Womad, Extinction Rebellion. Nr Malmesbury, Wiltshire. reported 26th July.

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Giant crop circle near WOMAD highlights climate change

A 300ft (90m) crop circle has been carved in a field near the WOMAD Festival to highlight 'food security' issues surrounding climate change. It features the Extinction symbol and follows the creation of the largest ever human Extinction logo at Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer. The group Extinction Rebellion is using the symbol to drawn attention to what it calls 'climate chaos'. The four-day WOMAD Festival features music and dance acts from across the world.

  • 26 Jul 2019

Source:-  www.bbc.co.uk Giant-crop-circle-near-womad-highlights-climate-change

Images Nick Bull Copyright 2019

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Friday 26 July: One hectare Extinction Symbol crop circle appears at WOMAD festival

  • 300 foot diameter Extinction Symbol crop circle appears at WOMAD festival on Friday morning

  • Aerial photographs show the sheer size of the crop circle, which draws attention to food security issues, within the context of Climate and Ecological Collapse

  • It marks a collaboration between Extinction Rebellion, WOMAD and art collective The Circlemakers

Extinction Rebellion has revealed a 300 foot diameter Extinction Symbol crop circle in a field adjacent to WOMAD festival. Striking aerial photographs show the sheer size of the crop circle, the largest representation of the Extinction Symbol ever made.

The WOMAD crop circle symbolises ecocide and climate chaos while drawing particular attention to food security issues. The flattened plants send the message that climate chaos ravages our crops, leaving people hungry and desperate, a tragedy only set to worsen. 

Extinction Rebellion Festivals Coordinator Julian Thompson says: “The Extinction Symbol crop circle draws our attention to ecocide, the loss of 75% of insects and catastrophic loss of biodiversity; the overuse of herbicide and pesticide and the havoc climate chaos wreaks on our capacity to grow food. People are already going hungry around the world, even here in the UK, and yet the amount of perfectly good food thrown away every day by our supermarkets is astounding. In the Midwest of the USA, 16 million acres won’t grow wheat this year, due to flooding. This is the reality of our current systems and the Climate and Ecological Crisis we are in. The coming years will see truly cataclysmic changes to our capacity to grow food and that is when we are genuinely looking at societal collapse.”

The WOMAD crop circle follows the creation of the largest ever human Extinction Symbol at Glastonbury festival earlier this Summer. It was the work of art collective The Circlemakers, who released the following statement:

“Much of our work is inspired by the ancient sacred sites of Britain and the world – we come together, we work as a team – as they did in the past. No one of us could create what we do entirely on our own. Extinction Rebellion is about making positive change by working together. The Extinction Symbol lends itself perfectly to land art. It is the peace sign of our times. The symbol which is free to use by all (in a non commercial way) signifies the threat of extinction. The circle represents planet Earth and the hourglass within is a warning to us, that time is running out. We are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency. In the making of this crop circle – the largest Extinction Symbol ever made – we were conscious of the huge risk to our fragile planet. The time to act is now.”  

Source:- rebellion.earth


This week we were proud to work in collaboration with the WOMAD Festival and Extinction Rebellion (XR), who asked us to create a 300ft XR logo at the WOMAD Festival site to highlight food security issues surrounding climate change.

Source:- circlemakers.org









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