Little Knoll. Nr Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June.

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Updated Saturday 17th  June  2017

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Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide regarding the latest crop circle in Wiltshire, UK, with his covering text -


The Full Moon answered our ALO!
The central disk perfectly portrayed the irregularities of the lunar surface on Full Moon days.
Well, it is an astronomical sign, as said before, Moon and Saturn in conjunction in the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio.

Astronomically, the inserted pentagram represents Venus, and here we have an opposition, since Venus is on the other side of the sky, entering the zodiacal constellation of Aries. Representation in the Pentagram-Pentagon geometry, five-sided polygons that add up to 10, the wheel, of the completed Cycle. Arcanum 10 of the Tarot. The year 2017 is ruled by Saturn and sums up to 10.

There's a THIRD PENTAGON inside the white circle ... just like the structure of the North American Pentagon ...

But that Pentagram (Venus) about the Pentagon (USA) reminded me of an episode that in 2017 complete 60 years:  a Venusian at the Pentagon (Valiant Thor, 1957) ... and this for anyone who believes. The fact is that we had a Pentagram in the crop circle of Summers Lane on May 28, and that pentagram had 60 circular annexes and the letter T drawn on them. Thor? The return of Thor?'

Within this "Moon", there are tufts distributed with a certain regularity, it is not easy to count, but if I did not make a mistake , I counted 54 tuffs (6x9), which gives the exact beginning of the crop circle season, on April 16 (Easter) to this day, June 9, 54 days. Not counting the central tuft, which would be 55



Inline image 2    The pentagon may allude to the American territory where Comet A will strike in the Central Pacific (perhaps near Johnston Atoll or Howland Island according to other circles), but it also may represent a general effort on Earth to protect against comet or asteroid strikes. The parts of the pentagon are disconnected, implying it isn’t well built enough to succeed against an impact. The central comet impact creates a flash, seen also in T510, pg.172 and T1070, pg. 173 of my free ebook (which can be downloaded at   The subtle pentagram in the center circle (created by a complex lay of grain) represents many small fragments peppering a manned space vehicle before final impact. The outer circle indicates a night impact. On the perimeter, five  comets, B through F,  are on schedule for further impacts. The Warning Comet doesn't impact, but leaves a major fragment to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.

Ken Heck

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Through our thoughts we build our new common Home of Love and Cooperation! 

Crop circle from 9th June 2017 at Little Knoll, nr Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, UK.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 9 June 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth and with Tone 4, in the White Wizard Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed.

According to the 13-Moon calendar, this is a day of the 12th Lunar month or 12th Moon with Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The 12th Crystal Moon continues until 26 June 2017.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Earth - Evolotion, Navigation, Synchronization
Tone 4 - the Selfexisting Tone of Form
White Wizard - Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Yellow Seed - Flowering, Targets, Awareness
White Dog - Love, Heart, Loyalty
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Red Serpent - Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct

The whole formation represents the Earth, symbolizing the energy RED EARTH. The Earth is our common Home. On the formation it is depicted through a pentagon, which resembles a house.
The house is built of 10 “bricks” S.
Each “brick” is a quadrangle with 4 sides.
The number 4 symbolizes Tone 4 and the energy YELLOW SEED - Solar Seal No. 4.

In the first castle of the new Tzolkin Module we “plant” the Seeds for that, which we want to “grow” until the end of this Tzolkin.
Our Seeds are our Thought-Forms.
And, vice versa, each Thought-Form is like a Seed.
On the formation our Thought-Forms or Seeds are depicted like “bricks” S, through which we build our new Home, i.e. our new desired reality.

There are 10 “bricks” and the number 10 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG (Solar Seal No. 10) - the Energy of Love.
Each brick has 4 sides, or the 10 bricks have 40 sides in total. Kin 40 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal YELLOW SUN.

On this way the authors of the formation propose us to build our new Home with much Love. And may this be a Home of Love and Light!

The Home depicts a pentagon, a figure with 5 sides. The number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT (Solar Seal No. 5), which endows our Home with Life Force and Life Stability.

The figure “B” consists of 5 big Bridges, which symbolize the energy “White Worldbridger. The authors of the formation remind us, that during the 12th Crystal Moon of Cooperation we can use the energy of Tone 12 and build Bridges to each other, in order to live in Unity and Cooperation. This is an important condition for our Home to be strong and stable. 

In the central circle of the formation we see a small copy, an “imaginary project” of the outer bigger Home. Now we are in the White Wizard Wavespell and we as Wizards know, that our thoughts have a great power. Through our thoughts we create our future. What we build in our thoughts, will then be materialized in more dense, visible forms. 

Deepest gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation and to the photographers from !!

Maya Todorova

Reference to total lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 and Trump 

The double pentagram refers to Venus on the one hand and five or ten lunar months on the other hand. During five subsequent cycles of Venus (as observed from the earth), this planet takes five different positions in the zodiac over a time span of precisely five years. These five subsequent positions create a pentagram (note: the five superior and five inferior conjunctions of Venus with the sun create a double pentagram). One cycle of Venus corresponds with approximately 584 days and this approximates 20 lunar months (591 days). The time span from the formation’s creation date (full moon) to the total lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 corresponds with exactly 20 lunar months while Venus is at about 46 degrees distance from the sun on both days. 

At the moment of the maximum eclipse (5:12 GMT) on January 21, 2019, Jupiter and Venus will rise at the horizon (in Wiltshire). 

This event might also refer to Trump who will be in office 2 years on January 21, 2019 (inauguration on January 20, 2017). The maximum visibility of the lunar eclipse will take place in the midheaven (MC) in the Eastern part of the United States (Washington/New York). Trump was born just before a total lunar eclipse that reached her totality about 3 hours after his birth on June 14, 1946! 

Marc Smulders


Dear souls,

after long time of silence I'm back now.
I looked the crop circles same as you did.

And once more I took a look into these comments.
And I saw your messages. They appeared as if written a long time ago. 

Obviously you keep on going with your interpretations as always, same as the teacher from older times shows you new images and you simply try to describe of what you see...

So in summary you all stay on your same and old views, your so called perception.
But time goes on and things can easily change into whatever. But you stand still. 

Should I present the texts and the images of what you published here - for to show you prove?

Okay, lets go. 

1st there is a report which is written by 'Red Collie' - I'm very sure because special view and description. 

It shows his typical handwriting.
And he came to the (expected) result that the image has something to do with a similar pentagon. So his mind walked to the US-pentagon. Easy to realise - but wrong. 

Next there is a person with name Ken Heck

To add here that I appreciate his big work very much, especially his published book as PDF-file.

But he thinks absolutely wrong - for example in regards to this crop circle. That means:
Whenever he noted something, he wrote it down into his (PDF) book.
But if he meets something similar at today, he just 'compared' it with his earlier realisations, as if there was no any change in all the time from his writings until today.
In other words: Everything what happened in any time before will happen again a time later and in exactly the same way.......
KEN, I ask you: Would YOU repeat a thing from long time ago and will do it in exactly same way on today?

Sure you won't, but you describe events as 'unchangeable' facts which will never change.
So you see your faults? Because you ignored the time itself and the constantly changing in all of time.

Next is a person with name Maya Todorova 

It is clear that this woman is connected with some so called 'esoteric' theories. As she wrote:

"Through our thoughts we build our new common Home of Love and Cooperation"

Okay, Maya, a very simple question to you:
WHERE have all your thoughts gone to, because there is NO any little outcome of your so called 'love and cooperation' ???
Maybe you are dreaming and far from truth and reality - but at least you have 'nice' thoughts and wishes......... as many people have had before you.
SEE: There is NO any outcome of all your thoughts, wishes and (maybe) efforts.
And I ask YOU why it is! Likewise you could ask the pope himself.........

The answer is same simple as logical: Because you are not connected and has never been.
You only dream - but that is ways too small for to CHANGE something in the real world.


Now I go on with my own report, which is not exactly connected with this crop circle report.
But if you take a little deeper look into it, you may see some lines, some connections....... 

Where to begin?
Let me tell you that since some two weeks there came a very special image into my mind.
I saw it very clearly, did not know the 'source' where it was been sent from. But it looked very exactly like this one, which I have drawn onto a sheet of paper, then drawn by using a simple paint-program. It shows this: 

A something strange image - so far.
And by the way I send it out to the cosmic brothers and sisters (CC-makers) as a sign, as MY sign.
I'm pretty sure that they will send a reply soon - and you and I will see it........ 

But there happened something more in the following days.
When I was on the balcony some days later after the 'pop-up' of that strange image into my mind there happened a very outstanding situation to me.
I saw it with my own eyes so clearly - in the night of June 11, 00:40 o'clock
After 'that show' I went into my rooms and started my special 'cosmic-viewing-program'.
I took a screenshot from the sky right from my view point.
Then I draw in the lights which I have seen so clearly - by remembering their position in the night sky: 

Translation of the written text into the image:
"2017-06-11 - Stellarium Screenshot
Approx 00:24 o'clock there suddenly appeared 3 'stars' - bright and good to see - see inside the circle.
After some seconds the lower star began to sink down - as I have drawn.
Then the upper two stars began to follow the first star by sinking down as well.
When all the three 'stars' were sinking, they began to 'fade out'.
After one or two seconds they faded out completely - and the sky was that dark as before the incident. As if nothing was there at any time."

NOW - what is that 'sign' meaning?
As I wrote before, I saw an image with inner eyes.
Next there followed a real image in the night skies - and when I looked at it, I realised that the 'lights' formed just that 'triangle' of the depicted cone which I saw before.

HOW to possibly connect with our so called 'real world'?

Not that hard to recognize, I tell you.
May Red Collie sets his focus onto the US-Pentagon because the depicted crop circle shows a so called 'pentagon' - sure you are wrong.
May Ken Heck scrolls through his own recordings - as if the times remain in static - stand still and therefore wrong,
may Maya Todorova sink into some esoteric and strange perceptions far from truth with same strange results,

The truth for you all is so much more simple and much more difficult to realise and understand.

You ALL failed to draw the line from the crop circle into our reality.
Why should so much advanced living beings as CC-makers = cosmic brothers and sisters -  tell you so well known and banal 'facts'????
They never would waste their time nor energy.

And they never would give a shit into our own problems and / or idiotic wars where a human raises his gun against another human. That's not their topic / focus. - for several reasons.

INSTEAD they want us to see the real important point BEHIND their sent image.
Their image is as always a SYMBOLIC image which YOU need to 'translate'.

Okay, you see the inner circle with its ' intertwined' patterns and have no clue what it is?
And sure you see the outer 'pentagon' with its five edges.
And your under developed mind lead you to the US-Pentagon - for to tell WHAT?

See these 'patterns' in my photographed amulet: 


Something new and important which you didn't know already by yourself?
WAKE UP - I tell you........... 

CC-makers told ME by sending the cone-on-circle-image and sending real lights in night sky - formed a triangle formation - a very special message - which not only confirmed the crop circle - but additionally substantiate the first sent image with the cone which points upside down to a special 'point' so to say.

I understood their sent message completely and have 'created' a real and very strong contact to the person which was been pointed out by the upside-down cone which pointed to an exact point in 'our real world and place' = meaning of a special geographic coordinates for to meet that being.
I won't explain it here further, but can tell you that the 'meeting' was very successfully and the result was overwhelming, especially for the recipient.
You CAN see the outcome of this meeting, but you won't.

Instead YOU all have no tiny idea of what I spoke about, you have no idea why the cone and why the lights there in the night skies............and why this crop circle is so special, because you are unable to interpret, to understand.
Therefore you write your messages, your lines.
But vainly.
With a big smile I leave you now...........

 2017-06-16 - Gerd Estrup -

Artwork WJ


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