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According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 17 June 2017 is a day of the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed and a day of the Blue Spectral Storm Year (26 July 2016 - 25 July 2017). 

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Blue Storm
Red Moon - the Challenging Energy of the Blue Storm
Yellow Sun - the Supporting Energy of the Blue Storm

The lunar crescent in the center symbolizes the energy RED MOON.

The whole formation depicts a sun, symbolizing the energy YELLOW SUN.

The outer ring of solar rays resembles also a rotating wheel, which gives us the feeling of Activation. On this way is symbolized the energy BLUE STORM (Activation, Catalyzation of the processes, Energy, Self-Generation).

The whole formation resembles also a Flower. On this way is symbolized the energy YELLOW SEED - the energy of Flowering.

Each solar ray has the form of a quadrangle with 4 sides. Here the number 4 symbolizes again the Solar Seal Yellow Seed - Solar Seal No. 4.

The Sun has 18 rays and each ray depicts a quadrangle with 4 sides. 

17 June 2017 is a day with Kin 25 in Tzolkin.

18 days later, 5 July 2017 is a day with Kin 43 in Tzolkin.
Kin 43 is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Night and with Tone 4, in the Yellow Sun wavespell.
So the 18 Sun four-sided rays on the formation have following meaning:
in 18 days is the 4
 day of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, this is a day with Tone 4.

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this beautiful formation and to the photographer Mr. GYRO!!

Maya Todorova



Of the eight future comets predicted by crop circles, one will be striking the Sun. We see here the Sun Comet positioned to strike a highly active Sun which  will cause an enormous coronal mass ejection. Earth will be seriously affected by the ejection, perhaps as prophesied in  the “Great Warning” described on page 188.  (See T257, pg. 111, T982, pg.115, and T1056 and 1058, pg. 116 of my free ebook for  a few circles describing the impact.) The crescent indicates the comet has affected to some degree the Van Allen belts of a large planet, probably Jupiter (T294 and T288, pg. 71). The Sun image here resembles a circular saw which presumably cuts the history of our era into two halves -  before and after the Sun Comet impact.

Ken Heck

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Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Another crop circle depicting the solar Eclipse of August in a form not totally circular, but as subtle ELIPSE, as suggesting the influence of a third star / planet in this "encounter", like the CC of Oxleaze Copse, May 21, incidentally, 28 days ago (lunar cycle!)
And to reinforce the idea, we see curves outlined on the central white disk, as suggesting a Wormhole or contours of a Space-Time distortion caused by additional gravitational factors.

It's a subtle look, but it's as if the largest white disk were the Sun, the dark crescent, the Moon, and the central white disk inside it, a third object (Star / Planet / UFO in eclipse?)

The Moon, in the Tarot, equates to Arcanum 18, the number of rays of this dynamic or moving eclipse clockwise in CC. Thus, the 18 dark rays, in the same color as the crescent Moon, speak of the Splendor of the Moon (Goddess) and not of the Sun. It is what stands out here, as it has been since the beginning of the 2017 season! Lunar Exaltation
And as we are in a phase of "cabalistic" crop circles, the number 18 here makes all the difference.
And speaking of meetings in heaven and on Earth, tomorrow, the 18th, by the lunar Jewish calendar, is the 24th day of Sivan, the month of harvest, a date which relates to the prophecy of Haggai and the Exodus of the Babylonians rescued by the Anointed King Cyrus and led by the two witnesses and leaders, Joshua High Priest and Zerubbabel the governor, to begin the Great Rebuilding.
The reign is solar, the priesthood is lunar. This is implied here.
There is a CALL in all of this! 18...year 2018?'

Artwork WJ


How the Mayan Tzolkin should be applied 

Today, this means on June 17 and the day the formation was found, we had a dialog amongst a small group of people in the Netherlands. We discussed how we should apply the tzolkin-calendars nowadays and in the near future. We agreed upon the fact that there are 3 counts that signify the “male”(Quiché), the “female” (Dreamspell) and the “child” (Cosmic)). We also agreed that the 3 Tzolkin-counts have been synchronized since February 29, 2008, but we were still looking for an answer on the question how we should deal with the leap days (February 29) in the years after the leap day in 2012. 

I feel that the formation gives us an answers to that question. Traditionally the Tzolkin is synchronized with the Tun-cycle (the “religious year” of 360 days) which means that: 

18 Tzolkin-cycles = 13 Tun 

The formation of 18 cogs of a cogwheel may symbolize this relationship. However, until 2012 leap-days were ignored, which means that February 29 had the same signature as February 28 (this applied for the Dreamspell and the Cosmic count). This means that until the year 2012, this traditional relationship didn’t work out that way. The formations suggests that the new practice is that we do not ignore the leap-days anymore from the year 2016 onwards in order to restore the harmonic traditional relationship with the Tun-cycle. This means that the signatures on June 17 where: 

Dreamspell: 13 Cimi (worldbridger/transformer); thus, it was not 12 Chicchan, when ignoring the leap day in 2016

Cosmic: 2 Ik (wind); thus, it was not 1 Imix, when ignoring the leap day in 2016

Quiché: 4 Etznab (flint/mirror); note: it was not 5 Cauac as the synchronization implied that one day was skipped on the leap-day in 2012; this happened only once. 

Relationship with the moon 

Interestingly, there is a relationship with the moon, because 13 Tun approximates 158,5 lunar months, which means it connects full moon with new moon and half waxing moon with half waning moon. This is expressed in the centre of the formation. However, apart from that, it also connects the half waning moon on the day of the formation with the crucial dates in the recent past, namely: 

February 29, 2008, also half waning moon: the day on which the synchronization took place

March 1, 2012, half waxing moon: from that day onwards the synchronization with the Tun-cycle was a fact (leap days should not be ignored any longer, as still was the case on the day before, February 29).

February 29/March 1, 2016, half waning moon: the day from which the Dreamspell-count is wrongly applied (leap-days shouldn’t be ignored anymore), at least by most people (according to this theory) 

How it started on a wave of the blue eagle 

Interestingly, the 18 cogs still seem to have another meaning: when counting 27 × 18 weeks back into the past (from June 17), we “arrive” at February 23, 2008 a day with the same day-signs as on the formation (Dreamspell/Cosmic) and one day after a day 7 red dragon on the wave of the blue eagle (Cosmic count); the days 7 dragon are always important regarding the birth of a new principle. The wave of the blue eagle ended on February 28 and 29, 2008. 

Marc Smulders

The Total Solar Eclipse will happen on August 21 2017 

Occult means to Hide.  We learn the meaning and demonstration of the world Occult through Gematria.   The Moon Occults the Sun In Eclipse is the Occult, (The world seen the world not seen on top of each other) In old days an Eclipse was called the Divine Eye or Sun Eye.


It is not accident that the Human eye looks like an eclipse.  There are no accidents when it comes to the Macrocosom and Microcosm of the Universe. 


The Sun Moon relationship has always been part of the Duality of Opposites. The Sun is represented as Male and the Moon is represented as Female.

The Sun is always on the Right and Moon is always on the Left. 


When viewed from the Earth the Sun and Moon are the same size. 

It is this Sun Moon relationship that is the secret of the Eclipse and Occults. It is this Duality of opposites  that is the Secret of reaching The Higher Mind. Sun is Day, the Moon is Night

The Sun is Solar, the Moon is Lunar
Right Left
Darkness Light
Male Female
Father Mother
Ying Yang
as above so below
Material Spiritual
The Macrocosom The Microcomsom
Seen Unseen
Why then a Crop Circle to remind us of the Solar Eclipse?

Perhaps to remind us of the Oppisites of the Univese and how we must balance  them to reach a Higher State of Being as shown on a Masonic Board.

The Sun and Moon
The Romanitc way of looking at Solar Eclipse is the Sun and Moon are Lovers.   The Sun God and Moon Goddess Get to meet again!



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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike