Pancake Plantation (2), Nr Alton, Hampshire. Reported 19th August

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A crop circle scheduled for August 19, according to previous reviews of the CC 2007 season and the fantastic crop circle of August 19, 2007, 11 years ago. And I estimated that on August 19th, 2018, a new crop circle could appear, and it appeared! A Macrocosmic Star (6 points), purposely irregular (tortuous lines at the top) and a strange central formation similar to a Nebula, a diffuse mass of energy that seems to sprout from the centre of the star ... Other formations of this season have appeared with tortuous and irregular lines. Is this situation a separate message?

The misalignment of macrocosmic systems? The Sun and the Earth itself in processes of transformation, mutation?

The Macrocosmic Star traditionally means any cosmic object, a Sun, a star, a galaxy. It is a generic image, and hexagonal geometry prevailed in our 2018 season, no doubt. But what is the subtle message here? A new cosmic signal? A strong solar explosion, or a sudden Supernova star that will appear, perhaps the blue star (Blue Kachina) of the Hopi nation? Signs in the sky, in the Sun, in the stars, sudden explosions, supernovas, anything can happen !!! It is the second Pancake Plantation CC, and the first, on July 1st, showing a simple solar system, Sun and two orbits (Mercury and Venus). So this new crop circle of August 19, 49 days later  (4 + 9 = 13) may refer to some future event in the Sun ... and the prefix of the road along which this object appeared is B3349! See... 33 and 49 (13) ... remarkable kabbalistic connections. And 3349 sums 19, today! Arcane 19, the SUN!  But the fundamental detail: it is THE SAME CROP CIRCLE WITH ALTERED STATUS, transformed, which increases the proposed direction of ongoing cosmic transformation!

We noticed that the crop circle of Pancake Plantation was also drawn in fairly irregular lines, like this new crop circle. The Irregularity of the lines in both crop circles is, therefore, PART OF THE MESSAGE HERE!

Announced energy impacts announced on crop circle day?

Fiji Islands, 8.2 ° and 6.3 ° Indonesia 6.9 ° and others... And to complete teh set, Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico erupted soon after the massive earthquake.

The six-pointed star represents macrocosmic systems, it may be Earth, it may be the sun, and in the center of the star, I seemed to see a rush of energy sprouting. The energy that exploded in the Sun reached the Earth then stimulation on the nucleus. All this the same day today, August 19th. So it seems to me that they are energy impacts within the Earth system announced by the crop circle. Energies sprouting from the core of the system! A week after the solar eclipse of 11 August. Subsequent effects accumulated?

Because of all this, I interpreted this misaligned six-pointed star not as a Merkabah, but as the Sun-Earth system in unbalance of energies. The Earth is cracking! Fact confirmed today and ahead!


If the crop circle 2018 season in England ends with the crop circle of the Macrocosmic Star (6) of Pancake Plantation 2 (August 19) we will have an interesting image, for two reasons: the predominant geometric form of the 2018 season was the Hexagram, and its variants, and the counting of objects sums eight!

If Eight is a star, and if Six is ??the Sun, the Life, the Flower of Life, the Merkabah, etc., then the central message would be this:

Life and consciousness that comes from the stars! A fundamental truth for the alien class, after all! Let's go to the dates:

S1 = 8 + 10 + 24 + 26 + 22 + 10 + 19 + 13 = 132 =  6x22 (11 + 11)

An interesting figure! Six is ??the number of the hexagon geometry, and 22 is the sum of 11-11! And 1 + 3 + 2 = 6, we go back to it!

Another interesting thing: between May 8, the first, and August 19, the last crop circle (maybe), we counted 104 days = 13x8! Even though an Octagon Star Triplice appeared on July 29, 2018, at Hackpen Hill (3), if the 2018 season in England ended with this last crop circle of 19 August, the message of the Eight Star appeared, entirely associated with the Major Power of Geometry 6, called Life, Light and Divine Mind (Cube of Metatron).


The Alpha and the Omega

On May 10, 2018, I mounted this slide, observing the first crop circle of the season in Hexagonal Geometry, of May 8, in the form of a wingless insect and the proportion indicated 6/4.

Now, i did not change anything from the original slide, I just added the new crop circle, August 19th, and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. In this first slide, I linked the crop circles to biblical eschatological events, in the face of Israel's 70th anniversary, a landmark!

And adding 6 days to May 8, we arrived on May 14, 2018, celebrated the 70th anniversary of Israel, related to the prophecy of the 70 years of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24, within the eschatology of the Gospels and the signs of the Arrival of the Lamb (Christ).

May 14 also marked the entry of the planet Uranus into the sign of Taurus, which means seven years ahead of deep transformations, these transformations that we are all seeing in progress. This new crop circle came on August 19th, with the same hexagonal geometry 6. We are probably in front of the last crop circle of the 2018 season in England, which repeats the same geometry of the Hexagram (6) in the classic form of the Star of David (Macrocosmic Star), and with the surprising face of a lamb or sheep in the center.

A misaligned hexagon, perhaps symbolizing the Lamb's preparations. Then the Alpha (first) and the ómega (last) were repeated: the insect is changing, it will gain wings and fly. The Lamb is being prepared for His Mission.

One cycle closes, the same geometries repeat themselves, the year that Israel is at the centre of several prophecies. The same nation of Israel, who rejected Jesus Christ and still awaits his Messiah ...

Well, my first slide, before this last crop circle of August 19th, was quite prophetic!


The Protagonist of the Apocalypse

All biblical eschatology begins with the revelation of the Lamb before the Throne of God and the opening of the Seven Seals of the sealed Book: the Bible is the Book of seven mysteries not yet deciphered, not understood by mankind. When the Lamb breaks the seven seals, the final process of the Earth begins, the completion of an entire Age.

Christ's return is thus implicit in this event of the opening of the seven seals of the sealed book.

Fundamentally, the action of the Lamb is marked by the opening of the Seven Seals and the meeting of the 144,000 elect of the Father (Revelation 14), because He will espouse the Church in the sense of a true redemption of the earthly Church and of all religions, all of them their lost original purity. The Marriage of the Lamb with the Church also means the restored Priesthood. In fact, two animals in the Apocalypse represent the double face of God: the Lion and the Lamb, the Force and the Renounce, which also represent the State (Politics, Monarchy) and the Church or Religion (Priesthood).  The two Beasts of Revelation 13 are then unchristian opposition to these two sacred animals, the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of Zion. Shadai (Almighty) is the attribute of the Face Lion, while Kadosh (Holy, Pure) is the attribute of the Face Lamb.

Before the throne, the Lamb is dead (sacrificed) and has seven eyes, symbol of the divine Omniscience, to cross all the Earth (Judgment). The number seven, in biblical symbology, represents the Universality, the Totality of an action, object, situation, etc.

The Lamb has always been associated with the Moon, because of its white color and the two horns related to the lunar Crescent. Symbol of priestly purity.  Many crop circles associated with the Moon (which appeared between 2017 and 2018) may be referring to this lunar symbolism of the Lamb of God. The High Priest Joshua (Zechariah, prophet) relates to this concept of the Lamb, while the captain Zerubbabel would be the leader, the Lion of Judah (being even descendant of the caste of Judah, whence King David came). In fact, the six-pointed star is also a symbol of David's offspring from which the Messiah Jesus came.


The Google Translate Message

Many people have noticed the strange translation that the insertion of the word DOG 18 times in Google Traductor (via Artificial Intelligence) reproduces in some languages, like hawaiian and Youruba, for English:

"Doomsday Clock is three minutes to twelve. We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus return"

Google Traductor has been "fixing the flaw", but what strikes me is the connection with the recent crop circles, showing Doors of the sun, clocks and, most recently, the image of a Lamb in the center of the Six-pointed Star, the symbol of Israel, the star of David. Remembering that DOG is the inverse of GOD and that the Star of Bethlehem, Sirius, is in the constellation of the Dog! So, I ask.

Does this "failure" in Google Translate is due to AI (Artificial Intelligence) or does it really reach us along the same path of crop circle messages, ie, aliens infiltrating the Internet, online all the time? Because crop circle messages agree with the Doomsday clock message: 3 minutes to 12 o'clock! It remains to be seen how much time these 3 minutes offer us to this great event!


Why DOG 18?

Regardless of who sent these networked messages to Google Translate, when I looked at the codes, they made a lot of sense as a whole.

First, the word DOG takes us to the constellation (Big Dog) where is the star Sirius. DOG is GOD on the contrary.

And curiously enough, it is the prefix of Dogon, the african people who had direct contact with the Sirians. DOG or DAG is FISH in Hebrew, and Fish is another strong Sirian archetype, found in Sumerian, among the Dogons, in the Bible and in many other places of ancient cultures, being the symbol and archetype of the Messiah Jesus and his Doctrine. The value of the Hebrew word DAG is 8, the number of the star, the number of Noah's Ark (8 occupants). By the way, all men and animals died in the Flood, except one animal class: the fish, obviously!

If  DAG is worth 8, we have the word DAG / DOG 18 times. 18xDAG = 18x8 = 144! The Seal of Salvation of the 144,000! We speak of Noah's Ark. So the Hebrew word for Dog is Kaleb (KLB) and its value is 52: 18x52 = 936 And with surprise I conquered this result.
First, because it adds 18.

Second, because it equals the kabbalistic sum of the four names of the Ark: Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth!

(NCh + ShM + ChM + IFT = 58 + 340 + 48 + 490 = 936) The divisions of this number provide important kabbalistic values: 936 = 26 (IHVH) x 36 = 13 x (72) Pentagram.

E 936/18 = 52 (small 52-year cycle of the Mayan, the stairways of the Pyramid of Kukulcan, etc.). And 936/9 = 104.

The most interesting: The Doomsday as the "subversive" translation of Google Translator (infiltrated?) appears in Revelation 6, when the Lamb opens the Sixth Seal (6), under eclipses and falling stars. And what is the image of Crop Circle?

The Lamb within the Six-Point Seal / Star.

And yet: the first crop circle of the season was an insect inside a hexagram, on May 8, and the last one (probably) the Lamb inside a hexagram, on August 19th. Now, counting the time of days between one and another (Alpha and Omega) we have 104 days ... 936/9.

Many will think that it is all a coincidence, but I call it Convergent Events signaling important messages to the world.

Let each one consult your heart to know the Truth, because only it will free us! And if DOG is the friend guide of Sirius, may the Light of the Mother Star bring us to the Truth of everything!

(We only have to know when the clock strikes 12 Hours of this Doomsday, and how long is it worth 3 minutes)!


The formation of Pancake Plantation, August 19, brings a star and a lamb inside it. A simple kabbalistic sentence allows us to contemplate new mysteries: In Hebrew, Star is KUKB, Lamb is KShB Adding the words, we have KUKB (48) + KShB (322) = 370 This is the number of the hebrew word for Sirius (HwSh) according to Job 9: 9 (next to other notorious mentioned stars,  Kimah - Pleiades and Kesil - Orion.

Churches were reported by Horace Drew in Holybourne, East Hampshire, and Salt Lake City. In the Church of Holybourne, called the Church of the Holy Cross, we see a clock. And in Salt Lake City Church, we see a Star of David. Clock and Star in their portals. And the reference to the Holy Cross. They are earthly symbols of a greater spiritual reality, stating that the time has come to make the astral journey to the Celestial Church of Sirius, the Star of Bethlehem, from which the Lamb came.

This is the symbolic High Mount Sion from the Great Reunion of the 144,000 children of the Divine Promise. Get ready in practice, prayer and meditation.

The Lamb awaits the chosen ones in the Sidereal Temple of the Mother Star, the symbolic Mount Sion of Revelation 14!

The sacred cross within the star is the Seal of the Living God! This is a real Call from Heavens!


The Seal of the God Alive

As soon as the Lamb opens the sixth seal of the Book of God, the Day of Judgment (Doomsday) enters under eclipses, earthquakes and the falling of stars, image of the disturbances on Earth and in heaven. In that time, the Angel of the Sun, who has THE SEAL OF THE GOD ALIVE in his right hand, enters the scene, to seal the 144,000 elect of the Lamb for the great Rapture on Mount Zion.

Zion is a Hebrew name meaning PLACE marked. So it is not the hill in Israel, but a marked point of conscious contact with the Angels of God in this event of the Rapture. The Seal of the God Alive, mentioned in the Sixth Seal of Revelation, chapter 6, is just the six-pointed Star with the cross inside it (one of the symbols of Theosophy).

Interesting to relate this crop circle to disturbances of the macrocosmic sphere (because this star is called macrocosmic, and can represent the sun, or a star, generically). This is because the disturbances on earth and in heaven begin just as the Lamb opens the seals of the Book of God. In Revelation, the advent of the Lamb and the cosmic disturbances are parallel events.

Note the expression GOD ALIVE, in Hebrew, El Hai!

It is a counterpoint to the fact that Jesus died on the cross and assumed immortality. The Title of God Alive makes an allusion to this concept, and highlights it. Star 6 is also solar, because in Kabbalah the number of the solar sefirah on the Tree of Life is six (Tipheret). The geometry of the flower of life is directly related here, because our primordial source of life comes from the Sun. Without the Sun there would be no life. And the sun is the astronomical object that has always represented the divine face in all ancient cultures. And if a new star shines in the sky (a supernova, for example) there will be no doubt that it is a clear messianic signal.

Synchronicity: This crop circle of the Lamb was made on top of a modified crop circle from July 1st. And between July 1 and August 19, we count 49 days, the value of the name EL HAI in Hebrew, the God Alive, the Sun. One of the most important attributes of the gods is immortality. It is what makes them superior to mortal humans. Eternal Life is the main gift of the cross of Christ. It is with this Seal that the 144,000 chosen will be sealed, because they will receive Immortality, like the Christ. And they will go up with him to the abodes where mortal beings can not go up. That is why he told the apostles before he left: where I am going (the many abodes of the Father) you can not go now (because they are mortal), but I will come back and then you will join me and others (as immortals) .

Mortal beings would not endure the vibration of the higher planes of Light. Therefore, we must be clothed with the Christ-vibration of immortality before ascending to these dimensions. And the Lamb in the Seal of the God Alive represents all this.

John the Baptist calls Jesus "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world" (John 1: 29) and the tradition of the lamb sacrifice came at the Passover of Moses, when the people sacrificed lambs and blood passed through the gates so that the Angel of Death did not enter into their houses and carry the firstborn, as they did in the houses of the Egyptians.

This is the parallel idea of ??the Apocalypse that speaks of the Angel of the Sun (Michael) with the seal of the God Alive, to mark the people destined for immortality in this world already condemned. Passover comes from the Hebrew, Pesach, and means PASSAGE, meaning the passage from death to immortality, like Jesus on the cross (the sign of blood).

To be marked by the blood seal of the cross means to agree with Christ and with His Truth, which forces the Christian to walk in the ways of His Truth.

Aliens are above men. Angels are above Aliens. Christ is above the Angels, and is only below the Father. Many say that Aliens are Angels, but that is not correct. Aliens are like very evolved human beings, but of flesh and blood, and they die. They are mortal. Angels, in turn, are immortal, and have no material bodies. They are beings of pure energy. Seraphim, for example, are described as beings made of pure divine fire within which the flame of the full Divine Presence burns.

Far above the Aliens, therefore. There is no doubt that this crop circle is a direct and objective messianic message to mankind! And that all of them, Aliens and Angels, now unite in the enormous task of guiding humanity to the Truth of the Return of the Messiah. Detail: In Hebrew, star is KUKB and is worth 48, while Lamb is KShB, and is worth 322. Adding both, 48 + 322 = 370, the number of Sirius (HwSh) according to the book of Job 9: 9! The Lamb that came from the Star of Bethlehem to redeem mankind!


It looks like the crop circle 2018 season in England was closed on August 19 with the 6-point star formation of Pancake Plantation.

And as it brings us back to the sign of the Lamb and the Book of Seven Seals that it must open to begin the actual process of planetary transformation and redemption of mankind, it occurred to me to associate this crop circle with two preceding seven-pointed stars (heptagones) and where I extracted the image of seven angels (trumpets) and seven bowls. Then, in the last crop circle, we have the complete triple formation: Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, Seven Bowls (777).
Adding the dates: 4 + 20 + 19 = 43, which adds up to 7.

And the opening letters of Ackling Dyke (June 4) and Devil's Den (June 20), aligned the names: A.D. Anno Domini (Latin) 2018! The Year of the Lord? Of the Lord's return? In 2018? And the great prophecy of Fig Tree and the 70 years of Israel?

At least that's what the crop circles and Google Translator say ... it's good to be prepared.


The crop circle n° 2 reported at Pancake Plantation, near Alton, Hampshire, UK, 19th August 2018,  has been made by the ET invaders who are directed by the New messiah of the Christians who has the same soul as Jesus-Christ. He is a Gray being. The Grays abduct a lot of people in the world! They have met some students of the Ariel School at Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994. John E. Mack has investigated:-

The message of these ET was that "it is very important to preserve the Earth". However, behind this very important contact, there was the New messiah Jesus omega. That's why this school has been selected. Ariel is an angel in Jewish and Christian mysticism! Jesus omega has shown his head in a crop circle at Reigate Hill, UK,19th July 2016. 

Three lines are visible in the field of Pancake Plantation on each side of this star of David to symbolize the age of the death of Jesus-Christ: 33 years. John has written in the Apocalypse of the Bible that the New messiah is the "King of the kings and the Lord of the lords." That's why a lot of communications of these ET are made in the United Kingdom. Jesus omega considers that he is also the New messiah that the rabbis have called:

Rabbi Amar psak din Moshiach:-

Inside this title, I find the letters to write the words Pancak(e) and Hampshir(e)!

In French, a PAN is an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (Phénomène Aérospatial Non identifié). The Guiana Space Center is the French and European spaceport at Kourou in France. That's why the Grey ET alliance has made this crop circle at Pancake Plantation ! Furthermore, their draw insists on the equilateral triangle. Jean-Pierre Derosier has filmed a very impressive triangular UFO of these invaders at Saint-Pierre (saint-Peter) of La Réunion 14th May 2018:-

Some ET who are strongly opposed to the Greys make a lot of crop circles too. More information in my comments on your website Crop circle connector, in my videos and in my blog OLCPIE :

Jean-Charles Bourquin

Several geometrical irregularities here would imply a man-made origin. The circle is a further development of the July 1st formation. The hexagram, as a symbol of domination or government, may refer to the capitol city of a nation, or even specifically to Israel. A comet or comet fragment will be striking a centre of government according to this crop circle. One known target will be Istanbul in the 22nd century, otherwise described as “Mystery Babylon” in my ebook. The strike trajectory will be determined at the time the object has first developed a coma and possesses a heat indication in the centre. For two similar formations see ITA (07/05/03), pg. 273, and GBR (13/08/11), pg. 283 of my free ebook.

Ken Heck


Hello again,

Here we have the 'cool' image of just another manmade fake. By the way: If anyone of you writes a report based into a fake, then your report is just that, which Donald Trump would (rightly) call 'Fake-News'.

It is clear that this image is NOT made by our Galactic brothers and sisters, as everybody can see easily. And it is grounded in the 'imperfection' of drawing, its massive mistakes. Okay, you are free to dream on anyway, flying, but at least try to be in reality, in truth.


Gerd E.  22nd August 2018

The major distortion away from perfect “Star of David” geometry at Pancake Plantation was seemingly by intent 

When we study this crop picture closely from above, we can see that its major distortion away from idealized “hexagram” geometry was a slight curvature or “bowing” of just one side, from one of two “triangle” shapes which make up its “Star of David” motif:  

Five of six line-segments which surround a large flattened centre remain “straight”, and tangent to a thin flattened circle which surrounds the entire centre. One remaining line-segment, which lies close to the centre on the right-hand side, appears slightly “bowed” inward, relative to two black lines which define idealized hexagram geometry. This sixth line-segment also lies tangent to a thin standing circle which surrounds the entire centre.  

In two line-drawings above on the right, I illustrate the effect of this slight curvature or “bowing” on a visual appearance of the crop picture as a whole. Its effect is to provide an impression of “motion from right to left”, as suggested by two red arrows which have been added for clarity. When we look in the broad landscape using Google Earth, to see where this “slightly-bowed triangle” might point, we find that it points right-to-left towards the northwest, to where a metaphorical landscape “angel” is “reaching out his hand” as a kind of right-to-left motion (please see the ‘Articles’ page for Pancake Plantation).  

Thus it would seem that the major distortion away from perfect “Star of David” geometry in this crop picture was by intent. Five days earlier at Norridge Wood on August 14, we saw a similar non-linear geometry, which some people at first attributed to hypothetical errors made in human planking. Yet further analysis likewise showed that it was by intent. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


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