first two stumps of standing crop for now sitting within the stumps of standing crop is a disc shape or is it a <!--[endif]-->camouflaged UFO?
Are those in the heavens now giving us a closer view of the hovering UFO that appeared in the previous mirrored image?

In the front of this disc shape is the figure of a man who seems to be wearing some kind of suit and also a pale identity badge that is hung around his neck.

Could the path that ends at the disc shape be the tail to this UFO?

Does this being look like he’s sitting inside some kind of thin glass cockpit?

With what I can see and feel from these mirrored images those in the heavens are far mightier than those who govern us here on earth.

Are these very mighty beings trying to tell us that they’re coming soon whether we humans are ready or not?

Love Helen



This is another circle predicted by Robbert v/d Broeke, which allegedly shows the constellation of the Pleiades, (or more accurately, the “tiny little dipper”), perhaps the home of the aliens making the circles connected with Broeke. It may or may not be the home of the aliens constructing the vast majority of crop circles. The eight “stars” here would also represent the eight comets (seven to Earth, one to the Sun) the aliens will be guiding to their impact points. The four largest would be the four chastising comets B, C, D, and E.

Ken Heck

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Die Plejaden im Kornkreis vom 7. Juli 2016, Holland
The Pleiades in the crop circle of July 7, 2016, Holland


Robbert van den Broeke  sagt uns in seiner Kornkreisbeschreibung, die stehenden Garben stellten die Sternenkonstellation der Plejaden dar.
Robbert van den Broeke tells us in his crop circle description, the standing sheaves represented the stars constellation of the Pleiades.

“From Nancy Talbott – BLT Research Inc: News for crop circle fans…the first Dutch formation in July has just occurred. Robbert v/d Broeke ( skyped me last night to report the details, not the least of which is that–since its been raining daily for the whole month of June–the fields are soaked & even the tram-lines are filled with water, making it very difficult to reach the new formation. As is so often the case Robbert felt its “energy” and saw (in his ‘mind’s eye’) what it would look like (a ‘big ring, inside of which was a large flattened circle with standing crop tufts representing the Pleiades constellation’)” Quelle Ich habe das überprüft und legte dabei Norden in die Mitte des Kornkreises.

Der Kornkreis als Himmelskarte
The crop circle as a celestial chart


Abbildung 1


Die Geometrie des Kornkreises
The geometry of the crop circle

Die einzelnen Konstruktionsschritte.
The construction steps.

Abbildung 3


Rekonstruktion und die Teilung des Fünfecks in 3:5
Reconstruction and division of the pentagon in 3: 5

Abbildung 4


Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra
The Nebra Skydisk

Abbildung 6

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