Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Mixon, Wiltshire. Reported 26th July.

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Updated Monday 27th July 2020


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This new “turning gear” crop picture appeared at Mixon on July 26, 2020, close to where a “planetary gear” crop picture appeared on August 10, 2018. It seems that the “planetary gears” in our solar system are still turning!



Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Happy New Year of the Blue Lunar Storm!

Crop circle from 26 July 2020 at
Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 26 July 2020 is the first day of the New Blue Lunar Storm Year with Tone 2.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Blue Storm – Activation, Catalyzation, Energy, Self-Generation
Tone 2 – the Lunar Tone of Challenge
Red Moon – Universal Water, Purify, Flow
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion
Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal fire, Life
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication

The formation resembles a rotating tooth wheel with 9 sharp teeth.  The rotating wheel gives us the feeling for activation, in this way is depicted the energy BLUE STORM – the energy of Activation. The number 9 symbolizes the energy RED MOON (Solar Seal No. 9) – the Challenging and Strengthening energy of the Blue Storm. The teeth are very sharp – this is a way to depict Tone 2 – the Tone of Challenge and Polarization, which will fill the New Year with many challenges and will “sharpen” the situation.

The figure resembles also a rotating pin-wheel for children, with 9 “vanes”. Each “vane” resembles the hat of a Magician. In this way is depicted the energy BLUE MONKEY – the energy of Play and Magic. The Blue Monkey reminds us that the life is a Play, the life is Illusion and we shouldn’t take all too seriously.
The Blue Monkey is the Guiding energy of the Blue Lunar Storm.

The circle in the center depicts a sun and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SUN – the Supporting energy of the Blue Storm. The Yellow Sun is the last 20th Solar Seal, this is the energy with the highest frequency. In the New Year the Yellow Sun will fill us with the energy of Enlightenment.

Round the sun we see two bright rings. The number 2 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIND  (Solar Seal No. 2) – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm. So on the formation are depicted all main energies of the New Blue Lunar Storm Year.
The Blue Storm carries the powerful Blue energy of Transformation.

Happy New Year of the Blue Lunar Storm! Let us hope, that with the help of these powerful energies in the New Year we shall succeed to achieve deep positive transformations in our societies, to the highest good of all! Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this fascinating formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova



Sirius' response on the 26th of July announced DNA Venus and Terra inherited from Sirus!

First, I was saying that on the 25th to the 26th of July, crop circles related to Sirius would appear because of his heliacal birth at this time of the year in the middle latitudes, close to the Equator. And two models actually appeared on the same day, one in England (a sun with nine rays in vortex) and another, in Germany, an eight-pointed star diagram (Sirius, star in Sumerian, Akkadian symbology etc.) and combined with a solar system three levels (Sun and around, three orbits, Mercury, Venus and Earth). The Sumerian symbols for the star had eight rays or points, hence the graphic relationship with the asterisk symbol, derived from the term ASTER, Astro, and even older, Ishtar-Venus of those cultures, and also, the symbol of the distant stars of the eighth sky (the 888 sign of the stars).

Interestingly, both crops circles on July 26 showed vortices.

The English crop circle, an anti-clockwise solar vortex of nine arms, and the German crop circle vortex, containing eight loop-shaped arms connecting the orbits of Venus and Earth, which is very significant in all these studies done here about the VENUSIAN authorship of the crop circles, also related to the Sirians.

Adding 8 + 9 = 17, the arcane of STAR in Taro! And two dates 26: 26-26-17 = 8-8-8 (sum of digits.

The Sun with three orbits (3 - 888) appears on a 26th day (8) and with eight points (8) and with eight outer circles (8). The signal response of the triple star 888, because Sirius is a three star system! The bond between Earth, Venus and the powerful and wise Sirians is declared here!

The link between the two orbits, Venus and Earth, and their golden ratio of periods 365/225 days) = 1.62, is what the pentagram conceives in the alignment cycles between the two stars, every 8 Earth years (and 13 years) Venusians).

In addition, the loop can be visualized as a letter V, for Venus, or for Valiant Thor. There are many demonstrations of open contact via crops circles that we have demonstrated in advance here. And perhaps the most important reference of this bond involving Venus and Earth in EIGHT code of geometry: the DNA shared between our race and the Venusian race! After all, isn't DNA a helical strand in the shape of eight?  And don't we see this ribbon, this loop, connecting the two orbits, Venus and Earth, second and third of the Sun?  A great revelation on Sirius' day, from which both Venusians and Earthmen descend! Contact! 

The Star gate on the announced day of Sirius, July 26


An anti-clockwise solar vortex appears on Sirius' predicted day, in the same field where, on July 17, a six-arm solar vortex appeared, also in a counter-clockwise direction (vector projection, energy expulsion vector from Sol, according to previous interpretations). At the bottom of the image, we see the first crop circle, from July 17th, and today, 9 days later, this new object, responding in one aspect to the past nine days, and the nine arms of the solar vortex.

The number 8 of the star involved with all this, starting with the dates (17th, date adds 8, day 26 and date adds 8), and finally, the second crop circle of July 26, Sirius day, in Germany, in octagonal structure! A Yang-Yin and alchemical binary in this pair of solar vortexes in the two crop circles, six-arm solar and nine-arm lunar, arcane 69, double currents, Sun and Moon in cosmic Alchemy!

Two models of solar vortex, two ways of saying that the Sun manifests energies, via solar winds, unexpected explosions or something else ... this is in accordance with the crop circle of Cley Hill, July 11, 2020, England, with the solar system, Sun in the centre emitting two bursts of energy, and some large planets aligned in their internal levels (orbits, Jupiter and Saturn).

In addition to all this, these solar vortexes may also be talking about the way UFOs travel distances, through Sun gates or solar portals. And if it appears on Sirius' day, it may even be a direct confirmation that the solar core opens a portal-wormhole for Sirius and other distant stars, which can be used in hyperspace travel by these high beings with their high technology. UFO.

Because we know that every portal manifests vortices, and that every vortex means two distant points in the universe, connected via space-time distortion, and that and that every star and planet has at its core a natural dimensional rupture exerted by the centre of mass of the system that the aliens trigger like stargate tickets for their long cosmic journeys. And in the dual code of the number 69 in the two crop circles of the same field, nine days apart, six represent exit portals and nine represent entrance portals. In the Yang Yin style of interpreting all of this. Sirians are waving to the world on this July 26th announced.


Sirius Day crop circle Triad, 07.27.2020


Three times 26, 26-26-26, 888 stellar code mentioned here in previous posts. Geometry numbers of the three crop circles gathered, 8-9-6  And the numbers 8-9-6 of their combined geometric structures. That adds up to 23. But we can extract numerical combinations by varying the position of these three numbers:

869 - I highlight this combination

Total sum 5106 (sum of 12, present in this crop circle, twelve semi-circles)

The 869 combination is the closest to the Sun-Sirius distance in light years (8.6 + - 0.04 light years)

A simple model that may be depicting the Sun-Sirius connection (Sirius would be the outer ring, the distant orbit that is related through the vortexes, portals and stargates of the previous combined crop circles).

Conclusion:- I have no doubt about the Venus-Sirius answer given today, July 26, in three crop circles.
I ordered one, three came. Because three confirms: CONTACT-CONTACT-CONTACT!

Jonas Passos (26.07.2020)

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The lay of the crop and imprecise geometry suggest this is a man-made effort. In the center we have a comet changed to a trajectory striking the Earth. The nine spear or arrow-like figures represent the nine major fragments of Comet D. They will be impacting with the analogous force of a spear or arrow wound to the human body. See GBR (13/08/10), pg. 155, of my free ebook for a similar formation. 

Kenneth Heck








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