Yarnbury Castle, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June.

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A new crop picture near Yarnbury Castle on June 24, 2018 shows the schematic image of a ”flying insect” or “flying fish” with “four wings”. It also overlaps nicely with another crop picture from early May of 2018 called the “water strider”, except now that pond-hopping insect has seemingly “grown wings” to fly!  

A new crop picture near Yarnbury Castle on June 24 resembles the “four wings” and long, segmented “body parts” of a four-winged, flying insect:  


It also resembles a “water strider” crop picture from May 8, 2018 near Willoughby Hedge. When we overlap that previous “water strider” picture on top of the new picture from Yarnbury, we get a very interesting result. The “water strider”, formerly an insect which can only walk on top of quiet pond water with its four legs, has now seemingly grown “four wings” and can fly:  

Because this result is so interesting, we thought it might be useful to show several enlarged versions in the next slide below:  

Who could be designing and drawing these amazing crop pictures, which have appeared all across England, France, Switzerland or Russia in May or June of 2018? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? Two men with rope and boards?  

If we look in the landscape just above this new crop picture near Yarnbury, we can see a large letter “Q” in the landscape. That nearby landscape feature also looks something like the round face of man who is “smoking a pipe” (see cherhill-white-horse-cropcircle-2011):  

By all accounts, the letter “Q” when it is drawn in crops (see Sarraltroff articles  ), or seen in a chosen landscape nearby, stands for the mysterious crop-artist “Quetzalcoatl”. He is supposedly a tall, thin, intelligent and artistic man with both extra-terrestrial and Mayan connections (see prophist or www.youtube.com).  

Finally, what might his clever artistic metaphor mean, where a pond-hopping “water strider” somehow transforms into a four-winged “flying insect”? 

One can only guess, but personally I suspect that Quetzalcoatl was telling us, in early May of 2018, that he was “hopping” from one spacetime wormhole to another on his journey to Earth, somewhat like for an inhabitant of our three-dimensional world, telling of his travels through four or five dimensions. Now in late June of 2018, that part of his journey seems to be complete, and he is once again “flying though space” as usual.  

As a related but alternative interpretation, could the four-winged animal drawn in crops be a “flying fish”? This crop picture was drawn in the broad landscape, including that letter “Q”, just above the “back” of the cartoon-like image of a “flying fish”: 


You can choose whichever interpretation you think is best: “flying fish” or “four-winged insect”, still they both fly! 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The interaction of the subtle levels of energy with us becomes palpable every year in this magical phenomenon of the Crop Circles. Although they are always surprising, due to their size, their subject matter and their precision, the common component is the type of energy they contain and the construction methodology. We always find the same energy that promotes the healing energy, in an act of healing, both in presence, at a distance or in planetary healing. It starts through a good “heavens/earth” connection. It is a special subtle energy of peace that provides harmony and equilibrium, as has been tested with dowsing and different technical devices. 

We still know very little about how they come to be reflected in the cultivated fields, although there is some reference (in an image recorded in a sunrise, a video) of a kind of luminous spheres that "make sprout" the formations, with a movement of suspension in the air. After certain turns, the design appears, similar to the cup cakes, when they come out of the oven, finished and offering a real appealing aspect... 

The figure that emerged on May 8, at the beginning of this "harvest of crop circles of 2018", caused a certain emotional impact on my sensitivity as I immediately linked it with the research I did on the new aspects of the human voice, about what is developing in the vibrational energy of vocal sound and its current expanded capacity.

The vibrational aspects that are offering a support in the path of evolution that we are living in these moments are presented as elixirs and essences, such as Bach Flowers, to give an example, Chromotherapy or pulsed light. Products and techniques that start from the vibrational, which are based on distilling, collecting or emitting positive vibrations can focus on situations or concrete problems of the human being, usually related on attitudes, emotions or traumatic aspects that need to be released and overcome in the field of the conscious or unconscious energy of the person. 

It is so important to realize what we feel, what affects us, what moves us in life! And all of these are vibrations, they are impulses that lead us to decide and that house a new energy to shape new attitudes, new values that raise the general ratio of the person. Also radiates before others at all times ("ah, that person has good vibrations! ";" I am very comfortable with this person, vibrate in a positive way ", and so on).

The sound of our voice "presents us", as well as the physical aspect, fashion, hairstyle, accessories ... In fact, the voice of the person is the first thing that comes to us, it is the vibrational gift, a personal signature, that we receive in the first instance.

Part of my job, my research and spiritual path is to go for "the true voice", the best voice that each person can have in their body or musical instrument.

Another aspect is to insert a greater number of vibrations in the artistic expression, therapeutic and channeling, so that the truth we wish to approach is properly channeled, without filters, without interference in the "band of invisible radio waves" that may be contaminated or they can be distorted, moving away from our purpose of being transmission channels from immaterial bands, from "clouds" of knowledge or inspiration worlds’ that we need so much.

And a third aspect is to understand the invisible construction of sound, the subtle anatomy of the "spirit" of sound, as a living entity, primordial, from the beginning, through the different geometries it has in its structure. 

We have integrated in us a musical instrument (voice) that advances in its vibrational spectrum. We have discovered that sound, in its wave form, has the capacity to "couple" other vibrations, such as those of the heart (cordial waves), brain waves (from an active alpha state to other waves of greater spiritual depth), the pulse of our spinal cord and that of our auric field.

This second figure, which appeared on June 24, 2018, Solstice day, the day we have the most sunlight, the point where "the Sun gains ground to the darkness", seems to be the second step to prepare the ability for a new emission of a sound with greater vibrational capacity. It seems that this sequence from May 8 to June 24 (45 days) is talking about this confirmation, regarding an ethical use of sound, looking for the opportunity to learn about creation octaves, to ascend through them, as scales luminous, where the color, the geometry and the harmonious vibrations of the sound, that "push up" the human beings towards new levels of conscience, with the creativity and liveliness that gives the musical sense in itself.

"No music no future", says a slogan on a t-shirt. Then, with the best sound emission, in harmony with ever more subtle levels, we are creating, effectively, new futures that will come to fruition. This quality of sound makes us visionaries of new realities, allows us to "create with" the other consciences that renew their creations constantly, for us and for all the Universes. 


As for these two crop circles, personally, I think we could consider that the two figures are a "systole and diastole" of the preparation that our conscience needs to "focus" on the channel and "connect" within this special channel, with other vibrational bands in next sound’s octaves, harmonics and subtle sounds that are not audible to the human ear. Apparently, this already happens at the cellular level, in the internal movement of the cells, in the neurons. It would be the process of nerve impulses, as a graphic image of electricity with a purpose.

Emission / integration; progress with new emission / integration

(Visual approach: neurons and Flower of Life)


4. flor de la vida  blue.jpg3.  FOR  CROP'S ARTICLE.jpg

The initial questions were: How can we access a dimensional sound? How could vocal energy be in connection with other vibrational levels, while still feeling the body?

The appreciation of considering our auric field, as a vibrational extension, has allowed to configure a graphic scheme, a formula of vital attitude that allows access to these other levels, with the human sound. And, in this sense, the diaphragm acquires a new function. It is not only the inspiring muscle par excellence, it is not only the one that allows the lung opening and the space for air intake. We can consider that the diaphragm can begin to function as a "platform", as a "vibrational exchanger" where we can make an emission model that allows "translating" from our waveform level in the sound the vibrations of the vocal sound the segments sound: notes, sequences, melodies and harmonics in other wave formats included in more subtle energy strips, which we can count on from octaves.

In reference to these two crops, it is our most human part that needs these confirmations. We are working as a team, in deep connection with the consciences that have this new information and how to make it reach us, always with great beauty and harmony. As we need tools or protocols to perform the new acts of creation to be able to properly assemble them to the evolutionary movements that are taking place, we find it comforting that it is through these precious drawings about the beloved earth, on the soft skin of the fields of Gaia, the loving sun that makes life flourish in these nearby levels and in others further away. 

We are ready and prepared, we have a vibrational technology to sing and express ourselves multidimensionally. These two crops are the support we needed, the "instruction manual" that we were requesting, to work together in the multidimensional.


With our grateful and sounding heart, 

MACARENA MILETICH Healer by Archetypes (Colin Bloy) “Self Sound” Healing®    (Writer and Researcher)







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