Gurston Ashes, Nr Fovant, Wiltshire. Reported 23rd July.

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Tone 13 opens for us a Cosmic Gate for Return to the Source

Crop circle from 23 July 2018 at Chiselbury Ring, near Fovant, Wiltshire, UK

According to the 13-Moon calendar, 23 July 2018 is a day of the 13th Lunar month or 13th Moon with Tone 13.
According to the Mayan calendar, on 26 July 2018 begins the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon with Tone 13. This is the last year of the 13-year cycle with dominant energy Red Moon.

13 is the Cosmic Tone of Presence. It is called also “the Cosmic Gate”. And on the crop circle is depicted a door, which in my opinion symbolizes Tone 13.

The small circle in the center of the formation depicts an Eye and symbolizes the Source (God) – the “All-seeing Eye”.

The year with Tone 13 is time for Return to the Source.
Tone 13 opens for us a Cosmic Gate for a “Magical flight” back to our Source to receive basic energy for the next 13-year cycle.

During the whole Red Cosmic Moon Year we receive Tone 13, which gives us the possibility to arrive at God.
Thanks to Tone 13 we receive a direct and strong connection to the Source. This gives us the possibility for a very intense spiritual development and growth, for a greater expanding of our consciousness.

In the New year it is advisable more often to communicate with God, to ask Him to provide us with spiritual energy.

The stronger connection with God can help us to realize that we are channels of the Divine Spirit, we are representatives of God on Earth.

I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova


Remember the wonderful crop circle of Martinsell Hill, July 7, announced earlier because of the Sun-Sirius alignment in the Zodiac?

Well, I discovered that it contains the new crop circle that is expected to appear from July 25th to July 26th, at the time of Sirius' heliacal rise, before the Sun! Another message from the Sirians is expected to reach us on this important day in many ancient cultures, such as Maia and Egypt. Sirius is the Light and Lighthouse of the ancient sky, the Mother Star, Isis, Toth and to some degree, Ishtar itself, Star!

With the crop circle diagram, we can better visualize and count the stars. Center (1), inner edge (5), outer edge (20), like the 20 seals of the Mayan Calendar. Total: 1 + 5 + 20 = 1 + 25 = 26, meaning the heliacal rise of Sirius between 25 and 26 July and the new crop circle that celebrates the date! A day before the Blood Moon, total lunar eclipse on July 27, another highlight for the date marked!

Another detail: the fractal Pentagram was built on 3 levels of progressed Pentagons geometry. Three stars are the arrays of this fractal explosion, which confirms once again our relationship with Sirius, which is actually a three-star system, as the ancient Dogon already knew: Knowledge of the Nommos Masters! Watching the Rise of Sirius and the new CC message, in July 25 to 26.


Gurston Ashes, July 23!

And a few hours after the Sun entered the sign of Leo, as I had stated, and three days after the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, the Sun opens its doors to the Mother Star of our civilization!

The door has begun to open, and there is not much to talk about here ... just wait ... the Light of the Mother Star is coming on the world!  And the Sirians will reveal themselves!


A few hours after the Sun entered the sign of Leo, as I had stated, and three days after Sirius's Heliacal Rise: the Sun opens its doors to the Mother Star of our civilization! The door has begun to open.

In addition to the door opening, it also looks like a Book, a Book of Light, which fits perfectly into the Sirian theory as the first instructors of mankind (Nommos), according to the African Dogons. Another thing that seemed to me: black spots appeared in the Sun in geometric shapes, such as triangles and quadrilaterals. The image is from July 18, 2013. Signs in the Sun can happen, SOHO lenses show strange things all the time.

Remembering the crop circles of vortex 12 this season in 2018, in addition to the Torino cycle (Italy) 12 years, we have a magnificent crop circle UK that will also turn 12 years and speaks the same thing: the rebirth of Sirius behind a Stargate Solar.

In any case, if this arrival of Sirius, not only as an astronomical event but mainly a spiritual event, does not find the door open to his mind and heart, he can not show him his Light. Because the mind prepared is the Door, and the interior of the house that opens to the One who arrives, this is his heart. Because He came from the Light called Star of Bethlehem to open all minds and enter into all human hearts that invite Him! And he returns with the Mother Star who gave him the Light!"

I Stand at the Door, and Knock!" (Revelation 3: 20)

The Light of the Mother Star and His SON is coming on the world! And the Sirians Angels will reveal themselves! And expect them to send a beautiful crop circle message from July 25th to July 26th, a new light through the door of the Sun! CONTACT! They are coming back!


This port on the Sun can also represent a 3D projection geometry of the distant star (or the second Sun) on Earth (the flat face) according to Stargate commands and the concepts of Hyperspace 4D Geometry!

In fact, the crop circle format is the same as the famous SUN GATE of Tiwanaku, Bolivia! The door of Huiracocha, the Sun God in the annual alignments. The Sun opens its portals to allow passage to the God of the Blue Star!



In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was the star of Isis and Toth, deities who had depictions of birds, winged beings. Winged Isis and Ibis (Toth). Moreover, the Son of Isis, Horus (the figure of Christ the Savior in those mythologies) was represented by a hawk.

Sirius also served as the body of a "Great Bird" constellation called Manu, with Canopus as the tip of the wings of the south and Procyon the tip of the wings of the north, which divided the night sky of Polynesian into two hemispheres. In fact, the name "Manu", in the Theosophical tradition, is related to the Savior of each human race in the cycles of the Earth (the five suns of the Mayan). Noah, for example, was the Manu of the previous race, Atlantis. Is the Manu of our race coming?

This beautiful crop circle of July 25, 2015, the time of Sirius' annual heliacal rising, shows the shape of a bird man, a shaman of the stars, and brings the elements of the Gate of the Sun and Sirius to birth at his side. And all these spirals that make up their garments and feathers represent the cycles of time, and on these cycles are the promise of the return of the gods of the stars in all ancient cultures.

This crop circle, more than any other, is the embodiment of the blue star Sirius god, related to Hopi's prophecy of the blue star, blue kachina. We are close to fulfilling the Hopi prophecy! Because the Kachina image of the Hopis was that of winged gods! As shown by the 2015 crop circle and the Blue Star Kachina! I'm waiting for tomorrow for the revelation of the god Sirius!


A door that opens always means a new thing that reveals itself. The crop circle of July 23, extolling the day of the Sun (which entered into Leo sign, its astrological domicile) also wants to reveal something other than the Sirius Star and its Light to the world. Another disturbing aspect of this crop circle is that it may actually be announcing that the Second Sun is about to be known, revealed in the heavens, visible from the other side of the darkness of a closed door that will soon open! So the crop circle appeared on the Day of the Sun exalted in Leo, to refer to the companion of the Sun!

Door, Book, Envelope, Message. It's two suns, like the crop circle of July 10, 13 days ago, tried to show! The Second Sun is the continuous source of alignments within the Solar System as a whole, causing all disturbances and anomalies, symptoms of a Great Transformation forward!

AND EVERY EYE WILL SEE YOU! (Revelation 1: 7)




Porte accès cité souterraine

Underground city access gate

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The next comet strike on this planet will open the door to a period of human evolution where the meaning and significance of comet (or asteroid) strikes become fully understood. Here the next comet with its coma is the door handle, and the door is the area of anticipated damage/destruction. Behind the door is the Earth at night, the time when Comet A strikes, according to a number of prior circles.

Kenneth Heck

The ET who make crop circles know that our governments say "no" for the contacts. I don't understand why the ET make the crop circles. No is no. Our governments have informations about the ET that the people don't have ! pentagone-washington-dc-militaire 

For example, Robert Sallas said at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at Washington that some UFO intruders can shut down the missiles of the US Army at any time : 

A lot of people don't know that ! Donald Trump doesn't say anything about it ! This is not official !

Dorris Claused, London, July 31, 2018







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