When I arrived in Wiltshire this summer (30 May 2000) I immediately got infected by the ‘Silbury Hill excitement’. Events happened in quick succession. I thought Silbury had gone dormant this autumn, but when Bert Janssen and I returned to Wiltshire for a few days in December 2000, it turned out that Silbury is still very active indeed. Please continue reading about the succeeding events and the situation as it is today: January 2001.

On 25 March 2000, at 4.30 am, as local Clive Stevens drove on the A4 past the Wagon and Horses at Beckhampton, he saw numerous coloured lights above Silbury Hill. As he approached the Hill, he realised that what he saw was a classical UFO: a disc shaped craft with coloured lights (white, red, green and blue). Stevens couldn’t make out whether the craft was hovering just above the hill or resting on top. Shocked by what he’d witnessed he drove off fast and decided to report this event to the local police and newspaper (Gazette & Herald). It wasn’t until later that more people turned out to have reported the same sighting. It thus became a multiple witness event.

A curious synchronicity was that the telephones at the Wagon & Horses had gone down that night.

App. two months later, on the night of 5-6 May, "two people were doing a night watch on top of Knap Hill. They saw a light display over Silbury which lasted about an hour. They saw what they could describe only as ‘slow lightning’, a golden light, zigzagging downwards towards the hill. They later realised that - from another direction - this might have been perceived as a spiral or coil.

Another witness on the same evening saw a similar light show over Silbury but viewed from the west. For her the light was silver rather than gold". (Acknowledgement to Michael Glickman, for letting us quote this paragraph from his article "Silbury Hollow").

On 29 May, an American couple who climbed Silbury Hill were shocked to find a gaping hole on top of the ancient site. They reported the hole to the police, since there were no fences which they thought was dangerous and irresponsible.

Immediately English Heritage and National Trust got into action. A large metal platform was lowered over the hole. Furthermore the fence at the bottom of the hill was reinforced with barbed wire and two guards in a security car were put close to that fence to make sure nobody would climb Silbury Hill.

Every day they were there, from early morning till late evening, looking around, reading their newspaper and smoking cigarettes.

Bert Janssen

                   Janet Ossebaard

On the night of 1-2 June, two people were doing a night watch at the Sanctuary (just over 1 mile east-south-east of Silbury Hill). Just before midnight they saw a large orange ball of light appear briefly over the top of Silbury Hill. They estimated it to be as big as a beach ball. The light remained in the air for about one second after which it blinked out. Approximately one second later the light reappeared more to the south, over the A4. Again it disappeared after about one second, to reappear again more to the south, right above the field in between Silbury Hill and the long barrow of West Kennett. And again, after about one second it disappeared. That’s where their sighting ended.

That same night the first phase of the triangular crop formation came down in that same field.

Precisely where the witnesses had seen the third appearance of the big, orange light.

One night later the second phase of the formation appeared.

  Janet Ossebaard


That’s when I arrived at the scene. After having talked to several locals and crop circle researchers I decided to do a night watch straight away. That night I drove with two other researchers in my campervan to the parking lot of the long barrow of West Kennett. We had a beautiful view: Silbury Hill in front of us, slightly to the right, and the crop formation on our left. The original plan was to take our sleeping bags into the formation, but the bad weather made us change our minds. We decided to stay in the van from which the view was perfect and the stay was comfortable.

At 22.10 h. we suddenly saw a large orange light appear in the formation. It stayed stationary for a while, after which it started flashing. We discussed what it might be and mentioned the possibility of a huge torch. We had seen three people enter the formation app. half an hour before, so we decided there were probably people on top of Silbury Hill as well, to whom they were signaling. However, there was no reply from Silbury Hill.

The light continued flashing for quite a while (a few minutes) after which it disappeared. All that time, it had not moved. It had simply stayed stationary inside the formation. We discussed it some more, pointing out the fact that we had never before seen a torch light that big (about the size of a beach ball) and that bright orange in colour. After a few minutes the light appeared again, at the same spot. It repeated flashing which lasted - again - quite a while.

Soon after it had disappeared again (it now was close to half past ten pm), the three people we had seen enter the formation appeared at the parking lot. We asked them if they had been in the formation which they confirmed. We then asked them several questions: did they bring a torch, could we see it, were they flashing it at us, did they see anything unusual? Their responses surprised us: they did not have a torch ("That’s why it took us forever to find our way back! We should have brought one!"), they did not do anything particular, except sit and chat and smoke a cigarette. We then told them the reason why we asked all those questions. Their reaction fascinated me: they seemed to be shocked. One of them actually got scared, not at all enjoying the idea of something being there with them, close to them, without them noticing it. They didn’t like the idea that we saw the light very well indeed whereas they didn’t see a thing. They got in their car and drove off.

Back to the hole in Silbury Hill. The official explanation of National Trust was that the old archaeological excavation shaft of 1776 had not been filled up completely by the excavation team. They had only filled it up partially after which they constructed a ‘cork’ at the top of the shaft. By means of some baulks of timber a few feet down the top of the shaft, they had filled those feet up with chalk and let the grass grow back on, after which everything seemed to have been restored properly. After more than two centuries and lots of heavy rain, the timber had rotted away. The cork was no longer supported which caused it to collapse and tumble down into the partially hollow, deep shaft.

Naturally, many people did not quite believe the official explanation. The appearance of the UFO seemed too much of a coincidence. The light phenomena over and around Silbury Hill added to the mystery, as did the appearance of numerous crop formations in the direct vicinity of the hill. Was this just an archaeological shaft that had collapsed or was it - for instance - earth energy being released? Was that why the structured craft had visited Silbury Hill? Were we about to witness a grant event in which Silbury played the main part? Had she merely been unplugged in order to make way for even greater things to come?

On a few occasions a small group climbed Silbury Hill at night time, when it was too dark to be seen and the guards had left their position. They abseiled down the shaft to the bottom where they video-filmed what they encountered. The hole turned out to be exactly 33 feet deep. (The original 18th century shaft was 130 ft deep). The walls were straight and clean, as can be seen on the first pictures. The diameter of the hole was 8 x 8 ft. Down inside Silbury the men felt sheltered, comfortable and protected.

To everyone’s surprise, they discovered a lateral tunnel that nobody knew about (it wasn’t mentioned in the old expedition reports). This tunnel - which can clearly be seen at the video - started off at 33 ft and sloped downwards for about 18 ft. at a compass bearing of 200 degrees. At the end it tapered off, blocked with spoil.

This is where we thought Silbury Hill had gone dormant. The guards remained on their spot, no archaeological activity was displayed, no further anomalous light activity was reported.

However, on 1 December, Bert and I paid Wiltshire a brief visit. We drove straight to Silbury Hill and were surprised to see that the metal lid was still on top, after all those months! The guards were no longer there however, so we decided to take a closer look. We climbed the hill and were amazed to discover that the hole had become about twice as big! One side of the hole (south side, closest to the A4) actually reached the side of the metal lid. The entire construction was actually slightly subsiding, as if it was about to be swallowed by the hole. I realised my van could easily be lowered into the hole where it would simply disappear in the belly of Silbury. The fence around the metal lid had been reinforced by heavy metal wire, with only one hole in it through which we could still crawl. After having taken some pictures we decided to leave and visit a friend who had gone down the shaft in springtime, the same one who had made the video footage. He was excited to hear the news and joined us straight away for a second climb. As we laid on our bellies close to the hole, our friend decided to call his friend who had gone down the shaft with him. However, to our great astonishment the display of his cell phone seemed to be burned. About half an hour earlier, I had seen him use the same cell phone which at that time was perfectly all right. I actually saw the display at that time, so that I can confirm that the burn mark must have occurred afterwards, probably while being on top of the hill.

Bert Janssen

Late that night - after having picked up the second friend - we returned to the top of the hill, using torches in the dark and rainy night. Our friends abseiled down once again, carefully examining the walls and floor. As they were down there, the erosion continued. Pieces of chalk got loose from the upper walls and tumbled down. The lateral tunnel had disappeared completely, probably filled up with chalk falling down into it as the diameter of the hole became larger and larger.

The measurements now were as follows: the height of the hole now was 22 ft on one side and 16.5 ft. on the other side. The floor was no longer round but egg shaped, measuring 9 x 15.5 ft.

I took many photos while hanging over the edge of the hole, enjoying a unique and spectacular view. Once again our friends said they felt comfortable and protected.

The very next day we went to Michael Glickman to tell him our excited story. Before we could tell him the new measurements, he predicted the height to be 22 ft., having studied the importance of the Master Sequence in recent (crop circle) developments. The original height, after the first collapse, was 33 ft. Following the Master Sequence the new height after the second collapse therefore had to be 22 ft. he figured. And dead on he was!

After having returned to the Netherlands we had our pictures developed. One can imagine our excitement when we saw that eight of them showed small luminosities! On one photo, about 20 lights (different colours) can clearly be seen, seemingly above and around our two friends who indeed were not aware of the presence of the lights. Needless to say that rain drops could not have caused these light anomalies, since the metal lid completely shut the hole off from all weather conditions.

Janet Ossebaard   Janet Ossebaard

A telephone call to National Trust made it clear that they knew nothing about the new situation.

So, what is the situation at this very moment? According to the official explanation, the 18th century excavation shaft has collapsed. This indeed seems to be the case. According to others however, there seems to be more going on. The above mentioned synchronicities (anomalous lights, the craft, the measurements, the burned cell phone display) indicate a parallel reality. Is there indeed an energy release going on at this very moment? Is it that energy that caused the phone display to burn irreparably and to appear as lights not only to several eye-witnesses but also on actual photos? Does numerology play an important role here? Is the Master Sequence trying to tell us something? Did the craft trigger a chain of events? Is all of this connected to the crop circle mystery? Are we indeed on the threshold of more events of the utmost importance?

So many questions, but the following facts remain:

  Janet Ossebaard

Nobody seems to know for certain what is happening right now. Silbury Hill however has not gone dormant yet, that’s for sure. She seems to have started off a chain reaction, a series of events that can be interpreted both in a conventional, mechanistical way and in a more spiritual, holistic way.

We will keep a close eye on things and will keep you posted!

Janet Ossebaard & Bert Janssen, 2001

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Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard

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