Luxenborough, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 16th July.

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Updated Wednesday 29th July 2020


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A spectacular, highly-woven crop picture appears near Stonehenge on July 16, 2020  

Perhaps the original builders of Stonehenge are about to return? How many of Earth’s yearly seasons are left now in July of 2020, until the summer solstice of 2021? Why are the E.T. crop artists telling us about that date?  

No “rope and boards” here! The new crop picture shows 3 complex “basket weaves” in its outer parts, meant to represent the light from our Sun, as well as a ring of 36-38 “standing stones” at its centre, meant to resemble a ring of tall standing stones at Stonehenge nearby.



And after three and a half days ... Lord T answers!


Yes, on the 12th, that crop circle appeared with Merkabah and the letter T in the center of it, and a spiral of 3.5 turns, whose count in days would be, three and a half days from the morning of July 12, night of July 15, but as crops circles do not appear at night (at least it was never found that they had appeared at night, except crops made by humans), so Mr. T sent it here this morning, July 16th.

The letter T is clearly visible in the unique arrangement of these stars, and by logic, an orbital circle is missing at the base. However, it was not the only way to find the letter T. It also appeared in binary ASCII encoding in decimal and letter equivalents.

We have 8 total objects. We have 6 objects like semi circles. And we have 4 circles outside the central circle. This produces two arrangements: 86 and 84, precisely,  the letters V T, as I wrote a few days ago.

(Valiant Thor answers?)

Detail: three orbits were represented around the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth. This means: I am on Earth (?)

But this is just the initial interpretation. We have to extract the very interesting astronomical message from the image.


Lord T answers again


For those who are arriving now on July 13th, I set up this slide, evaluating two crops circles who inserted the letter T in the formations.
The first, in the code 84 of the circles, because 84 is the decimal equivalence of the letter T in the ASCII computation code, and the other crop circle, a literal T. The first appeared on July 10, and the second, on July 12.

And the second was the first response to the T seen in the first crop circle. Then, a 3.5-turn spiral was placed next to the second and that account took us until the night of July 15th, when I thought Mr T would answer, on the day or next morning.

Behold! The second answer!

Experimental contacts via crop circle happening in the 2020 season (as they have happened in previous years).

The answers can come in various forms, numerical, code, direct or geometric symbols. The mind must be attentive and detailed to notice the hidden patterns in the formations! 

Cosmic signs and Lord T


In a wonderful way, I find at least two important cosmic signs, in a first astronomical reading of this crop circle, which satisfy the proposed diagram. See, an internal solar system, with three orbits, we know, Mercury, Venus, Earth. And looking at the map of the solar system today, July 16, we see precisely three planets in alignment, facing the Earth: Mercury, Venus and Mars.

The second reference is associated with the plane of the stars. Because exactly today, Venus is close to Aldebaran, Alfa Taurus (the red Eye of the celestial Taurus) and the Waning Moon (we are in the waning moon, suggested by the half circles - the next new moon will be on the 20th of July). There are also three aligned objects, gathered, in the constellation of Taurus.

Whoever has the opportunity to wake up in the morning, around five-thirty in the morning, will see a wonderful spectacle in the constellation Taurus, direction of the sunrise. And by the way, did you know that the name THOR is related to Taurus?

And that Thor, a name related to thunder (sound of Thor's powerful ax in Norse mythology and the mooing of Taurus) is related to the sign of Taurus, because his ruling is, precisely, Venus? After all, Taurus also starts with the letter T. And Lord T's signature came from the stars today too!

Four seasons changes due to the Second Sun


An internal solar system, with the three orbits that reach the Earth in the Third orbit, and represent phases of the Earth (not of the Moon), that is, the seasons.

But there are purposeful changes to the theme. First, because one of the quadrants has not been positioned. And the other quadrant, from the base, is represented incorrectly, that is, the way of representing the light and dark area before the Sun does not correspond to reality.

But there is nothing wrong with crop circles, because discrepancies are often the message. A discrepancy in the Earth's rotation due to alignments, and all other effects? It's the first clue here. And where did one of the stations end up? You may also want to tell us that we really don't have four seasons left, but only three.

Hot summers, very cold winters and a short transition between the two states. The two Lands, left and right, represent the solstices.
And the Earth below, "incorrect", that strange third season in between hot and cold times, and increasing the contrast of temperatures, each year, in the two Hemispheres.

The Earth below them is fully illuminated, which does not seem to represent the Earth pattern in front of the Sun, which always has a cone of shadows projected behind it. But a second Sun!

All planets have this play of light and shadow, because they do not radiate. Only one star radiates completely. Note that the planets Mercury and Venus were also represented in "halves", like the Earth. But what about this clear circular object, totally clear, like the central sun? It can only be the second Sun approaching and changing Earth stations and everything else, as we have already witnessed.

In a more positive view, it may also represent a movement, perhaps, of Lord T approaching Earth. He came here in 1957 and left in 1960. But Frank Stranges, his personal friend and already deceased (in 2008), who wrote in a book about this contact and friendship with a Venusian, declares that Valiant Thor and his entourage would have a special participation at the end of the cycle of this humanity.

Pre-Columbian myths speak of the return of the feathered serpent god of Venus at the end of the great cycle. We may already be here, exclusively, witnessing the announcement of the return of the Venusian incarnation of this "deity", those whom the Hopi Indians called Pahana, the White Brother of the stars, who promised to return one day, close to the blue star. ..
See more:- valiant-thor-assina-um-crop-circle-na-inglaterra  

Jonas Passos (16.07.2020)

Crops circles with date set


This is a simple way to establish contact with the intelligence behind the crop circles, a method that I have been using for many years and with a wide margin of accuracy. This year, the success has been practically 100%, because every technique evolves over time.
Once the patterns of repetition in crop circle messages are identified, we can work with these patterns in "evoking" new crop circles that then materialize the responses of a confirmed contact. With the T signature (one of these standards) it was no different. The letter T was evident inside the July 12 crop circle merkabah, next to a  3.5-turn spiral.

Turning this into a time scale, days, 3.5 days after July, it would be dusk on the 15th of July, which took us to the morning of the following day, 16, and the new crop circle, also in letter T format and additional messages. Did it end here?  Or are we just at the beginning? 

T-shaped planetary arrangement


On August 10, this arrangement will happen, because the Moon will pass between Uranus and Mars, while at the other ends of the configuration, Jupiter and Saturn on one side, Sun and Mercury on the other, finishing the design of T in the astrological sky. Both from the geocentric point of view and from the heliocentric point of view, the arrangement of the Letter T in relation to the Earth can be seen. On august 10, the Sun will move between the constellations of Cancer, heading for Leo.

And Venus will be at the feet of the heavenly twins. And we are at the time of comet NEOWISE circling the constellation of the twins, perhaps the sign related to the Hopi prophecy about the celestial twins that would return from the skies in their flying shields, close to the time of the red star of purification.

August, 10th, something close, something that may be taking us to the day and time of an appointment. Waiting for further responses from Mr T, which will surely come. And the best answers always appear in the august camps!

Taurus lights

In those days, those who wake up at dawn and look towards the east, towards the rising sun, after 5 am, will see a spectacle in the sky: Venus, very bright, between the waning moon and the eye of the Taurus, the red star Aldebaran, the Alpha star of the Taurus constellation.

Not far, farther into the sky, you will see Mars. Jupiter and Saturn will be descending to the opposite point of the sky, west of the view.

This is our basic letter T of the planetary configuration of the Luxenborough crop circle period, north of Stonehenge. Three objects that resonate strongly in the symbolism of Taurus: Venus, ruler of the Sign. The Moon (waxing or waning) representing the horns of Taurus. Aldebaran, the real star of the Taurus constellation.

And Mars in the middle of the sky during the Taurus uprising in the east denotes the arrival of a strong male presence on the stage, a leader. Put it all together with the letter T that has been repeated, and contemplate the moment.

And the way the scenario is created, with all the knowledge of the cause that we need to know when we are able to read the signs of each event in each unique moment of the now, now that has gathered signs on Earth and lights in the sky to identify a great meeting.

Contact! Other codes sent by Mr T


The suggestion of a serpent or oscillation of energy was sent by the reader Rubem Grilo, and it is necessary to establish gravitational waves being generated by the planetary alignments of July, involving even the object P 7X, which has been in the direction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It also works to illustrate the symbolic feathered serpent, mythical energy flying in the skies, in which the identity of Lord T, captain of Venus, is a participant.

This is the other part of the interpretation, which takes us to a date that, according to some, maximizes this alignment, and would be July 21, the day before the maximum approach of the comet Neowise to Earth, on July 22. They are events gathered in July this year.
There is a way to reach the 21st of July at the crop circle. If each half-light and half-dark circle is the representation of the Earth before the Sun, day and night, then adding two halves together has a complete day, 24 hours.

In the crop circle, we have two whole circles and six halves. Six halves added together become three whole circles, and the final bill will be five full days. If it adds up to five days from the day of the crop circle, July 16th, that brings us to July 21st.
And on that day, July 21st or 22nd, all these events, when we may have occurrences in the world, and perhaps, new crops circles, continuing the contact established.

Observing a binary pattern in the sequence of the images, considering the whole circle as 1 (one), and the half circle as 0 (zero), and from top to bottom of the letter T, this forms the binary 01000001, which is equivalent to the decimal number 65 and the letter "A" in ASCII encoding.

Furthermore, considering only the central axis, we have the sequence 100001, which is a hexagram that can be read in the Yang-Yin form, which generates another oracle I Ching, Yi, 27, Nutrition (Open Mouth).

The oracle
Nutrition. Correct persistence brings good luck.
Watch people feed others
and notice how they feed themselves.

If, on the one hand, this oracle announces that the time has come for every soul to seek the nourishment of good knowledge that is capable of generating the health of consciousness, on the other hand, its extremities (the two yangs, whole and clear circles) of the central vertical axis are represented by the two suns of our binary system.

The I Ching allegory for this hexagram speaks of an open mouth (the two yang ends with four inner yin bars): the mouth of the solar system is opening in these two approaching suns, and that mouth is very hungry ...

That didn't sound right to me in that reading ... two suns forming a mouth that opens, very hungry. Therefore, the time has come to nourish the soul with lots of light. Because times of darkness have arrived ... do you remember the crop circle of the labyrinth and the message of one of the hexagrams contained therein, the decline of light?

Something that is repeated here. Seek the light because it is already going out in the world, quickly. Or, in the words of the prophet:

"Seek the Lord while you can find yourself, call on him while you are near"
Isaiah 55: 6

The final revelation of the crop circles?


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Sun 40


A more detailed image of the central sun of the July 16 crop circle shows that there is a 40 point ring there. An image of this type appeared in England in 2008, showing the binary solar system, and the second sun surrounded by a ring with the same 40 points. In the Bible, 40 means atonement, penance (the 40 years of Israel's Exodus in the desert). And the red star of the Hopis, the second sun, is called the star of purification and atonement. The desert of the world is approaching. It is not surprising to see so many biblical plagues repeating itself in our time. Now we know the cause. The Creator's Hand moving the other Sun ... and turning our Sun into Sun 40, as well as the Earth, like a purgatory that it already is!

The one who arrives at the temple aligned with the stars


For the end of my study, I left the comparison evident with the Temple of Stonehenge, very close to where the July 16 crop circle appeared, with a clear reference to all of this. First of all, Stonehenge was an astronomical marker, even measuring eclipses. However, the next solar eclipse only happens on December 14, 2020.

Which means that the One who arrives at the star-aligned temple may even be waving his arrival at the current analyzed alignments, July, Neowise comet, letter T in the sky, aligned planets, P 7X etc. For this reason, the crop circle appeared close to the Stonehenge monument, whose plan is extremely similar to the overall design of the crop circle. And by the main entrance of the monument, aligning the stars, aligning the comet, comes the leader of Venus, master T, personification of Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan.

Interestingly, I found that the researcher Horace Drew came to this conclusion, however, reading the URIEL Machine (Angel) for this crop circle.

The Uriel Machine is the symbol of the cosmic Clock of the planetary alignments and arrangements on the twelve signs of the Zodiac (cosmology extracted from the Book of Enoch). And I agreed with this reading by Horace Drew ... even because ... URIEL is the name of the Angel of Venus. And I spoke in the name of URIEL when I interpreted the crop circle of the Pentagram, dated 06.29.2020, and his other old signatures, among them, U, by Uriel. Spiritual leader of Venus, parallel to the leadership of Valiant Thor in another sphere.

Everything fits into the grand finale, closing with a golden key! Or rather, opening (the door)!

Jonas Passos (17.07.2020)

Contact ... or something else?


The year 2020 promised to be unusual in crop circle messages, despite the fall of objects each year ... however, what really matters is not quantity, but the quality of messages, which is refined each year in a clear, sharp direction and objective: to decipher the messages, contact ... or something else!

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Jonas Passos 28.07.2020

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Partial circles or rings are timing indications. See pages 64-68 of my free ebook. A half circle will indicate the time it takes for a body to rotate 180 degrees. Here there are three, denoting the time it takes to rotate one and one-half times. Which body is rotating isn’t necessarily clear, but it is probably the comet – although it may be the Earth, or in case of a ring, the Sun. The comet in this case is A, traditionally depicted with two major fragments on either side of the nucleus, plus a well-developed coma of four gases.  The comet transforms  upwards into the hotter stage where the half facing the Sun reaches the greatest possible heat. The two fragments, because of their differing composition, reach this stage earlier. At the top, Earth is shown at night, the time when the comet strike will occur. The photo should be rotated 90 degrees for greater clarity. 

Kenneth Heck








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