Clifford's Hill, Nr Allington, Wiltshire. Reported 21st July.

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A pinwheel-shaped crop picture, which appeared near Clifford’s Hill on July 21, 2018, relates two different images in the landscape to one another. As we rotate in the landscape around this “pinwheel”, first we can see a “fish being attracted to a worm”. Then as we rotate further, we can see another large “worm”, who is trying to attract the attention of a “man” dressed as a “knight”.  

By showing these clever images, the E.T. crop artist seems to be suggesting that he is a “fisher of men”, and that he is looking for “men” who are like “knights” to support his cause.  

"Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people." --- Matthew 4:19.  

This pinwheel-shaped crop picture, which appeared near Clifford’s Hill on July 21, 2018, was perhaps the most difficult of 2018 to fully understand. It shows a subtle kind of Christian symbolism, along with six other crop pictures in England during the summer of 2018. The known meanings of those six other crop pictures are summarized below.  

May 8, 2018 at Willoughby Hedge: the clever image of a “water strider” insect. Just as Jesus supposedly once “walked on water”, so this crop-drawn “water strider” can literally walk on water in still ponds. It can also be seen “feeding a lamb” in the broad landscape which surrounds it, just as Jesus once said to Simon Peter, “feed my lambs” (please see Willoughby Hedge commentsl   or Willoughby Hedge articlesl  ).  

June 10, 2018 at Keysley Down: the image of a three-fold symmetric spiral, which tells us how to rotate through the landscape to place a landscape “worm” onto another landscape “hook”, thereby referring to Jesus as  a “fisher of men” (see keysleydown articlesl  ).  

June 20, 2018 at Devil’s Den: the image of a “Sigillum Dei” or “Seal of God”, which has been drawn or fixed onto the “ear of a lamb” in the landscape, while a “man” stands behind to protect that “lamb” from evil influences. It was drawn close to a place known as “Devil’s Den”, or metaphorically a place of “evil influences” (see Devils Den articles  ).  

June 30, 2018 at Sutton Hall: two humorous images of a “fish hook” and a “worm”, symbolizing Jesus once again as a “fisher of men” (see sutton hall articles  ).  

July 23, 2018 at Gurston Ashes: the image of an “opening door”, drawn over the “heart” of a large “angel” shape in the broad landscape which surrounds it (see gurston articles  ).  

August 19, 2018 at Pancake Plantation: the image of a “Star of David”, with a burnt “Lamb of God” motif at its centre. It was drawn in the landscape as a metaphorical “ring” on the outstretched “hand” of an “angel” near the town of Holybourne. This “angel” seems to be reaching out to help a “small boy”, who is holding up a “cross” (see pancakes articlesl  ).  

Those were six amazing “Christian” crop pictures! We have seen some Christian crop pictures in years before (for example, but never so many in the same general location, and within a single summer season.  

A seventh “Christian” crop picture appeared at Clifford’s Hill near Allington and Stanton Saint Bernard on July 21, 2018  

Here we will describe one more Christian crop picture from England in 2018, as the seventh in total. It was too difficult and subtle conceptually for us to understand in a brief time, during the hectic summer season. That crop picture appeared on July 21, 2018 at Clifford’s Hill near the small towns of Allington and Stanton Saint Bernard. Please go to other pages of the Crop Circle Connector (see cliffords hill 2018l  ) if you wish to study its aerial photographs or other commentaries. There is an old church nearby called “All Saints” (see  

This new crop picture at Clifford’s Hill showed a 12-fold symmetric “pinwheel” shape, which seems to be “rotating” anti-clockwise. The subtle purpose of this clever field drawing, as will be explained below, is to relate several nearby and distinctive images in the landscape to one another, about a three-fold symmetric road-junction which lies at their very centre. That road-junction also seems to be “rotating” anticlockwise, in the style of Keysley Down from June 10, 2018 (see keysley down articles).

 A crop-drawn “pinwheel” tells us how to rotate through the landscape to see a series of different images 

In the first slide below, we can see how this “pinwheel” crop picture (added as a small square in black and white) lies close to a three-fold symmetric road-junction, which is also “rotating” anti-clockwise:  

Starting our study on the right, we can see the large and clear landscape image of a “fish”, who is being attracted to a “worm” (inset at lower right). That landscape “fish” shows 12 small rectangular or square shapes along its lower body, consistent with a 12-fold symmetry for the crop “pinwheel” as drawn.  

Next if we rotate this “pinwheel” shape to the left by one place or 30o, we can see another image of a large, erect “worm” in the landscape, which has been outlined in the slide below using a white rectangle:  

The details of that large “worm” shape may be seen more clearly in the next slide below, where we can see that it seems to be “coming up out of the ground”, and also “looking at the face of a man” on the left:  

Now if we rotate that “pinwheel” by another 30o to the left, we can see the “head and face” of that “man” on the left more easily. He seems to be dressed in the style of a medieval “knight”:  

Thus a large “worm”, as may be seen in the upper-central part of this slide, seems to be trying to attract the attention of a “man” on the left, who resembles a “knight”. The relevant Christian metaphor here would seem to be “fishers of men”.  

Our crop-artist friends are metaphorically “putting out bait”, in the form of a “large worm”, in order to catch a “brave men” on Earth today who like “knights”, just as that large landscape “fish” on the right was being attracted to another “worm”.    

In the final slide below, we can see a much-broader view of the same landscape features. Now we can see the nearly-complete image of a “man” on the left, who is dressed like a “knight”. We can also see a “worm, just above his “face” and to the right, which is trying to “catch his attention”:  


Lastly at upper right, we can see a large landscape “fish” which is chasing after its own “worm”.  

Below this crop picture in the centre, we can likewise see the possible image of a second “fish”, which becomes clear if you download this slide, and rotate it clockwise by 90o.  

Seven Christian-themed crop pictures appear during the summer of 2018, yet still the world sleeps!  

This seventh Christian-themed crop picture, from July 21, 2018 near Clifford’s Hill, essentially illustrates a famous passage from the New Testament, so we will repeat it here for clarity:  

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (see  

It has become very hard, or nearly impossible now, to believe that many modern crop pictures could be anything except the “signs on the Earth” promised by a Jewish prophet Joel, and by the Christian apostle Peter, which would be shown before certain highly-spiritual, extra-terrestrial powers return to Earth, to usher in the end of one age and the beginning of another.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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On the nature of electromagnetic induction as described by Lenz’s Law: the magnetic field seems to be constructed from two counter-rotating, helical spirals, which are centred along its North or South poles respectively  

In this first diagram, we can see what any N-S magnetic field looks like, when it is studied in close detail using ferrofluids (see   or  ): 

A new crop picture at Clifford’s Hill only shows the central or near-axial part of this N-S field, although the complete field (as represented above by red or blue circles) has been drawn in many different crop pictures from the past (see for example   or   or  ).  

In this second diagram, we can see how 12 “small circles” or small charged particles (shaded in yellow) within a nearby conductor may be induced to move in an anti-clockwise, circular or “pinwheel” path, as a consequence of their coming into contact with just one (clockwise North or anti-clockwise South) of those two counter-rotating, helical spirals: 

A typical diagram from physics textbooks is shown below. It describes what happens when a N-S magnet moves parallel to its long axis, relative to a nearby ring made of conductive material (such as copper). Yet it does not explain why this happens mechanistically:

They teach physics in the schools today like they taught genetics in 1950, before the discovery of double-helical DNA 

This sketch from a physics textbook does not show any “rotating sub-structure” for a N-S magnetic field, and so the ability of a moving magnet to induce a “rotating current” of electrons in a nearby conductor seems like “magic”!  

What they teach in physics today is somewhat analogous to how they used to teach genetics in the schools, before the discovery of double-helical DNA. How could the specific information from a “gene” in one generation be passed on accurately to the next generation? Nobody then knew! Now we know that one strand of the DNA goes to one daughter cell, while the other strand of DNA goes to the other daughter cell, and each strand carries all of the information as needed.  

Likewise in the case of modern physics, they ask the students to memorize certain abstract equations which agree with what is observed, but they do not teach that the N-S magnetic field has any kind of “rotating sub-structure” (like that which has been drawn many times in crops, or as has been visualized using ferrofluids). Why should the electrons of a conductor rotate in a circular path, as some N-S magnet comes close? “Nobody knows”, they tell their students. It is just another equation which has to be memorized.  

Such current-inductive effects are usually described in terms of “Lenz’s Law”, which may be derived from a sideways “Lorentz force” or “right-hand rule”, as seen for any magnet moving relative to a linear conductor. No mechanistic explanations or drawings are ever supplied. 

In summary, two counter-rotating “helical spirals” from any N-S magnetic field seem to be what induces a sideways or circular “pinwheel” motion of electrons or other charged particles, for a physical magnet in relative motion to a nearby conductor.  

Some brief speculations on advanced physics as shown to us by friendly extra-terrestrials, and the possibility for making electromagnetic generators with improved efficiencies here on Earth 

Why is relative motion required to produce such inductive effects? Two charged particles can attract or repel one another quite easily while at rest, relative to one another, as can the North or South poles of two stationary magnets.  

It may be that the two “counter-rotating spirals” within any magnetic field remain out-of-contact or “hidden” from our usual 4-D spacetime x-y-z-t, until relative motion changes the angular path through time for a magnet moving relative to a nearby conductor. This might bring some kind of partial energy from those “hidden spirals” into our 4-D spacetime, so that they can cause electrons in a nearby conductor to move in a sideways in a “pinwheel” motion around the centre.  

It also seems possible that an underlying symmetry of “spin ½” for the electron, in some higher set of dimensions, may cause us to see two different “helical spirals” for a moving magnet when they intersect with our 4-D spacetime. By this model, each “hidden spiral” would counter-rotate relative to the other around magnetic North or South poles respectively. The symmetry of counter-rotation is more of a “3-D inversion” than a “2-D mirror plane”, and thus would require two orthogonal planes of “spin” in at least four spatial dimensions w-x-y-z.  

Whatever the true situation, one thing is clear: the extra-terrestrials who fly around our galaxy in UFOs, or make energy almost magically using technologies which we have not developed yet, do not follow the same “laws of physics” which are taught by indoctrination to millions of otherwise eager students in the schools. So we should try, as much as possible, to study all of the available facts, and raise ourselves up to their level as best we can. 

Can we build electromagnetic generators with improved efficiencies and less “back EMF”?  

Such concerns are of great relevance to the question of whether we can build electromagnetic generators with improved efficiencies here on Earth? The major loss of efficiency for any generator comes about when electrical current induced in a nearby conductor (or wire coil) forms a new and transient magnetic field, which opposes the motion of any physical magnet that created it. This is called “back EMF”.  

At least three respected inventors (namely Bruce dePalma, Adam Trombly and Paramahamsa Tewari) have shown that “back EMF” is not a “law of nature”, but rather a kind of undesirable “electromagnetic friction” which can be reduced to some extent (see   or   or   or   or  ). All three of those inventors have made better generators of clever design, which reduce the ratio of back-EMF to electrical current produced, generally by making most of the conductive paths linear rather than circular (so that they work by a Lorentz force rather than by Lenz’s Law).  

Many novel designs for improved electromagnetic generators have been drawn in crops over the years, and we understand what most of those designs mean, and why they should work better than current designs for “standard” but less-efficient generators here on Earth. Personally I have tried to interest several large companies to produce and test small-scale models of these “crop circle generators”, which should show reduced back-EMF, in a fashion fully-consistent with known laws of physics as taught in universities. Yet their upper-management executives cannot seem to get beyond a widespread perception that “all crop circles are made using rope and boards”. Thus no progress has been made so far, even if some of the low-level engineers are in favour.  

Crop-drawn images of “solar energy” on July 14, 2018, and now “electromagnetic energy” on July 21, 2018: perhaps the friendly E.T.’s are trying to tell us something? 

The crop picture previous to this one appeared on July 14 next to a large “solar energy farm” at Muncombe Hill in Somerset. Now on July 21, we can see the image of “current induction by a magnetic field”, drawn at Clifford’s Hill in Wiltshire:  

Both of these “clean-energy” crop pictures show similar images of anti-clockwise, 12-fold symmetric rotation. When sunlight shines down on a conductive surface, or when a magnet approaches a conductive surface, this may cause many small charged particles (or electrons) to move circularly in the shape of a “pinwheel”, and thereby create useful electricity for human use.  

Making improved solar-energy cells using graphene?  

The last crop picture prior to this one, at Muncombe Hill on July 14, 2018, resembles the image of a new scientific discovery made in 2017. It was discovered then that small “nanowires” could be used to control the flow of electrons in graphene, which is a potential conductive material for improved solar cells (see taming-wild-electrons-graphene   or wild-electrons-graphene  ):  

Because this crop picture was drawn next to a large “solar energy farm”, its technological suggestion becomes fairly easy to understand.  

Improved solar energy, improved electromagnetic energy: when will scientists and engineers on Earth begin to open their minds, and study what is being drawn mysteriously in the fields?  

“Development of the transistor took 5 years with Roswell, and would have taken 250 years without.” --- Philip Corso (see  )

Why did the crop artists draw an image of a “rotor spinning like a pinwheel” over a “N-S magnetic field” at Clifford’s Hill on July 21, 2018? It was to tell us how to turn from one viewing orientation in the local landscape (East-up) to another (Northeast-up), so that we would be able to find and perceive two different, overlapping meanings.  

A crop picture which appeared near Clifford’s Hill on July 21, 2018 seems to represent a “spinning pinwheel”, or perhaps a “rotor spinning over a N-S magnetic field”:   

This is the same kind of spinning motion which may be seen, for example, when a conductive rotor made of copper spins over a single N-S magnet in a homopolar motor.  

That crop picture was drawn in the landscape next to a long line of trees which seem to suggest, by their specific numbers, that we should turn this “pinwheel rotor” in its indicated direction of spin by about 60o anti-clockwise, or turn from tree-grouping “1” to tree-grouping “2” to tree-grouping “3”:  

In its first un-rotated orientation “1” which has the geographic direction of “East-up”, we can see the humorous landscape image of a “bee” who seems to be wearing a “jester’s hat”! That “bee” seems to be suggesting comically to us with his “tongue” (while tasting a flower-like crop picture) that we should turn this pinwheel from “1” to “2: to “3”, as noted by the series of tree-groupings shown above:

A triangular junction of three different farm-paths (shown inset on the left) also suggests some kind of anti-clockwise rotation from “1” to “2” to “3”. The crop artist previously compared himself to a “bee” on June 24, 2018 near Yarnbury Castle (see yarnbury castle 2018  ).  

Meanwhile in its second rotated orientation “3” which has the geographic direction of “Northeast-up” (about 45o away in an anti-clockwise sense), we can see something entirely different in the landscape which surrounds this crop picture. Now we can see (on the left) what seems to be the image of a “French soldier” (such as at the time of Napoleon), who is wearing a military “cockade” on his chest (the ribbon-like crop picture as drawn):  

This “French soldier” seems to be meeting a “happy serpent” face-to-face, as shown on the right. The “happy serpent” is wearing the same kind of “feathered military hat” as the “French soldier”. Any “serpent” image of this kind which appears in crops, or which might be seen in the landscape nearby, usually symbolizes the crop-artist Quetzalcoatl whose name means “bird-serpent”.  

What are we to make of this strange “pinwheel” crop picture, and its two overlapping symbolisms in the landscape, which they drew a “turning electric motor” to help us locate? Personally I suspect that these are cryptic “images of future” as drawn by time-travellers. Sometime in the next decade, our crop-artist friend Quetzalcoatl may perhaps join French military forces to help defeat a common enemy, whether from this world or another.  

Likewise in 2016 we saw a field image of “sharks circling a Celtic triquetra” (see   ridgeway 2016  ), in 2015 we saw written “timeo ET ferentes!” (see Aeroporto commentsl  ). and in 2002 we saw written “Much pain but still time.” (see time2007nl  ).

Red Collie (Dr, Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Other related aspects of the Clifford’s Hill crop picture may be reported later. Thanks especially to Nick Bull and Maya48.







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