Sundhoffen, Nr Alsace, Haut-Rhin, Grand Est, France. Reported 7th July.

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Updated Wednesday 10th  July 2019


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My “COMMENTS” ABOUT THE 07-07-2019 crop circle event, in Sundhoffen, France:  

This seems to be the French Crop circles year ! Until today (08-JUL-19) we have 28 ‘solid’ crops:

    14  in France  (50 %)     10 in the UK        02 in Russia e 02 in Switzerland 

12 French crops are a linear sequence of 7 to 10 circles and arcs of a large variety of diameters.

Would be codified messages, like in Morse code ? 




This must be Comet A, identified by the two major fragments at the top. The comet appears to grow  larger from the second circle, meaning it is heading toward earth.  Next, the large, thick  ring represents the comet just before  impacting the crater on the bottom right, the largest crescent. At this final stage, the comet shows us that the actual impact area won't be like a normal circle, rather like an ellipse due to the two major fragments hitting on either side. The smaller crescent should be the Moon, or much less likely, a phase of Venus or Mercury. Actually there is a poorly executed small third crescent just behind the second which may have been an attempt to display a phase of Venus or Mercury. The potential new information in this crop circle seems to be the phase of the Moon when Comet A strikes, if the crop circle is authentic.
Kenneth Heck

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The crop circle reported in France near Andolsheim and Sundhoffen 7th July, 2019, is strange and not very well made. This could be man made or alien made with a lot of humor. There is a rare ellipse in this formation. That's why I think there is a very strong probability this is an answer my video published 6th July, 2019, with 3 messages for the crop circles makers, the humans and the ET intruders:-

I have suggested the crop circles makers to ask directly the aliens to give them some proofs in the fields like a big ellipse or something else! But in an other video published 26th June, 2019, I have given a method to make a small ellipse without mark at the focuses:-

However, I presented at the end of my video published on July 6 an unpleasant message for the ET intruders writen in an alphabet that I invented but that everyone can decipher!... I will give later more informations about this very interesting crop circle on Aliens crop circles crushing channel.

Jean-Charles Bourquin, in France, 9th July, 2019.

The cosmic egg

This new crop circle from France, which appeared on the day before, July 7, shows again the theme of the great cosmic alignments, but from a more abstract perspective, because these circles in the extremity, which has the form ovoid and ellipsoid ... actually represent the X-ray vision of an Egg.

Notice at the other end, the model begins with two equal circles joining together in a larger circle that, progressing, ends in the image of the Egg. And this egg combines with the symbols of the eclipse (Sun, Crescent Moon) repeated since the first of June in France, combining the two ideas, birth and cosmic energy fertilising Gaia, the Earth.

Now it is the two seed-cells of the father and the mother, which sum up in a process of conception before descending into the womb of the Earth and becoming an embryo (in this case, here represented as an Egg, repeating other themes, from Horton in March 2 and the egg hatching).

Why did I say that on the 7th (usually between 7 and 8 July of the years) crop circles usually appear? Because on that date, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius in the Zodiac. And the Star Sirius, the ancient star of Bethlehem, is not directly linked to the announced birth of the Child Jesus?

The relationship, therefore, is this. And Sirius' energy also participates in this secret cosmology of the Child's birth, which is the metaphor for the germ of new life and consciousness now being born on Earth to draw its original family, or those 144,000 who will rebuild the Age of the Sixth Sun .

Alignment falls on the Earth's core, as the seed cells of the father and mother intersect and fall into the womb, carrying new life. This is the positive part of the end-of-cycle prophecies and their catastrophes happening, they are demonstrating Mother Gaia's birth labour.

For many, this crop circle is false just because its circles are crooked ... but do not notice that they are not crooked, but they are ovoid and ellipsoid patterns to represent what I said earlier.

The mistake people make is trying to interpret each figure in isolation, forgetting the rest of the images ... they're showing eggs and similar themes for a long time!

It is the Christ Child being born, new life and consciousness attracting those who vibrate in tune. This is already the selection of the tares and wheat.

It is no longer theories and dead beliefs, nor speculative intellect or technology that will rescue people, but their affinity with the Truth that springs from the depths of the Cosmos in our time, in the form of sidereal alignments fecundating the Uterus of Gaia.

This is the Great Truth of Revelation 12 celebrated in all these crop circles.

Therefore, being a part of this Christ Child will no longer be a matter of Believe, but a matter of Being.

The Extraterrestrials are like Angels announcing a new Christmas time to Earth, and a new radiance of the Star of Bethlehem in the manger of the heart of each one that takes part of that second birth announced by all the prophets of the past for our time.

This Child is the Dawn of the Sixth Sun of the Mayan prophecy, the future Era, in a new heaven and a new Earth harboring a new race.

The race transformed by the energy of the Divine Child Christ.

Jonas Passos (08.07.2019)

Alien Mickey

When I say there are patterns in crop circles, I can prove it. Compare this new image of France with an old English crop circle of 2002: it shows an Alien face with ears (Mickey Mouse style) associated with alignments, and in them we identify the symbol of two planets, Neptune (above) and Uranus ), as well as other objects.

Our "Mickey" is actually an alien being maybe hybrid with human, something that is also associated with these times of the Cosmic Child. Crops circles always repeat the same patterns in different images. One must be careful not to make isolated and superficial interpretations, without the depth and reach of all existing crop circles.

Jonas Passos (09.07.2019)


France and the Great Fish

When I left the diagram of the most recent crop circle in France on 7.7.2019 (Sun-Sirius alignment day in the Zodiac), I saw that it resembles a large Fish-Eye in a disproportionate body.

Remembering that the symbologies associated with Sirius are related to the Fish, and that, according to the Dogons of Africa, the Sirians came to the world thousands of years ago in large ships similar to huge Fish flying in the sky, and these same beings were amphibians, or hybrid beings between humanoids and marine creatures.

Fish has always assumed a fundamental symbolic value in the Bible, since the Old Testament, exalting itself in the signature of the work of Christ, his fishermen, the fish in various situations.

I remembered the scene where the prophet Jonah being thrown into the sea is swallowed up by a great fish and remained in it 3 days and 3 nights before being vomited on the beach ... symbologies of death and rebirth apart (and Jesus used the event of the prophet Jonah to announce his sign to the world, the resurrection, on the third day within the womb of the Earth), behold, the Great Fish is a symbol of great Ufos, of great ships that have visited us since ancient antiquity.

The argentine prophet Parravicini speaks of the same fish-shaped ships, which would be sheltered in bases in the Antarctic (South Pole) and which would manifest in the day and hour to the new Exodus.

So in addition to connections with eclipses and alignments, some of these crop circles may be signalling the manifestation of the divine ships and the Merkabah ... along with other signs in the sky, accompanied by them.

This Fish information is within the set of previous interpretations that become parallel, and this is always important to emphasize.

Ps: In 2008, one of the most spectacular crop circles in France showed the constellations of the Pleiades and the star Sirius, and beside them, the Christian symbol of the Fish! An important Christic symbol related to that great star.

And the day of this crop circle, July 7, Sun and Sirius aligned in the Zodiac, as it happens every year.

Here's how important it is to cross-check all the data for an improved view of the messages.

And the last tip would be: open your eyes wide, like the fish, which never closes them. Constant vigilance of consciousness

After all, have you ever seen a fish close your eyes?

Jonas Passos (10.07.2019)







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