Fulley Wood, nr Tichborne, Hampshire. Reported 24th June.

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A new crop picture at Fulley Wood on June 24, 2016 shows “expanding dipole waves”, which might be seen soon in Earth’s night sky near a crescent Moon, as an unexpected and “unpredictable” astronomical event    

Four crop pictures from 2014 or 2016 seem to suggest that we may see a “bright spiral”, or even "expanding dipole waves", in Earth’s night sky soon, perhaps near a crescent Moon? A new crop picture at Fulley Wood near Tichborne on June 24, 2016 certainly suggests such a sky event. Three other crop pictures at Hackpen Hill on July 9, 2014, Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014, or Stroud Green on August 24, 2014 showed possibly-related images.  

Will there really be a strange and novel astronomical event soon, near Earth’s crescent Moon in our night sky? A spectacular crop picture at Fulley Wood on June 24, 2016 suggests this might be the case:  

Within that crop picture, we can see a series of “expanding dipole waves” (see how-do-you-make-a-spherical-radio-wave). These two-sided “waves” are then encompassed by a much larger “crescent” shape, which seems symbolic of Earth’s crescent Moon. 

A related crop picture from Ironwell Lane near Stroud Green on August 24, 2014 showed a similar “crescent” shape for our Moon, while also showing two concentric circles next to its “crescent” shape, again to suggest “expanding waves” (see ironwell2014a).  

“Expanding dipole waves” from modern physics or astronomy: what are they exactly?  

What exactly are “expanding dipole waves” in terms of modern physics or astronomy? This animated movie explains how they work:  

When two electric charges as “plus” (+) or “minus” (-) oscillate back and forth within some conducting material, for example along the length of an “antenna”, they may emit electromagnetic radiation as a series of crescent-shaped waves, which will then expand outward on both sides of the moving, “dipolar” electric charges. 

Four small standing tufts of crop, which were drawn at the very centre of this new crop picture from Fulley Wood (see fulley2016a), certainly seem to suggest a series of “oscillating electrical charges”, which lie at the centre of any “dipole wave expansion” (please watch the movie above). Another crop picture which appeared near Stonehenge on August 1, 2013 seemed to show “expanding quadrupole waves” (see www.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Careful study of the landscape near this Fulley Wood crop picture (at latitude 51.0646o N, longitude 1.2046o W) reveals some interesting features. The new crop picture was drawn in a specific field location, so as to suggest comically an “expanding gas”, which has been ejected from the “backside” of a “man holding a gun” (images not shown, please use Google Earth). Two other people “look on” from the left, with their “eyes open” as if they might be “shocked”. A similar landscape imagery was used at Stroud Green in 2014.  

Both a large number “7” and small number “7”, in the landscape nearby, suggest that these “expanding gaseous waves” will perhaps be seen in Earth’s night sky during some “month 7”, or perhaps during a “month 7” on “day 7”? No one on Earth today can really know the future: either the exact nature of an upcoming event, nor its precise date. We are just guessing, by studying the images which time-travelling humans (or visitors from other stars) have drawn in agricultural fields.  

Will many people’s eyes be “opened”?  

If such an unexpected and “unpredictable” astronomical event really does take place, how will most people on Earth respond?  


Will the “eyes” of many people be “opened”, especially if that event is not something which could happen naturally?  

This new crop picture at Fulley Wood shows “expanding dipole waves” when we look at it from one perspective, yet seems to show an “opening eye” when we look at it from another perspective, which has been rotated clockwise by 90o.  

A “man-in-the-moon” will see a “bright spiral” in Earth’s night sky 

A related crop picture at Hackpen Hill on July 8, 2014 showed (in Phase I) an image of “planet Jupiter”, with its famous “red spot” (see photographs near the bottom of the page on wiltshire2014b). Then on the next day of July 9, 2014, this crop picture changed (in Phase II) to show the image of a crescent “man-in-the-moon” with a “red eye” (see photographs near the top of the same page). The “red eye” of that “man-in-the-moon” was presumably due to his looking at a “red spot” on Jupiter, which will be close in the night sky to a crescent Moon, on some near-future date when the “spiral” event takes place.  

That “man-in-the-moon” at Hackpen Hill appeared “shocked”, to see a large “spiral” in the night sky, close to where Jupiter may be located at some time in the future! Several details of this crop picture again suggest a date in the year 2016, perhaps during month 7 or July, or perhaps even on days 7 to 9? Jupiter will be in close conjunction with a bright crescent Moon on July 9, 2016, then again on August 6, 2016. The Hackpen Hill crop picture appeared as Phase II on July 9, 2014, so that could be the suggested date, exactly two years later.  

If something really strange happens in Earth’s night sky, akin to the “Norway sky spiral” of December 9, 2009 (see www.youtube.com), will many people’s eyes be “opened” to a hidden extra-terrestrial presence in our solar system?  

“Eyes will open” soon and we may all “see better”  

Yet another crop picture at Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014 showed an “eye opening”, possibly as the result of “guide lines” associated with “laser eye surgery” (see nettle2014a). Within the “pupil” of that crop “eye”, we could see a small “spiral” lay of crop, reminiscent of the large “spiral” drawn in crops at Hackpen Hill on July 9, 2014, or the Norway sky spiral of December 9, 2009:  

Several “numbers” in the landscape, near that Nettle Hill crop picture, suggested the “year 16” (it appeared on day 16 of August), and possibly “month 7”, or perhaps even “month 7, day 7”, for a near-future “eye opening” event. One set of “eyelashes” as drawn at Nettle Hill in crops even showed “7 lashes” on the left, and another “7 lashes” on the right! July 7, 2007 was the date of a famous crop picture at East Field in Wiltshire (see www.youtube.com).  

Many other examples of “future prediction” in crops  

We can only make reasonable guesses about the future, based on what has been drawn in crops. Still it would be a real advance for the hypothesis of "crop circles” as marks made by “time travellers", if something akin to the pictured event of a “night sky spiral”, or “expanding dipole waves”, actually happens soon, whether on July 7-9 or later in 2016? 

There have been many examples of “future prediction” by crop pictures from 1994 to 2015, with subjects ranging from the prediction of cometary outbursts and stellar novae, to solar flares or earthquakes, to the Gulf oil spill or Fukushima nuclear disaster. Yet none of these have convinced the majority of people on Earth of the paranormal reality of “crop circles”, nor of an ongoing presence of advanced extra-terrestrials in our solar system, who can travel through time.  

Our crop-artist friends keep drawing the same kinds of field image, or the same kinds of metaphor, over and over again. We can see a “night sky spiral” or “concentric circles” near a bright crescent Moon. We can see “expanding dipole waves” near a bright crescent Moon. We can see “eyes opening”. They are certainly encouraging us to solve this particular puzzle, before the events described in crops actually “happen”, as seen from our limited temporal perspective.  

“Something wonderful is going to happen”  

While writing this report, I was reminded of a movie “2010: The Year We Make Contact” by Stanley Kubrick. Do visiting extra-terrestrials know of it? Could they have they devised a strategy for contact with Earth humans based on its plot?  

In this movie, a dead astronaut “Dave Bowman” returns in spirit to visit his wife and an another colleague. He informs them cryptically that “something wonderful is going to happen” (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com). They ask in reply, “What exactly is going to happen?” He refuses to tell them, then disappears. 

The movie concludes when planet Jupiter explodes due to nuclear fusion, and becomes a “second Sun” in our solar system (see www.youtube.com). This is only speculative fiction, but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens next in the real world? What are they trying to tell us, by drawing many complex but cryptic messages in crops?  

I was having lunch with my wife and some friends in the “Red Lion” at Avebury, when a remarkable crop picture came down near Silbury Hill on August 3, 2009. All of us rushed over to see it. We found in one place this amazing image of a “smiley face”: 

Do you think they are friendly? I am looking forward to these new events with great eagerness.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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