Crop Circles - A Worldwide Mystery

by Drs. Janet Ossebaard, 2000

Updated  Wednesday 20th September 2000

This beautiful book, written by Dutch crop circle researcher Janet Ossebaard, is - unfortunately - in Dutch... However, it contains so many full colour high quality photos (app. 275!) that in spite of the Dutch text it already sells world-wide. In the Netherlands, over 6000 copies were sold within a month after its appearance. The book (A4-format) contains 9 chapters: History, Scientific Evidence, Geometry, The Julia-Set, Anomalous Lights and Sounds, Hoaxers, Meditation Experiments, Psychology, and Theories. All subjects are very clearly explained, which indeed turns this into one of the most accessible books that have ever been written on the crop circle subject.

The English translation will be published in 2001.

The book is in the Netherlands for sale for NLG 15.-, available at any good bookshop. It's published by Librero Nederland BV, Hedel, the Netherlands, 2000. ISBN: 90 5764 082 1.
If you're not Dutch, and if you refuse to be intimidated by the Dutch text..., just send Janet an e-mail  here with your request.

These are two example pages from Janet's book, from the 2nd chapter: Scientific Evidence.
Although the scan isn't brilliant, it does give you a clear idea of the balance between text and photos...

Janet Ossebaard

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