Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire. Reported 28th June.

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Crop circles drawn in glass, rather than just in the fields?

There is a small company in Bellingham, Washington which makes highly artistic pieces of glass. This company, called “Mothership Glass”, came to our attention in early August of 2016, when a modified version of its logo appeared in crops near Ansty Farm in southern England (see Ansty2016a or Ansty comments).

At first this spectacular crop picture was assumed to be an “advertisement” for that small American company. Then later many people began to ask whether something paranormal might be involved? That small company did not claim any responsibility for the Ansty crop picture, nor were any human plankers seen constructing it (see for example a five-part report by Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa which aired on Mexican TV at or It was made on private land, and the owner of a nearby farm shop knew nothing about it. A few other speculative claims have been made of possible human involvement in its construction. Yet as of late September 2016, all of those claims have been discounted by reliable factual evidence.

Now interestingly enough, the Mothership Glass company not only has a logo which was drawn (approximately) in the field at Ansty, but they also make other pieces of glass which resemble crop pictures that have appeared recently. One such example is shown below:

This distinctive “Flower of Life” or “Egg of Life” motif was drawn in glass by the Mothership Glass company on September 22, 2016, more than one month after a modified version of their logo appeared in crops near Ansty on August 6, 2016. You can see other examples here on their Facebook page (see / or their website (see Whether these highly-skilled glass artists just “love crop circles”, or whether something more mysterious is going on, remains to be determined.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Varda Sarnat

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Hello readers and writers, 

after my first report in 2016 - see

My report regarding Brandenburg, Großziethen, Germany. Reported 15th May

which had the general topic / motto:

The Tragedy in Humankinds Evolution and Development from the very beginning until NOW 

we see ourselves now confronted with a new row of images, following a special topic.

Beginning with 1st crop circle: 

Even the honoured Dr. Horace Drew expressed his silent dreams of a 'first contact' by publishing his special lines (I copy in): 

But I do know him better, especially in decoding special 'binary depicted messages', and he is really gigantic in decoding!!!

Apart from that I saw a new message told by the same honoured Lady Linda Moulton Howe on her website:

In the row of actual text there appears this new message, I copy in:

" July 6, 2016 - Flower of Life and Egg of Life
in Hampshire, U. K. Crop Formations. Click for report.

“Maybe there was something more organized before the Big Bang?”

- Roger Penrose, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, Cycles of Time

End of copy / message ---------- 

As you readers may see, the general topic of the year 2016 were be seen by very many people.

Therefore I want to ask YOU:

Have YOU realised the new TOPIC of the year 2016, given by the extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, as they told to me to 'look out and see what is to be seen'???? 

What is YOUR impression about the so far appeared crop circles??? WHAT message have you seen???? 

NO any explicit message at all?

NO special meaning at all??? 

Sorry, but you are WRONG, because the teacher never sits vainly in front of the school-class.

As in former years he / she sits again in front of the Earth children classroom for to teach the children…….

You have not yet got the idea of the whole presented images so far???? 

Obviously you are asleep, which turns the teacher into angry.

BUT - after a while - he begins with the real TEACHING, as follows…: 

=== The lesson begin === 


01_Brandenburg, Großziethen, Germany. Reported 15th May._7 

Q: WHAT is the message inside????

A: I see a circle, moving, it is something active, it is a kind of dynamics…..

Q: You are right to see the dynamics. 

Next image 

Q: You DO see the line of unison, understanding, even love?

A: Yes, in the whole image I do see a harmony. 

Q: And can you see the differences in the next image, which is a very important one? 

Place image here: 03_Castle Hill, Mere, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th June.jpg  

A: I see something confusion, at first there was 'an idea' and then there was only a shadow of it……..



So it is the result of CAUSE and EFFECT.

è And THIS is the ultimately topic and the stuff which YOU - Earth humans - have to learn FINALLY. 

YOU as a human race feel so superior because you never have met the real higher grounded forces; you have many names for that: God, Ruler, Angels, and what else.

So you do NOT know the realms of creation, so you do not know the beings in universe at all.

We go on now to show you the next image:  

which shows you the connection, and wherever you go, you see a closed circle. So the way is not open, instead it leads you back to yourself, how strange this may appear…..

It is YOU who create the future, so far you have not forgotten this…!!! 

The next sent circle, 

Q: You SEE the many possible directions you can walk to?

As it appears as an 'Eye' which looks left and right, it is just grounded in your fear to name that place as an 'eye', but it is not an eye, more it is your SIGHT, either left or right.

And wherever you look to, you see a vast of hurdles to overcome.
And that's absolutely right, because following the way of

'targets' you will confronted with problems. But they can be solved by YOU.

You do not understand so far, because you do not understand the rule of CAUSE and EFFECT.

The PRINCIPLE OF CAUSALITY, you don't understand right now, but you WILL understand. 

Take a look at the next presented image: 

And take a look at Dr. Horace Drew's 'translated image': 

You surely will REALISE the 'inner core' which now is in the 'sphere' of the 'outer core'. It is not showed the way how this was possible, but the result is a 'sphere' which formerly was grounded in the real 'cosmic core' but now is 'changed' into the outer core, but with ONE remarkable point:

It is UNKNOWN to the former 'inner' or 'basic core' to have been now 'hovered up' into the higher so called 'core'……

Whatever you may feel, I will take you back to the ground, to the roots…………

Because, if I show you your 'hovered up' image with NO any base to your former GROUND, then you will see that you will be nothing more than a victim of a realm, of an existence, which nowadays claims to be in force, in rule.

THEREFORE the ultimate TOPIC is so important:

The principle of causality.

Because nothing happens by chance.

And NO future will be real without your own intention…. but you do not understand….. 

As next we have sent a 'wheel' filled with many special parts. 

Several Earth people interpreted it wrong because the many details.

First is about the so called "Trinity"……..

Question to YOU all:

WHAT do you call 'Trinity' as you tried to describe inside your reports???? 

ALL answers would be considered, but do not be a FOOL to tell any bull…. here!!!! 

So - 'trinity' - as YOU are familiar, can have this meaning: 

FIRST: Regarding 'heaven': The FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT………….

SECOND, translated to YOUR cheap world: The economic powers grounded in three basic (and destructive) powers.

THIRD: The hardest one for anyone of living being:

To be ENLITHENED, which means to be always in




Especially the last points show your ultimate LACK. 

Apart from that you can see the whole result of a 'cause' 

AND - as a result of 'CAUSE' and 'EFFECT' - a simple reflection - which can even be YOUR thoughts or wishes, reflected onto a 'mirror' between 'dimensions' - a realm or reality which YOU do not have even a tiniest idea from. 

As next there is shown a special part of a special image, even valid in higher realms: The FLOWER OF LIVE' 

You DO SEE the stretched image into one direction???

Was it formerly round, even housed in a circle with its center-point, is it now stretched into one direction, to enhance the length.

So the image appears as a 'distortion' of the truth!
And it is exactly the 'picture' or YOUR Truth, YOUR world and YOUR understanding. 

So the teacher wants to ask a question to YOU:

WHAT you may want to be the Earth looks like??? 

And DO LOOK OUT for the SIGNALS which will be sent to you - because we are ONE……. 

-- End of message ------ in deep love and understanding 

Gerd Estrup 2016-07-08: 

PS: Many thanks first to the master photographers and their stunning images and to the souls who wrote so deep and lovely lines - may they even be wrong, but in their inner core of the heart - the are absolutely on the right way…………

So there IS a future - and it will be a honoured future - even honoured by our brothers and sisters - who so countless do live out there - with the same feelings as we do feel……yes…







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