Pancake Plantation (2), Nr Alton, Hampshire. Reported 19th August

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The second phase of a crop picture at Pancake Plantation on August 19, 2018 shows a “Star of David” around the outside, as a kind of rotating “star” or “clock”, along with the small, apparently-burnt image of a “lamb’s head” at its centre 

"Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." ---John 1:29 

This new crop picture at Pancake Plantation clearly seems to show Jewish and/or Christian religious symbolisms, so we will discuss them as such.  

The new crop picture at Pancake Plantation resembles a geometrically-similar “Star of David” at the LDS Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City 

There is another “Star of David”, similar to the one just drawn in crops, located above the main entrance of a large Assembly Hall for the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Salt Lake City:  

Other examples may be found in various Christian churches around the world. A large, round flattened circle at the centre of this “Star of David” might be meant to represent a “round Jewish altar”, upon which some religious follower might perhaps sacrifice an “innocent lamb”.  

This crop picture appeared on August 19, 2018, which was the day when all of the wheat crops were harvested from the field where it appeared. August 19 was the first day of the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, while August 21 was their “Feast of Sacrifice”, which remembers the story of Abraham who once sacrificed a lamb on a small wooden altar.  

At its centre we can see the small image of the “head” of a “lamb”  

At the very centre of this crop picture, we can see the small image of the “head” of a “lamb”, which apparently has been burnt into the field by unknown energies:  

This particular symbol is known as the “Agnus Dei” or “Lamb of God” in Christian theology.  

In summary, we can see close to the centre of this crop picture, inside of its large “Star of David”, what might be a “round Jewish altar”, with the slightly-burnt head of a sacrificial “lamb” at its very centre, aligned parallel to local crop tramlines.  

That large “Star of David” motif seems to be rotating like a “clock”. How can we read the time which is being suggested there?  

The total length of time which is being suggested by this crop-drawn “clock” seems to have two different components, which we must add together to get an overall total.  

First as we can see in the upper part of a slide below, its large ‘Star of David” motif seems to have rotated clockwise by +45o relative to the central “lamb” motif, which also lies parallel to crop tramlines. Please look at a small, rotating “red ball” to visualize this rotation clearly:                                                                                                                     

Next as we can see in the lower part of the same slide, the entire crop picture (“star” and “lamb” together) seem to rotate by another +45o in the landscape, when going from the “second finger” of a “man’s hand”, clockwise to his upwardly-raised “first finger”. This also brings it into alignment with a nearby image in the landscape which reads “Luv!! 3”. Perhaps that means “Love!!” in “3” years?  

Our “Star of David” therefore seems to rotate by a total of 45o + 45o = 90o clockwise, or from a metaphorical “12 noon” to “3 o’clock” on a clock dial, by three full hours, or other units of time.  

The schematic image of a “man’s hand” in the landscape, two different “rings”, and two different axes of rotation  

In order to explain this second kind of rotation more clearly, we must ask the reader to please examine the very top slide on this page, especially a large, green image of landscape on the left, which may be seen using Google Earth. There we can see the schematic image of a “man’s hand”, especially an upraised “first finger”, a horizontal “second finger”, and some kind of “glove”. He seems to be reaching out to the left (or northwest) to “shake hands” with us soon.  

On his horizontal “second finger”, that man is wearing a “ring” which reads “Luv!! 3”. The new “Star of David” crop picture seems to be an additional “ring”, which he is now wearing on his upraised “first finger”. Both “rings” include small, green, rectangular sections close to their lower-left parts.  

When we proceed from the horizontal “second finger” of that “man’s hand” to his upward-raised “first finger”, we rotate clockwise by +45o. Thus the entire crop picture (“star” and “lamb” combined), as drawn on his “first finger”, will also rotate clockwise by +45o.  

Now its central “lamb” motif will lie at an angle of 45o relative to the horizontal “second finger”. Yet its outer “Star of David” will not point at anything at all. However, if we next rotate this outer “star” motif (around a central “lamb”) by another +45o, then one of its six “points” will lie parallel to the horizontal “second finger”, while another of its six “points” will point toward the other “ring”, which reads “Luv!! 3” just below.  

A total rotation of 45o + 45o = 90o on a 12-hour clock dial would correspond to “3 hours of time”, and would also match a landscape number of “3” from the “Luv!! 3” motif. 

A few other notes on this crop picture and its possible paranormal origin  

Several slight distortions away from perfect “Star of David” geometry were included in this new crop picture, possibly so that it would seem to “point” in the landscape, parallel to a horizontal “second finger” which lies just below, or toward where that “man” might be “shaking hands” with us. A very broad landscape image of this unknown “man” (who looks like a “angel”, centred over the town of Holybourne) will be presented soon.  

This crop picture represents the second phase of a small, simple “ringed” crop picture in the same location on July 1, 2018, as shown in a slide posted above (see also pancake 2018l  ). Their Phase I image of a “ring”: makes perfect conceptual sense, since their new “Star of David” picture as Phase II seems to represent a metaphorical “ring”, placed on the “first finger” of a “man’s hand” in the landscape. Crop pictures with several different phases, spaced 50 days apart, have never to my knowledge, in the long history of this phenomenon, been man-made.  

Finally we can see two thin lines of standing crop, all along the crop tramlines which pass through its large, otherwise-flattened central circle (please see either of two videos posted on   videos  ). This represents what Paul Jacobs calls “energy leak” (see fringe2015b  ). Those people who talk about “unseen men with rope and boards” have no explanation for such an anomaly. In order words, any process of mechanical flattening with rope and boards would have flattened all of the standing crops along tramlines, just like anywhere else. 

In summary, it would seem better to study all of the various aspects of any new crop picture using high-resolution drone videos (see or, rather than to make a superficial assessment based on only part of the data, by studying just long-distance aerial photographs.  

Can you not see the signs of the times? 

"When evening comes, you say, 'The weather will be fair, for the sky is red;' and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the signs of the times!" ---Matthew 15:2-3 

Seriously, the crop artists draw a "ring" which resembles the "Star of David" on a "man's hand" in the landscape, close to a big symbol which reads "Luv!! 3" (perhaps "Love!!" in "3" years). Still you tell me that you don't know what it means, or you continue to believe that all crop pictures are made by unseen vandals using rope and boards, because that is what they say in the mainstream media?  

The “board” which made this crop picture must have had a big canister of lighter fluid attached, in order to burn the image of a “lamb’s head” into the ground as found!

You can look at the sky and say "I think it will rain soon", because it is full of dark clouds and the sound of thunder, even if the weather report from the mainstream media reads "clear and sunny". Would you still go for a picnic or to the beach? Or course not, you would just figure that all of the so-called “authorities” or “experts” have it wrong.  

Modern crop pictures seem to be one of the most important “signs of the times”. Please try to understand. 

P.S.S. A small “S-shaped” symbol may be seen in the large, central flattened circle at Pancake Plantation on August 19, just below its burnt “lamb’s head” motif, if we look closely at time 2:02 in a wonderful video by Nick Bull or at time 3:25 in another excellent video by the Hampshire Flyer  

This is essentially the same small, S-shaped symbol which was drawn in crops near Sutton Hall in Essex on June 30, 2018 (please see the second photograph down from the top on sutton hall 2018  ). There it represents a metaphorical “worm” who is about to be placed on a curved “fishhook” shape as drawn just above.  

Our crop-artist friend therefore seems to be a “fisher of men”, who is using these and other beautiful crop pictures as “worms” for his spiritual “bait”.

Who made this new crop picture at Pancake Plantation in two phases on July 1 then August 19, 2018? A study of the broad landscape nearby suggests that it may have been a “Christian angel”  

A broad view of the landscape near Pancake Plantation reveals the clear and lucid image of an tall, standing “angel“ on the right, who is “reaching out his big hand” to a small boy some distance away on the left (outlined in yellow). That small boy is “holding up a cross” to ask the angel for help:  

What is truly amazing about this field image is that the crop picture (outlined by a small red square) lies precisely on the upraised “first finger” of a large “angel” shape in the landscape! What are the chances that such a precise field alignment could happen accidentally, if it had been made by unseen men with rope and boards? 

It is also amazing this large shape of an “angel” in the landscape lies approximately over the small English town of Holybourne, and its Church of the Holy Rood, which has a “clock” on one side (see Holybourne). The word “Holy-bourne” suggests a phrase “Holy Born” which might be applied to either angels or Christ (see   

Peter Sorenson once told me that he left his former job in Los Angeles to photograph “crop circles”, because he was sure that they were being made by “angels”. Thank you, Peter, you seem to have been correct!  

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” ---Joel 2:32 or Romans 10:13 

In summary, this new crop picture and its associated landscape imagery seem to illustrate a famous passage from the Jewish and Christian Bibles, which was meant to reassure followers of Christ that they would be kept safe even during an apocalypse, if they were to call for help while holding up a cross:  

A recap of important facts about the Pancake Plantation crop picture, its landscape “angel” imagery, and its precise geometry  

This new crop picture at Pancake Plantation (outlined in the slide above by a small red square) was drawn precisely along the “first finger” of the outstretched “hand” of a tall, standing “angel” shape in the landscape, near the small English town of Holybourne. It shows a “Star of David” motif around the outside, plus a small “burnt lamb” or “Agnus Dei” motif near its centre.  

This “angel” is wearing two different “rings”. One ring on his second finger appears naturally in the landscape, and reads “Luv!! 3” which might mean “Love!!” in “3” units of time. The other ring on his first finger was created by the new crop picture at Pancake Plantation. It shows two Jewish and/or Christian symbols, namely a large outer “Star of David” and a small inner “Lamb of God” motif.  

In order to create this new crop picture in a geometrical sense, first that “Star of David” (and its central image of a “lamb”) had to rotate away from the “second finger” of the “hand” of the landscape “angel”, clockwise by +45o, in order to reach his “first finger”, and become another “ring” there. Both the “Star of David” and its inner “lamb” motif still lie precisely aligned with one another at this point, showing 0o of rotation between them.  

Next this “Star of David” motif must rotate locally in its own frame of reference by another +45o clockwise, while the central “lamb” motif remains stationary. This second kind of rotation allows one of the six “points” from that “star” to become aligned with another “ring” on the angel’s “second finger”, some distance away, which reads “Luv!! 3”. Another of its six points likewise becomes aligned with the long axis of the angel’s “second finger” (and points toward the northwest).  

The total amount of rotation for that “star” is therefore +45o relative to a central “lamb” motif nearby, or +90o relative to the long axis of an angel’s “second finger” in the distance. Any rotation by +90o around a 12-hour clock may be read as a change by +3 units of time, for example from 12 noon to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This seems also to be what the “Luv!! 3” landscape image is implying by its number “3”.  

One side of a “triangle” from that “Star of David” was given a slight inward curvature, to make it point in the same direction as the angel’s “second finger”. This crop picture was drawn along the side of a dip in the landscape (see, which makes some aerial photographs appear slightly asymmetric.  

Modern crop pictures might be likened to “spiritual bait”, meant to catch humans on Earth, and drawn by a “fisher of men”   

Just below the “burnt lamb” motif in its flattened centre, this crop picture shows the small, S-shaped image of a “worm”, which was drawn also in another crop picture near Sutton Hall on June 30, 2018. At Sutton Hall that “worm” motif was drawn just below a “fishhook” shape in crops, to suggest that the crop artist is a “fisher of men”.  

A similar meaning might apply to its appearance for a second time in 2018, at Pancake Plantation on August 19. These and other beautiful crop pictures might be likened to “spiritual bait”, meant to help “catch humans” on Earth, and drawn by some “fisher of men”. Our current conception of crop pictures as a form of “alien communication” thus does not seem entirely accurate. They are more like “advertisements” for the beauty and desirability of a new way of life, to replace our widespread hatreds, politics and wars.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and the Hampshire Flyer for capturing drone videos of this important crop picture, just before the field was harvested.







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