This morning my friend Dr. Simeon Hein called to tell me that he had taken Ron Russell's tour to Avebury in the morning, and discovered a new crop formation adjacent to the North-West quadrant of the henge.  Normally I would have immediately gone to have a look, as Avebury is close by, but I was tired from a late night, and just stayed in bed working on Email.  

But then around noon my pilot, Dai Dobbs, wrote to say that he had bought a new 3-axis micro-light aircraft, and would I like to go for a cruse -- oh, boy, WOULD I?! 

So soon we were headed for the new circle, and got good shots. 

The new formation is obviously a diagrammatic representation of the Sun and planets (with no care for proper astronomical proportions).  But the smaller inner ones (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) are clearly delineated from the giant outer ones (Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune). 

And there is a huge Sun with an unusual reversing swirl lay. 

As for Pluto, is it another small planet and displayed the same as the little inner ones, with a small size and thin orbital line.  I also know enough to recognize that it's orbit is symbolically correct in that it goes well outside of Neptune’s path for most of the way, but for a while it is within the Sea God's orbit (note the upper left hand part). 

I have an astronomer friend who I asked to check the planetary positions, but he said they do not match the present time.

Peter Sorensen

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Peter Sorensen