Hackpen Hill (3). Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July.

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How to read time from the new “calendar wheel” which appeared in crops at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018 

A new crop picture which appeared at Hackpen Hill on July 29 shows a “compound gear” with three different radial layers. Each of those radial layers shows different numbers of “teeth” as 15, 21 or 29, going from in-to-out. Here we will explain how those three numbers define a new kind of Mayan-Aztec calendar, which is based on a lunar month of 29 days, rather than on the usual Mayan-Aztec month of 20 days.  

The historical Mayan-Aztec calendar used three numbers of 13-18.25-20 to define two concurrent calendar cycles known as the “Tzolkin” and “Haab”. One cycle lasted for 13 x 20 = 260 days, while the other cycle lasted for 18.25 x 20 = 365 days. Such numerical relations were often displayed in the form of a “calendar wheel” (see www.youtube.com). You can easily build one of these at home (see maya-calendar).  

Now this new “lunar calendar”, as drawn in crops, uses three different numbers of 15-21-29 to define two concurrent calendar cycles, which we might call the “lunar Tzolkin” and “lunar Haab”. One of these new cycles lasts for 15 x 29 = 435 days, while the other lasts for 21 x 29 = 609 days. The ratio of lengths in time for these two new cycles is (609 / 435) = (21/ 15) = 1.400. That matches closely the ratio of lengths in time for the historical Haab and Tzolkin as (365 / 260) = (18.25 / 13) = 1.404.  

This new calendar therefore seems to be based on the historical Haab and Tzolkin, except it uses a lunar month of 29 days, rather than the usual Mayan-Aztec month of 20 days. The introduction of a new “lunar” Mayan-Aztec calendar, two days after a total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018, seems quite appropriate. This is because the ancient Mayans used their historical calendar to catalogue and predict eclipses (see aztecs-mayans-marveled-at-eclipses-and-predicted-them-with-precision).  

Quite interestingly, the total length of time encoded by both new calendar cycles, when added together, equals 435 + 609 = 1044 days. This matches 3 eclipse-years of 348 days. Within the current 1044-day period, we will be able see three different total-lunar-eclipses on July 27, 2018, then January 21, 2019, then May 26, 2021. And that is how we can “read time” from the new crop picture which appeared at Hackpen Hill on July 29, 2018! Please read and share this new information with your friends or colleagues.      

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Artwork WJ


On July 28th I required a genetic crop circle for the Sirians on July 29, and it came. The Sirians answered me one more time.

Three stars with eight points (888, ***) the first identity of the Sirius system-3, as I have written many times here.

Three set wheels, like gravitational axis shared by three stars.

But as I requested a NEW CROP CIRCLE GENETIC for July 29, then I will interpret under this reference.

I counted the number of "teeth" on the three inner wheels of the 3-Star System: 15-21-29.

Interestingly, in Hebrew, letters 15 and 21 form the initial of Sirius (S-Samek and Sh-Shin), and with both letters we write the letter S of our language. The letter 29 does not exist (it goes up to 22), so that if we make 2 + 9 = 11, we have the letter K which, in Hebrew, starts the word KUKB, which means STAR. And more: 15 + 21 + 29 = 65, number of ADNI, Adonai, the Name of the Lord (and in the letters we have DNA!).

The Spirit of Our Creation and biological and genetic evolution! Genetically speaking, we can also interpret these internal wheels as filaments of DNA, and considering the numbers 15 and 21 (the human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes), are we facing a revelation? And that in our chromosomes 15 and 21, we have inserted alien identity?

And if we take the number 29, making 2 + 9 = 11 (and 1 + 1 = 2), other pairs of chromosomes are presented: 2 and 11.

Total: pairs 2, 11, 15 and 21 with Alien inheritance? This is only a first analysis, we will research and deepen.



Because this new crop circle has appeared in the Hackpen Hill field, where two previous crop circles had appeared with reference to Stargates, then we have to do this reading here as well.

Numbers 15, 21, and 29 may also be giving astronomical coordinates, position, rotation, translation, etc. of each of the three stars of the Sirius System (888 ***) within Stargate gears with our Sun. And those numbers take us back to the 11-11 style pictogram, as shown on Chesterton Hill, July 26, Sirius Day. The Stargate Gears involve the gravitational equilibrium of any system of "n" stars connected to another star system, in this case our Sun (2) with the Sirius system (3).

All coordinates are being provided!

THE MAPS and the Stargate Sense (SUN-SIRIUS)

The maps of Hackpen Hill (3) in the same region of the two previous crop circles, shows 3 natural circles in the field, which signify the three stars of Sirius, as they have always appeared, and more, the White Horse of Hackpen Hill has the meaning of vehicle (UFO) because in the Bible, Ufos were called horses of fire, like those who snatched the prophet Elijah to the heavens. The Stargate Sense of Interpretation (Sun-Sirius).


The new genetic crop circle, as I asked the Brothers of Sirius on July 28 for July 29! And he came!

The crop circle of Hakcpen Hill, 3 stars (8) and 3 inner sprockets (15-21-29) brings pyramids of steps (5 steps) on the outer edge, outlined. So we know that Pyramids are associated with Stargates of the ancients, but my focus is another: relations between DNA and harmonic frequencies, according to previous texts. An interesting thing is discovered.

Taking the 3 numbers, 15, 21 and 29, and multiplying them all by 8 (after all, we have 888 in crop circle 3 stars) is: N1 = 8x15 = 120 // N2 = 8x21 = 168 // N3 = 8x29 = 232 But the more interesting it follows, because if you add them all together, I have S = 120 + 168 + 232 = 520. And if the crop circle has 8 tips: S1 = 520 + 8 = 528.

Now, this is precisely the revolutionary frequency of DNA resonance. The 528 Hz frequency was used by biochemists to repair human DNA. The frequency of 528 Hz seems to influence the water molecules that surround the DNA helix, thus causing healing effects. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the "musical mathematical matrix of creation" (this explains why the hebrew word for Key - MFTCh - is exactly 528!) Two days before the crop circle appeared, I talked on my page about the relationship between Harmonic Realignment, cures, and DNA. Here is the crop circle's answer, two days later.

This means that the knowledge of the gods uses the pyramids combined with harmonic frequencies to produce resonances over all matter, whether of the physical body or the natural elements. The image of the crop circle resembles filaments of DNA doubling in the center of the image beneath pyramids, which reminded me of the experiments performed in 1979 by Dr. Dee J. Nelson, demonstrating interesting phenomena with the energy inside (and outside) of a pyramid. In the slide illustration, a Tesla coil was triggered below the apex of a pyramid. What you see is an emanation coming out of the top of the pyramid in double-helix spiral form (just like the shape of DNA!)

Sirians are revealing their healing and immortality secrets associated with Pyramid, resonance chambers, and specific frequencies of matter, DNA, and every living entity. Its basic technology is to use the right frequencies in special resonance chambers.


After signing Sirius (888 ***) three stars verified, we will focus on the genetic reading of the code 15-21-29 (11) of the three internal sprockets.I also spoke in the superior cure through Harmonic Realignment of DNA Vibrations, and analyzing the paired chromosomes indicated, many modern diseases appear associated with them, to congenital defects.

Some of the most frequent chronic diseases are of polygenic origin, such as Hypertension, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, various types of Cancer, Obesity, etc., and chromosomes 11 and 15 are involved in polygenic factors related to various types of modern, incurable diseases.

Can we visualize the crop circle as an 888 resonance key, of a Christlike nature, linked to a key note of healing, Christlike healing, associated with Christ's Word, as I said earlier? Certainly.

Analyzing 8 + 8 + 8 = 24, he participates in the octaves of the musical note SOL Pure (24, 48, 96, 192 Hz) or frequency 6/4 (3/2) that I usually mention here, in recurrent crop circle patterns and the latter appeared in Chesterton Hill, July 26, Star 6 axes, Mill 4 axes, as the insect crop circles, standard 6/4 inserted in them) All of them, crop circles related to the geometry of the Flower of Life. So this is the frequency of Life!

This may be a first answer: the therapeutic value of the musical note Sol Pure, corrected within 432 Hz, but at the 6/4 frequency of C (Do), which represents a pure musical SOL. I have posted the video OM-192 Hz here some time ago, after I discovered this key. The Harmonic of the note Sun that comes from the stars, from the Sun, from Sirius, and finds pure and direct resonance in our heart.
If it is the frequency of Life, then it must have a healing response to everything by the effect of the vibratory realignment of the imperfect genetic code. I spoke of the standard 6/4 and the SOL musical frequency. Notice that 24x8 = 192, a hertzian number that I have celebrated here for years as the harmonic base of vital construction, sounding deep in the heart.

Note: On August 1, 2008, United Kingdom, a crop circle with three suns appeared, as wheels connected by the same belt, each with 18 petals. And the central disk, with 14 points in a circle. This new crop circle seems to continue this model and idea.


Have you heard of Triple-stranded DNA?

Triple-stranded DNA is a DNA structure in which three oligonucleotides wind around each other and form a triple helix. In this structure, one strand binds to a B-form DNA double helix through Hoogsteen or reversed Hoogsteen hydrogen bonds.

On the other hand, recent studies demonstrate that the TRIPLE version of DNA is related to an important structure in the control of the genetic activation of the organism. The interaction between RNA and DNA led to the formation of a hybrid triple helix, designating a protein that specializes in deactivating the genes.

This may be an associative clue to reinforce the theory of genetic vibratory realignment contained in the crop circle of Hackpen Hill 3, July 29, associated with this gene therapy that could deactivate defective DNA genes (such as the many genes of chromosomes 15 and 21 associated with congenital diseases).
But we can also visualize in this triple chain of DNA (888) at the center of Crop Circle other ideas, for example, our genetic identity forged by the fusion of three species:

Sirians, Venusians, and ourselves Terrans, in the process of assisted natural evolution them for thousands of years on our planet. Remember that the crop circle has the form of an octagonal three-shaped geometry, and that the number 8, sign of Infinity, also represents the DNA helix (in this case, three eights, three DNA helices and their symbolic relations in the final message).
They are valid parallel codes within the context!


New crops circles

The next 8.8.2018 day forms the 888 pattern, and therefore we should receive beautiful messages from the Mother Star, which is three. Here, on the slide, I show 8 important crop circles that appeared in 2015, 3 years ago, because 8.8.2015 formed the same pattern 888 (2 + 1 + 5 = 8).

At that time, I mentioned these crops circles events on 8.8.2015 because the date formed the 888 numerical pattern, and since I had already seen important crop circles in previous years under the same pattern, I had sure they would come in 2015. And they came! In fact, it was in 2015, July 1, that Jupiter and Venus were so strongly aligned in the sky that they almost joined in the symbolic Star of Bethlehem.

But look at the crop circles of 2015, how many models of star 8 tips, some of them being triple, like crop circle July 29, in the form of three concentric flowers.

And on 8.8.2015, two magnificent crop circles appear: a UFO-vortex model, based on the Nazi symbol of the Black Sun (because the Nazis sought the mysteries of VRIL energy and UFO-related relations of the Aryan-Venusians!) And a wonderful dove, with three centers: one on each wing, and one on your body: the three-star system of all time (888) on 8.8.2015! Mysteries of the Holy Spirit in the form of an immaculate dove flying to the rooftops of the Universe!

May this Holy Dove come back on 8.8.2018 and enlighten us with the Gospel crop circle again, with powerful and important messages to the world!



Reference to 8-years time span of Venus and Mars, that connects midsummer 2012 with the solar eclipse that will take place on the midsummer solstice of 2020. 

The three crop circle formations at Hackpen Hill closely relate to each other. They all refer to the solar eclipse that will take place on the midsummer solstice (June 21) of 2020. In June and July 2018, Mars was conjunct the southern lunar node within about 3 degrees of arc. Hence there is a reference to the lunar nodes that cause solar and lunar eclipses. 

On July 27, there was a total lunar eclipse in a conjunction with Mars and on July 29 (day formation), the sun was still conjunct the northern lunar node. The eightfold form of the formation refers to the eight-years time span of midsummer 2012 until midsummer 2020 on which an annular eclipse will take place. Not only December 21, 2012 (midwinter solstice), but also midsummer 2012 related to the “end” of the Mayan calendar (Long Count) in 2012. The eight-years time span also refers to the 8 years-cycle of Venus: midsummer 2012 and midsummer 2020 both fall short after a heliacal rise of Venus as a morning star. However, in this case, midsummer 2012 and midsummer 2020 are also connected by Mars: the position of Mars on both dates oppose each other.

The formation also refers to the total lunar eclipse that took place on July 27. The triangles of the formation symbolize the number three and it turns out that three days create an important clue referring the understanding of this formation. Three days before the formation was created, on July 26, just one day before the lunar eclipse, Mercury started to move retrograde. Three days before the annular eclipse on June 21, 2020, on June 18, Mercury will also start to move retrograde. Another three days before June 18, on or around June 15, 2020, Venus will rise heliacal in England. It is likely Venus can’t be observed with the naked eye before that date. June 24, 2020, three days after the annular eclipse, will be the last day Venus will move retrograde while rising as a morning star at the horizon. 

It makes sense to assume that the three circles of blocks of the inner part of the formation symbolize the day-night-cycle. These circles consist of 29, 21 and 15 blocks. Hence, these numbers refer to multiples of 29, 21 and 15 days. It can be shown that this perfectly fits with references to June 15, 18, 21 and 24, 2020, because: 

29 × 24 = 696 days, which is the time span from July 29, 2018 (formation) till June 24, 2020 (end Venus retrograde period) as well as the time span from July 27, 2018 (total lunar eclipse) up to and including June 21, 2020 (annular eclipse).

21 × 33 = 693 days, which is the time span from July 29, 2018 (formation) till June 21, 2020 (annular eclipse) as well as the time span from July 27, 2018 (total lunar eclipse and only one day after start retrograde period Mercury) up to and including June 18, 2020 (start retrograde period Mercury).

15 × 46 = 690 days, which is the time span from July 29, 2018 (formation) till June 18, 2020 (start retrograde period Mercury) as well as the time span from July 27, 2018 (total lunar eclipse) up to and including June 15, 2020 (heliacal rise of Venus in England; a few days earlier in tropical regions). 

Note: 29 is also the day of the formation (July 29); 21 is also the day of the annular eclipse in the year 2020 (June 21) and 15 refers to the day of the heliacal rise of Venus (around June 15) in the year 2020 in England. 

See also: comments Hackpen Hill (1)   and comments Hackpen Hill (2)  

Marc Smulders

In the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon we build the base of the New reality for the next 4 years!

Crop circle at Hackpen Hill 3, Wiltshire, UK, reported 29th July 2018

According to the Mayan Tzolkin calendar,
29th July 2018 was a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Human with Tone 3. This was the 4th day of the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon (26 July 2018 – 25 July 2019).

The 4th day of each cycle is very important. The energies of this day help us to estimate the program, the structure and the end goal of the cycle.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Tone 3 – the Electric Tone of Service
Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind, Planetary Consciousness
Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
Red Moon – Universal Water, Flow, Purify
Yellow Warrior – Question, Intelligence, Fearlessness

The big outer circle G represents the Earth.

The 8 tetragons “H” symbolize the energy Yellow Human.
Each tetragon has 4 sides.
The total number of the sides is: 4 x 8 = 32
Kin 32 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Human.
The eight tetragons “H” symbolize the Humanity.

Each triangle “T” has 3 sides and symbolizes Tone 3, which has following qualities:
Service, Activation, Movement, Change, Current.

In the New Year Tone 13 shall bring us big radical changes.

In order to contribute to these changes, we have to activate our Service.
In the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon we have direct and very strong connection with the Source, it is advisable more often to communicate with Him and ask Him:

What is my Service?

On this way we express our willingness to consciously accomplish our individual tasks from the Common Divine plan for the year.

On the formation is depicted also the energy Yellow Warrior – the Guiding energy of the Yellow Human with Tone 3.

Each tetragon “H” depicts the upper part of the Warrior’s helmet and the triangle “T” depicts the lower part of the helmet. Both bright triangles “E” depict the openings for the eyes in the helmet.

So each figure consisting of the elements H-E-E-T depicts the face of a Warrior and symbolizes the energy Yellow Warrior.

The Yellow Warrior reminds us follow courageously our Dreams.
The Yellow Warrior teaches us to strive to become Worldbridgers – to build bridges between the people and to maintain connections to the spiritual worlds.

The central part of the formation is a real masterpiece of art!

In the central circle we see three “cog wheels” with 15, 21 and 29 cogs respectively. These are “wheels of the generator” which we use for the generation of our reality.

These “cog wheels” symbolize following energies”

15 –
Blue Eagle
21 –
Red Dragon
29 –
Red Moon

Blue Eagle is Solar Seal No.15.
The Blue Eagle symbolizes the Planetary Consciousness, which contains the whole conscious activity of the humanity.

21 in Tzolkin is with Solar Seal Red Dragon.
Kin 29 in Tzolkin is with Solar Seal Red Moon.

Red Dragon represents the energy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the 'crystal grid network.' It is a cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but constantly being created.

The Red Moon stays for Flow, for Universal Water. “Universal Water” are the cosmic energies, which emanate from the Source.
Red Moon is the major energy of the New Year of the Red Cosmic Moon.

In the central part of the formation is depicted the Crystal grid, generated through the Red Dragon.
In the Red Cosmic Moon Year the old crystal grid shall be changed radically in order to comply with the new state of the Planetary Consciousness, achieved at the end of the previous Yellow Crystal Seed Year.

In the Red Cosmic Moon Year a new crystal grid shall be built, which shall be the base for the development of the New reality in the next 4 years.

The new 4-year cycle includes following years:

Red Moon Year with Tone 13 – Beginning
White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 – Refining
Blue Lunar Storm Year with Tone 2 – Transformation
Yellow Electric Seed Year with Tone 3 - Ripening

Our task in the New Year shall be to take an active part in the building of the new crystal grid.

The central part of the formation and all fields between the main figures have amazing weave designs. On this way we are reminded that we are the weaver of our own reality! God has given us an energy weaving loom and we weave on it the fabric of our Reality through our actions, thoughts, words, emotions, dreams, visualizations etc.

May we in the New Year build a strong base for a New reality of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth!

The whole formation resembles a Flower and this shows our end goal for the New Year and for the new 4-year cycle: to achieve Flourishing of Humanity!

I express my cordial thanks to the authors of this magnificent formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova

We have another explosion of a comet at impact producing a bright flash of light. The four sided figures may refer to shocked quartz or nano-diamonds, as explained in Section 13, pg. 171,  of my free e-book (http://theheckhypothesis.com/downloads.html). The eight-fold geometry may refer to all eight comets, or perhaps only the Sun Comet. The interesting part of this circle is the centre – it seems to contain a  simplistic image of  gears for manual or automatic transmissions for cars, trucks, etc. (also bicycles). With this comet’s strike, a noticeable decline in vehicle usage and/or production will happen for reasons that at present are unclear. The geometric imprecision of the gears makes it highly unlikely that the crop circle was not man-made, but it still could be essentially true (man-made isn't always false).

Ken Heck


Extraordinary proof of an extraterrestrial technology to make a crop circle in United Kingdom : Seen from a plane or a drone, the complex crop circle N°3 reported at Hackpen Hill near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, 29th July 2018 is very classical ! I study the crop circle phenomenon since 12 years. We learn on the Crop circle connector website that the farmer didn't grant access to visit the formation. And this crop circle is not an advertising : hackpen hill 201

However, Steve Grant (1) and Patrice Marty (2) have visited this crop circle and have taken some photographs of the plants turned into a vegetal carpet : (1) go to the photography N°20 from the bottom of this page: hackpen hill 3 groundshotsl

(2) go to the photographs N°5 and 6 from the bottom of this page: hackpen hill 3 field reports

We can see very easily a lot of strongly braided leaves and stems. Patrice Marty has shown in a video published 5th August 2018 that the plants were very difficult to separate a few hours after the appearance of the formation : go to time 1 minute 25 seconds and to time 4 minutes 35 seconds of the video: WATCH

This is not a natural phenomenon and this can't be man made ! No boards neither ropes here ! There is only one hypothesis according me : an ET technology ! I have published a video about this ET formation the 7th August 2018: WATCH

The crop circle at Hackpen Hill N°3 reported 29th July, 2018, is a major event in the story of the ufology !

Lille, France, 20th September, 2018. Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike