Wrzesnia, Poland. Reported 13th July

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Updated  Monday 16th August 2021


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Poland crop circle

An unusual crop circle appeared in Poland on July 13th in the fields of Wrzesnia.

A series of unequally sized circles and rings, gathered in groups, which seems to signal an astronomical pattern, star cluster, or the like (it doesn't look like any structural molecular substance to me).

The Roswell crop circle connection

A group of 18 circles distributed into five groups 

(25353, which adds up to 18 or 9+9))

Making 25353/(9x9) = 25353/81 = 313.

The same numerical pattern of the geometric shapes displayed in the crop circle Roswell, in Dorset UK, on the 8th of July (or 7th to the 8th of July), when the announced Sol-Sirius alignment took place and when the Roswell USA event completed 74 years.

Pattern 3-1-3
(three dashes, one dash, three dashes)

Therefore, can we understand in this irregular scattering of circles the wreckage of the ship that fell on the field? Or, the UFO fleet of which she was part?

Interestingly, if I reverse the digits for the number
and divide by the same value, 9x9 = 81, I don't have an exact division like in the first option:

35352/81 = 436.444444... 

Covid-19 mutations

Another arc of interpretations appears to show a genetic sequencing of existing Covid-19 virus mutations. An important crop circle appeared last year, showing this image to the world (in May 2020, England).

And this time, a new suggestion in Poland.

It is normal for viruses to mutate, and it is known that this virus has changed thousands of times, however, there is an isolated group of these mutations that, due to its greater lethality, pose greater risks to the health of the planet, as is the case of the Delta variant.

Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, represented by a triangle.
And the crop circle before this one, in England, listed by code 313 as a multiple of the number 25353 of this new Polish crop circle, appeared with 14+14 triangles (Delta).

In fact, these crop circles may be heralding dangerous new variants yet to come, because it looks like a sequence of virus mutations in progress: 1(2) the starting point, and the other mutation seasons: 5(7), 3( 4), 5(6), 3(4) - circles and rings (in parentheses).

Coincidence or not, recently, close to the date of this Polish crop circle, on July 5th, Russia reported this exact number (25353) of new infected in the country:

MOSCOW, Jul 5, 2021 (WAM / Reuters) - Russia reported 25,353 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, including 6,557 in Moscow, bringing the official national count since the start of the pandemic to 5,635,294.

Astronomical signs

 P 7X object

This strange crop circle resembles the P 7X object, with its nucleus and vast tail of debris as well as satellites, moons or planetoids.

The number of circles in the composition of the object's "tail" also seems to add information. You can talk about the number of satellites of the star (Nemesis) and also the time (in months) of its total approach to the Sun.

Something approaching in 2022?

Due to the high climatic and solar disturbances, gravitational influences of approximation, such as the cosmic billiard effect of the approach of the massive object, everything indicates that this maximum approximation is close! 

The star sign

Values related to 25353 and 313 (25353/81)

HIP25353 is the reference name of a star in the Hipparcos Star Catalog.

The star id in the Henry Draper catalog is HD35591

HIP 25353 is a giant star type star. HIP 25353 is a giant star K1IIICN ... based on the spectral type that was recorded in the Hipparcos Star Catalog. HIP 25353 is not part of the contour of the Lepus constellation, but is within the constellation boundary. Based on the spectral type (K1IIICN...) of the star, the star's colour ranges from orange to red. The star cannot be seen with the naked eye, you need a telescope to see it. Using the latest numbers provided by the 2007 Hipparcos data, the star is 478.25 light-years away from Earth.

NGC 313 is another classification in the constellation Pisces. NGC 313 is situated north of the celestial equator and as such is most easily visible from the northern hemisphere.

We have two address constellations, where the crop circle can represent similarity with some local constellation or feature of stars:

Pisces and Lepus (Hare) Lepus is just below the constellation Orion.

Also because, in the previous year, 2020, a magnificent crop circle appeared in the same Poland, signaling, in a triple vortex, the number 888 (centered in the ninth central circle), adding 3x8 + 1 = 25 circles.

And that was interpreted last year as a star sign, because 888 is a star code particularly related to the Sirius triple system.

So, it could be that we have stellar signs or events in the regions defined by this numerical code of the new crop circle, associated with the previous 888 in the same Poland and the same time of year, July, in an apparent continuity of message.

The language of symbols (via crops circles)

For those who don't know... symbols have elastic interpretations.

A circle, for example, represents millions of things, all true, each in its context. Finding these contexts and relating them within the same multiple vision, this is the art of decoding, which few can reach, centering their vision only on a fixed aspect.

Which is as absurd as taking a single reading for the meaning of the circle - the matrix of all crops circles.

For these reasons, the Symbol becomes the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, because it admits interpretations and relationships with all layers of the mind, which, starting from the observer, interpret the Universe in various ways, all of them participating in the same information context conscious within a totally interconnected Universe - the prerogative of the elastic meaning of every symbol and Archetype!

JP (17.07.2021)



This crop circle follows the general theme of comet fragment groupings located somewhere in space before they strike Earth. Examples are CAN (98/08/28), p. 20, GBR (00/08/12). p. 21, POL (04/07/10), p.268, and GER (15/07/10), p.269, of my free e-book. A man-made effort is likely here because of the lay of the crop and the emogi-like smiles and ears on some of the circles (not seen in prior circles). Also, the head or nucleus of the comet, a much larger circle, is missing, and the number of fragments, large or small, doesn’t identify the comet.

Kenneth Heck

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