Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne, Hampshire. Reported 16th July.

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Tetrahedron Movements in the Fourth Dimension

This wonderful crop circle has made me take up this line of study that I have been developing since May, in the analysis of some models, because in it we have a 3D cubic figure but with clear projection of moving tetrahedra (yellow lines) in a geometric progression and regression.

If you fix your eyes only on the yellow lines, you will see that this CUBE is crossed by five tetrahedrons at levels of geometric progression, at the idea of a movement.

A beautiful crop circle in 2014 sketched an idea similar to this. Many beautiful cubic-style crop circles have appeared before, but this, in a very direct way, makes the association of geometric construction with that which, among Plato's five solids, corresponds to the fire element and the fourth dimension, and the cube itself represents the third dimension, for the earth element.

Remembering that every cube houses inside two identical tetrahedra crossed (just connecting the diagonals of the cube to meet them).

Fire crosses the earth, as vibrations cross matter. And if this crop circle appeared just on the day of the lunar eclipse and all those alignments mentioned, it is to make just the connection between these cosmic energies and connections with the parallel dimensions.

The number of double triangles marked on each side of the cube in perspective (9/9) was not by chance, because according to the ancients, the structure of the Universe was composed of nine higher dimensions and nine lower dimensions.

And it is exactly this number of light triangles and dark triangles that we see in the image.

Merkabah itself, according to the school of Kabbalistic Magic, is a double tetrahedron, with properties of movement in all dimensions of the Universe.

So, joining the eclipse of July 16 to the fact that this crop circle has purposely appeared on this day, I am sure that it signifies dimensional movements in the energy of the alignments through the harmonic mechanisms of the Tetrahedron (when we convert the geometric coordinates into specific vibrations in matter, which forces it to change its dimensional structure, thus allowing movement to another coordinate of space (xyzt).

I have in this crop circle another argument in favor of my theories about the teleportation triggered by the harmonic mechanisms of the tetrahedron.


Tetrahedra, geometric progressions, fracals and dimensions The Tetrahedron of Sierpinski

More advanced mathematics already accurately establishes the relationships between geometry and dimensions, and Einstein's own Theory of Relativity had to rely on a very complex geometry model, called Riemann's Geometry, which deals with curved surfaces.

Thus, this Tetrahedron Cube bridges with the geometries of the Fractal, and in a very special way, with the Sierpinksi Triangle:

"The Sierpinski Triangle - also called the Sierpinski Board - is a geometric figure obtained through a recursive process.

It is one of the elementary forms of fractal geometry because it has some properties, such as: having as many points as the set of real numbers; have area equal to zero; to be self-similar (one part of which is identical to the whole); not lose its initial definition as it is expanded. It was first described in 1915 by Waclaw Sierpinski (1882 - 1969), Polish mathematician ".

"It is a self-similar set of a triangle (most often equilateral).
If divided into four other triangles congruent with each other and between the original triangle whose vertices are the midpoints of the origin triangle, then the fractal subsets are three staggered copies of triangles derived from the previous iteration. The middle triangle does not belong to the fractal. This separation of the fractal into staggered copies can be resumed recursively in the other triangles produced. The fractal dimension of the Sierpinski Triangle has the following values:

D = log (2) 3 = 1.58496 ... "

Fractal geometry is another way of representing movement through the different dimensions of the Universe, which preserves the same figure (in this case, the triangle) but modifies its size by moving to the next geometric level.

And Sierpinski's Tetrahedron is perfect to illustrate this 3D fractal geometry present in this crop circle.

If we imagine the Universe governed and sustained by the same vibrations at all levels of matter, whether from the great stars in the sky to the particles in the substrate of all matter, we will contemplate the geometry of the fractals at work in the movement of the dimensions.


Jonas Passos (17.07.2019)


The Symbol of the Great Enigma

Many of us remembered Rubiks Cube, which was created in 1974 and became an icon of intelligence games in the 1980s, one of the best-selling games in the world.

Numerous records have been broken by game enthusiasts, and even Artificial Intelligence has been used to solve it in record time of just over one (1) second!

In the circle of mathematical games, "Algorithm of God" is the definition for a cube solution in as few movements as possible, and in 2010, mathematicians demonstrated that 20 motions are the minimum required to solve the cube.

In total, the number of possible combinations in the Rubik's cube is 

43 252 003 274 489 856 000!

A number that produces another even more fantastic, strongly related to the Kabbalah:

S = 4 + 3 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 9 + 8 + 5 + 6 = 72!
The Number of God in the Kabbalah (and the Venusian Pentagram).

The world record holder set a new record in November last year, a Chinese, Yusheng Du, performing the solution in 3.47 minutes.

A race against time ... and the timer.

And speaking of a timer, do you remember the crop circle of Yarnbury Castle, July 3, which marked the lunar eclipse in the form of a stopwatch?

Is not it interesting to know that this cube appeared just on the day of the lunar eclipse announced on July 16 as demanding the solution of its mystery?

And the eclipse, the day of the lunar eclipse, would press the stopwatch button to tell the time researchers around the world to solve the mystery not only of the Rodfield Lane Cube, but the mystery of all the crop circles ... because the world no longer has a lot of time, and if the crop circles until today have been sent as prerogatives of an open contact with the world from the intelligences who sent them, well, the channel is closing, and the time to reach the key, too ...

The crop circles of the lunar eclipse

Two crop circles appeared on the day of the lunar eclipse on July 16.
The Tetrahedron and the Double Yang-Yin.
One in England, one in France.

What is the relationship between the tetrahedron cube and the big alignments? Times and energies conducive to portals?

Matter, planet Earth and earth element have generally been represented in antiquity by the Cube among the five Platonic solids, and it is interesting to note this cube crossed by tetrahedra in perspective, because the tetrahedron is the symbol of fire, which leads us to deduce that the lunar eclipse was a kind of trigger or start button of powerful energies that would penetrate Earth and matter, and would increase the speed of transformations, including relating to certain mysteries with the fourth dimension .

Each day, it seems to me that as one part of humanity walks toward extinction, the other moves toward transcendence and return to the fourth dimension, something like the separation of tares and wheat: light triangles and dark triangles in the faces of the cube, which is the planet Earth!

An interesting thing: if we count the sequence of circles in the sine of this new crop circle of France, we get a series of 13 circles.

Turning into days, 13 days, and relating to the crop circle of Yarnbury Castle, on July 3, the one that related the lunar eclipse to a timer (the time count from the day of the lunar eclipse), we will get exactly the on the 16th of July.

And thirteen is the great arcane of death or transformation!

That is, all these crop circles appear threaded in the same message that is emphasizing this month's alignments very much, and still continue in their strength.

So whatever happens on the planet in the coming days and months, let's not take it as a coincidence, but let us then try to remember the ads sent, and that if the Earth experiences several impacts of energy, we will know where everything started, where everything received new stimulus.

All these crop circles seem to me to be diagnosing the planetary transformations step by step ... towards a final outcome, which will be the beginning of something else.

Or, as we call it, the beginning of the end.

Jonas Passos (18.07.2019)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The authors of this crop circle are probably ET because this formation is very complex and very well made. But Arnaud Thiry is in England this year ! This crop circle does not give an ultimate proof of the alien origin ! Why ? The ET are terribly boring and manipulative. They are waiting, waiting and waiting ... They want finally to meet our governments  ! And this will be the end of the hope of a true freedom for a lot of people in the world !

More information about aliens activities on my blog :   The life will win !
Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki

This crop circle falls into the category of "boxes." See pages 156-7 of my free ebook ( ) for 20 more box figures. The box itself refers to our box of thinking, and how we need to think outside the box for further progress. In this crop circle, the large box composed of 27 smaller boxes isn't precisely a cube because the sides almost touch the ring. This implies that the whole time interval of the six impacting comets (about 250+ years) is involved. The 27 cubes  represent 27 existing areas of thinking which will continue to progress beyond their current development. If the 27 boxes weren't half and half, they would be completely new areas. The diagonals create triangles, customarily associated with space vehicles in crop circles. This may be a cue that we will be progressing primarily in the areas of space vehicles, aliens, and highly advanced technology over the next 250+ years (as a major result of the six impacting comets).

Kenneth Heck



Photo: The Hampshire Flyer, published in ‘’ 

Magnificent picture, seeming to be a cube, or better.. , a bidimensional projection of a 3D cube !!! constructed from a perfect hexagon inscribed in a circle  crown.

We can see 3 of the 6 cube faces , containing each face 9 isosceles triangles.

Some numbers:

      - 9 isosceles triangles per face , totalizing 27 seen triangles and supposing

         others 27 not  seen triangles. (total: 54 for the cube)

      - Each hexagon side is divided in 3 EQUAL segments that contains each one,

        3 triangles.

      - Each sides extremities,  points to the circle centre, each circle segments

        formed containing   1, 2 and 3 triangles in each level, from the center to the


      - Adopting the circular crown with thickness 1, we obtain the relative


                   Hexagon sides: 6

              Circle (containing the hexagon) diameter: 12

              External circle diameter: 16

              Each Triangle large side: 3,5

             Each Triangle 2 smaller and equal sides: 2


May we like true Wizards create beautiful and harmonious reality on Earth!

Crop circle at Fulley Wood, Rodfield Lane, Tichbourne, near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Reported on the 16th July, 2019.

In my opinion, the formation is dedicated to 15th July 2019 – according to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar this is a day
with the Solar Seal Blue Night with Tone 3,
in the Red Dragon wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed,
in the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13 (26 July 2018 – 24 July 2019).

On 26 July 2019 begins the White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 – this is the first year of the new 13-year cycle with major energy WHITE WIZARD. On the formation are depicted following energies:

Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Tone 3 – Activation of the Service
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify
White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Yellow Warrior – Questioning, Intelligence, Fearlessness
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Order
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony

On the formation a big hexagon sits in a big outer ring.
The hexagon is divided in three big rhombs.
Each big rhomb is divided in 9 small rhombs.
Each small rhomb is divided in 2 triangles: one dark and one bright.

So in each big rhomb there are 18 triangles: 9 dark and 9 bright.
In the three big rhombs there are 3 х 18 = 54 triangles in total.
From these 54 triangles 27 ones are dark and 27 ones are bright.

In my opinion, these figures and numbers have following meanings: Each triangle has 3 sides. The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT – Solar Seal No. 3, the energy of Dreams.

The number 3 symbolizes also Tone 3 – the Tone of the day.

Each small rhomb has 4 sides. The number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4.

Each small rhomb depicts the face of a Warrior: the upper dark triangle depicts the helmet and the lower bright triangle depicts the face of the Warrior. In this way is depicted the energy YELLOW WARRIOR – the Supporting energy of the Blue Night.

The three groups of 9 dark triangles each resemble also flying birds and symbolize the energy BLUE EAGLE – the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed. The Blue Eagle is the energy of Visions and Visualizations.

The number 9 symbolizes the energy RED MOON – Solar Seal No. 9.

The formation is from 15 July, and from 15 until 24 July there are 9 days, so the number 9 symbolizes also the number of the days left until the end of the Red Cosmic Moon Year.

The number 18 symbolizes the energy WHITE MIRROR – Solar Seal No. 18 – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Night. The White Mirror reflects our thoughts, dreams, visions etc., multiplies them and so in the energy field of the Universe is built the structure, the matrix, from which our new reality is developing.

The number 54 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIZARD – the Challenging energy of the Yellow Seed and the major energy of the new 13-year cycle, which begins on 26 July 2019. Kin 54 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal White Wizard.

The whole formation depicts a magic figure. When watched under different angles, it creates the impression for different figures and 3D-structures, like cube and pyramid. This whole wizardry also symbolizes the energy WHITE WIZARD.

The number 27 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND – the Guiding energy of the Blue Night with Tone 3 and Occult Teacher of the White Wizard.
Kin 27 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Blue Hand.

The big hexagon has 6 sides. The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6. This energy helps us to unite ourselves, in order to realize together our Dreams and Visions.

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed.

The flying Eagles, the Yellow Warriors, the White Wizard – they all symbolize the Humanity on Earth. We all have to learn these energies and to play these roles.

So, let us summarize:
each triangle on the formation depicts the energy Blue Night and symbolizes our Dreams,
each dark triangle depicts the energy Blue Eagle and symbolizes our Visions and Visualizations,
the number 27 symbolizes the energy Blue Hand – the energy of actions.
Each small rhomb symbolizes the energy Yellow Seed and depicts a Seed.
The number 9 symbolizes the energy Red Moon.
The number 54 symbolizes the energy White Wizard.

In this manner, on the formation is depicted following:
The Red Cosmic Moon Year, as well as the whole expiring 13-year cycle with major energy Red Moon was time for planting of Seeds. Our Seeds are our Dreams, Visions, Visualizations, Actions etc.

The new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard is time for growing of the Seeds.

The White Wizard teaches us, that through our Thoughts we create our reality. So we shall nurture the planted Seeds through our Thoughts and in this way we shall help them to grow. Through our Thoughts we direct the cosmic energies. The Energy follows the Thought.

In the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard, from our Seeds shall grow the flowers and trees of our new reality. Through the name of the location Fulley Wood the authors of the formation give us a clue – that from our Seeds in the new cycle the “Full Wood” of our reality shall grow.

The whole formation creates the illusion of a cube.
The cube has 6 sides, on each side there are 18 triangles.
So the total number of all triangles on the 6 sides is 6 х 18 = 108.

The number 108 symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR – the energy of Creativity, Beauty, Harmony.  Kin 108 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Star.

May we in the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard learn like true Wizards to Create Beautiful and Harmonious reality on Earth!

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this magic formation, to the photographers and to the whole team of Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova


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On squaring the circle ... Rodfield lane CC reported 16th of July

sqauring the circles 10.png

squaring the circle.png


Squaring the circle seems to come up with latest cc and have been working on this- outer squares with the circles provide the alignments for cc. 

Cathy Taylor



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike