Rose Valley, Nr Billingley, South Yorkshire. Reported 31st July

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Updated  Wednesday 11th  August 2021


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How long until “Heaven” comes into contact with “Earth”? Tick, tock, says the pendulum clock  

The E.T. crop artist seems to be “counting time” in his “heart”, until that important “day of changes”.

Tick, tock, says a crop-drawn “pendulum clock”.

Eight days until our current lunar cycle comes to an end, with a “new Moon” on August 8, 2021: 

Schematic images in the landscape, just north (above and to the right) of this crop picture at Billingley, as may be seen using Google Earth, show a “man wearing glasses”, who is “looking up” to see a “large bird” flying through the sky.  

Could this be a metaphor for when everyone on Earth sees a large UFO flying through our skies?

On that day, the poorly-sighted or “blind” will “see”.

How long until we see that “bird”?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




A date marked by recent crops circles indicating disturbances on the Earth's axis and major planetary events in the near future?

A mysterious crop circle appeared in England, Billingley Fields, UK, on July 31st, and it presents, once again, astronomical mappings, as we will see below.

This crop circle 2021 season really seems to mark the widespread planetary tremors because of effects of a cosmic order, objectively speaking, the gradual approach of the mysterious object P 7X, which may have a direct relationship with the 12th planet, the Nibiru of the Sumerian myths or the Nemesis, second Sun, companion dwarf star, real possibility of Astronomy:
The Dual Solar System. 

Crop circle models indicating solar activity and large earthquakes THAT REALLY HAPPENED, a short time later, imply that the message about the acceleration of planetary transformation because of this object and other astronomical commands that have already been mapped by the sophisticated Mayan calendar and announced by biblical prophecies and non-biblical in chorus, yes, this planetary transformation is underway faster than we can imagine.

Two recent crop circles, parallel in nature, seem to confirm all this, and what we have seen, solar activity, earthquakes, severe weather disturbances, volcanism, magnetic field shakes, would be effects of a common cause, a cosmic cause that falls directly into the Earth's core affecting even its axis of rotation, as we will see below.

What do you have at the present time?

We have seen in successive news that the violent earthquakes of the last decades are altering the position of the Earth's axis, even changing the planetary rotational pattern.

The most recent earthquake, very violent by the way, in Alaska, on July 29, with an incredible 8.2° on the Richter scale, may also have cooperated with this gradual alteration of the Earth's axis, with drastic effects.

The Mayans said that our era, the era of the fifth sun, would end under violent earthquakes. And the Hopi Indians spoke of the arrival of twin objects in the sky (perhaps a reference to the double star system) and that they would change the positions of the geographic poles, placing the North in the South and the South in the North, which aligns with the proven effects over the Earth's axis by recent earthquakes in various parts of the world, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Antarctica, etc.

Until the next. 

The last two crop circles, Spiers Lane August 1st and Billingley July 31st (a day earlier) both in England, seem to point in the same direction.

The magnificent Spiers Lane crop circle has already been deciphered, and under various points of analysis, combining Mayan cosmology with oriental alchemy, we realize that it basically speaks of processes within the Earth's core, something of a superior alchemy identifying two energy points about to become unite and unleash all the inner core energy, with unpredictable effects for the planet as a whole.

And the cause seems to be being monitored by both liberal astronomers around the world and crops circles: the mysterious object P 7X, which has appeared in various crop circles, with its appearance of a winged disk or long-tailed comet.

Perhaps the date mentioned in the hourglass crop circle, the Mayan calendar and the cosmic alchemy of the TAO are giving references to this object's approaching movement in the sky and new impacts on Earth, including shaking the Earth's axis of rotation.

And the most incredible thing, this same date (02.16.2022) appears in the crop circle model of CROOKED AXIS of Billingley UK! 


The Billingley crop circle clearly shows a kind of clock associated with a pendulum, which has a heart and an axle with a clearly BENT lower weight. Which seems to me to be an intentional message about the shaking happening on the planetary axis and all their drastic effects.

Here I see a multiple association: the upper arc with seven points crowning an object with a tail (a comet, planet-comet, P 7X, oncoming star), and the object in the centre, which appears to be in motion, leaving a tail with 7 rays also matches the 7X reading.

The heart of the system means the mysterious NUCLEUS OF THE EARTH, where mysterious forces operate which little science knows about, and the axis of the pendulum is the axis of rotation, which crosses the nucleus and is influenced by it. We see this axis bent to the right, which means changes in the position of the axis of rotation as well as impacts on the magnetic field, oscillating more and more from its original position. 

By the way, this crop circle by Billingley seems to repeat the pattern of the ANGEL crop circle, from 2020, last year and the first to open the season that year, on May 25th. The symmetry between the two reveals their similarity.

If the Angel, with his 9-9 feather wings (the cosmic system, 9-9 dimensions, the cogs of the Universe, standard language of these crops circles, as we have studied before) if this Angel represents the cosmic fair measure (and the Angel is perfectly aligned in its double symmetry) the new crop circle compared to it represents the Earth, totally out of alignment with the cosmic Order, either by human destructive action or by a cyclical cosmological effect predicted by the Mayan calendar and the prophecies of the sages from past.

February 16, 2022

The first significant thing I find on this date, in astronomical terms, is that it will be a full moon day. And we had crops circles showing diagrams with the full moon, after all, combined with the object P 7X!

And the second appears in the pattern of planetary distribution in relation to the Moon, in the geocentric view (view of the Earth), forming EXACTLY the pattern of the image of the crop circle, as we can compare.

Seven stars, not counting Pluto (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) will be forming an ARC in relation to the Full Moon, on the other side of the sky, exactly as shown in the drawing of the recent crop circle.

The third important connection appears on the solar system map (heliocentric view) indicating that it will be a time of planetary alignment on this day and around it! A planetary cluster, from a geocentric point of view.

The crop circle design represents exactly this planetary arrangement in the sky: an arc with seven "planets" on top, the axis of opposition with the Moon (the lower circle) and the Earth (core) being traversed by the axis of alignment (the heart )!

What will happen on or near this day?

Something like the great planetary alignment of February 11 this year, which we announced here, with many predictions right?

A repeat of events only on a much higher scale six months from now? New impacts on the Earth's core and axis, as per the prophecies and cosmology of the Mayan Calendar, with unpredictable effects?

Everything indicates that it is, and that everything that is already happening on Earth tends to get worse.

Will the mysterious P 7X object be close enough to the Sun or Earth at this time to be visible to the naked eye? 

Is all of this signalling humanity's upcoming spiritual harvest, between the lines of a CONTACT?

Time will tell. And he won't be long.

It's the harvest of time, brother, the harvest, and no one escapes from it, neither tares nor wheat. 

JP (04.08.2021)

February 16, 2022 in crop circle messages (a summary)

The two recent crop circles very clearly marked a date in time.
February 16, 2022.

The crop circle from Billingley, UK, on the 31st of July, marked that day visually (by the planetary arrangement) and the crop circle from Spiers Lane, UK, on the following day, the 1st of August, marked the same date numerically, ie, employing Mayan numeration (with which they counted the days) to give us a space of time (8 x 25 = 200 days) which, counted from the 1st of August, will fall on the same day shown by the Billingley pendulum clock, i.e. , 

February 16, 2022.

The information in the set seems to point out that this date will mark important planetary events, which, operating from the core and by cosmic influence (as the Mayan calendar warned), affect the axis of rotation (because we see a crooked axis, intentionally placed)
Billingley's four-part crop circle shows an upper arc with seven points, a central object with a tail (comet, P 7X), a bent axis connecting a heart with a lower circle at the base.

This is perfectly the image of the sky, of the Earth's referential (geocentric system) of February 16th, at noon (Sun at the apex).

A planetary grouping, which is also an alignment, will take place on this full moon day. On the map, we see the upper arc with the Sun in the centre and the planets around it: Jupiter and Neptune on one side, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Mars and Venus on the other.

And the object P 7X will also be in this region of the sky, and therefore, the representation of a type of comet with a tail, seven rays, alluding to the object 

P 7X in the crop circle.

The lower circle is the full Moon that day, on the opposite side of the sky, strengthening the existing alignment, while the central heart signifies the Earth's core, whose axis of rotation appears crooked.

Combining the two recent crop circles, Billingley 31st of July and Spiers Lane, 1st of August, the concept of clocks, calendars, pendulums, axes and shakes in planetary cosmology with TIME notified in a SPECIFIC DATE (02.16.2022) struck me as too much. clear.And we may have a few more crops circles insisting on the theme, although the season is over (August, crops) and too sparse for many new objects ahead. One or two at most, and the wheat book will be closed in 2021 (in England at least). Remembering that we had an intense planetary alignment on February 11 of this same year, with a series of effects on Earth in correct predictions.

I believe this is something in the same sequential line of events as the Earth's transformation process in high gear, which justifies the reduction of crop circle messages in view of an upcoming spiritual harvest. Because it was for this reason, to alert the world that that day would come, that messages have been sent to the world. And not to inspire mystical commerce in opportunists. Nobody is talking about END OF THE WORLD. But for sure, a new push can be given further ahead, as we have seen every day. 

JP (05.08.2021)

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On the bottom a comet is discovered which astronomers predict will impact Earth. This causes alarm and despondency (the black heart) on Earth. Later, as the comet passes an outlying planet (the half-black, half-white circle), perhaps Mars, four major fragments have become visible. and also a triangular space vehicle above guiding the comet to Earth impact. At the top the intended impact points are shown for the comet and its four fragments during daytime. The comet may be C with its four fragments. The actual impact points will not be symmetric. The small curves at the top and bottom connecting the Earth and the other planet suggest some relation between the two, such as Earth impact at the same relative time of day as the comet passes the planet. The horizontal line extending from the left to the right of the circle would support the same time of day conclusion. The crop circle is in such poor condition it may be man-made, or was not discovered for days or weeks. For other instances of black hearts, see GBR (06/07/22), pg. 150, GBR (09/06/27, pg. 152, and GBR (13/06/07), pg. 155 of my free e-book.

Kenneth Heck








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