Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire. Reported 28th June.

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 Ave Magna Vulva! (URL) Greetings from the Wood Lords of the Kassites! (URL) (URL) In reverence for one great symbol of Lady Nînmah. Drawing by anshar / Black Forest


“What's even worse than a flute? - Two flutes!” - Wolfgang A. Mozart. Drawing and video by anshar


Blackwood and Ringslebenstr: A Butterfly Effect? 

As soon as I saw the two beautiful crop circles that were reported from two separate countries on the same day, June 28th, 2016, I had a strong feeling that the double event was no mere coincidence.  It seemed to me that both formations needed to be considered together to get one message.  

The butterfly symbol, the Flower of Life design, and the lozenge/diamond/rhombus shape are the three obvious visual images to be considered. To my delight, all three symbols harmonize and resonate in such an elegant fashion to give us a beautiful, hopeful and insightful message regarding the ‘ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.’ Although the answer could be hidden somehow in ‘42’, these two crop circles offer plenty of viable food for thought regarding such a big question. They also present us with symbols from around the world and ranging in time from very early human society to symbols that have remained relevant in the present and most likely will remain so in the future.  

The visual appearances of the Flower of Life pattern, the rhombus/diamond/lozenge, and the butterfly are all allusions to the Centre of the Galaxy, known by the Maya as Hunab’Ku and known in Taoist philosophy as the Tao, the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things. The Vesica Pisces symbol, implicit in the Flower of Life and the geometrical basis for representing the Flower of Life represents the origin of life, the Great Goddess Creator. So, between these two crop formations, there is a strong message for all about our origins and where we are headed. 

The butterfly almost universally symbolizes the soul, renewal, immortality, rebirth and psychic transformation. It is also a symbol for the Great Goddess and joy.  


Butterfly as symbol of the personal eternal soul and as the soul of the world in a Taoist imaging. “Something Infinite, older than heaven and earth silent, solitary, and vast: eternal, unchanging, yet ever evolving throughout ten thousand things. Not knowing its name, I call it Tao.” – Lao Tzu 

The diamond shape has long been a symbol for the feminine creative principle, as it, like the Vesica Pisces is so similar to a vulva in shape. In China it means happiness and also victory. “The rhomb or diamond was said to be the sign of the Virgin Earth, that is, Mother Earth at the beginning of creation.” (Walker  50) As the eighth element in the runic alphabet, Inguz stands for new beginnings, fertility, and in particular the completion of the new beginning. 


The lozenge shape is part of the internal geometry of the Vesica Pisces from which the Flower of Life is also generated. It is associated with the Great Mother Goddess since the shape resembles the vagina of the female body. The Aztec Goddess Chalchiuhtlicue, Goddess of the Waters, wears a skirt trimmed with a lozenge pattern.   

The "Flower of Life" can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the "Great Void". Everything is made from the Creator's thought.” (bibliotecapleyades) 


The Flower of Life, the Seed of Life and the Egg of Life: “It is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings,” (crystallinks) 

What is very amazing in the case of the two crop circles is that both symbols inform one another and expand one upon the other. For example, the butterfly, a well-known symbol in its own right, also relates to the Centre of our Galaxy, Hunab’Ku, the mother womb of the Galaxy, called the Galactic Butterfly in the Mayan tradition; the butterfly also carries the symbolism of the Great Goddess and the individual psyche/soul of a person. The lozenge shape is a reference to the Great Goddess in Her creating aspect; it represents fertility and creative action; it is, like the Vesica Pisces, a symbol for the beginning of the world. The Flower of Life is formed within the lozenge/womb; it emerges from the womb as manifest life forms.   


Both Hunab’Ku, the Galactic Butterfly of the Maya tradition and Yin-Yang in the Eastern tradition represent the Mother of Creation, the Centre of the Galaxy, the Great Void, the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things. 

A final point convincing me that these two formations are absolutely intertwined is the fact that a common motif among first nations in North America, Canada and Mexico is a geometric design signifying the butterfly that includes a diamond shape in its centre. In those traditions, the butterfly is associated with the concept of immortality. (whats-your-sign). 


North American native design for butterfly includes the lozenge/diamond shape.                                                   

The reported formations of June 28th both have strong references to the beginnings of ‘creation’: the lozenge with the Flower of Life in it, and the butterfly referring to the Centre of the Galaxy. When considered as the Rune Inguz, Fertility, the lozenge implies a new birth that comes after the old ways or stages of life are cast aside. In the words of Ralph Blum:

“All things change and we cannot live permanently amid obstructions. The Rune of Fertility signals your emergence from a closed, chrysalis state. As you resolve and clear away the old, you will experience a release from tension and uncertainty.”(Blum 122)

This same growing out of old stages, or metamorphosis is implied by the butterfly symbol as well. 


Inguz, the eighth Rune of the Fulthark represents a new beginning, or birth that requires the giving up of an older form, as in the butterfly leaving its cocoon state. 

So we have in the fields of Blackwood and Ringslebenstr a loving message telling us that new life is on its way, that we must cast aside old useless traditions, beliefs and practices in order to be renewed along with the coming of the New Earth. In his essay for Fulley Wood, Marc Smulders points out similar ideas to what these two formations are all about:

“It is likely this is an important step in the birth of the new world in the sense that it will create the opportunity to realign self-consciousness (the symbolism of the sun) with the centre of the galaxy. This is the mother womb of the galaxy and the gateway to the galaxy (“Hunab Ku”) beyond our sun. It refers to the consciousness of the creation of life that goes beyond our sun and our self-consciousness.” 

It is as if the Consciousness of Creation, as Marc phrases it, is communicating directly to all of humanity in preparation for our witnessing and collective and personal participation in the creation of a New World. Meegwetch. 

-Michelle Jennings 


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Artwork WJ

Flower of life, symbol of creation, relates to underworlds
 as well as the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar

The flower of life is a symbol of creation and in this case relates to:

- the beginning and the end of the Great Cycle (the sixth Underworld), which relates to the so-called Long Count of the Mayan civilization;

- the beginning and the end of the ninth Underworld;

- the Gregorian calendar;

- the duration of the Hebrew calendar

We find the clue by counting segments and circles:


The formation comprises of:

- 38 petals/segments (dark green in the figure)

- 23 circular segments, of which 9 are full circles

In the following, correlations with these numbers are given in bold.

Relationship with the Great Cycle

The Worldtree of the Great Cycle was erected form February 13 until August 11, -3113. Between about October 14 and October 22, 2016, the sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus are approximately on the same position in the sidereal zodiac (true relation with the stars), in comparison with August 11, -3113. During this period, these celestial bodies also have approximately the same position among each other. For the moon, this is also true for October 14-16. The Great Cycle and all the underworlds will end on October 28, short after this and on October 22, this will be exactly 5129 = 23 × 223 sidereal years since the completion of the Worldtree of the Great Cycle (August 11, -3113), which fits with the 23 circular segments

Relationship with the Ninth Underworld

The Worldtree of the Ninth Underworld was erected form September 15 until October 28, 2011. October 19, 2016 will fall 9 × 7 = 63 lunar months (1861 days) after September 15, 2011. On October 20, this will be 38 × 7 × 7 = 1862 days ago and next day this will be 23 × 9 × 9 = 1863 days ago!

Relationship with the Gregorian Calendar

The creative power of the Gregorian calendar will end on February 28, 2017. This will be 5130 = 15 × 9 × 38 years since the very start of the Long Count (February 13, -3113). The numbers 9 and 38 of the crop circle formation also refer to that.

Relationship with the Hebrew Calendar

This year is year 5776 in the Hebrew Calender. Year 5776 will end on October 2, 2016. At this date:

- it will be 5776 years ago since the start of it, while 5776 = 4 × 38 × 38 years, which perfectly matches the 38 segments of the formation!

- it will be 71,440 lunar months/calendar-months ago since the start of it, while 71,440 = 1880 × 38 lunar months, which also matches the segments of the formation!

Date of the formation

The time span from September 15, 2011 (very start Ninth Underworld) until June 28, 2016 is 2 × 23 × 38 days. This supports the abovementioned explanation.

The airfield and Bolon Yokte’ K’uh

The crop circle is at Popham Airfield. This may symbolize the relationship with the heaven and the descent of a deity, probably “Bolon Yokte’ K’uh”, which is translated as the Nine Support God by the Mayanist David Stuart. This deity is mentioned on the archaeological Maya-site Tortuguero Monument 6 in connection with December 21/22,  2012, the date that has to be considered as a milestone with respect to the closure of the Great Cycle. October 28, 2016 falls 37 × 38 days after this event. Thus, this has a connection with the 38 segments of the formation.

Marc Smulders

How our Dreams create a New Reality

Crop circle from 28th June 2016 at Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 28th June 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Monkey” and with Tone 9, in the Blue Night Wavespell.

According to the 13-Moon calendar, this is the second day of the last, 13th Lunar month or 13th Cosmic Moon with Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence. In this lunar month we pursue answers to the question “How can I become a Source of Love and Joy?"

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Blue Monkey
White Dog – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Monkey

Tone 9
Bue Night
White Mirror – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Night

Tone 13

These energies have following qualities:

Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of Intention
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation
Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence

The formation consists of 9 flowers, in 3 lines, 3 flowers in each line.
The petals of every two neighbouring flowers form triangle formations of 3 petals.

Here the number 3 symbolizes the energy “Blue Night” (Solar Seal No. 3) – the major energy in the actual Blue Night Wavespell.

The Blue Night is the Energy of Dreams. We can say
, that the number 3 on the crop circle symbolizes a humans DREAM.

And the number 9 symbolizes Tone 9 – the Tone of the day.


The total number of all petals is 38.
Here the number 38 symbolizes the energy “White Mirror”.
Kin 38 in Tzolkin is White Crystal Mirror with Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.


Not only our actions, but also our Words, Thoughts and Dreams are creative energies. And the Universe is like an infinite MIRROR. Each humans DREAM is a thought-form, which the Universe reflects like in a kaleydoscope.
On the crop circle is shown how a Dream is reflected and multiplied.

And on a day with Tone 9 our dreams grow in Intentions.


When we examine the flowers of one row, for example of the first row on the upper side, we can discover the numbers 10 and 11, which symbolize following energies:


White Dog (Solar Seal No. 10) – the Energy of Love and
Blue Monkey (Solar Seal No. 11) – the Energy of Joy.


On this way is symbolized the 13th Cosmic Moon, in which we pursue answers to the question: “How can I become a Source of Love and Joy?”

During the Blue Night Wavespell we can use the energies Blue Night and White Mirror to create, to “birth” the desired New Reality.

Blue Night is Solar Seal No. 3 and White Mirror is Solar Seal No. 18. The sum is 21. Kin 21 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal “Red Dragon” – the Energy of Birth.

So the pair Blue Night and White Mirror is a very powerful combination, which helps us for the realization of our Dreams with the help of the Universe.


The Japanese scientist Massaru Emoto has shown, that the Water reacts to our words and thoughts. Under the influence of our positive words and thoughts the Water forms beautiful crystals. And the negative words and thoughts results in chaotic formations and can not build crystals at all.

In fact, this applies not only to the Water, our words and thoughts are reflected also in the Air, in the Earth and in the whole space, also in the souls of the other people, because we all are connected in a Global Consciousness.

And here on the crop circle is shown how a beautiful Dream forms wonderful harmonic structures – amazing flowers. Our thoughts, our Dreams forms images, patterns, which are multiplied through the Universe and such a beautiful “carpet” is formed. Through the laws of the Reflection these patterns are reflected everywhere and a new web is formed. And these new thought patterns fill the Common Consciousness.


So a Dream, born in the consciousness of a human, can engage the minds and the hearts of many peoples. And if they like it and support it, begins it’s realization and so a New Reality is created.


Gratitude to the photographers and to the authors of this inspiring crop circle!!

Maya Todorova

Quote: "It is as if the Consciousness of Creation, as Marc phrases it, is communicating directly to all of humanity in preparation for our witnessing and collective and personal participation in the creation of a New World. Meegwetch."

It's in the air and it always was, it's just on our evolution to be able to perceive it.


Maybe time has come. Diamonds and gold are symbols of indestructibility. The only thing more indestructible is pure spirit and complete awareness. Basically it's about replacing money as motivator and instrument of coercion and switch to a love that means pure reason in the same time.


Jn Medio Plateć Eius 

In the midst of the street of it,

and on either side of the river,

was there the tree of life,

which bare twelve manner of fruits,

and yielded her fruit every month:

and the leaves of the tree were

for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 22.2 


Ave Magna Vulva! („vulva“ Latin, derived from Proto-Indo-European „welH“ = „transition“) Hello Great Transition! The Crop Circle Creators have revealed to me another piece of „Their“ Davinci Code – a brilliant one! – for the 4th of July. This is another delicate entry in the guest book of Planet Earth’s future heritage. They again emphasized the „Galactic Grail“ alignment of the ‚Hill Barn/Willoughby Hedge 2016‘ formations (s. references). Please view (PDF) (Download) our analysis on this further genuine manifestation. All you need to follow is solid basic knowledge of astronomy and geodesy, thank you.


Nine new grain species arise from nine impacts, plus the two right and left cusps, which may represent miscellaneous fragments. See GBR (03/07/27) and BEL (04/07/28), pg. 160, for similar circles. Exactly which nine of the comets and their major fragments isn’t clear from the circle. The lozenge shape of the image suggests teams of two triangular space vehicles will be responsible for the impacts associated with the new species. Reference the page in the free ebook at

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike