Winterbourne  Stoke Down, Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 17th June.

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A new crop picture at Winterbourne Stoke on June 17, 2018 shows a “Venus calendar wheel”, which seemingly will turn for another four astronomical cycles of Venus, before we “meet aliens face to face” 

The new crop picture at Winterbourne Stoke seems to illustrate a classic five-fold symmetry for the orbit of planet Venus with respect to Earth, as both planets go jointly around our Sun. To be specific, Venus lines up between Earth and Sun five times over eight years, which is an event known as “inferior conjunction”: 

We can be pretty sure that this crop picture describes certain astronomical cycles of Venus, because the crop artist added six small capital, block letters “V” around the centre, which might plausibly symbolize “Venus”: 

He also added six small “serpent number” symbols around the perimeter, which match those from Mayan astronomy which were used to describe “cycles of Venus” in the Dresden Codex. 

When we study where this crop picture was drawn in the local landscape, we can see a square area on the right which resembles a “serpent chasing its own tail”, also known as “ouroboros”. The direction in which that landscape “serpent” is turning, as it tries to “bite its own tail”, seems to be anti-clockwise. By analogy, they seem to be asking us to rotate the “Venus calendar wheel” anti-clockwise:  

By how many cycles of Venus should we rotate this crop “calendar wheel” anti-clockwise? If we look a bit further away in the local landscape, we can see three large knolls which have been labelled as “1”, “2” or “3” in the slide below. The new crop picture would be “4” in the field location where it was drawn. Thus they seem to be asking us to rotate that “calendar wheel” anti-clockwise by “four” astronomical cycles of Venus:  

How long will four astronomical cycles of Venus take in our usual yearly calendar? If we count any “cycle” as when Venus comes into linear alignment with Earth and Sun (at either inferior or superior conjunction), then four cycles of Venus will take another three years (cycle 1 inferior, October 26, 2018, then cycle 2 superior, August 1, 2019, then cycle 3 inferior, June 3, 2020, and finally cycle 4 superior, March 26, 2021).  

Alternatively, if we choose to count four “full” cycles of Venus, from inferior to inferior, that would take twice as long, or another six years until 2024. Venus was bright in Earth’s sky next to our Moon on the night of June 16, 2018, when this Winterbourne Stoke crop picture appeared.  

Why so much fuss about planet Venus and its astronomical cycles? We can only guess, but by studying this same crop picture in a much larger landscape setting, we can see that it was drawn close to the “waist” of a metaphorical “rabbit” on the left, who seems to be “meeting an alien face-to-face” on the right:  

This kind of comical metaphor seems somewhat whimsical, but has actually been used several time in past years with reference to the “white rabbit” from “Alice in Wonderland”. That fictional rabbit looks at his pocket watch and exclaims, “Oh dear, I shall be too late!” Too late for what, one might ask? 

Many different crop pictures so far, in the summer of 2018, seem to be suggesting a “time of arrival” for friendly extra-terrestrials on Earth as 3 to 6 years from now, when we will finally meet them face-to-face. It would be interesting if this turns out to be true.  

This new crop picture at Winterbourne Stoke in June 17, 2018 is also stylistically similar to two previous crop pictures at Buckland Down on May 26, 2018, or at Kelsey Down on June 10, 2018. The latest crop picture on June 17 shows a “turning wheel” with 5 “spokes”, each ended by a small “ball”, while on May 26 we saw a “turning wheel” with 4 “spokes”, each ended by a small “ball” (see bucklanddown 2018  ), and on June 10 we saw a “turning wheel” with 3 “spokes”, each ended by a small “ball” (see keysleydown commentsl  ). One might infer that all three crop pictures represent “calendar wheels”, and that all three may have been made by the same artist, or small group of artists.

P.S. The “rotating propeller” shape of this new crop picture suggests that the crop artists are currently “flying to Earth”. It also suggests that they may arrive after 2 more full cycles of Venus (big numbers “2” written around the outside in five places), or equivalently in 4 half-cycles (a series of three round knolls in the landscape nearby, plus the aligned crop picture as number “4”):  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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