Annexe Gare D181, Nr Saint Hippolyte, France. Reported 13th June.

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Updated Tuesday 18th  June 2019


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Please download this slide and rotate clockwise by 90o to see the clever mirror-plane symmetry!  

After rotating by 90o, are those “two eyes” on left and right? Are the crop artists somehow watching us from a distance?



Abstract images of “Venus astronomy”, which were drawn in crops at Saint-Hippolyte on June 13, 2019, may be usefully compared with similar images drawn in crops at Forests Way on July 11, 2014. There were then just 11 Venus-Sun conjunctions left to go, until a planned UFO event in Earth’s skies


The inclusion of certain abstract images which suggest  “Venus astronomy”, in a new crop picture near Saint-Hippolyte, France on June 13, 2019 (see Hippolyte articles  ), has encouraged us to study those strange symbols in greater detail.


At Saint-Hippolyte, we could see two different symbolic representations which might relate to the “astronomy of Venus”. On the left we saw “Venus eclipsed behind the Sun” during an upcoming superior conjunction on August 14, 2019. Then on the right we saw “four bright-crescent phases of Venus on either side of our Sun”,  as will be seen in Earth’s sky during an upcoming inferior conjunction on June 4, 2020:




A slight “space” between the left and right-hand parts of this crop picture might match when Venus changes its daily time of appearance from Earth’s morning to evening sky, after a superior conjunction (or eclipse) with our Sun on August 14, 2019.


Now at Forests Way on July 17, 2014, we could see similar “dot-and-crescent” symbols drawn quite purposefully in crops. It was therefore a challenge to figure out exactly what they might mean!


Right away, we were able to match all of the abstract symbols drawn at Forests Way to certain well-known aspects of the astronomy of Venus as seen from Earth. For purposes of clarity, we have “flipped” the black-and-white image of this crop picture horizontally in the slide below, so that going from left-to-right (rather than right-to-left) means “going forward into the future”.


On the far left below, we can see the first of two bright-crescent phases for Venus which were drawn there in crops. This symbol might match a bright-crescent phase for Venus in Earth’s sky, during its maximum elongation West from the Sun on March 23, 2014 (only four months before the crop picture appeared):



Next by going from left-to-right across the entire slide, we can see plausible symbols for a “superior conjunction” of Venus with our Sun on October 25, 2014. then an “inferior conjunction” of Venus with our Sun on August 15, 2015, followed by a second bright-crescent phase for Venus during its maximal elongation West on October 26, 2015, and finally another “superior conjunction” of Venus with our Sun on June 6, 2016.


Why did the crop artists draw this strange picture at Forests Way on July 17, 2014? It was seemingly to inform us that their symbol for time “T”, drawn there in crops three times, equals the length of time (292 days of 0.8 years) to pass from just one (1) Venus conjunction with our Sun to the next.


Three “small dots”, drawn twice on the far right-hand side of this crop picture, suggest that such a periodic process of “going from one conjunction of Venus with our Sun to the next” will continue into the future. Indeed, that is how the Mayans and Aztecs counted long periods of calendar time in ancient central America.


When we use Google Earth, to study where in the landscape this “Venus astronomy” crop picture from 2014 was drawn, we can see the figurative image of a “man in blue” at lower left, who seems to be looking up in astonishment at  a “large bird in brown” on the right:



Along that bird’s “forehead” or “crest”, we can see a large capital letter “T” for “time”. A similar letter “T” was drawn in three places in the crop picture below (added as a small, white, rectangular insert).


Just below that large letter “T” in the landscape, we can see two long, vertical columns of trees which seem to suggest the number “11”. There were likewise 11 “circles” or “crescents” in a crop picture drawn just below (please see the white rectangular insert, enlarged at upper right).


Perhaps this crop picture was drawn to suggest that just T = 11 Venus-Sun conjunctions remained in 2014, until a “man from Earth” will look up to see a “huge bird” (or UFO) in Earth’s skies? The crop artist Quetzalcoatl often uses a “quetzal bird” as his symbol.


If we count the inferior conjunction of Venus with our Sun on January 11, 2014 as “number 1”, then a superior conjunction of Venus with our Sun on March 26, 2021 will be “number 10”, and another inferior conjunction on January 9, 2022 will be “number 11”.


Alternatively if we start our count with a superior conjunction on October 25, 2014, three months after the crop picture appeared at Forests Way, then “number 11” will be the superior conjunction of Venus with our Sun on October 22, 2022. See you there!


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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