Yarnbury Castle, Nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June.

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The continuation of the first crop circle on 8 May, Wlloughby Hedge, which I said was the body of a butterfly coming out of maggots, cocoons ... and I compared it to a yellow butterfly in the fields of colza flowers ... And now, June 24, the butterfly show wings, and no one can say it was NOT A BUTTERFLY. Because it was, and is, associated with the Flower of Life, and I have spoken in these days of conception, gestation, womb and birth! The four wings of the butterfly represent the four days until the Full Moon, which will be on June 28, another indication for the Moon, so celebrated in these seasons!

The sacred proportion of the Hexagram and the musical note of pure SOL, as I said in the first crop circle, is preserved in 6/4 (Hexagram with six outer circles and the four wings of the Butterfly). The crop circle is just in front of Yarnbury Castle, an ancestral formation, a large circle, which appears to represent the Full Moon in 4 days (24-28 June, the 4 wings of the Butterfly). Messages are flowing within a content harmony. May the full Moon of the Pregnant Goddess bring us the desired Son of Renewal.

Alien's Jokes!


On June 20th, I set up a slide, requesting that the next crop circle (as of June 21) send an alien letter to the world, and put it inside a Hexagram. Four days later, on June 24 (4 wings) came this formation, the Butterfly that leaves the larva and symbolizes the rebirth through the ways of metamorphosis or transformation.

And making some arrangements, using the Morse Code for dot and dash, looking at six dots and traces marked on the edges, look what I found! Even details like the number 11, traced by the lines of the field or by the two "antennas" of the Alien, and the line of the letter inside the envelope, in the internal hexagram, beyond the aliens faces Very serious alien jokes on the response sent!


The bee was my second choice (Aliens and Butterflies, the first !!!) and some friends as well. Let's see.

The appearance of a bee can be considered, even by the final meaning obtained in the interpretation. Then we considered the bee seeking the Flower of Life (six petals) to extract the nectar and synthesize the honey, with which the gods made their longevity drinks. The crop circle is inside a Hexagram, the shape of the cells (alveolus) of the hive, from where the larva is born!

The symbolism of the Flower of Life geometry can then represent the association of several cells, various harmonic units within a larger tissue that makes up LIFE in a collective sense, such as our body and its cells and bees in the hive. Thus, the bee flies to the hive, which in this case may be represented by the large circle of Yarnbury Castle the front. The Castle of the Bees, the sense of association, of harmonious union among the like. I see a message addressed to the Great Meeting of consciousness aligned by the same harmonic note, like the working bees of the Sunshine! Bees attract bees and, together, build the Beehive and make Honey!


In the crop circle 2018 season, I noticed an unprecedented ornament in several crop circles, and in series, and it consists of axes external to the geometries (polygons) of the figures, such as satellites, and these axes bring circles at the tips, accompanying the geometric division of the polygons where the images are inserted. They have already appeared in geometry 3 (triangle), 4 (square), 5 (pentagon), 6 (hexagon, most recent) and 7 (heptagon), only missing the 8 (octagon) geometry to complete the series (8 or > 8).

The fact is that, circle (dot) and dash, in Morse code, means ET. And really, it sets a precedent for us to sense a contact happening this year via crop circle! Let's wait for the new crop circles and analyze the precious ANSWERS of the Venusian brothers. Because I'm pretty sure they talk to us! This year, more than any other!

Alien's Jokes!



through his website, collectivepsych.com

I have covered the waterstrider crop circle and linked it to the Red Rectangle nebula and the Red Square Nebula.  Attached is an image comparing the Red Square nebula to the Yarnbury Castle crop circle. I  finished the waterstrider video before Yarnbury appeared so it was a mind meld moment. It's here;


Crop circle ratios 5: Yarnbury Castle, Wiltshire. Reported 24th June. Red Rectangle nebula.


Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement with the Source

Crop circle from 24 June 2018 at Yarnbury Castle, nr Steeple Langford, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 24 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Earth” with Tone 7, in the Blue Monkey Wavespell, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).
Besides, this is a day of the Central Mystic column, the 7th column of Tzolkin, which corresponds with Tone 7.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication

The big hexagon represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.
The hexagon has 6 sides, here the number 6 symbolizes Tone 6 – the Tone of Balance. The Earth, together with the whole humanity, has been brought in a stable, balanced state through the previous Tone 6 and so it is prepared for the action of Tone 7.
On the surface of the Earth we see 6 small circles “S”, which depict Seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED. These Seeds symbolize the Humanity. We, the people are Seeds of Consciousness, “planted” on the Earth.

In the very center of the formation there is a small bright circle, which represents the Source.

So there are 7 small circles in total: 6 on the periphery and 1 in the center of the formation. The number 7 symbolizes Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement.

In a day with Tone 7 as in the 20 days of the Central Mystic Column (the 7th column of Tzolkin) channels are built for Attunement to the Source and to All That Is.

On the crop circle we see that each Seed is connected through a direct channel with the Source (with God). Besides, the Seeds (i.e. the people) are connected through channels with each other.

So through these channels we have direct connection with the Source and can easier estimate our actions. When we do something which is in harmony with the Divine Will and for the Highest Good of All, we are in Resonance with God and He blesses us with Inspiration.

The channels, which connect the Seeds with the Source, look also like magic wands, symbolizing the energy BLUE MONKEY – the Energy of Magic. For us, people, the connection to the Source is like a magic wand! We can use this connection for communication with God, to pray for advise or for help, and then we can often be surprised that what we have prayed for, becomes true on a magical way.

In the center of the formation are depicted 4 petals (marked on the photo with the number “4”), which again symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED (the Energy of Flowering) – Solar Seal No. 4.

Between these 4 petals there are 2 petals, which are more “invisible”, they are marked on the photo through the number “2”. They symbolize the energy WHITE WIND – Solar Seal No. 2. The White Wind symbolizes the masculine aspect of the Source. This is the Energy of Spirit, through this energy the Source inspires us.

The 2 petals of the White Wind are like connecting elements between the two pairs of petals of the Yellow Seed.

The 4 petals of the Yellow Seed together with the 2 petals of the White Wind form a complete Flower with six petals. On this way is suggested the idea that the energy of the Source connects us, inspires us and help us to flower, i.e. to develop our full creative potential!

I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this brilliant formation and to the photographer Nick Bull!!

Maya Todorova

The hexagon is widely used in crop circles to indicate the full range of comet impacts A through F  (this excludes the Warning Comet). This image shows six comets destined for impact during the Cometary Era. The four “leafs” refer to the lenses of light also seen in other circles which refer to the extra light in the sky radiated by four comets from first visibility to final impact. These are most likely the largest, the chastising comets – B, C, D, and E. See GBR (10/08/03), pg. 177,  for the best example of a light lense. For the hexagon, see T721, pg. 91,  T782, pg. 103, and GBR (06/06/29), pg. 118 of my free ebook (theheckhypothesis.com/kenheckfiles.html).

Kenneth Heck


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The German chemists removed two of the compound's electrons, and the evidence suggested that the positively charged version would then collapse upon itself and form a pyramid. In this arrangement, there are six electrons available to connect the top of the pyramid to the five carbons in the rest of the ring and the extra arm, Malischewski says. That is the two most transparent petals of the image are the representation of the two electrons taken from the compound with six possible chemical bonds implying new possibilities of carbon.

Álvaro Eduardo



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike