Farley Mount, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported  8th July

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The alien circle makers love to make symmetric crop circles out of events we humans would consider non-symmetric, such as comet strikes. In this circle we are looking at the affect of three comet strikes - Comets and B, plus the Warning Comet. The crop circle is divided into four parts since the split nucleus of B is counted as two strikes. We see the earth at night as the outer ring.  The inner ring represents the conglomerate impact area of the comets and fragments. There are four partial comet indications as half circles on the outer ring. The sixteen lens-like figures represent the temporary increase of light in the sky from the sixteen comets and their major fragments (A = 3, B = 12, Warning = 1). A and B will strike at night. The Warning Comet will traverse the night sky before its single fragment impacts on the day-side in the Central Pacific. The lozenge-like figures represent areas damage by comet material.  These figures have been seen in prior circles in the examples below:  For their interpretation, download my free ebook at theheckhypothesis.com/downloads.html


June 19, 2000, United Kingdom, page 103



July 1, 2007, Poland, page 104




July 18, 2014 Germany, page 288

Kenneth Heck

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An earthquake 8.0 ° to come?

It seems that this new geometric mandala of England appears, which appeared before a pyramid-shaped chapel, with four entrances, on top of a small hill.

This even seemed to me an answer to my last interpretation of the crop circle of July 3, Yarnbury, when I drew the pyramid in perspective in the image, associated with the same theme of the cosmic alignments falling on Earth in that period and activating the planetary nucleus.

At this time of so many planetary alignments gaining reinforcement with eclipses, Earth's core has received a lot of energy, generating powerful seismic waves rising to the surface and making Earth tremble in every corner, especially in sensitive areas such as California, Indonesia, etc.

As the crop circle appeared on a day 8, this may be part of the message that, combined with that seismic wave model sprouting from the Earth's nucleus activated by the gravitational triggers of the alignments, is saying that a mega earthquake of 8 degrees could be imminent.

However, this is part of cosmology, the Earth being transformed, as the prophecies said, into the energy of cataclysms.

The other part brings us back to Revelation and the new life and consciousness being generated in the core of the Earth as a positive counterpart of these energies of planetary transformation seen as the birth pains of the crowned Great Mother of the twelve (aligned) stars in Revelation 12 , in the spiritual context of the same dynamics of this cosmology happening at the end of the great cycle, as all the prophets announced in the past.

And as this geometry was exhibited, we see clearly that the waves of propagation are dual, that is, they propagate from outside, from the outside, and arrive at the centre, just as they propagate from the centre to the periphery, which means a two-way road: cosmic energies propagate toward the nucleus, and the nucleus reacts, pulsating new energies in the form of seismic waves propagating to the surface.

The Uterus of the Earth

Once again we come back to Revelation 12 and the birth of the Child, which signifies a new energy of life and consciousness linked to the planetary nucleus (which the ancient sages claimed to be the Throne of the King of the World, the ultimate spiritual hierarchy of this planet), as (and the indicated pyramid means that, terminals of the cosmic energy collected and accumulated inside), that child, the archetype of a new life and spiritual consciousness, born in the world, would come forth and spring forth.

In this conception, the Earth becomes Mother and the Earth's core becomes her uterus, and the cosmic energies of the Alignments, the cosmic seed that fertilizes her uterus and gives birth to that Child.

The Maya Cosmology speaks of this system of this Pyramid of energy created by Four Watchful Spirits, called Bacabs (meaning Brothers), placed in the four corners of the Earth (and this distribution of four guardian earth spirits at the cardinal points exists practically in all ancient cultures), and these four beings create a pyramid or a system that mediates the cosmic pulsations (called AHAU, the Solar Lord), which, descending from the Sun, stars and aligned planets, fall into the nucleus and are through the four transformations.

Notice the 20-Ahau seal, which illustrates a Sun or cosmic center emanating a radius of energy that descends and reaches another system. In the Mayan legend, God placed the four spirits in heaven to sustain the Earth in their eternal journeys. And it is these four spirits that regulate all the cosmic energies that fall into the core of the Earth.

Legend further says that it is these four spirits that gather in every end and beginning cycle of our planet.

In the last flood, they built a ship to save mankind, an incredible parallel with the story of Noah, among other parallels of other cultures.

And since the first English crop circle in Horton on March 2, the image of an Egg has appeared with repetition even in the latest crop circle French, an abstract figure that combines the standard alignments with that of an exposed egg .

The Revelation version speaks of four knights bringing destruction, and four angels bound in the Great River with plagues to be loosed.

That cosmology is ambivalent, and just as it announces destruction, the same energy heralds the birth of the New Life and Consciousness of the prophesied New Age Sixth Sun according to the Mayans.

When the assembled stars in certain configurations are able to generate renewed consciousness energy, this is a mystery of our existence linked to the force of the stars, something that Astrology sought to systematize applicable knowledge in the day to day, according to the configuration of the moment of birth of each.

If, on the one hand, this beautiful crop circle represents the pulses of energy starting from the Earth's core and transforming itself into several phenomena on the surface, on the other, it represents the breaking Egg, manifesting the new life and spiritual consciousness prophesied as the germ of the future Golden Age.

The local monument, Farney Mount Temple, in pyramidal form, was built in honor of a horse, but I do not believe that this is what made the authors of this crop circle put it in this area, but rather the pyramidal form of the monument .

The pyramid beside this four-armed mandala and its propagating waves illustrates all these declared things. The Four Bacabs-Spirits create a pyramid of energy to combine the energies of heaven on Earth into a cyclical cosmology that, with each new "Sun", pushes the evolution of life and planetary consciousness as a whole.

Thus the Maya interpreted the cosmology of the universe combined with our evolving sphere of existence on this planet, in the spirals of time ... and everything indicates that we are really about to make a magnificent leap in our time.

There is an old prophecy that at the end of the great cycle, alignments with the Galaxy (2012) and later would activate the Earth's core, and its energy would rise to the surface and re-activate all sleeping temples and pyramids, and they would fire signals to the universe, like connected antennas, in a kind of call of the gods that would then return to the time of the new harvest in this world, promoting evolution.

Of course, all this can be a metaphor, a symbology, and also a hidden reality of the functioning and purpose of the pyramids in our time: reactivated by 20-Ahau, the pulse of solar energy coming directly from the Christ Presence once again on the Earth.

The core of the Earth takes on the form of an uterus that contains a new embryo about to be born and attract its own. From him emerges the Divine Child who will gather his family aligned in the same light and energy.

We are blessed to be witnessing all this at this time!


Pyramids and Alignments - the Second Sun?

These Farley Mount geometries clearly show the structure of four pyramids (the pyramids in the four corners of the world) with a base of 9 quadrilaterals (reference to the 9-storey Kukulkan Pyramid, Mexico and its symbology representing the 9 skies and the keys of the planetary alignments involved in the opening of portals and stargates (hidden and lost technology of ancient pyramids).

And the pyramid-shaped monument in the local landscape is not accidental, but it is an extension of the message. The waves of the extremities propagate in five levels. What is the fifth orbit of the Sun? Jupiter. This suggests that the Second Sun is already approaching, and may even be at the height of Jupiter's orbit, according to studies by some amateur astronomers, who identify Nemesis, the second sun, under the title Planet 7x. Even other crop circles of this same season identify him with four planetoids in orbit, and he would reach his perigee between March and April of 2021.

But it already gravitationally affects the solar system, whose energy is added to the energy of eclipses and other planets aligned to generate this wave of impacts on Earth. It may be that the centre of this mandala represents the second Sun, and the propagation waves from the fifth orbit of the Sun, Jupiter. In previous years, the fifth orbit has been highlighted in several crop circles, and this sets a new standard. We have 4x25 = 100 sectors marked in the four pyramids. And this number (10x10) makes one think of a cycle closure. Or ... some powerful event in five days, counting the levels of this geometry, which would be in 8/7 + 5 days = between 12 and 13 July, 3 days before the Lunar Eclipse of July 16.

Let's follow.

An interesting artistic conception of Lucas Berri, who designed the crop circle in the local temple of Farley Mount, the white pyramid. Analogies with pyramids, the pulse of the Earth and the cosmic WiFi being fired into the universe.
Pyramids are cosmic antennas for the return of the gods!


Activating the Mayan Aztec Calendar

Farley Mount's recent crop circle on July 8 features perfect symmetry with the structure of the famous Aztec Sun stone, including the stone-level contours that represent the planetary orbits of the solar system, surrounding the central god Tonatiuh , the name of the Sun, the fifth Sun, for the Aztecs, which, also for the Maya, would end on December 21,

The Mayan and Aztec calendar are analogous.

Notice how the circles representing wave propagation in the crop circle align perfectly with the cardinal points marked on the Stone, and how the five crop circle levels fit precisely into the inner rings of the Stone by placing the current Sun Tonatiuh and the four previous suns of the center of the stone in the inner circle of the crop circle, the source of the activation.

What does this activation mean?

Since 2012, Earth's core has received different energies, potentiating reactions of accelerated transformation of Nature on the surface, and by the crop circles in 2019, everything indicates that this year the Earth's core received new stimuli in this sense, stimuli of cosmic energy activating its core to new waves of energy that will further accelerate planetary transformation in a general and global way.

New seismic, climatic, volcanic and cyclonic records will be surpassed this year.
The solemn year 19, year of the Sun in the Tarot.


Earthquake 7.3 ° and other several earthquakes strong today, July 14, two days of lunar eclipse

Between yesterday and today, July 13 and 14, two days into the eclipse, intense earthquakes were recorded in the East, and the strongest of all, 7.3 °, occurred today in Indonesia, 9:10 UTC, while another earthquake very strong, happened in Australia, at 0539 UTC, from 6.6 °
Yesterday, July 13, in Japan, the record of a strong earthquake of 6.1 °

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the earth has not stopped shaking in California since the beginning of July and the solar eclipse of the 2nd.

Thousands of replicas, even the count of so many ... and all this, near the Lunar Eclipse of July 16, two days from now.
Maybe even the expected earthquake of 8.0 ° or more somewhere ... because this 7.3 ° can be considered very strong!

Accompanying everything, and already confirmed the theory of alignments in the general interpretation of the crop circles of 2019.

And if the earthquakes really happened and are happening, the positive part of the prophecy, linked to the birth of the Child of Revelation 12, is also true.

Tomorrow, July 15, 2019, the day before the lunar eclipse of July 16, as often signaled in the crop circles (including one at Yarnbury Castle on July 3), he placed a Stopwatch to indicate a waiting time and countdown) Yes, tomorrow, on July 15, Venus aligns exactly with the Star Sirius in the Zodiac, placing itself right between the two Gemini (Beaver and Poplux) of the Gemini constellation.

A very significant astronomical event, due to the proximity to the lunar eclipse already signaled by crop circles, can then be registered tomorrow by crop circle authors, who always send astronomical messages in the fields.

So, tomorrow, July 15, and the day after tomorrow, July 16, crop-related crops may come up. Maybe a Pentagram crop circle.

There was even a crop circle in England, on July 6, the day before the annual Sun and Sirius alignment on 7 July, but as the place is unknown, I did not post anything, waiting for information.

The fact is that it is a pentagram, similar to a 2012 model, and pentagrams represent both Venus and Sirius in ancient symbology.
Let's Wait!
Jonas Passos (14.07.2019)

Please inform yourself here about the story of Farley Mount before to read my comment : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farley_Mount I have published 6th July, 2019 an important video with a "strange" message for the ET intruders at the end :  www.youtube.com

I think that everybody can decipher this message. I defend the Earth against all ET intrusions since a few years. However, I don't want to decipher this message now. I am convinced that the authors of the crop circle reported at Farley Mount 8th July, 2019, have answered my message showed in my video dated 6th July, 2019. For example, I can found the following sentence with the letters FARLEY MOUNT BEWARE CHALK PIT :

YAN CARLE BOURK FILM PAW THE ET = JEAN-CHARLES BOURQUIN FILM "PAW THE ET" I think that this crop circle has been made by the very dangerous ET Gray interplanetary alliance whose chief is Jesus omega. This gray alien has the same soul as the prophet Jesus. His head appeared in the crop circle reported near Reigate in 2016. FARLEY MOUNT may give EMANU'L TRY'O'F = EMMANUEL TRIOMPHE (French) = IMMANUEL TRIUMPH
Immanuel is also Jesus in the Bible : Immanuel

There is also a "nice" message for Umberto Molinaro who is very attacked by the French skeptical Arnaud Thiry who wants to make crop circles in the UK this year (Ha ! Ha ! Ha !) : FARLEY MOUNT may give U. MOLYNAR' F ET (or FÊT') = U. MOLINARO France ET ( crop circle searcher) = U. MOLINARO FÊTE (French) = UMBERTO MOLINARO PARTY Finally, I think there is a hard message for Arnaud Thiry : FARLEY MOUNT may give ARNO T UM'LYE = ARNAUD T. HUMILIÉ (French) = ARNAUD T. HUMILIATED More information in my video in French : www.youtube.com and in my blog OLCPIE : olcpie.centerblog.net Very strong encouragements for all victims of the aliens !

Jean-Charles Bourquin, in France 12th July, 2019.


Our visions are energy patterns and programs for transformation of our reality

Crop circle at Farley Mount, near Beacon Hill Plantation, Winchester, Hampshire. Reported  8th July 2019

In my opinion, this formation is dedicated to the day of the Blue Galactic Eagle with Tone 8, on 7 July 2019.

On the formation are depicted following energies:

Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Serpent – Life force, Instinct, Survival
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Order

The circle in the center of the formation depicts an Eye and symbolizes the energy BLUE EAGLE – the energy of Vision.

On the formation we see 4 groups “A” of 15 small quadrangles.
Each quadrangle has 4 sides.
The number 15 symbolizes again the energy BLUE EAGLE – Solar Seal No. 15.
The number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4 – the Supporting energy of the Blue Eagle.

Each quadrangle depicts a Seed.
The Blue Eagle teaches us, that we are the planetary visionaries.
Our visions and visualizations are energy Seeds, which we plant in the space and from them our new reality grows.

On the formation we see also 4 groups “B” of 5 figures each.
The number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – Solar Seal No. 5 – the Challenging energy of the Blue Eagle.

The figures of the groups “B” depict the propagation of signals in the space.
The signals are emanated from the Eye. The signals are our visions and visualizations – they are transmitted everywhere in the space.

At the end of each group “B” we see two lunar crescents, which depict the energy RED MOON – the major energy of the current Red Cosmic Moon Year (26 July 2018 – 25 July 2019).
The lunar crescents resemble fruit slices and remind us that at the end of the year we see the fruits of our activities during the year.

For the Universe our visions at the end of the year are ripe fruits, which show the level of our spiritual development and of our awareness – to what extent we recognize that through our visions we ourselves create our own reality.

The Universe reflects our signals like a mirror.
On the formation is shown that each group
„А” and „В” is mirrored three more times. In fact, the Universe reflects our signals infinitely.

The Reflection process, depicted on the crop circle, symbolizes the energy WHITE MIRROR - the energy of Reflection.

The White Mirror reminds us that each creative impulse is being reflected everywhere. Anything is being reflected in everything.

Each group “A” consists of 15 quadrangles which build two pyramid outlines:
the quadrangles from 1 to 9 build an upper pyramid outline,
the quadrangles from 10 to 14 build a lower pyramid outline.

The glyph (sign) of the White Mirror

These pyramid depictions symbolize again the energy WHITE MIRROR.
On the glyph (sign) of the White Mirror is depicted a stepped pyramid.
Each level of the pyramid goes up to the perfect world on the top. Most probably the center of our galaxy, the Great Central Sun, is the most perfect world, a faultless matrix with perfect geometry. The other levels can have different distortion degrees.

The quadrangles 5 and 15 have a different shape, they are capstones.
The quadrangle 5 is the top capstone on the top of the pyramid.
The quadrangle 15 is the basic capstone.

This reminds us of another meaning of the White Mirror’s symbol:
When we look at a Maya pyramid from above, there is a capstone, which shows the center, where the four cardinal points come together. Through this central point can pass only what withstands the test of the truth.

So it is very important on a day of the Blue Eagle to be responsible and to consciously transmit to the Universe our visions for a better future of the humanity and of the Earth.

Our visions and visualizations are Seeds, which we plant in the energy field of the Universe. They are energy patterns and programs for development, for transformation of the reality. Our reality is then transformed in order to meet our new visions.

On the crop circle the energy White Mirror plays an important role. Thus the formation is located near a monument, which looks like a white pyramid and reminds us of the White Mirror’s glyph.

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this magnificent formation and to the photographer Lucy Pringle!

Maya Todorova




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