Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June

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Updated Thursday 22nd June  2017


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A crop picture on June 16, 2017 at Target Wood shows an “isocursal hexagram” to represent the “setting Sun”, and points to where our Sun will set on August 21, 2017, the day of a solar eclipse. Superimposed on that “isocursal hexagram” is a “Tree of Life” from sacred geometry, which suggests that certain events associated with the eclipse may bring us back from “death into life”.  

A new crop picture at Target Wood, near Badbury Rings in Dorset, was created graphically by superimposing a “Tree of Life” symbol from sacred geometry on an “isocursal hexagram”. The crop artist also added a third, overlapping symbol in the form of an “equilateral triangle” (see target comments).  

This “isocursal hexagram” with its flat, star-shaped appearance resembles our “bright setting Sun”. Indeed, the new crop picture points approximately toward where our Sun was setting on the west-northwest horizon, on June 16 the day when it appeared:  

Actually it points slightly left (or south) of where our Sun set on June 16, or closer to where our Sun will set in the month of August, for example during a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  

When we use Google Earth to study the landscape features where it was drawn (at latitude 50.833o N, longitude 2.076o W), we learn that it points in the other direction toward Badbury Rings below, as noted on the left with an orange dashed line:  


That large, ringed, megalithic structure at Badbury Rings does look something like an “eclipsed Sun”!  

Just above the crop picture and to the right, we can see two large, white “numbers” in the landscape which seem to read “6” or “7” (outlined by a thin white box). Those two “numbers” might be meant to suggest “67 days”, from when the crop picture was drawn (on the night of June 15) until a late-afternoon solar eclipse on August 21.  

Two other crop pictures at Woolstone Hill on June 4, or Maiden Bradley on June 9, likewise showed symbols to suggest “78” or “73” days respectively, from when each crop picture appeared until the solar eclipse would take place.  

In the next slide below, we can see that an “equilateral triangle”, as the third, overlapping symbol from this crop picture, has 60o angles in each of three corners. Why else would the crop artist have added this somewhat-superfluous symbol to his “isocursal hexagram” and “Tree of Life”, unless to suggest a time period of “60 days”?  

The “equilateral triangle” was added so that it encloses just 7 of 10 large “circles” from a “Tree of Life”, again to suggest perhaps a time period of “7 days”. When we add “60” and “7”, we get “67 days” as indicated by two large landscape “numbers” nearby.  

On a very broad scale in the landscape near this new crop picture, we can see (using Google Earth) three different possible images of a “horned serpent with love L” (southeast up), a “space shuttle” (southwest up), or a “dead person like a mummy” (northeast or northwest up).  

The underlying meaning of an “isocursal hexagram”, drawn two other times in crops at Ackling Dyke in 2014 (see sixpenny-handley 2014), or Etchilhampton in 2016 (see latest-crop-circles-2016-august), is that “love is the law”.  

By superimposing the “Tree of Life” from sacred geometry on an “isocursal hexagram”, in the same way that our Moon overlaps the Sun during an eclipse, the crop artist seems to be suggesting that certain events associated with a solar eclipse on August 21 will be done “with love”, and also will bring us all back metaphorically “from death into life”.  

As many new and exciting crop pictures continue to appear this summer, with more information, you will be able to see all of the latest photographs or videos, as well as many free, open and uncensored commentaries, here on Crop Circle Connector.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Mr. Gyro and Matthew Williams for excellent aerial drone photographs.



“Everything you think you know is but a fragment of the Whole Truth.” 

One of the oldest symbols is the Flower of Life.   It can be found in all religions of the world. It is the sacred geometry of the Universe and Higher Consciousness.  Within the Flower of Life is The Seed of Life, The Egg of Life, Metron Cube, Fruit of Life, all of the Hedrons, Platanic Solids, Map of all sacred Sites on Earth, and everything else from music to art. 

It is the God Consciousness with in all of us.  It is the Great Design. It also The Kabbalah Tree of Life...(the Tree of Life is much older than Kabbalah it is in many Cultures and even Older then Egypt. Most know the Kabbalah Tree of Life) 

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is the map of the body and the energies of the Spirit. This map is made up of Cahkra points called Sphirot.  The Highest point is the Crown, it is this point that is the Cosmic Mystery and the Transcending dimensions.  The Crown is visualized as the Flower of Life, as seen in Gothic Cathedrals, and as represented by the Tripod, The Pyramid and Eye.  

I will name all the Chakras in order as you sit in the Lotus position. From the top of the Pineal Gland(Flower of Life)to the feet. 


Third Eye



Solar Plexus



Why are these important?  Why a Crop Circle?   Someone is telling us the secrets, someone is reminding us of our lost past and connection to Divinity.  For we are Divine and we reach a Higher Consciousness through the Chakras.  The Chakras are also a way for us to reach the energies of the Earth and open up  our Spirit to the Cosmic, in doing so healing ourselves in Body, Mind, and Soul.  It is Three of Life that is this Map of these Energies. All this from One Crop Circle.  The Tree of Life. 

To give you an idea the Secret is that you are Divine and living Consciousness on this planet.  That means you have unlimited Potentiality and the Universe is at your call.  This is the answer to all the Secret Societies, throughout time, The Flower of Life. It was In ancient past that Societies new their connection to the Universe, the Spirit, and could connect with these through Meditation and the Lotus Position.  They could heal themselves they could reach the cosmos, and who knows what else. Here is a Crop Circle Reminding us and we need a reminder! 

This is amazing Crop Circle Wisdom! 


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