Winterbourne Bassett, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July.

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Two overlapping symbolisms of “tripole radiation” and “annual growth rings” may be seen within a new and beautiful crop picture, which appeared near Winterbourne Bassett on July 7, 2018: what might these two overlapping symbolisms be trying to tell us?  

“I am the vine and you are the branches.” ---John 15:5.  

A new crop picture which appeared near Winterbourne Bassett on July 14, 2018 shows two overlapping symbolisms of “tripole radiation” (which is thought to be a scientifically impossible), and also “annual growth rings” (as might be seen within the growing trunk or branch of a tree).  

When we look in the landscape to study where it was drawn, we can see the large image of “bird landing on a branch”. This clearly matches its “annual growth rings” symbolism, as will be shown below. The “growing branch” from our new crop picture shows 3 x 6 = 18 curved arcs or growth marks today in the year “18” or 2018, and will show 3 x 7 = 21 growth marks soon in the year “21” or 2021.  

What might the crop artists be trying to tell us in a subtle, metaphorical sense? Let us study and examine this new and exciting crop picture carefully to find out.  

“Tripole radiation”  

Right away, when we first look at this crop picture from above, we can see the characteristic image of what might be called “tripole radiation”, by analogy with other known forms of radiation such as “monopole”, “dipole” or “quadrupole” (shown below on the right): 

The strange thing about “tripole radiation” is that it is currently thought to be scientifically impossible! So no direct images of it appear anywhere on the Internet, in textbooks, or in published journal articles.  

“Annual growth rings” 

As a second metaphorical analogy, this crop picture seems to show “annual growth rings”, such as those which might be seen by cutting open the large trunk of a growing tree, or any of its large, growing branches:  

Today in the year “18” or 2018, we can see 3 x 6 = 18 curved arcs or “growth marks”. Soon we should see 3 x 7 = 21 growth marks in the year “21” or 2021, once that “branch” grows a bit bigger. Because of the tripolar symmetry of this crop picture, other annual years such as “19” (for 2019) or “20” (for 2020) seem not to be implied. 

The science of studying calendar time through “growth rings” is called “dendrochronology” (see Dendrochronology  ).  

The landscape image of a “large bird landing on a branch”  

Consistent with the slide just shown, we can see in the landscape a “large bird” with a human face, who seems to be “landing on a growing branch”, whether now in the year 3 x 6 = 18 (for 2018), or soon in the year 3 x 7 = 21 (for 2021): 

Are they trying to tell us subtly that a large E.T. “bird” will land soon on Earth? Even though this might be regarded today as scientifically impossible, somewhat like for “tripolar radiation”?  

Within the long “tail feathers” of that landscape “bird”, we can see a large capital letter “L” for “Love”.  

What a clever and amusing fellow our crop-artist friend seems to be! Who could have drawn such a complex crop picture, with its many overlapping metaphors and allusions?  

A small standing tuft near the outside points in the landscape to a round knoll which looks like a capital letter “Q” 

A small standing tuft, located near the outside of this crop picture on the upper left (see time 4:30 of   or time 3:00 of  ), points in the landscape towards a small round knoll in a neighbouring field, at latitude 51.4815o N and longitude 1.8593o W. When studied carefully using Google Earth, this small, round knoll seems to resemble a capital letter “Q” (for the crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”).  

A slightly-larger image in the same landscape, when superimposed on the same crop picture, shows the cartoon-like figure of an “aviator bird” (not shown here, but please use Google Earth if you are interested).  

It would seem possibly that we now have just 3 years to go, until our crop-artist friend Quetzalcoatl (often known as a “bird-serpent”) lands physically on Earth, along with his space-faring colleagues.

Appendix 1. The scientific impossibility of “tripole radiation”, as opposed to other known forms of radiation such as “monopole”, “dipole” or “quadrupole” 

A new crop picture which appeared near Winterbourne Bassett on July 14, 2018 seems to show the image of “tripole radiation”, even thought that concept is regarded today on Earth as “scientifically impossible”. Let us explain briefly here how to recognize “monopole”, “dipole” or “quadrupole” radiations, so that we can imagine what “tripole” radiation would look like if it really existed.  

Monopole radiation YES  

Dipole radiation YES                                                                                                                         

Tripole radiation NO (regarded on Earth today as “scientifically impossible”)  

Quadrupole radiation YES  

Scientists on Earth today also regard it as “impossible” that we might ever be visited directly and openly by space-faring extra-terrestrials. When I was a graduate student at Caltech, “left-handed DNA” was likewise thought to be impossible, but later I reported on it by a full article in Nature (London), and in half of my Ph.D. thesis.

This new crop picture near Winterbourne Bassett on July 14, 2018 points in the landscape toward a large hexagonal figure of similar shape, 5 km away to the north-northeast past Uffcott 

While studying this new crop picture by means of two wonderful drone videos, produced by Matthew Williams or Nick Bull, I noticed that it was oriented in the field by about 25o clockwise, relative to a line of large trees just to the north, far away from where one might have expected it to point. By using Google Earth, I next found that it pointed toward a large hexagonal figure of similar shape, 5 km away to the NNE past Uffcott! That long-distance alignment has been marked with a thin, white, dashed line in the slide below:  


Here we can see evidence for long-distance symbolic associations in the design of new crop pictures. The crop artist apparently studied this region of the English landscape from a great height (or from space), and was inspired by the presence of a large hexagonal shape in the landscape, 5 km away to the NNE, to compose a new crop picture of similar shape not far from Winterbourne Bassett.  

The overall intent of the crop artist, by doing so, also seems clear, as shown in the slide above. He wished to suggest that real E.T.’s would land on Earth in the near future, just as human astronauts explored our Moon in the 1970’s. The new crop picture thus resembles some kind of “broadcast antenna” of tripolar shape. If we wish to understand how new crop pictures are designed and drawn in the fields, we may need to take such long-distance symbolic associations in account.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Matthew Williams and Nick Bull for their excellent aerial drone videos of Winterbourne Bassett as linked above.





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